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Guestbook entries from 2001

I am 35, and I started reading her books at about 10-11 years old. Always look forward to seeing a new book published, in the meantime, I just reread the old ones. Thanks for all the wonderful stories.
Tammie W, Pennsburg, PA

I'm so glad to see that Ms. Whitney is still alive. I've enjoyed her books since 1986 and have collected almost all of them. I've enjoyed them all several times over-she especially blew me away on "Rainbow In The Mist" in the early 90's! I'm hoping to see another book soon! If you could, please let me know when another will be released. Thanks and God bless your efforts to provide excellent stories in this not so excellent time!
Ginny S, Denver, CO

I wished I had been turned on to Ms. Whitney's books years ago. I'm only just now discovering them and can't get enough!
Tammy M, Fleetwood, NC

I love every book you've written. Your stories are excellent.
Jane B, Kenton, OH

I just stopped in to see what was on Phyllis's site. I have read many of her novels and was especially fond of FEATHER ON THE MOON. I guess I must have liked it since I remember starting it just after the kids went out the door for school and being startled when they returned and I was on the last chapter still in my pj's. I was so into the book I did not realize what time it was. Do you have signed copies available? Thank you for the wonderful reading moments you have provided me.
Catherine S, MO

I'm 46 years old and have enjoyed Phyllis Whitney books for twenty-five years now. You are the best...thanks for writing material that does not have to have vulgar language to be good! I wish you well wherever you are, and I know your daughter is very proud of her mother! May God bless you and thank you for many years of enjoyment.
Laura T, GA

Hi, I have been a fan since I was a young adult, and have been enjoying Ms. Whitney's books for more than twenty years. You have provided so many hours of escape and enjoyment. Thank you.
Denise, MO

Dear Phyllis, I want to thank you for giving me many hours of reading pleasure. Since 1974 I have read most of your suspense novels and thoroughly enjoyed them. The two I have not yet read are now on order and I anticipate their arrival with glee. Thank you so much.
Mrs. June M, Kent, England

I have spent many happy hours with your books. Thank you for giving me somewhere to go and someone to be with. I have tried to collect all your books. I think you are the best writer ever. You will always be my favorite writer.
Shirley P, TX

Yesterday I finished reading Star Flight for the second time. I first read it when it came out in 1993. The reason I read it a second time is that my husband and I recently came back from a trip to North and South Carolina. While in NC, we visited Ashville, Chimney Rock and Lake Lure. While visiting the area, I recalled that once Phyllis Whitney, long a favorite author of mine, had written a book placed in that location. It took me a wee bit to remember the name of the book, but when I did, I borrowed a copy from my sister (I think she has all of Whitney's books) and read it again. And again, it was a good read!
Joan K, Green Bay, WI

I cannot tell you how many of my library patrons have enjoyed your books. They are always being read and re-read by so many. Thank you for all the hours of pleasure you have given us all.
Kay B, work (library)

I've been reading Phyllis Whitney's books for years, even the juveniles--obviously, I like them and her writing style.
Betty K, Kingsport, TN

I love your book Secret of the Spotted Shell. It is so interesting. Very good mystery.
Lizzie W, Age 11, Columbus, OH

I wasn't much of a reader, then I heard an audio book by Phyllis. I sure wish I could remember the name of it, and find it again. Anyway, that turned me on to the wonderful world of reading and Phyllis. Thank you Phyllis!
Nona V, MD

I love Phyllis Whitney, she has been my favorite author since childhood. I was thinking that I had read a book by her long ago and part of the setting was on Tangier Island. Was I mistaken? I was looking for that book!
Vicky, KY

I think that Phyllis A. Whitney is a very good writer. I like the fact that she not only writes for adults, but she writes for young people also. She gives everybody an opportunity to read her books.
Tomeka W

I have enjoyed your books for many years. I am so pleased to have found this website. Your books are wonderfully orchestrated with a rare taste of magic combined with an edge of the seat hunger to finish the book without putting it down.
Judi, home computer

My mom got me started on Phyllis Whitney years ago, and I have read (or listened to) every book I have been able to find. We may have missed one or two at most. The descriptions of the varied settings have inspired several side trips, and the characters are so "real" that they've become personal role models. I would love to hear from her, and tell her personally what a positive influence her works have had on my life.
Steve D, Fort Myers, FL

As a writer of Inspirational romance for some seven or eight years -- at a pace of one book per year -- I find myself with a yen to move more into the mystery field. That field is just so more interesting! I've decided that Ms. Whitney's books are some of the best I can study to reach this goal. Also, I have the old edition of her "How to Write Fiction," which I have found terrifically helpful. I am from Ireland, am 44, have within the past three years have escaped an abusive 20-year marriage, and am in poor physical health (arthritis and fibromyalgia) and precarious mental health (depression and anxiety). I have not been able to write in nearly a year. Most of my bread-and-butter earnings have come from free lance journalist (everything from the Readers Digest to Catholic Faith & Family magazine). But I'm feeling safer and more healed these days (I've moved to a different state than my ex). I'm working on a notebook for another Inspirational Romance -- just to get my feet wet again. But I do want to pursue this urge write suspense, mystery, or detective novels. These are the books I enjoy reading. For the first time, I don't have an abusive husband pressing me into writing for more and more money (he even wanted me to write soft-pornography -- which I didn't but did suffer his anger over my decision). But enough of all that, what I really want to say is that now, despite my health problems, I have the chance to discover what it is that I really want to write. And you have become one of my role models. Thank you so much.
Una M, VA

I am writing a paper on Phyllis Whitney because I think she is an awesome writer. I found this web site by entering her name on a search.
Kelly W, Kalamazoo, MI

I can only echo the many people on this website who have said thank you for your productivity and for the many hours of reading pleasure which you have brought to me (and many others). You are truly gifted and one of the best things you have brought to your writing is the sense of place. Growing up in New Mexico, I am partial to "The Turquoise Mask" because I spent many happy hours climbing around Bandolier National Park. You have made so many places come alive for people, whether or not they have actually been in the setting or not. Your family must be so incredibly proud of you and I am delighted to have an author that I love that I can recommend to my own daughters. God bless and take care.
Sue P, Dallas, TX

Dear Mrs. Whitney, I have enjoyed taking care of you when I worked for you. it was a pleasure to know you and to have you as a friend. Sorry things didn't work out with me working for you anymore. My mom has taking good care of you and I have to give her credit because I couldn't put up with the stuff she puts up with everyday. You have been super nice to me , my mom, and my sister and I thank you for that. Well I just wanted to give you my thanks for being there for me when I needed you. We didn't agree on a few things that is the reason why I left, but other than that I still love you as if you were one of my grandmothers. Talk to you later, and good luck on your last book.
Crystal H, friend's house

I have been a reader and #1 fan of Phyllis A. Whitney for many years. I began reading her juvenile mysteries when I was about 7 or 8, and loved her books. I remember reading my first adult suspense novel and how excited I was! It was "The Winter People" and it was remarkable. I just want to say Thank You So Much to Ms. Whitney for writing all of her wonderful books for so many years! She is, and I'm sure will always be, my favorite author!
Karen S, St. Louis Park, MN

My first Whitney book was Silverhill which I got when I was about eighteen years old. I was smitten. Miss Whitney is an elegant writer who knows how to hold her audience. Although I am fifty years old and have read almost every book she's written, I am just getting around to reading The Ebony Swan. I hadn't read anything by her for a while and was delighted when a friend gave this one to me. Miss Whitney is a gift to readers everywhere. It continues to be a pleasure.
Kathryn K, Chicago, IL

Phyllis A. Whitney rocks! I have read four of her novels and plan on reading more. At my high school we have an accelerated reader program and Phyllis's novels seem to be the only books that capture my attention. Thanks for letting everyone else relish in your great talent Phyllis!
Samantha S, age 16, my home

I was just wondering when Phyllis Whitney will be finished with her autobiography. I am so excited about it. I can hardly wait to get it. I have been collecting her books for some time now. When I find one I haven't got it is like finding a wonderful treasure! I love her work and am patiently waiting for her autobiography. She is truly an amazing woman!
April R, NC

I love your books! I grew up on books by Phyllis A. Whitney, Victoria Holt and Emilie Loring. But, my favorite author has always been Phyllis A. Whitney. Now, at 43, I am creating my own library of these wonderful books. I have read and reread these books and feel like they are a part of me. Thank you so much for contributing to my teen years and adult life with the wonderful stories. I can "see" every detail when I read the stories and feel very much part of the story. I get lost in them when I read them. I tell everyone who reads about your books. Thank you.
Dianne R, Boone, NC

I am thrilled to have found this web page! I have been reading your books since I was a young girl, and am rereading them 30 years later. Thank you for all the trips you took me on.
Molly AL, home

My mother was a Whitney fan for many years. When I got interested in reading in my preteens she suggested Whitney novels and I have been a big fan ever since. Thanks Mom and Phyllis Whitney!
Sheila F, Pine Grove, WV

Hi, I love Phyllis A Whitney. I have read so many of her books and I am only 12. I want to be a writer like her someday.

Phyllis A. Whitney was a very talented writer. My dad let me read one of his books from when he was a child, and I was surprised at how good the book was since it was old. I loved the one book I read, and I will definitely buy more books written by her.
Amber D, VA

Phyllis A. Whitney is my favorite author. She has so many twists and turns, that it is amazing how she can bring it all together at the end. I have only been able to figure out ONE of the mysteries BEFORE the end of the book...and I have been reading her books since I was 11. The first book of hers that I read was, "The Red Carnelian". It brought me out of my bedroom and into the living room w/my folks. :) I LOVE Mystery/Thrillers, and NO one can touch Phyllis A. Whitney! Thank you, Mrs. Whitney, for writing such wonderful books!
Rhonda J, Jasper, AL

I did a search for this website after purchasing 2 of Ms. Whitney's juvenile mystery novels that are out of print. I wanted to find out more about this author. This website is great because it gives a lot of information on each book as well as the author. I especially like that it shows pictures of each book cover. My grandmother has read a lot of Ms. Whitney's books. I collect vintage children's series books.
Tracy, NC

Ms. Whitney, have loved reading your books for so long! Many of my friends, including my mother-in-law share my feelings for your books. Thanks for the wonderful treasure. I'm writing from Buffalo, NY. My husband and I are truck drivers (OTR). Thanks again,
Theresa M, Alamogordo, NM

Ms. Whitney, I've only read your 'Guide to Fiction Writing' and already I feel as though I have direction where there was none. I appreciate the fact that you've not only shared your technique but did so unselfishly. I had to smile when you talked about the typewriter. Even though it seems to be long gone the information in this book will forever equip writers - no matter what method they chose to write. Thank you.
Denise M, Houston, TX

We work in the Ragged Edge Library in Chambersburg, PA. We were just wondering if Phyllis was still writing books. The places I looked didn't have the information so I tried the internet.
Nice visiting with you.

I am 28 years old, and have been reading your novels since I was about 10. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. I have still to find and read Domino and Hunters Green, however, I have read every other. I have read and re-read them all countless times. Thank you for providing such wonderful reading.
Elizabeth B, CA

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Whitney. I have long enjoyed your books, and hope to read your next one soon. Thanks for writing such good novels. You inspired me to begin writing novels, and I may soon finally publish one. Have a good Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.
Theresa G, Chicago, IL

The first Phyllis A. Whitney book I read was WINDOW IN THE SQUARE, and from then on I was hooked not only as a reader but as a collector. All of her books I've read over and over, delighting and enjoying them anew. Thank you, Mrs. Whitney, for a lifetime of good reading.
Loretta S, Fort Smith, AR

Ms. Whitney, you and I have corresponded a few times when I was living in TX. As I have told you before you are the greatest author of all time and it is because of your books that I became such an avid reader at a young age. The last I heard from you was in 1997 and you were working on your autobiography and were only 20 years old. I am so happy to see that you are still working on it. I have searched for it over the years. You are the best.
Charlee W, TN

I have been a fan of Phyllis since I was a teenager and have read and own all of her books that she has written except the text books. I hadn't seen anything from her in a number of years and thought that she might have died. I am glad to know that she is still among the living and look forward to her autobiography. I am a teacher (5th ) grade and I tell my girls that they should read her books because they are wonderful.
Suzanne, Bel Air, MD

I wrote to you about two weeks ago, and mentioned that I had not read Domino or Hunters Green. I tried to order them after Christmas through Barnes and Nobles. They told me that neither were available to purchase. I don't have a credit card to purchase it through either. Could you please tell me how I can get a hold of these two books? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
Elizabeth B, Southern CA

I have loved Phyllis Whitney's books since I was a young girl and read "The Mystery of the Green Cat." Now I am an adult fan and have read many of her novels. I am particularly looking for one which I read a number of years ago. It contained a poem that was a mnemonic for learning the kings of England. Can anyone tell me which book that was in? I have been trying to find it. Thank you. A much appreciative fan
Jane R, Indianapolis, IN

I found this site with an MSN search of Phyllis A. Whitney. You have been my favorite author since my best friend lent me 'The Flaming Tree' over 12 years ago. I have nearly all of your books and very much enjoy reading them over and over again. I wish there were more authors like you. Reading one of your books is like being drawn into another world, living the characters lives with them. Thank-you so much for creating a web-site. It is wonderful to have all of the information I have been looking for about you and your books. You have blessed us all with your stories, I hope the Lord blesses you with many more years of inspiration to keep writing & I am looking forward to reading your autobiography.
Malinda B, Dyersburg, TN

