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Guestbook entries from 2002

I read Feather on the Moon and needed to find more about Phyllis Whitney. I loved this book and I highly recommend it for anyone who hasn't read it. It is my favorite book and I plan to read more of her books. I thought since I was only 12 I wouldn't understand it but after reading it I had to get more of her books. I'm glad I came to this website to find more about this terrific author of Mystery!
Kairene L, NB

I'm a great fan. I have everyone of Phyllis's books. There all GREAT. Love this lady.
Cathy C, MA

I recently found out one of Phyllis' novels, "Mystery of the Scowling Boy" and her simple way of writing and keeping the reader on the edge and keep guessing is charming. All thumbs up+++++++
Gautam D, MI

I am the niece of Clarabelle Caper, who went to school with you in Chicago. Congratulations on your success and long life. Continued best wishes.
Mary D, Chicago, IL

I love your book Emerald. I'm in love with it. You are a great author of mystery novels. Keep up with it!
Kayci A, Pender, NB

I have been a fan since I was about 12 years old!! I have every one of your adult books and a couple for younger readers. You are the epitome of romantic suspense. How I wish you could write forever. I always eagerly looked forward to each new book as soon as I'd finished reading the most current. I wish you health and many years of enjoying the accolades you so deserve. A belated happy birthday. With love and admiration,
Kathi H, Littleton, CO

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have been an avid fan since I was a teenager. Now I am a member of the Livingston County Arts Council and we are having an auction to raise money for the arts in our town. If you could forward an autographed copy of one of your books or an autographed page of manuscript it would be a big seller. We appreciate anything you might be able to do. Thank you and God bless,
Annie B, Howell, MI

I started reading Phyllis Whitney books in 1983 when I made my first trip to Palm Springs. I was reading Emerald which was about the area. The way she describes the surroundings is to almost be there. I have since gone back and read most of her books. I am now reading The Flaming Tree and noticed that she was inspired by her grandson who had been brain damaged. I was wondering if he continued to improve as this book was written only four years after his poisoning. As always I find her writing to be truly able to transport me mentally to the time and place of the story. I become immersed in the plot. Thank you, Phyllis, for hours of entertainment.
Sue P, Tacoma, WA

PLEASE HELP!!!! Is there a book Phyllis writes about a room with like all these birds and plants and the main character has a scar on her face from one of the birds from when she was little. PLEASE HELP it is driving me crazy!!!!
Mandy, Snohomish

Dear Phyllis, I'm so happy to have found your website! Happy belated 99th birthday from Mark and Gail Mathabane. We moved to Portland, Oregon and will be sending you a photo of our children soon. They are so grown up you won't believe it. I continue to work on my writing, and I hope one of my novels is published some day. I refer quite often to your Guide to Fiction Writing, which is the best advice book for writers I have ever come across. I hope Georgia, Ed and Michael are well. Love, Gail.
Gail M, Portland, OR

As a 7th grader, I discovered Phyllis Whitney's books and read all of them that were available in the Waynesboro library. My favorite was set in San Francisco during the earthquake. I'm going to look for the name. I now teach Special Education, Language Arts, at Nelson Middle School. My daughter is in the 6th grade at Rockfish River Elementary School in Afton and she has gotten interested in Ms Whitney's books. She is writing a book report now on Thunder Heights.
Elaine M, Afton, VA

Thank you for many years of reading enjoyment. You are indeed a national treasure and inspiration.
Lynne F, Buford, GA

Hello! I needed a book for my grade 10 English class, and as I was browsing the library, I saw a book called "Woman Without a Past". I read the summary, and it looked good, so I borrowed it. Good?! It was excellent! I liked it so much, I'm planning to buy it the next time I go to the bookstore! I couldn't put it down! (I was reading it at home as well as school-- even though it was supposed to be read in class..!) I just wanted to tell Ms. Whitney that I am planning to read more of your novels, you're an excellent writer, and I