Hi, I am a big fan of Phyllis A .Whitney! I have all of her Adult books. I have read all of her juvenile mysteries and I credit her with giving me the love of reading I have today. I would love to see a new book in the stores. May God richly bless you!
Karen D, near Fort Payne, AL

How wonderful to find this site. I hadn't seen a book by Phyllis Whitney in several years and I wondered about her. I first discovered her in 1967 when I was 13 years old...I somehow came across the book " Window on The Square" and fell in love with it. I've read everything since and the books before it...but it still stands as my favorite book by her and I've re-read it many times over the years "Candlelight and Violets", I still remember those words and it peaked my interest in Egyptian art. I also especially loved Columbella and The Winter People...come to think of it, I can't think of a book she wrote I didn't love. Her books have brought me so much joy through the years and I always waited for her new release and bought them in hardback, too impatient to wait for the paperbacks... I miss her books.
Deborah F, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have been reading your books since I was in elementary school, and by now have been able to find copies of most of your titles. I still enjoy reading them! In January our Adult Book Discussion Group at the Villa Park (IL) Public Library will be discussing THE RED CARNELIAN. Thank you for all the years of joyful reading you have provided.
Barbara F, Director, Villa Park Public Library, Villa Park, IL

Dear Mrs. Whitney, I just love all of your books for young adults. you are the first author I have read that knows how to mix mystery and romance together. When I read your books I can think of a setting in my mind I am currently reading The Turquoise Mask and I am sad to say I have 1 page left. That book was so good I am doing a book report on it for my teacher. I just want to let you know I am a fan of your books and if you decide to write any newer books it would be nice if you wrote on in Hampton and had a book signing because I know a lot of people that would come. All of you books are like the "cool" thing at my middle school. Well thanks for taking the time to read this and you have a nice day. One day in the far away future hope to be as good a author as you. Your #1 reader. P.S please e-mail me back when you get a chance.
Brittany, VA

I started reading Ms. Whitney's books when I was 12, and now, 11 years later, I haven't stopped. It seems harder and harder to find her works now, but when I do, I treasure them! Thank you for countless hours of joy in reading! You are really a wonderful, magical person!
Susan J, Castle Rock, CO

Hello from a fellow San Antonian! I am almost 40 now but I read many of your books when I was a teenager and loved every one of them. Have any of your books become movies? I wrote to you in the mid 70's and you were kind enough to write back--that was way before email! May God Bless you and your family.
Rob H, San Antonio, TX

My daughter has collected all your books. Most of the times I read them first. We both enjoy them so much.
Margie I, Poway, CA

Dear Miss Whitney, My mother and I have loved your books for years. I recently moved to Rutherfordton NC and I found a wonderful collection of your books at the local library. I am reading them all over again. I will give this web site to the librarians there. They still remember your visit from when you were researching "Star Flight" at Lake Lure. I wish I could have met you at that time. You have given me hours of reading enjoyment. Thank You.
Carol Y, Rutherfordton, NC

Great inspiration, the Best!
Judy O, FL

I just finished reading Flaming Tree and was intrigued with nutrient therapy for the brain-damaged. I was further awed by the author's note at the back in which she relates her personal involvement with this approach. Her message, "that we must never stop seeking for alternative and supplemental help" is also mine. As about the time this was written (1985), I too was healed with the supplemental alternative approach. 97 and still writing, how inspiring! We await your biography.
Karen T, Albia, IA

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books for years. Since buying a new home several years ago, my reading hobby was placed on the shelf to redecorate. Two weeks ago I rejoined the library and to my dismay realized I was not up on current books, so I decided to go in search of Phyllis Whitney. I just finished Rainbow in the Mist and decided to see if Phyllis Whitney had a web site. Imagine my delight to find that she is still actively writing. Ms. Whitney you're are truly amazing!
Pat M, Philadelphia, PA

I read most of Ms. Whitney's young mysteries some 20 years ago. My son is now about the age to begin reading these book, but when I checked at the library they informed me that the books were out of print and no longer carried. I immediately came home and began my search to find these wonderful out of print books and stumbled upon this site. Thanks so much Ms. Whitney! Your books are the only ones that I remember checking out of the library in my Jr. High and High school years. I'm now on the search to own them for my own kids.
Kim K, Carlsbad, CA

I just want to say I love Phyllis Whitney books and have read almost every one (my current favorite is Thunder Heights). When will she be publishing a new novel (Daughter of the Stars was wonderful!)
Wendy M, Bakersfield, CA

I was in junior high school when I discovered Phyllis Whitney books through my aunt who was an avid reader. After my aunt passed away I inherited her collection of books which included numerous Whitney books. Many of the books I trade off with co-workers who are also avid readers. I do not trade my Whitney books! I have approximately 20 in paperback and one hardback. I go to garage sales and thrift stores looking to complete my collection. I will eventually own at least one copy of everything Phyllis Whitney has ever written. You have made reading a tremendous delight to me. I do not think I would be an avid reader had it not been for my first Whitney book. Thank you for the pleasure of traveling through your books.
Sheri G, Irving, TX

I read Dream of Orchids before and I find this book very intriguing and yet quite romantic. I have yet to read the other books of hers and am trying to locate some of them right now. PS... which are the more romantic books like Dream of Orchids?
Cindy, Singapore

Hi Phyllis, well I just want to tell u that I love your books so much I wrote a paper about my favorite author and I pick you.
Marisol, Chicago

Phyllis Whitney is the only author that I have tried to read each and every book she has written. I have ran out of books at my library, so I am pulling up her website to see what I have missed. Thank you so much for the hours of excitement and intrigue I have spent in reading your books.
Erika S, TX

First of all I would like to say thank you for writing all these wonderful books. I have never read a book that I could actually picture myself there. My personal favorite was Dream of Orchids, just the way you explained Key West made me actually book a flight down to the Bahamas and everything was pretty much the same as you explained it in your book & it was just amazing. I would just like to say Thank You one more time before I have to wrap things up so THANK YOU!
Josh J, Triton High School

Hi, I have been trying to collect all of Phyllis A. Whitney adult novels. So far I have only 22. I have every second hand book store around me looking for them. When they find one, they call, I don't even ask the price. I just run and buy it. I love everything I have ever read that she has written. I recently got her text book on writing adult novels. It is great. I am anxiously waiting for her autobiography. I was so excited to hear about that. Do you have any idea when it will be finished? I will give you my e-mail address. Please let me know if you can. I would love to meet Phyllis A. Whitney. To me, that would be my dream come true. I admire her so much. She has been everywhere and done everything! And I am sure she has so much more to tell! The only thing that would be better than reading her work would be listening to her. Thank you so much.
April R, Asheville, NC

My mom got me started on Phyllis Whitney years ago, and I've read (or listened to) every book I can find. We may have missed one or two at most. The descriptions of the different settings have inspired several side trips, and her characters are so "real" that I consider them personal role models. I would love to hear from Phyllis, and tell her how her works have been a positive influence in my life.
Steve D

I think that Phyllis is a very inspirational writer. There is always a good book to read. Not only when you're bored out of your mind, but also when there's so many other things that you should be doing. Once you start on a book, even if it's for assignment, you'll be so glade that you've chosen a Phyllis A. Whitney book. Thank You so much.
Commeka G

Hi I've been reading Whitney books for many years and I'm collecting these books too. There is a book for all ages to read.
Sherry H, FL

Dear Phyllis, Hello again! My name is Deidre Antonio. I was a student of a friend of yours, Jerry Johnston. Anyway, I was looking at your book list. I was trying to make a list of what books I've read. So far, I've read nine. I have been reading your books since the 8th grade. I still love them! I intend to read them all. You are my favorite author. Thanks for writing such wonderful books.
Deidre A, Reno, NV

I have been reading Ms. Whitney's books since 1973, looking forward each year to the next novel from her rich imagination and, of course, have been disappointed there are no new novels coming forth since 1997. Since Ms. Whitney was born two weeks after my mother (who is still with me in my home) I can certainly understand why there may be no more. Therefore, I am re-reading her books again. I was always sad to come to the end of each book, wishing they would go on and on. I hope Ms. Whitney enjoys good health and quality of life. "Thank you!" does not seem enough to say about the gift of her books.
Darlene H, Las Vegas, NV

I'm glad I found your website because I'm doing a book talk on "Listen for the Whisperer". I'm in seventh grade and I'm happy I found this information. Thank you.
Brandon H, Western PA

God Bless you, Phyllis Whitney, for giving so many hours of relaxation to so many people. When I read one of your books I lose myself in it, when it's ended I need to take some time to come back to the present. Thank you - you're better than meditation!
Dot S, VA Beach, VA

I am a book dealer in Calhoun, GA, and I recently acquired a first ed. copy, with dust jacket, of A Place for Ann. When I realized that this was Whitney's first novel, I thought it might be rather valuable, but I can't find a copy of it listed with a dealer. Do you have any idea of the either the value or the rarity of this book?
Lee L, Calhoun, GA

I first heard of Phyllis about 12 years ago when our librarian recommended reading her books. I went through all available in our local library. I'm a busy mother of 2 and had not as much time to read the past 10 years, so I stuck to Ellery Queen at bedtime and occasional paperbacks. Well, at a recent flea market at our church picnic, I came across a 1960 Book Club edition of Thunder Heights and Window on the Square, the latter which I am reading. I was absolutely delighted to find out, through this web site, that Ms. Whitney is still alive!! God Bless....I hope you live happily for many more years.
Marion S, Pittston, PA

I was wondering when the autobiography would be out. I have always enjoyed reading Phyllis A Whitney's books and I am sure I will enjoy reading about her life.
Carolyn B, Lubbock, TX

You are my favorite author. Your writings have given me inspiration. So, now next year I go off to NC State University, to be an English major. I love reading your books, and telling people who don't know you that you are a wonderful writer. I enjoy your books so much. I approached the librarian at my school library, and requested we get in more of your books. She said that no one had ever requested reading material before and that I was very bold to do so. I just wanted to say you have a great imagination, and I am hoping you could send me something back. An answer to a question. Do you write under any other name?
Michelle D, Durham, NC

Thank you for the site. I was looking for a list of all her books. Now that I've printed it out I can compare with those I've got on my shelf and go hunting for those missing from my selves. A lovely site.
Naomi N, Malibu, CA

Have been a fan of her books for years and hadn't seen a new one recently. Looking on the web to see what I could find.
C. Barnes, VT

Does Phyllis A. Whitney write under another name?

I have been reading and enjoying your books since I was 12, I am now 43. I checked out my first Phyllis A. Whitney novel from the post library in Seoul Korea and have been hooked ever since!
Janet G, Columbus, OH

My Mom got me hooked on Phyllis Whitney novels when I was a teenager. I am now 28 and am on a quest to collect every single novel, in hardcover and paperback when possible. I regularly visit used book stores and am always so excited when I find one I haven't read before. She is my most favorite author and I am now passing on the stories to my niece, who I am sure will enjoy them as much as I do!
Becki H, Pueblo, CO

I have loved Phyllis Whitney books since I was a teenager. I am re-reading one now and I wondered about the author so I searched for a web site and found this one. It's great
Linda B, Ridgefield, WA

A friend who is also an admirer of your works told me about the site. I have read many of your books but keep discovering others new to me. It is refreshing to read exciting, romantic novels that are not vulgar, embarrassing, or poorly written. Thank you for MANY hours of pleasure. NOTE: I met Ms. Whitney in the 70's in a shop here in Gatlinburg, Tenn. We had a pleasant chat after which she graciously gave me her autograph. She said she planned to write a novel with the lovely Smoky Mts. as background. I wonder if she did so and what the title of the book is. I would still like to find and read it. Thank you)
Ruth M, Gatlinburg, TN

My favorite book when I was a young girl was Mystery of the Green Cat. The atmosphere of the book really excited me since I was born in San Francisco. Recently I've been getting books for my 11yr old son who loves mysteries, and I've been looking for the Green Cat at the library, but I remembered it as The Green Eyed Cat! I was so glad when I found your site and learned of the real title, I know my son will enjoy it just as much as I did, and you can bet I'll read it again!
Marla, Madras, OR

I was so happy to find this website (through Dogpile). I've been wanting to know how my favorite author is doing and if she was working on something new. My mother was a huge fan and passed on that love to me. (I'm now 54 years old.) I'm very excited to see that there will be an autobiography. Is there a planned publication date? Thank you, Ms. Whitney for years of pleasure and joy. I'll always keep and re-read my treasure trove of your books.
Sammy S, Ocala, FL

I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite Phyllis Whitney book; I think they're all pretty great. I began reading Ms. Whitney's books as a pre-teen; a relative introduced me to her writing and I've stayed with it throughout my lifetime. I spent a lot of time running away, as a child, from a very abusive home and, no matter where I went, I always took a book with me. It helped me escape the real-life nightmare I was living. Saying "Thank You" to Ms. Whitney doesn't seem like enough but there's nothing more I can think of to say that would show my appreciation for what her writing helped me survive. Thank you again!
Barb K, MN

I have loved Ms. Whitney's books since I discovered her in high school. Whenever I see her name in print or read one of her books, I am reminded of my best friend, Linda, who first introduced me to her wonderful books. Now I work in a library and I am introducing a new generation to her books. They are timeless.
Debi, Cincinnati, OH

I have always enjoyed the travels Phyllis Whitney has taken me on through her novels. Her writing style is so captivating that I want to keep reading on and on and on.... I have read several other authors but none compare to the signature style of Phyllis Whitney.
Kathy K, Carol Stream, IL

I love every one of Phyllis's books. They keep you reading for hours. They are full of suspense and romance and they make you feel as if you are there. I have collected 28 of the books and I buy any new one that I do not have yet. She is truly an amazing lady!!!
Crystal B, Levelland, TX

Phyllis A. Whitney, you are my all time favorite author. I have been a fan for years and have a collection of your books. They are always such a joy to read. I have now started writing myself and have a new appreciation for the process.
Doris P, Portland, OR

I started reading Phyllis Whitney in high school about 15 years ago. She is still one of my favorite authors. I was trying to purchase some of her books and I came across this website. Thanks Phyllis.
Marisa V, CA

I have been a fan of Phyllis Whitney for years. I have every one of her books and have reread them many times. Her technique in mystery writing is so unique, the kind that once you start, you can't put it down, and when you are finished, you wish it would continue. It was so much fun to find this website and find out about the life of this talented author.
Marcy M, Eden Prairie, MN

I am 41 years old and have been a fan of Phyllis A. Whitney since fourth grade. It was then that I read her book "Thunder Heights" and have been reading her books ever since. I have collected only 20 of her recent books, but have requested older stories from the library. I hope to be able to read all of her stories. Once I start reading it is difficult to stop, but working fulltime and being a single parent makes it even more difficult to have the time to read them without interruption. I hope to introduce my niece to her style of writing. I want to get a copy of the book "Guide to Fiction Writing" for my niece. She likes to write and aspires to be a writer or journalist. I will be reading Phyllis A. Whitney to my daughter, also. She is 14 and has Cerebral Palsy and loves when mom reads to her. She is very bright and loves all kinds of stories. I checked the Internet since I haven't seen any new releases of her books. I will anxiously be awaiting the autobiography to add to my collection.
Patricia, Cleveland, OH

About 20 years ago, when I was around the age of 9 or 10, my mother (an avid reader) read to me "Window of the Square". Sharing this experience and this book was likely the match that sparked my own passion for reading. Thousands of books later, I am reading another book by Ms. Whitney - "Amethyst Dreams". This is a great book. I wish my mom were here to read it with me.
Tracy T, Kansas City, MO

I am an English fan and think Phyllis Whitney is just a wonderful writer. I have enjoyed her books over and over again and each time I read one, I am convinced that particular one is my favourite - until I read the next! What a superb lady, and I very much look forward to reading her biography.
Natasha G, England

How wonderful to find the official site of my favourite author. The books of Phyllis Whitney have taken me through the many ups and downs of my life, and have been doubly precious when I have needed to escape for a while. They have been read over and over again, and even when I know the stories - and endings so well, they never fail to enthrall me. Bless You, Phyllis for all the pleasure you bring!! Any chance of another book?
Jennie P, Dorset, England

I was lucky enough to meet Ms. Whitney back in 1982 or 1983 when she was visiting the Carmel area, doing research on a new book. She stopped by the Monterey Public Library (I believe her brother was taking his wife to the doctor about a broken arm or something) to visit with the Director and, while she was waiting, I got someone to cover the front desk for me and I sat and talked to her for a few minutes. She is such a wonderful lady and I so enjoyed getting to meet her.
Diane S, San Jose, CA

Dear Miss Whitney, I have to thank your Webmaster for providing a link to a wonderful site called Alibris. Through them I was able to complete my collection of your adult suspense books. Over half of them were lost when a moving carton went astray. I am so thankful and appreciative. My mother started me reading your books when I was a teenager and I have been reading and re-reading them ever since. Every time a new book came on the market I grabbed it as fast as I could. Thank you so much for forty plus years of reading pleasure. God bless.
Susan B, MS

Miss Whitney, I was recently sorting through some papers and came across a letter that you wrote to me dated May 5, 1964. I was in 5th grade and had just read "Step to the Music." As part of a class assignment we were asked to write to a favorite author. I remember enjoying this particular book very much, especially since I lived on Staten Island, as did you, and the book took place there. You wrote me back a letter, and also enclosed a snapshot which you addressed to me and signed. The letter also encouraged me to read "The Quicksilver Pool" which took place in the same time period in Staten Island. I was ever so impressed that you wrote to me, and, obviously, hearing from you was very important to me, as I have kept this letter and snapshot for so many years (in the original envelope with a 5-cent stamp on it). I showed this to my children and my son found your website for me. I'm glad that I have the opportunity to write and to also wish you a happy 98th birthday. I have read many of your books, and after reading your letter, I will try to find a copy of "Step to the Music" and "The Quicksilver Pool." It will be fun to reread and I am sure it will bring back many happy memories. Every time I see one of your books, I remember a very busy successful author who took the time to write to a young reader. You do make a difference. Best wishes from a (former) Staten Islander who still loves to read.
Margaret C , Rochester, NY

I'm doing my report on Phyllis and she is just a great person to learn about!
De'Anna, Chicago, IL

Phyllis Whitney, from the time I discovered her book many years ago, has been my favorite author. Not having seen any new releases, I used my search feature and found this page. Thank you, Ms. Whitney for so many delightful hours of reading and may God continue to bless you.
Mary F, New Caney, TX

I love all your books. Thank you for giving me hours of wonderful reading. I collect your books and I'm trying to find ones I don't have.
Cheryl S, Sunbury, PA

Your novels have given me many hours of pleasure and relief. Thank You.
Gail D, Norfolk, VA

I just finished reading "The Ebony Swan". I am a fan of the author and have always enjoyed reading her books. I realized that the book was published in 1992, so I looked up this site to see if she was still "alive". I was thrilled to see that she is and amazed that she is still writing. Who ever said that "seniors" cannot accomplish much have apparently not heard of Phyllis Whitney. More power to the "lady"! She just became an inspiration to me that I can still accomplish much with my life as I start to enter into my senior years!
Carolyn W, LA

I discovered this site by doing a search for Phyllis Whitney on the web. I have been reading her books since in the late 50's when I was a teenager. I buy every one I can find that I haven't read from bookstores or flea markets. Ms. Whitney's books are a breath of fresh air in a world of sex and violence. It is wonderful to be able to actually enjoy reading a book that is void of sex, violence, and foul language. She makes her characters come alive and I want to keep reading the book until it is finished. I hope some of her books are reprinted as I would love to obtain copies of the older ones I can't find.
Evelyn S, Work

I love Phyllis Whitney's books, especially "The Turquoise Mask". (While I was reading it, someone came into the room without my hearing her. When she spoke aloud, I nearly jumped out of my skin!) Now I am reading "Dream of Orchids". Members of my family from three generations have enjoyed and still talk about Phyllis Whitney's books. What a great writer!
Vickie R, USA

I loved your children's mysteries when I was a child and I still do. Every time I'm in a used book store or library sale I keep my eye out for any of your books which I don't already own. I always appreciated the "exotic" nature of your mysteries since they took place in other countries. I think you are partly responsible for my love of travel. As an adult I have finally been able to visit some of the countries and locations you featured in your stories. Thank you so much for many years of reading pleasure.
Carolyn B, Ontario, Canada

I was so glad to find your web site. Has Phyllis written a book recently? She is my favorite mystery writer and no one can write as well as she does. One of the things I like about her books is that she does not use bad language. I like a good clean book by a good author like Phyllis.
Fannie W, Clinton, NC

Love the way she writes the stories. She has you wondering who did it, but nine out of ten you are wrong. You can close your eyes and picture the things that are going on in the books.
Pat R, Center, CO

Hello Phyllis, you have kept me entertained for years. I hope to read many more wonderful books penned by you.
Pamela J, Parsons, KS

I have read and enjoyed all of the Phyllis Whitney adult mysteries. I was curious to know if she was still writing as I had not seen anything new recently and concerned about her health. I decided to do a web search to see if I could find out anything and was so delighted to find this site and the information that I sought. Thank-you for the wonderful stories and the memories they have given me. In so many ways they have taken me to wonderful places and have given me insight to seek new knowledge in areas where I may not have had even thought to delve. Thank-you again, your friend in books,
Georgie M, Sydney, Nova Scotia

I would like to thank you for all the years of reading your wonderful books. I just happened to be surfing the net and saw your website. I am 47 year old fan and remember being in high school with my girlfriends and discovering your books. We would sit at lunch time talking about how you were our favorite author under a shady tree. Munching on our sandwiches. It brings back happy memories. Of youth and happy carefree times. All of us girls loved your books. We actually got in verbal arguments on who would get to read your next book. As we had limited funds at the time. Sea Jade was our favorite. We are all grown up now. Our children out of college. Getting older as I write this but I want to thank you for really sparking my interest in a lifelong enjoyment of mystery books. You will always be the best author of mystery books. Sincerely,
Cheri L, CA

I'm so glad to have found the Phyllis A. Whitney web site. I think she is one of the greatest writers ever and I have almost all of her novels. Those that I have in paperback I am replacing with hardbacks so I can keep them. I live in Albemarle County, a neighbor of Mrs. Whitney. I met Mrs. Whitney in, I believe '97 or '98, when she appeared at the Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, VA. I was doing volunteer work at the festival and snuck away to hear her speak. The festival committee told us volunteers not to take any books for autographing, so we did not. I believe there was one other person there who had brought her books for Mrs. Whitney's autograph and Mrs. Whitney appeared frustrated because no one else brought books for autographing. I will know better the next time. Wow, she will be 98 and still writing! What stamina!! Way to go. I am glad she is writing her autobiography. Now, I have a request. Is there any way I could meet with Mrs. Whitney and have her personally autograph all my books? I could go to her home, her office, or meet her somewhere for lunch in Nelson or Albemarle County. I would be more than happy to take Mrs. Whitney to lunch, it would be a great privilege. Thanks for any help.
Caroline T, Charlottesville, VA - Albemarle Co.

Hello, hadn't seen any of Miss Whitney's, books, anywhere, for a number of years, so I decided to check the Internet, and there you were, much to my delight. So I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your novels over the years. I have each and every one of them on my book shelves. Thank you for sharing your time and talent with all of us, in this world. When I started a book I always hated to have it end. But then, there were always more of your books to read. Time for me to say goodbye. God bless you.
Kit S & Beth C, Dolan Springs, AZ

We came on the site through a link from Barnes & Noble. My wife was questioning if Ms. Whitney was still writing as she had not seen any new books lately. I think my wife has read just about everyone of Ms. Whitney's books. Thank you for such fantastic writing and may you keep on for many years to come.
Bill B, Port Orange, FL

I have been a big fan for several years. I was just wondering if you have an update on when the autobiography will be coming out. I can't wait to read it as well!!!
Lori M, Decatur, AL

I have always enjoyed reading Phyllis Whitney's mysteries and have looked forward to the publication of each and every new novel. (I began reading her books in the 1970's) I have learned just enough about several of the locales that she has used as the settings for her stories to whet my appetite. Now that my husband is retiring, I hope to visit several of these intriguing spots and see them for myself. I did not realize that Ms. Whitney was the age that she is; she must be "young at heart" for her stories are both timeless and ageless. Many, many best wishes for her upcoming birthday.
Sue B, Lake George, NY

I have a fair collection of Phyllis A Whitney books and, from time to time, like to check to see what Bibliography and Bio info. I can find on my various collections. I started with "Stop! You're Killing Me" and was highly disappointed that there was nothing!! So, I tried a direct link. I am very glad to find this site!
Cheryl N, Englewood, CO

I thoroughly enjoy reading Mrs. Whitney's books. They really keep your interest and it is hard to put them down once you start reading. I am now in the process of trying to collect all of her adult suspense novels.
Mildred A, Virginia Beach, VA

I have missed seeing your books lately and wanted to see what was current and what had been happening lately. You have always been my favorite author - same name notwithstanding.
Phyllis S, Globe, AZ

I have read almost all of Phyllis Whitney's books. She is my favorite author. I have been following her for years and have missed the last few years of not having a book by her.
Florence H, CA

Hi, I wanted to find out how Phyllis is doing since we do not get a chance on seeing her books out each year. I sure miss reading them. She and Carol H. Clark are the two I have enjoyed reading. Does Phyllis have any favorite authors that write about the same way she does? I am always looking for a good book but not too heavy reading but with a good mystery. I also liked to read Victoria Holt's books, but they are in the Victorian era. It was a change of pace.
Barbara P, NJ

It has been fun to find your website and remember all the enjoyable hours I spent reading your novels. I would enjoy reading your autobiography. Stay well.
Elaine M

Happy Birthday, Ms. Whitney. It is an honor to meet you. Thank you so much for filling my life with years of happy reading. I read through your lists of books and can almost remember the exact place and time I was reading that particular book. I remember the hard times growing up and knowing that one of your books was waiting to take me away to an exotic or haunting locale, far away from my troubles. Thank you for the beautiful word pictures that feast the mind. Thank you for the strong, moral characters that teach the reader about life. But, most of all, thank you for giving me such pleasure in reading. I am reading The Ebony Swan now. I feel as if I am looking over the shoulders of the characters, living the story with them. Again, thank you for sharing yourself with us for so many years. Happy Birthday!
Ruth M, Oklahoma City, OK

I bought one book 5 years ago and had to go get all of them. I have the whole collection. I love them. Always looking to find your next book, hope there will be one soon.
Kim R, Minneapolis, MN

I found this web site just by accident. My sister, Kathy, has been collecting your books since I gave her the book: Secret of the Samurai Sword. She has at least paperbacks of most of the books. We are currently looking for first edition of those books she doesn't have in hardbound. Thank you for the many beautiful stories that you have written over the years.
Jaci O, Las Vegas, NV

I am a fan of Phyllis Whitney, and try to read all her books. I know I've missed a few but with all the stress and going on's in my life, they relax me and I enjoy them completely. Looking forward to eventually finding her earlier novels and getting to read them. I have bought a few of her current books as a collection. A truly wonderful writer.
Anne R, CT

Thank you for providing such a wonderful website. One of my mother's favorite books as a young adult was The Silver Inkwell. Is there any way I can get a copy of this book for her?
Lisa S, NJ

I learned about this site by simply typing in "Phyllis Whitney" in AOL search. I enjoyed reading the information about Ms. Whitney's life. I have been a fan of her books for almost thirty years, and will buy a book to read if it has her name on the cover.
Kathy J, NJ

Dear Phyllis, words cannot convey how much I have enjoyed reading your books all these years. Two years ago I bought all your old paperbacks so that I may save your collection and reread all these books. Thank you for putting me in a new world, I especially liked The Winter People and Sea Jade. God Bless.
Ginger R, CA

My name is Chantel and I am 13 years old. I am reading one of Phyllis's books, The Golden Unicorn. I love this book! It has so many twists and turns and surprises. After I am finished I plan on reading more of her stories. I also like to write poetry and I hope someday I can write a novel as great as Phyllis A. Whitney's.
Chantel, IA

This is my second visit to this site. I enjoyed reading about Ms. Whitney's life and history. It was very interesting and informative. I am anxiously awaiting the release of her autobiography. I have enjoyed her books and look forward to reading about her life.
Carolyn B, Lubbock, TX

I've been an avid fan of Phyllis Whitney's since I first read one of her novels ("Emerald") in junior high school and reviewed it for the student newspaper. Nineteen years later, I still enjoy her novels and am now a professional writer myself -- having written for newspapers and corporate newsletters and even having had a short story published in an obscure journal. I love Phyllis' strong female characters and how she brings real places to life in her books. Thank you, Phyllis, for the wonderful treasure of your books!
Paula S, Tampa, FL

I have enjoyed Ms. Whitney's wonderful novels for many years. I have introduced many a friend to her writings. Thank you, Phyllis.
Suzie C, Omak, WA

Dear Miss Whitney, just finished re-reading "Window on the Square". Since I left Bellport ('84), I continue to read your books and wonder how you have been. Am enjoying retirement while trying to turn our piece of desert green. Found your web sit on a whim. Hope all is well with you and family.
Leigh B, Truth or Consequences, NM

I have enjoyed reading Phyllis Whitney's books for thirty years. Her books were the first mysteries that I read and she is still one of my favorite authors. I am very glad that Phyllis Whitney shared her wonderful stories with all of us!
Laurie J, Petersburg, NJ

I just finished reading all of your adult books for the 10th time!
Kellie R, Cape Coral, FL

I am so happy I found this website. I have been a fan of Ms. Whitney's books for years. I am trying to collect copies of all of them!!!!!
Barbara P, Broomfield, CO

Hello! I have been reading your books since I was in 7th grade and now I am 21 years old. I graduated from high school in '98. My favorite book is Daughter of the Stars. I think you did a wonderful job on that book. My teacher Gereld Johnson got me into reading your books. He said that you were friends with him and after that I couldn't stop reading your books.
Deidre A, Globe, AZ

I am so glad to know she is writing an autobiography. Her prolific work reflects a glimpse of the experiences of her life. I began reading books by Ms. Whitney when I was 10, and am amazed at how many I have indeed read. My favorite young adults are The Haunted Pool, The Isle of Skye and The Samurai Sword (for brevity's sake, I used only the descriptors). Her adult fiction is always compelling. Though I enjoyed all of them, my two favorites are "Silverhill," and "Domino." She will never know the education she has given me through her work, both culturally, in personal conduct, ethics, and the joy of reading. She is like an old friend to me, and a book of hers in my room at night makes me feel as though I am the richest person alive.
Su N, CA

I have been an avid fan of your books for years. I first discovered your young adult books when we moved to Dallas, Texas in 1969 (I was 10). Since I have not seen any new books published in the last few years, I decided try a search on the Internet. Luckily, for me, I found your website. May God richly bless you. Your books allowed me to dream and experience the world. Currently, I am in the process of collecting your young adult books (especially the ones I read) for my twin daughter (she is only 19 months). Again, thank you for your wonderful contributions. My name is also Phyllis.
Phyllis W, Arlington, TX

Dear Mrs. Whitney, thank you for writing mysteries that are so hard to put down. I love reading your books because they never use offensive language and never titillate with violence or sexual innuendo. THANK YOU for writing with such high standards. After Silversword, I wanted to see Maui for myself. I love your heroines who try to help people less fortunate, and who try so hard to choose the right in whatever circumstances they find themselves. I've loved mysteries since junior high and feel a special bond with you because we both have the same first name. Thank you for writing so many books to spend time with.
Phyllis K, Lorain County, OH

I have read about 40 of Mrs. Whitney's books in the past and have just recently stared collecting her works and reading them again. I have enjoyed them alot. I owned 40 or more of her books at one time but made a big move and have since lost them. I hope to one day own all of her books. I made a copy of the list from this web site and will be on a mission to collect and read all of them. I hope I can find them all some of the older ones. May be difficult to find. Wish me luck
Teresa T, MS

I found my first Phyllis Whitney book at a library sale in 1987 and found her writing style to be fluid and interesting for me. I am a mystery buff and I now am working on my own book. As a new writer, my voice has a tendency to reflect what I enjoy reading. I believe that many successful people have role models. Phyllis A. Whitney is one of mine.
Christy R, Santa Cruz, CA

I just wanted to let Ms. Whitney know that I have become an avid reader because of her books. As a child I was very shy and because they made me read aloud in class I disliked reading. I was in High School when I had to do a book report and picked her book Window On The Square. I have now read all of her adult books plus many others. I do credit her for giving me the enjoyment of books. Thank you.
Gidget P, Valley, NB

I am so glad to find a site about Phyllis Whitney. I have looked in the past but was unable to find much information. I especially like the listing of all of her books. I own many, and am always looking for more. This list will be invaluable to me. I found this site by doing a search for Phyllis Whitney. Send thanks to Phyllis Whitney for all of the hours of enjoyment she has given us all. I look forward to a new book coming out nearly as much as I enjoy reading what she has written. It is so refreshing to be able to read and enjoy books that I don't have to be embarrassed about if someone sees what I am reading. Thanks again to Miss Whitney and Thank You, Phil Tyo for this web page.
Debra C, Hurst, TX

I have been a Phyllis Whitney fan for years. I have collected all of her adult suspense novels. I found this web site by typing her name into a search engine. I think this web site is really great and really informative.
Lynn S, Hindman, KY

Dear Ms. Whitney: I enjoy reading your books and have acquired a large collection. I have just printed your listing of books so that I can determine which ones I don't have yet. Keep them coming!
Wanda O

I've just rediscovered your wonderful stories. Would you happen to know about an author who wrote in a similar style in the early 1900's named Louis Tracy?
Dawn, BC, Canada

I read your book, Mystery of the Haunted Pool, when I was in grade school in the 1960's. I had ordered it from the monthly Scholastic Book order we got in school. I loved the book so much and kept it over the years. Recently, my daughter had to read a mystery for school, so I dug it out and we read it together. Thank you for giving us fun books to read!
Lisa K, Santee, CA

Hello, My name is Pat Correa. I have been reading Ms. Whitney's books for years. I have found every one to be most enjoyable. I want to thank her for creating places where people can escape the everyday routine of life and find fun, excitement, and mystery for a little while. I know when that last page is turned and the book is closed, my inner strength is refreshed and I am ready to go on once again. My library also, has a new wonderful friend.
Pat C, Home

I'm trying to collect all the books you have written. I'm addicted to collecting as well as reading. Have enjoyed the website and appreciate being able to get the book lists. Thank you.
Lynn W, Rossville, GA

I am a long time fan of Mrs. Whitney and have devoured every book of hers that I have come into contact with since I was a young girl. She has instilled in me a love for the mystery, which I have passed on to my children. I become the heroine as I read one of her books and always miss the characters as I would dear friends when I have finished reading. Thank you Mrs. Whitney for all the joy you have given me and so many others.
Judith M, Pekin, IL

I'm doing a school project. I need Phyllis A. Whitney's mailing address or her e-mail address. I am supposed to send her a letter.
Lauren, home computer in MS

Thank you for many years of wonderful stories. My 83 year old Mom and I love them, and have always looked eagerly forward to each new one. I was looking for one written about North Carolina, wanting to re-read it before my husband and I travel there this winter.
Janice D, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Could you supply an address where I can write and request 2 autographed photos of the author? I would like them as gifts for my 60 year old Mom and 71 year old Aunt. Thanks.
Julie, NY

I have read all of Phyllis Whitney's books and always enjoyed them. I looked her name up on the computer to see how she was doing and if she was writing any more mysteries. She will always be one of my favorites and I wish her all the best.
DF, Atlanta, GA

I was specifically looking for anything related to Ms. Whitney because I haven't seen any new books in the past several years.

Hello!!! I'm fourty years old. Have read your books for 25 years. Love them!!! So exciting to see my mother-in-law, sister-in-laws, sisters, mom, & cousins all read your books. They are like gold here!! Thank you!! A dedicated fan...always!
Peggy S

What a pleasure to find Mrs. Whitney's website. I've been a loyal fan for many years and was lucky enough to have been a finalist in Mrs. Whitney's writing contest on Long Island some years ago. (I treasure my autographed copies of the Guide to Fiction Writing and The Golden Unicorn.) Mrs. Whitney's enthralling fiction spurred my own desire to make a living as a novelist and the Guide to Writing Fiction helped me through many an early rough spot. I'm a published novelist now and thank Mrs. Whitney for everything she has done and is still doing for all of us, readers and writers alike. Sent with much affection from Barbara B.
Barbara B, Central NJ

Thank you for creating a web site of Mrs. Whitney's entire listing of books. I am 33 and have been reading her books since I was about 13. I love her adult books and now intend to collect and re-read them all. Thank you Mrs. Whitney for the hours of reading pleasure through the years.
Nona, TX

Phyllis Whitney is my favorite writer. I have been reading and collecting her books for a long time. I was really excited to discover this website!!!!!
Barbara P, Broomfield, CO

I have enjoyed Phyllis A. Whitney books ever since I was a teenager. I consider her to be one of my favorite mystery writers. Keep up the good work and God Bless.
Brenda A, Marion Junction, AL

I love your books. I have read 14 of your adult books. I am the largest fan you have.
Angela P, Home

I started reading Phyllis Whitney for the first time this summer, when I found one of her books in a box of old, dusty books I'd picked up for a song at an auction last spring. Tired of today's books for various reasons (not to say they're all "bad," though), I longed to find an author who was a good storyteller, didn't use offensive language (I'm no prude, but I'm sick of it anyway) or go into detail with steamy sex scenes, etc. I am tired of verbally graphic sex, drugs, violence and dysfunctional people and situations. Needless to say, Phyllis Whitney's writing is a breath of fresh air. I know I'm going to be thoroughly entertained and educated, and never insulted or offended. I have probably bought about 40 of her books on Ebay now, and am going right through them (I'll be hitting the library next). One big draw is her settings. I get so excited about the places she describes that I am ready to book a flight to visit each one by the time I have finished the book! Today I got my computer up and running again for the first time in nearly two months. I had to look up Ms. Whitney to learn more about her, and I am delighted to know she is still with us, and still writing! (I used a search engine to find her website.) Congratulations on your incredible career, and thank you, Ms. Whitney. At 63, I'm thankful I still have time to read a lot of (maybe all??) your books. Keep up the good work!
Katherine B, Columbus, OH

Ever since I was a little girl, I have read Phyllis Whitney. My mom introduced me to her books and I haven't stopped reading them since. All of my books are tattered and worn from re-reading them a plethora of times. Thank you for giving me a window to escape to a world full of intrigue and love.
Megan, MI

I cannot believe I have found this website. I am a big fan of your work and am hoping with the book list I have got from this site I can now collect more of your books. You are a fantastic writer and I have loved reading your books and will carry on reading your books - again and again and again. The first time I read one of your books (Ebony Swan) my Grandma gave it to me as a birthday present and ever since I have tried to read as much as I possibly can. (Extremely difficult as books not widely available in England). Keep writing. xx
Teresa E, England

The first Phyllis A. Whitney book that I read was "Spindrift". I was hooked. I went to my high school library and read all they had. I began collecting new and old editions as I could find them. But I have just discovered that they are all missing-I fear they were lost in a recent move. I am sick about it! Well, I shall begin searching again.
Crystal H, Lewistown, IL

Louisiana State University held its annual book bazaar today. I purchased, in mint condition, an uncorrected proof of THE EBONY SWAN, by Phyllis A. Whitney. The cover is plain sky blue and has a tentative publication date of June 1992 (Doubleday). Also printed on cover, is a warning that any quotes for reviews must be checked against the finished book. As an avid reader/collector of all books, I was extremely excited about finding such a treasure by Phyllis A. Whitney for $1.50. My LSU co-workers are green with envy!
Rose B, Baton Rouge, LA

I have enjoyed your writing for many years. My mother and I used to share your books. I have just reread Star Flight again and plan on reading "Daughter of the Stars" soon. Thank you so much for your talent.
Janet K, San Diego, CA

I love your books. I have two of your textbooks on how to write. I try to write and have had some very minor success and your books are the best. I wish you would write some more adult novels, don't retire yet. I have recently bid on several of your books on Ebay and won them. I have been adding to my collection and this was so easy, I bid on 9 books.
Tracy R, Phoenix, AZ

I have always loved reading Phyllis Whitney's novels and was wondering if she had written one since Amethyst Dreams. Therefore, I did a web search using her name and found this site. Thank you.
Patricia Y, Delagrange, Alameda, CA

Mrs. Whitney, I was wondering when your autobiography will be published? I have enjoyed reading all your books. Dream of Orchids is one of my favorites. You are my favorite author and I have recommended you to many of my friends to read.
Sherri M, Lake Alfred, FL

Dear Ms. Whitney, I absolutely love your books. I am almost 46 years old and have never read your books until a few months ago. I wish you would come out with a new one. I am still trying to read all your other books. Thank you for entertaining me. I hope you are doing well.
Debra G, Matthews, NC

I enjoy your books so much, I decided to see if you where online by looking under your name. I have tried to collect your books. But haven't got too many. I'm 72. Thank you so much for the enjoyment of them.
Maxine P, Mt. Airy, MD

I want to say that Phyllis A. Whitney books kept me entranced all thru high school and certainly made my freshman year more livable! I am now 29 years old, married with 3 children. I stumbled upon this website, and I am very happy that it is here!!! I have fond memories of wonderful books by PAW. Thanks so much!
Cheryl W, Satanta, KS

Hello! I did a search for Phyllis A. Whitney and found this website. I'm very happy to be able to send this message directly. I wrote to Mrs. Whitney sometime around 1969 and promptly received a letter back. I was 8 or 9, and it thrilled me to no end to receive a response from my favorite author. Enclosed in the letter was a flyer announcing the release of The Mystery of the Crimson Ghost, her newest juvenile mystery. I kept a good look-out and purchased the title as soon as I could. I had read just about every one of her juvenile mysteries up to that point (all I could get my hands on), spending more than my share of time in the school library. And I remember eagerly awaiting each new one. Later, when I graduated to her adult suspenses, I still enjoyed anticipating the release of new titles. I would like to thank you, Mrs. Whitney, for entertaining me with your stories. Your characters seem like old friends. Your descriptions of the settings make me want to visit every location - and you have transported me there each time I've read (and re-read) your books. Thank you again. I'm glad to be able to tell you this in person, so to speak. Sincerely,
Kim W, Kent, WA

I have loved reading Phyllis Whitney's books for along time. I just bought her book "Ever After" and enjoyed it. I love Phyllis Whitney as a author and loved how she went to different places to do her books. I could imagine being there from her description of the places. She is a super author. I wish she would come out with more books.
Julie J, Riverside, CA

I never read as a child because there were no books in our house. As an adult I found your books in a library. They excited my untapped desire for literature. I am in my 40s and while studying to become an elementary teacher I just finished a children's literature class. Throughout the class we read and studied Newbery and Caldecott Award winners. I found some good books but they have turned my mind back to Phyllis and set me on a mission to read all of her books. Though I hope to teach 2-4 grades, I continue to encourage older children to this wonderful author's works.
TM, Pekin, IL

As a child I read and enjoyed Mystery of the Gulls, and as an adult I studied your textbook, Writing Juvenile Stories and Novels in a writing course I was taking. I have read others, also. I enjoy your books very much, and am amazed at the amount of work you've done. I am just finishing Daughter of the Stars. It shows that you have done so much research, which gives it background and makes it real and interesting. I admire you and your work very much.
Carolyn K, PA

I have searched for this site because I am doing a bibliography on her for my English ISU. I really enjoyed her book Rainbow in the Mist, and I hope to read more of her books.
KG, Ontario, Canada

I learned of this web site through Yahoo. I was just wondering what had happened to one of my very favorite authors. I really enjoyed my visit to this site.
Alline M, New Madison, OH

Just to say hello, my sister want to make sure that she did not missed any of your book, so I verified all the titles on your WEB site, continue your great work. Bonne santé...
Gilles T, Montréal (Québec)

You are the best author out there. Keep writing and God bless you!!!
Patricia K, GA

Thank you for all the places I have been and all the wonderful people I met. I have spent so many enjoyable hours with your books. You are a great writer and I do wish I could have met you in person.
Shirley P, TX

My love for books started the first time I picked up and read my first Phyllis Whitney novel. When I had my children, I was too young to know that my love for reading was actually the best thing I could do for them. My son is a Doctor of Pharmacy and my daughter is graduating high school next month a member of the National Honor Society. Thank you very much for this gift.
Diana C, Clintwood, VA

I have been reading Ms. Whitney's books since I was 13. I love them all. I used a search engine to look up this site by her name. Will she be coming out with a new book soon?
Cindy, FL

My name is Elena. I'm from Russia. First of all I would like to thank such a wonderful suspense writer as Phyllis A. Whitney. I read all the books I managed to get several years ago and was delighted. That is why I remembered this name very well. Unfortunately, it's quite a problem to find any information or books of this author in our country. So when I got Internet I decided to search for some sites about this author. And I succeeded. That's great. Thank you all very much.
Elena L, Russia

Phyllis Whitney has been one of my favorite authors for many years. The first of her books I read was the Trembling Hills and then went back and read earlier books and have read the others as they came out--including the children's books. They have given me many hours of pleasure and I wanted to write to say Thank You.
Rita M, ND

I've read (and collected) all of Phyllis Whitney's fiction books - adolescence to adulthood. There has never been an author whose works I've enjoyed more. I've tried for some time to find information about Mrs. Whitney, finally contacting Ballantine Books, who referred me to this website. I look forward to reading the autobiography of this great lady. She's taken me places and allowed me to have experiences I would never have had without her talent. Places like Charleston, SC, Gatlinburg, TN, St. Croix & St. Thomas, USVI - just to name a very few. Her stories prompted my visits and exploration and added tremendously to my enjoyment of those and other locations. Now that I've discovered the website, I'll most certainly watch it closely for news of her. If it's at all possible, I hope she will read my words and know how much she's meant to me for the past 40 years.
Marcia K, Stockbridge, GA

The first book I read was Dream Orchids and since then I have been reading/collecting any book I can find written by Phyllis Whitney. I enjoy being able to be swept away by the story.

I've loved her novels for years and collected all of the hardbacked ones except "The Moonflower". Thank you for honoring her with this web site.
Deborah A, New Castle, IN

Hi, I really enjoy reading the books of Phyllis A. Whitney!
Arianne, The Netherlands

The first Phyllis Whitney book I ever read was "Lost Island" and I have been hooked ever since. I am trying to collect them all. So far I have 43, and hope to find the rest.
Mandy, Johnson City, TN

My mom was the librarian on the bookmobile when I was a tot and Miss Whitney was one of her favorites as I was growing up. When I thought I was old enough I knew just exactly which grown up book I wanted to read a Phyllis Whitney novel! And so I did and I became hooked in 1973, at the age of nine and I may be one of the few people who immediately thought of a girl in a green bikini when hearing of the dreadful shootings a few years ago in Colorado. Miss Whitney caused my dream to be a writer and someday I will achieve it. Thank you, Miss Whitney and may God Bless.
Beth P, MN/ND

I LOVE YOUR BOOK WINDOW ON THE SQUARE!! I was asked to do a book review over one book I have read my senior year and I picked yours because it was great. It had such a great story line and a wonderful ending.
Kala, Lewis, KY

I can't tell you how many lonely nights I've spent with you, Phyllis. While my husband was ill and fighting in vain the affects of Agent Orange exposure received in Vietnam; my nightly reading enabled me to retain some semblance of sanity. I've attempted to hold on to all my Whitney books, however I'm certain that some will eventually show up in my sister's or daughter's homes. I remember one incident in particular when my daughter and I were travelling through Sedona and I saw Talacapa. (not sure of spelling at this time) I almost jumped from the car. Your descriptions are so vivid that you actually experience deja vu without having visited the locale previously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Diane B, Lakewood, CA

I have enjoyed Ms Whitney's books for many, many years. So it's natural that when I finally got my computer I entered her name and found a treasure trove of information on the Grand Master. She still is my favorite to this day.
Sylvia C, Nashville, GA

I have been a fan of Phyllis Whitney for many years. I can spend countless hours reading her books. She is without a doubt the best!!
Annie P

Ms. Whitney: On behalf of my daughter and myself, I would like to say "Thank You!" for all the countless hours of happiness that reading your books has brought us.
Niurka G, Miami, FL

The other day I was thinking about my favorite author from childhood and how lucky I was that she also wrote adult novels. I decided to see if there was a website about her. I grew up reading Phyllis Whitney's books and still enjoy them today. I go back and reread them time again, even the children's books. Thank you to a great lady who could produce magic between the covers of any book. I've been reading them for over 30 years.
Lisa H, MS

I learned of the site from a member of the whodunit mystery discussion forum that I participate in. I have enjoyed reading many of Ms. Whitney's books over the years and recently recommended them to my daughter-in-law who is now enjoying them. This is a very informative and interesting site!
Elaine L, Syracuse, NY

My grandma's favorite author is Phyllis Whitney. Her books are something to be treasured and are good, clean stories that can tie families together. I hope she is still writing and has more books on the way. God bless her!
Jamie F, FL

I am a Charlottesville, Va. native. I sort of stumbled upon Whitney's books through my mother's library as a child. In 7th grade I read Daughter of the Stars and I was hooked. Thus, when told I could pick any author for a project in English five years later, Phyllis Whitney was my first choice. It was very difficult to round up information, but an English teacher found this site. It's great! I can't wait to see the biography. Is Mrs. Whitney still a resident of Central Virginia? Just curious. A side note, I read "Quest Bookstore" in one of your novels (The Singing Stones) maternal cousins' paternal grandmother is the owner. I was absolutely thrilled to discover a link! Wow! Keep those great books coming!
Wendy J, Vero Beach, FL

Hello, we are featuring you as our author of the month at the Belleville (WI) Public Library, and I checked your site to learn more about you and get a complete list of your books. Thanks for sharing your talents with us in your many books. Good luck always.
Robert H, Belleville, WI

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney books since I was 8 years old. I started with the children's mystery books and went on to the young adult and adult books when I was 12 years old. My mother and I have both enjoyed her books immensely. We would fight over who got to read the newest book first.
Judith F, El Paso, TX

Several years ago, I joined a book club. One month, I forgot to send in the response card. The book that arrived was EMERALD. Since that time I have been a devoted reader. I find it refreshing that your female characters are strong and not likely to swoon or act feeble minded. So many women are portrayed as weak and simple. I anxiously await any and all up coming novels.
Susan L, Summerfield, NC

Thank you for a wonderful web site. Phyllis Whitney was my favorite in my twenties and is still my favorite now that I'm in my mid-fifties. No matter how many authors I read, I keep going back to her books when I want a really satisfying read. ...only wish she could write 75 more books! Hopefully, she's still alive and well, not to mention writing!
Sherry L, Houston, TX

Hello, I just thought I'd drop a line to say how much I enjoy the novels of Phyllis A. Whitney. Congratulations on the site, it's always nice to come across people on the Internet who do things out of love of a subject (I have found this most often on the literary sites). I'm sorry but I don't know my e-mail number, a friend set this thing up for me!
Boz D, Carlisle Cumbria, England

I am 42 now and have been reading Mrs. Whitney's books since I was about 11 or 12. It was my mother's book and between the two of us we own most of the adult fiction books, but I have definitely read all of them - getting at the library what I couldn't find to buy. She has given me many years of reading pleasure. Now that I have 2 small children it is a real novelty to read for myself but I will be very happy to read the autobiography when it comes out. Will there be more fiction as well? I hope so.
Terri D

I recently bought "Willow Hill" at a library sale because I was drawn to the lovely picture on the cover. Now I have read the book and am amazed that this book about racism could have been written in 1947. I searched the web for information on Phyllis Whitney and found this site. What a wonderful discovery! Thanks.
Jennifer D, Dallas, TX

I am a second generation Phyllis Whitney reader in the process of passing my love of well-written literature to my daughter. Thank you, Ms. Whitney, for never losing sight of the fact that good stories can be told, in fact, enhanced, with quality writing.
Donna V, Allen, TX

I have always been a great fan of Phyllis Whitney books, and wanted to know if there was a recent one. Did a web search using Yahoo and typed in books by Phyllis Whitney.
Gloria Y, Home

I am making my own web page. I was writing a list of my "favorites", and my very favorite author of all times is Phyllis Whitney. My mom introduced me to her. I'm 21, but I've been reading her books since I can remember. I love her style of writing, I love the fact that I can never guess how her books will end. They are a tremendous pleasure to me. I looked up Phyllis Whitney on, and have included a link to this site on my web page.
Christine S, Greenwood, IN

Ms. Whitney, I want to thank you for years of reading pleasure. I have read all your adult mysteries repeatedly. I wish you many years of health and happiness.
Debbie B, Dresden, TX

Was just book hunting. I find it harder and harder to find cleancut and entertaining reading and Phyllis A. Whitney has been one of my favorites for more years than I care to count. Was just thinking about re-reading "some old friends" and went searching the web for a complete list of books and here you are. Was also surprised to read about the Cleveland connection as that is where I'm from. In all my reading I never knew there was a connection.
Sharon J, Cleveland, OH

I have been reading your books for about 30 years. I have a collection of your books that my mother started. You are my favorite author and I am trying to get all of your books. I have read two of your books in the past three days. I just happened to think that I might be able to find out something about you by searching the Web. And I did and I am so excited. It was very interesting to learn so much about your life.
Rhonda H, Bald Knob, AK

I have enjoyed reading your books for years. I recently went to a book sale and was fortunate enough to locate 20 in hard back. It has been years since I read some of these, it is exciting to re-read them. My daughter is in her early 20's and has enjoyed reading them with me. Thank you for all the fine books. Best wishes for your continued good health and look forward to more good reading.
Lilly G, Springfield, MO

I have read all Phyllis A. Whitney books for adults, and several children's books. I have loved her books from the very first. When the stories are set in places I have been I feel like I am truly involved. For example the one that took place in Victoria B.C.
Viola H, Santa Barbara, CA

I learned about this site by looking for Phyllis Whitney. I have read all of her adult novels and a few of the ones for young people. Her descriptions of places is so vivid I can see them I love her work.
Natalie, New Jersey

I started reading Ms. Whitney's books when I was a teenager and I'm now a grandmother. I'm so glad that there are still writers who produce books that don't make me blush to read them. So many now come with the explicit sex and language warnings, and it always seems to me that they use those things as filler because they didn't really have anything worth saying to begin with. I've read so many Whitney books now that it's getting difficult to find ones new ones, but I'll keep trying because they're worth searching for. I hope she'll still be writing when my great-grandchildren come along!
Cheryl B, Shiloh, IL

The Turquoise Mask was the first of Ms. Whitney's books that I began reading in the early 70's, and have been hooked ever since. It wasn't until some time later I learned about her books for young people and now my children are reading them. Thank you so much Ms. Whitney for the countless hours I have enjoyed reading your books. I have been collecting them for years and have even tried finding them on E-Bay. Many people must enjoy them as much as I because they are hard to find. I found this site on Yahoo. I was wondering if there would be another book out soon and figured someone would have a web sight. Thank you.
Lynn J, Buckley, WA

I have enjoyed Phyllis Whitney's books for years and just wanted to let her know how much joy she has given me. It is so exciting when I come across one I have not read and can't wait till I get home so I can start reading it. Thank you.
Betty L

I have been reading her books for years and have so many I have to try and find titles that I have not read. Her work is wonderful. I enjoy it greatly!
Mary H

Phyllis has been my favourite author since I was a young teenager. I have ALMOST ALL her books. I am SO thrilled to find this website and I would like Phyllis to know that she has given me so many hours of wonderful escape to her world-wide settings. I feel I have visited each place she has featured in each one of her books. Thank you SO MUCH for ALL YOUR MOST WONDERFUL BOOKS!
Barbara D, Toronto

My mother enjoys reading your mysteries. She gets the books from our local library. I found your site by searching Yahoo. My purpose was to find a list of your books so that my mother could check off those she has read and search for those she has not read yet. She has told me how vivid and realistic the descriptions of the places the stories happen in are, especially in our area of Central Virginia.
Lisa B for MM

I have read nearly every one of Ms. Whitney's novels and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. I looked her name up on the computer in hopes that she had written a new novel. I like the way she weaves her storylines and the descriptive way she writes. A truly marvelous writer. Thank you so much for all your very fine work. Take care, God bless. Sincerely Yours,
Bonnie M, Scotland, CT

I am an avid fan of yours. I have read all you have published to date. I heard about this site from an e-mail friend,
Beverly L, Home

My daughter e-mailed this site to me as she knows that Phyllis A. Whitney is my favorite author. I think I have read all the books with the exception of those published before "Willow Hill". I sure miss not having any new ones out. I have most of the copies but have used the library to read those I don't own. I would like to say thanks for all the enjoyment I have had in reading these books. My daughter also has enjoyed reading these.
Pat K, Gordonville, MO

I love your books!! I am 34 and have been reading your novels since I was a teenager. My all time favorite book is The Turquoise Mask. You are a wonderfully talented author!! Thank you for writing such fabulous books!
Lisa B, PA

I remember reading your mysteries as a teenager and just continued on into your adult novels. I've loved all of your books and would give anything to have at least one book plate or cover signed by you. Is this possible? I have your hard bounds and paper backs and cherish them all. Sincerely,
Judy D, NY

I am an avid reader and Phyllis Whitney is by far and away my all-time favorite. I usually read her books in one sitting although I never want one to end. I have now read everything that she has written and nothing else comes up to her books. Can we expect anything new out in the near future? Also, does she write under any other name?
Ann S, Metro Atlanta, GA

I just typed in your name for the fun of it and was delighted to find that you had a website. You have been one of my most favorite authors ever since I started reading your work-probably in junior high. I always look with anticipation for your newest novels and have enjoyed searching for previous novels that I have not read yet. You are an inspiration to me and I hope to someday follow in your footsteps and write novels of my own. I look forward to reading your upcoming autobiography and hope to see and read more of your novels.
Kelly M, Bemidji, MN

Enjoy your books. Found the site by doing a search. Wanted to know if the book "Vermillion" was about the town by Lake Erie. Nope.
Janet, Kentucky

Mrs. Whitney, I have thoroughly enjoyed your books. The last book I read of yours was the Amethyst Dreams. I can hardly wait to read any more of your books.
Deb D, Kelso, MO

I am always trying to learn more about the best suspense novelist in the world. I am also trying to collect all of her books. I have 17 adult novels and 1 young adult. I would love to get her books on teaching to write novels.
April R, NC

I am anxiously awaiting her autobiography. Please let me know when it will be done. If you have time. Thank you. You have made a wonderful web site. I love it.
April R, NC

Thank you for this site. I needed a list of all of Phyllis A. Whitney's books so I can complete my collection. I have been reading her books since high school, and I consider her to be my favorite author. I always know that when I pick up one of her books, I will enjoy it very much.
Lori R, St. Clair, MO

I have read her books for years & wondered how Phyllis Whitney was doing. Her books are the rare ones that I read over & over again. I have a collection of her books.

Just searching for info on Whitney, hoping there was a new book!
Mar, Netherlands

I am a big fan of Phyllis Whitney and have read practically all of her books. I first discovered her books in my high-school library about 8 years ago and enjoyed them instantly. It's great to know there's a website dedicated to her and her works. I highly recommend anyone to read her books.
Maria A, NY

I have been a fan for years. I decided to check the web for info on some of my favorite authors. I was very happy to read the information on Ms. Whitney. Thank You.
Connie W, Terre Haute, IN

I was just surfing the web looking for some of my favorite authors. I found this site thru "Ask Jeeves". I just want to tell Ms. Whitney that she is one of my all time favorite authors. My Mother introduced me to her books more than 25 years ago. I was very interested in the fact that Ms. Whitney is writing her autobiography. I will be sure to buy it when it comes out. Keep going, Ms. Whitney; we love you!!!
Libby H, NJ

Dear Ms. Whitney, I was thirteen the first time I read one of your novels. I desperately wanted to try something different. Your books were always in the house, my mother and all her sisters absolutely loved each and every one. And each new book on the market was an occasion to look forward to on their parts. I had just heard them talk about rereading "The Lost Island," and my interest was immediately sparked.
Amanda W, TN

Hi, I came across your website while searching for info about my favorite author, Phyllis Whitney. I have read almost 20 of her novels so far. I just started reading her books a year or so ago when my sister recommended her to me. I've always loved gothic romance but they just don't write them anymore. My favorite book of Phyllis Whitney's that I've read so far is Thunder Heights but also really loved The Quicksilver Pool. Actually, it's sorta tough to pick a fave but I did really like these two. I will enjoy looking around your website. Thanks.
Marilyn, Keystone Heights, FL

I am a very big fan of Phyllis A. Whitney. She is amazing! I love mysteries. Her books are so fun because they always have a twist just as that of Alfred Hitchcock. Alot of her novels are about precious stones. She talks of the stone's powers etc. I am a jewelry artist. It has been lucky for me to have found her books on tape. I love to listen to them as I work. I find them so interesting that I can not hardly walk away from them until they have been completed. Kate Harper reads alot of her books on tape. Kate is very expressive and has a quieting voice. The disappointment is ... what happens after you have read all of the adult novels of Phyllis A. Whitney?
Mary-Joe P, Orient, OH

I have been reading your books since I was a young girl. I am now 74 years old and still reading you. Keep them coming. Sincerely,
Winona M, St. Pete., FL

My name is Jill Davis Coffin and I am from Bailey Island, Maine. I have been reading your books since I discovered them when I was 16...1972. You are the reason I have traveled-you made me want to see other places. Thank you for your work. I read all the time and I buy, sell and share books, except yours. Your books I don't part with. They are not just a part of you, they are a part of me. Thanks for taking me with you. God bless you.
Jill DC, Bailey Island, ME

I collect Phyllis A. Whitney books and was looking for a complete list of her books, which is how I found this web site. She has been my favorite author for many years and I never grow tired of reading her books, which is why I'm collecting them. My collection numbers 33 books and I'm cleaning out my bookshelf for more!
Sue G, Webb City, MO

I'm a high school librarian and have the wonderful opportunity of recommending books like Phyllis A. Whitney's to students. Thanks for providing us with many hours of reading pleasure.
Fran D, Ocala, FL

I have been a fan of PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY since 1973,when I first read THUNDER HEIGHTS. To me she is one of the greatest mystery writers of all time.
Shirley D, Cleveland, OH

I have read most all of your books and loved everyone of them. I have most all of them in first editions. I look forward to your next one.
Ginger G, TX

I LOVE Phyllis Whitney! She is the BEST!!! I am 37 and have been reading her books since elementary school, starting with the young adult and then going on to the adult suspense. She truly is the "Grand Master" of suspense and mystery novels and I THANK her from the bottom of my heart for helping me to escape the cruelties of life by immersing myself in her wonderfully written, beautiful books. THANK YOU MS. WHITNEY!!
Susan H, Cedar Hill, TX

My wife (Fern Joubert) reads very little - she worries about it all the time. I am thrilled when she finally finds a book that she can get interested in. (I read incessantly - as well as being an historic fiction novel writer!) However, she bought a large-print copy of a used Phyllis Whitney book from a library sale and is "in love with it"! In fact, I may starve because she puts off cooking so that she can continue the book! I hope that Phyllis is still interested in writing. She did a fabulous job!
Kenneth J, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada

I learned of the site quite by accident, as I'm always interested in any books by Ms Whitney. The only book I haven't read is "The Winter People" only because I can't seem to find it anywhere. But, I will continue to look, as my goal as been to read all Phyllis Whitney books. And, to date that is the only one not in my collection!
Betty H, Buna, TX

I have been a fan of Phyllis since I was a young girl. I am always very excited when she comes out with a new book, because I know that it will be one I can't stop reading. I only wish she could do a book signing close to where I live. She probably doesn't do them anymore. Anyways, she is by far one of the best authors ever!
Kimberly R, CA

I remember reading three of Whitney's books while in high school; I enjoyed the suspense, the elaborate characters, and the grand settings. I used to escape into the hay loft in my grandparents barn or sit out on the roof of the house for hours so that I wouldn't be disturbed while I read. Whitney is who got me interested in reading. I enjoyed reading for the first time. My parents were pleased. I am now a high school English teacher. When I found this web site, I discovered that Whitney has written several other books that I didn't know existed. I definitely will be reading more of her books. Like me, I hope that others can be encouraged to read and actually enjoy reading by reading Whitney's books. Thank you Whitney, for you have made a difference.
Heather G, Spring Hill, FL

My daughter had to do a report on women authors and Ms. Whitney was her choice. The web site was a tremendous help. Thank you.
Susie P, MO

What a lovely web site. I read my first Phyllis Whitney book when I was in grade 6. My mother had ordered Columbella from the Doubleday Book Club I believe. I was bored and at home recovering from surgery and wanted something to read. I was hooked. I then went to our school library and the local library and started reading all of her children's and adult novels I could find. I absolutely loved them. I credit her novels to my interest (my husband would say obsession) in gothic and historical romance novels. I currently have 39 of Ms. Whitney's novels (some hardcover and some paperback) and now that I have a complete list I will try my best to find all of her novels. The earliest written novel I own is the Mystery of the Gulls. This along with the Mystery on the Isle of Skye, the Secret of the Samurai Sword and The Quicksilver Pool were some of my favourite children's books. In 1993 I finally was able to visit the Isle of Skye. No matter how many times I reread her novels I never fail to enjoy them. Some of them I have reread at least 11 or 12 times. I call them my comfort novels. You know, your favourites to read when you are feeling down. When asked who my favourite author is Phyllis Whitney is always at the very top of my list. Thank you for your wonderful novels. I look forward to my daughter discovering your wonderful books when she is a bit older. (She is currently 20 months old.)
Janis C, Ontario, CN

I have always enjoyed Phyllis Whitney's books through the years. I have not read any of her novels in quite some time. I subscribe to Doubleday Book Club off and on, and used to be able to get her latest novels that way. I am a secretary at Madisonville Middle School and one day a few years ago I was talking to parent and we were talking about books and I told her my favorite author was Phyllis Whitney and she then told me her husband was her nephew. I was talking to Heather Houvenagle and her husband is John. It sure is a small world.
Deborah H

Dear Phyllis, I feel like you are a friend, as you've been in my home for years. I have collected many of your books over the years. I am now encouraging my grandchildren to read them. It is so refreshing to be able to read an action filled mystery novel WITHOUT foul language and gore. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for so many hours of such descriptive reading. When I see places on TV or in movies that you have described in your books, I recognize them before the site is revealed. You are far and above my favorite author. Please keep them coming. God Bless you!!!
Beryl S, Ashland, OR

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books for years. I just ran across this web site and being a fan and an avid collector of her books, I was delighted to find the complete list of everything she has written. My daughter is a middle school math teacher in Forest Grove, Oregon and loves to read mystery books to her students. I will be on the lookout for these young people's novels. She will love to read them to her class.
Nancy B, OR

What a glorious site you have created. Especially pleasing is the complete set of jacket covers that toggle into descriptions of the books. I discovered Phyllis Whitney as an adult. I don't know how I managed to miss out on all the stories for young people because these were written during my childhood years. I seem to remember being interested more in biographies and classics at that time. The taste for mysteries and suspense grew more as a middle-aged adult. I have many of Phyllis's books in my home library and have read them all and re-read many. I discovered your site while searching for a listing of her books because I am trying to acquire some more of her books for my own library. You have certainly provided all the information I was looking for. I may even try to obtain some of the juvenile mysteries and young people stories to see what I missed many years ago.
Judith S, Peoria, IL

I found this your site by chance. I remember reading all your young adult books when I was in junior high school. Can you believe I still have those books today. Phyllis A. Whitney books were my favorite, and I'm saving them for my niece, Emily. I know she will love them too. I am so glad to have found this site. It brings back great memories.

Mrs. Whitney, I have enjoyed so many of your books through the years. I was delighted to come across this web site when I was searching for another author's information. I know that you must be friends, because she dedicated one of her books to you (and another to the Washington Redskins and QB No. 9). Of course, I am talking about Barbara Mertz, who writes as Elizabeth Peters and Barbara Michaels. I have become particularly fascinated with her as a person and have tried several methods to locate an email or website address for her. If your staff can assist me, I would greatly appreciate it.
Diane O, Longview TX

I have always read PHYLLIS WHITNEY books. They have great endings. I am in the process starting over and reading them again. When will she have a new one out?
Gloria L, Louisville, KY

I have Phyllis' non-fiction book, Guide to Fiction Writing. It is an excellent guide, and I'm using it to help me write my first book. I wanted to find out more information about Phyllis so I just used a search engine to find this site. Oh, and I have the same birthday (9/9) as Phyllis!
Jenny B, Detroit, MI

My very best wishes to Ms. Whitney. One of the most cherished memories of my childhood was meeting Ms. Whitney for luncheon on the Outer Drive in Chicago with my aunt, Kay Rummel Brodman, who went to high school with Ms. Whitney. I am now 68 years old, and that was when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I don't remember very much about the lunch, but I DO remember Ms. Whitney autographing my copy of "Willow Hill", which still holds a very prominent place in my library. What a thrill for a young girl! She was extremely kind and gracious at that time. I'm delighted to see the picture of this charming lady and I hope you will convey to her my sincerest best wishes and gratitude.
Patricia RD, Merritt Island, FL

I was checking for websites for all my favorite authors to see if any of them had a new book coming out this spring. Didn't see any information on that, so would love to know if there is one coming anytime soon. I've been reading Phyllis Whitney books since high school or my early twenties. I think the first one I read was "The Winter People." I own all of her books since that one; have collected the earlier ones thru book clubs and then started buying them at local bookstores. I like her mysteries without all the "gore" that is in the younger writers' books. Keep up the good work, Phyllis!!
Diana W, Monterey County, CA

I just want to thank you for always being there for me during all the good and really bad times through your great books. I learned the joy and escape of reading your books when I was in junior high. From the time I first opened one of your books, I have been addicted ever since. During the lowest points in my life, I have felt that your books have helped me to keep my sanity. You will always be my HERO!
Jackie KM, Cadwell, GA

On vacation last summer, I read "Amethyst Dreams" and loved it. It was interesting that we were at Holden Beach in N.C. and the book was written about another beach in N.C. Since then I have read at least 15 of Mrs. Whitney's books and loved them. My goal is to read all of them. Everywhere I go I look for her books and have quite a few of them. I have Hunter's Green and Listen for the Whisperer now but am saving them to read on vacation this summer.
Janet H, Raeford, NC

With all the horrid stuff out there for kids to read WHY DID MS WHITNEY stop writing for young people!? I grew up reading her books, still do, and my 3 kids read them as well. Her research insures not only a good story - but an authentic visit to a place many of us only go via her books.
Mary M, MN

I have enjoyed your books for many years (almost 10 years!) and I have collected all but three for my collection. Those that I have yet to read are 'The Trembling Hills'; 'The Red Carnelian' and 'Seven Tears for Apollo'. I would appreciate any information on how to track down these titles and add them to my set. Again, yours is a remarkable talent and I look forward to reading your autobiography in due course.
Linda W, Kaministiquia, Ontario, CN

I miss not having new novels to read from Phyllis Whitney. She has given me many hours of enjoyment. Please let her know that she is my FAVORITE. Thanks for the web site. It was nice to read about her.
Latricia T, Muscle Shoals, AL

I found this site by searching for information about Ms. Whitney. My mother introduced me to her books when I was a teenager. I have read and own almost all of the adult suspense books and I am always looking for the ones I don't have. I just wanted to tell Ms. Whitney thank you for all of the wonderful books she has written. I will look forward to reading the autobiography.
Amy W, KY

I am not a person that likes to read alot but at school it is something that we have to do. The only books that I will really read are any of the Phyllis A. Whitney books! I love them.
Rachel, Kansas City, MO

I have every one of Phyllis Whitney's (adult suspense) books and would never part with them. I can remember over the years waiting patiently (really, impatiently) for each new book to come out. I'd savor them - it was almost silly, but I've never found any other author who keeps my interest throughout the book. And its so hard finding good books where the author doesn't feel the need to include graphic sex in order to sell it. I think these books would make wonderful movies - but I like mysteries with romance sans graphic sex.

You have been my favorite author since I was a teenager; I enjoyed your young adult novels and continue to enjoy your adult novels.
Jeanne M, Honolulu, HI

My mother and I have enjoyed reading Phyllis A. Whitney's adult novels for many years. Until my home burned in 1994, I had a copy of every adult novel she had ever written, and I have purchased others since that time. Her books are thoroughly entertaining...the kind I just can't put down until I find out "who did it." I don't have a lot of time to read anymore, but when I do read a novel it is one written by Phyllis Whitney!
Delores D, Oak Grove, LA

I started reading your books at a very young age and have always enjoyed them. You are my favorite author. I am now collecting all of your books I can find so my own daughters can enjoy them when they are old enough. I have many books in my collection and only have a few more to find. I enjoy reading the ones I do have over again.
Tammy C, Circleville, OH

I've been interested for quite a few years to find where you are these days and I'm looking forward to your autobiography. I have enjoyed your books for many years and have your complete selection. They often get reread. I like the romance and suspense and the fact that they are clean books.
Joy W, Southsea, England

Funnily enough, I typed in my name Phyllis just to see what would come up. Interesting to find that there are many other people in the world with my name. Sounds unusual, but back here in Australia, my name is fairly unique and unheard of.
Phyllis A, Melbourne, Australia

Hello everyone, I am reading Phyllis A. Whitney for my high school literature class and am doing a 6 page critical paper about her topics and style-fun fun fun. Anyway, this site has been quite helpful and it very organized. I found this site through Yahoo search. Thanks for the help!
Kierstin K, Petersburg WV

Hi, my name is Wanda. In the late 1960's I discovered the joy of reading when I read my first Phyllis A. Whitney mystery. As I grew older I graduated to her adult mysteries. She is and will always be my favorite author. She has transported me to places and times that I can only dream about. I have known adventure, suspense and romance through her novels. She is indeed a world class writer.

I was given a copy of The Glass Flame for my 40th birthday. Inside the book was a handwritten letter dating 1951 from Phyllis to a woman she was to meet in New York. After 32 years of collecting Phyllis books I finally had a copy of her autograph. What a delight.
Cathy B, PA

Dear Miss Whitney, I have enjoyed reading your books over the last 32 years. My first book was "Secret of the Samurai Sword." I continued to read other youth books such as "The Secret of the Tiger's Eye" and the story about Robin and the emerald star. I first read your adult novel only a few years ago, starting with "Spindrift" because I live in Newport, R.I. the book's setting. I have read several others although my schedule doesn't let me read as much as I used to. When I got our computer a few months back, I began to explore different web sites. Wondering how you were, I typed in your name and behold! here I am. I've waited for a few weeks while your site was updated. I am glad to find you well and still writing. Thank you for letting me have the privilege of writing to you. Sincerely,
Mary B, Newport, RI

I think Mrs. Whitney is the best author. I like the way she thoroughly researches places before writing them into her novels. It puts the reader in that place and time. I am looking forward to reading her autobiography when it is published. I have read all Mrs. Whitney's books at least three times and enjoy them with new interest every time. Will Mrs. Whitney be publishing any more novels in the near future?
Sherri M, Lake Alfred, FL

I found this site by doing a search for books written by Phyllis A Whitney. I have enjoyed reading her novels for years and I'm trying to make sure that I read them all. Thank you for writing so cleverly without the trash everyone seems to think they have to include in novels these days.
Teresa R, Cumming, GA

I have over 40 Phyllis A. Whitney books that have been read and re-read many times. I never tire of the "mini vacations" as I get lost in each and every story. I'm so glad to learn there are more books available. I can't wait to locate some of them and start reading. Thank you
Debbie W, Nashville, TN

I found this web site just by putting in your name. A friend and myself love your books. We just can't seem to get enough. You are a wonderful writer and take us to places we only can dream about. I am 45 years old, married and have 4 children and one granddaughter. I enjoy knitting, crocheting and just recently quilt making (which I belong to a group called Hugs in Action- who donate to hospitals etc for critically ill children). This due to the fact that my 2year old granddaughter has had heart surgery and will have about 4 more surgeries, so it's a nice way to give to those who need a "hug". When I find a quiet moment I love to curl up and read your books. They are wonderful. Yours sincerely,
Diane A, West Pittston, PA

Miss Whitney's books have been so entertaining but also educational in that she does so much research into the location and/or subject matter. Her books are succinct with enough descriptive information to allow you, the reader, to use your own imagination. Will she be publishing any further books? Her novels are a true mental vacation.. I so look forward to reading them and I hate to get to the end!
Pat, FL

Dear Ms Whitney, Thank-you for your books. I've been an avid reader since I discovered your books as a preteen. To this day I always check to see if there is a new Phyllis A Whitney book out. Your novels are like catching up with old friends. You're the one who gave me the travel bug. Stay well and know you've touched countless kids and adults. Thank-you
Alicja J, Queens Village, NY

Just read my first two Whitney books, and was hoping to find that she had written many more! Great web site - now I have a list of all her books and also know about her. Would love to meet her. Please tell her "thanks for the enjoyable hours you have given me while reading your books". I have an Alex McLeod in my family tree - maybe we are related? Thanks again!
Elleree J, Santa Cruz, CA

I just took a chance the Phyllis A. Whitney would have a web site that I could visit. I had read many of her older books and wanted to see what she is doing now.
Betty B, Midlothian, VA

I have been reading Phyllis A. Whitney's books for at least 40 years. I enjoy re-reading them as well. Lately, I have discovered some titles on audio cassette in my library. I love it!!!! They are such company when I am busy around the house and are perfect bedtime listening. Whether I am reading or listening to her wonderful stories, I always feel like I am visiting with an old friend.
Nora L, Indianapolis, IN

Is Seven Tears For Apollo considered a Classic? I need to know because I took the book out of the library to do a book report and it needs to be a classic.
Luis V, School

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you to a wonderful writer who has not only given me many hours of reading entertainment but also writing advice that I found useful in launching my own career as a writer many years ago. I look forward to reading the autobiography.
Jerry C, Mt Holly, NJ

Dear Ms Whitney, I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your books over the years. Mystery is my favorite genre of books to read and yours certainly rank among the best. As a 34 year old female I love the women in your books. They don't realize how strong, wise and brave they are until it really counts. I didn't learn about this site, I just took a chance that it existed and gave it a shot! Sincerely a loyal reader.
Sharon S, Ottawa, Ontario, CN

Hello, Phyllis Whitney is my favorite author. She's written so many good books and I've read most of them. Right now I'm reading "The Moonflower". I just wanted to tell everyone that reads this that she is the greatest author of all time. I really wish I could meet her. Besides Lucille Ball, she's my heroine. If any one knows anyway to reach her please e-mail me. Thanks and Phyllis if your reading this, I love you.
Anna S, TX

I really love Phyllis' books. I've read most of them and right now I'm reading "The Moonflower". Anyone who hasn't read her books doesn't know what their missing.
Alexia S

My Daughter is doing a report on you and would like to know some further information about that is not included in the text. 1) What are some of your childhood experiences? 2)Where did you attend school? 3) Did you receive any awards and what are they? 4)What is your current status?
Sheila N, Doerun, GA

Phyllis is the best writer yet! I love her books and have alot of them and hope to have all of them one day! When I read her books I can escape the stress in my life! Thanks Phyllis for an anchor!!
Gail H, I'm at school right now

It is a pleasure and a privilege to visit a web site dedicated to her. She has been my favorite mystery romance writer since I was a teen. The first book I read of hers was The Vanishing Scarecrow which brought me into an original and thrilling plot. Her creativity is one of a kind and is timeless. All the best to her!
Maria B, Alexandria, VA

I have just re-discovered Ms. Whitney's books and I am reading all of them (that I can find). I found the site on Google which, in my opinion, is the best search engine available. Thank you so much.
Josiane F, MS

I love your books so much, I couldn't put The Golden Unicorn down, it was awesome. I am doing a report on you for my college-prep English class. Thank you for writing books that bring so many people so much enjoyment, as they have for me. Thanks.
Amber P, Underwood, MN

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney books for about 15 years. The Quicksilver Pool being my ultimate favorite! My sister-in-law introduced me to these books, and I am so glad she did! What a wonderful master of writing Phyllis Whitney is! My books are getting worn out and it is hard to find the books written a few years back like Window on the Square, Sea Jade and The Quicksilver Pool. If anyone has any suggestions on where to find out-of-print books - pass it on! My thanks to Phyllis Whitney for many, many hours of reading enjoyment!
Maureen R, West Jordan, UT

I began reading Ms. Whitney's books in the early 80's. I was joining the Literary Guild book club at that time and a co-worker of mine suggested the book set by Ms. Whitney that was offered. The first book I read was The Golden Unicorn. I still believe that is my very favorite. I was totally captivated by this woman and her skills of writing. After reading the four books in the set, I went to our High School library and began reading each and every one. One goal that I carried through was to write to Phyllis personally and let her know what joy her books brought to me. I also left her know that I was interested in being a writer someday. I am currently taking courses to refine my skills. A letter that I treasure to this day is the response that she sent back to me. The excitement I felt that day when I opened my mailbox and found her letter is a sweet memory. All of us are very lucky to have been entertained by Phyllis and what a gift to be extended to all the future generations. It is up to us to introduce young people to the wonderful world of mystery-solving through Phyllis Whitney's eyes. Thank you Phyllis for your time and talent that has touched us all!
Andrea, Boyertown, PA

I enjoy her books and just put her name in my search field to see what was out there. I guess I'm not surprised there is so much. Her books are wonderful. I have several and always pick them up at garage sales or wherever.
Anita R, NY

I never really liked to read until I was in a car wreck in 1978 and was bed ridden for 3 months. There was nothing to do but read. Your books were the first ones I read. Now when I can find a copy of any of your books I read them. I really enjoyed all of the books I have read.
Phyllis G, Milton, FL

Hello, My name is Janelle Castleberry, from Inglis, Florida--a small town on the Gulf coast. I read one of Phyllis Whitney's books when I was in High School--"Window on the Square". And didn't read anymore until I really got interested in collecting mystery books. Now I have all of her Adult mysteries in First Edition, and all her Young readers mysteries, and young adult novels except for "A Place for Ann", "A Star for Ginny", and "A Window for Julie". I keep searching the web for these books, hoping to find them someplace. I have already found some that I never thought I would locate. I have enjoyed reading all her books. Is she still writing any?
Janelle C, Inglis, FL

Greetings to somebody so wonderful! I am presently re-reading LISTEN FOR THE WHISPERER and enjoying it, if possible, even more than when I read it earlier, in 1993. I can't begin to tell you how much I admire you. I have a collection of almost all your books. They are among my most treasured items. Please pass on my greetings, well wishes and prayers for this very special author. I have signed your guest book previously, quite some time ago, and when I received a response, I can't tell you how excited I was. Thank you. Fondly and with great appreciation.
Arlene L, Saskatchewan, CN

I started with Domino and haven't looked back since. I enjoyed all of them. Ms. Whitney you are a wonderful author and have given me many happy reading hours. I was pleased to find this site through Yahoo, so much wonderful information. I hope to read a new title soon.
Jennifer O, NY

Mrs. Whitney are you still writing novels, I belong to a book club and I don't see any new books from you. I enjoy reading your novels, it keeps me on my toes until the end when I try to see who did it. I hope to see a new novel by you, I really enjoy reading your books. Take care of yourself and hope 2001 will be a good year for you.
Sabina, CT

I adore Phyllis a Whitney!! I bought my first book, the Mystery of the Green Cat when I was 10 years old and have been putting together a collection of her work for the last 30 years! I'm only missing 5 titles and am always searching!! You are just the best :)
Debra B, OH

My best regards to the beloved author! Thank you for remembering me. Sincerely your Latvian friend
Ariadna F, Latvia

I just wanted to say that I love Phyllis' books - my favorite being "The Winter People". I just hope that one day a hard back version will be in print once again.
Rob F, Trenton, NJ

Is there a "write up" to guide our Book Club on a discussion of the book, Daughter of the Stars? I loved the book and read it twice. Once around was pure enjoyment. Second time around, I constructed a Family Tree on Lacey to keep the characters straight!
Colleen G, home

Ms. Whitney, I've enjoyed all of your books very much, and I was wondering if you're currently working on any books that will be published soon. Thank you,
Loretta B, PA

I have been enjoying Phyllis Whitney books for many years. Thank you so much for many years of reading enjoyment. I had always purchased your books through Double Day Book Club and then they just vanished from their catalog. I wrote to them and asked about you but never got a reply. I'm so glad to have found your Website and find out about more Phyllis Whitney books to read and enjoy. Thank you again!
Vickie L, Prescott Valley, AZ

Phyllis Whitney books are the only ones I have found that keep me spellbound. When I pick it up I don't want to put it down until it is finished!!! I belong to Doubleday book club and her books are the only ones I order. I am eagerly waiting for her next one!!! I sincerely hope there is another one in the works. Thank you Ms. Whitney for the reading pleasure.
Evelyn B, Hutchinson, KS

I have read almost every one of Phyllis A. Whitney's books and I have tried to find the three that I have not read. I have sent her books to my pen pal in Latvia and we both agree there will never be another mystery writer like Phyllis A Whitney. I have reread many of her books and get the same thrill from the books. She can weave a tale like no other person any where. She can hide the "Who Done it" to the very last and I have gotten surprised a lot more than once.
Marie BK, Little Rock, AK

Hi there, So glad I found this page, purely by accident. Been a fan of Ms Whitney's books for a long time now and have been looking for books still missing from my collection, any suggestions?? Looking for: Black Diamonds, Ever After, Highest Dream and Willow Hill. Would like to hear from anybody who can help me, meanwhile I will keep searching the web. Regards
Kris, Germany

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have been enjoying your novels since my mother first started collecting them way back in the fifties. This may be odd to hear, but I am a male, and it was through your writing did I become a fiction/mystery writer, and have never had the great opportunity to meet you, but wanted to thank you for your inspirational stories and window into the human condition.
A fan forever,
Richard DN, Seattle, WA

I have read many of your books. They're great! Just finished reading The singing stones & feather on the moon, were really hard to put down. I'm a real big fan of your books. The books draw you in to the very end.
Sarah W, Martinsville, VA

I love your books so much! They are all I read! The "bad character" is never who I expect it to be! My favorite book of yours is probably "Seven Tears for Apollo" but I haven't read anywhere near all of your books yet! Please keep writing!
Corianne B, Cowiche, WA

I have always enjoyed your books and always eagerly awaited each new book. I would buy them then donate them to the public library so others could enjoy reading them. I will often go to the library and check out and reread your books they are something I enjoy reading them over and over. I read alot of other authors but you well always remain my favorite.
Pauline P, Fort Worth, TX

When I was at the university my friend gave me novels written by Phyllis Whitney I have enjoyed every minute of my reading and I've loved to experience more and more of that good feelings of fantasy, mystery and suspense. Unfortunately, I've tried a lot to locate more books for this great author. I have asked traveler friends to find it for me with no success. As a citizen of Arabic country when could you advise me to look for it? I will highly appreciate your advice. Thanks & regards. PS: I've learned about this site by using the author's name.
Amel N, Tripoli, Libya

I just won 5 hardbacks on ebay! Dream of Orchids, Vermilion, Poinciana, Snowfire and Silverhill! That only leaves 11 titles and I'll have all the adult novels! It is wonderful to find someone else who loves her work as much as I do. Do you know when a new book is coming out? Thanks.
Lisa W, Dubach, LA

I love her books and they are getting harder to find. I keep them all and won't lend them out.
Gail R, Chandler, AZ

I am going to miss Phyllis Whitney's style of writing when she finally retires. Will any of her children follow in her footsteps? I have read all of her adult books and I have read most of her young adult books while I was growing up. I noticed that there has been no new books of late. Is she currently working to release a new one?
Teresa B, Hollywood FL

Hello. I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books for years and decided today to see if I could find her on the web. I used a search engine called Web Ferret and this is the first page it pulled up.
Florence B, Norcross, GA

Dear Ms. Whitney: First of all, I love your books, and have read all of them. Each time I open one of your books, I sigh in satisfaction, and sit back and wait for you to transport me to another place. You have been a strong influence on my writing. I grew up reading your books, so it was only natural for me to look to your books for inspiration when I began my first awkward scribblings. I'm proud to say that my first book will be coming out with Oak Tree Press in the spring. Which brings me to the point of this message... I do not know any authors personally. I only know and love their work from the pages I read so eagerly. So when it came to finding someone to endorse my own book I didn't know where to look except to those authors who have influenced and inspired me the most. Would you consider taking a look at my book? CALLIE AND THE DEALER AND A DOG NAMED JAKE is a mystery set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, involving a feisty restaurant manager named Callie McKinley who stumbles across a dead body in the walk-in freezer. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,
Wendy HM, Outer Banks, NC

I have been an avid reader of Ms Whitney's for years. I've read every book she's written. Her books have all been a treasure! I like the way she uses colors for the titles. She is truly a wonderful writer and I feel like she's great friend ! Thank you for all the great books! and all the great places you've taken me to. It's been such a pleasure.
Marlene G, Janesville, WS

I am glad I stumbled onto your site while researching Phyllis' books. I now have collected all the hardbacked editions except for The Moonflower. I also have all of the editions in paperback. Thank you for creating a site to honor this excellent novelist.
Deborah A, New Castle, IN

I found your name on a Yahoo search of mystery writers.  After reviewing several write ups of your most recent books, I've decided to buy a few and try them.  I'm just now sure which ones to start with.  I've read all of Mary Higgins Clark, Minette Walters, Tami Hoag, Patricia Cornwall and many of Sharyn McCrumb. Perhaps you could recommend which ones I should read first.
Michelle V, Ontario, CN

I have always enjoyed your books.  My Mom got me started on your works and I truly believe they are some of the most interesting and attention keeping novels I have ever read.  I have read several, most people would probably say a thimble full compared to what you have written.  However, I can think of probably 10-12 that I know I have read, and I am sure there are more.  I am wanting to write a Romantic Mystery novel and would like to use a style similar to yours.  Do you have any suggestions or anything in print that I can read or use for a guide?  Please email me back at XXX. Thanks for your time and for all of your wonderful novels.  I think that “Emerald”, “Rainsong”, and “Vermilion” were some of my favorites. Very truly yours,
Beverly F

It was Phyllis A. Whitney books that introduced me to the joy of reading.  I was about 12 and it was the early 70's.  Since then I have collected every book Ms. Whitney has written and I love them all. I found this site on my own. Thanks for the world you opened up for me!
Mary D, Eden, NC

I just stopped in see if you were finished writing you autobiography and when it will be out. I have all but 5 of your early books and hope to find them this year.
Roberta S, Hanson, MA

Phyllis A. Whitney is my favorite writer. I am slowly building a collection of her work. I collect house figurines and one of my favorite pastimes is riding around with my camera and looking at houses. Mrs. Whitney's descriptions of the homes and other places in her novels really take you there. I've read them all so many times I could probably quote from them. They are comfort food.
Lisa W, Dubach, LA

I have just finished re-reading "AMETHYST DREAMS" and wondered if there was a web site for this wonderful writer.  I am pleased to see that there is a wonderful site for her.  If it is possible please tell Ms. Whitney and her family, "Thank-you for many lovely hours of pure enjoyment." It has been my pleasure to introduce my daughters to her books.  God Bless.
Ruth V, Milan MI

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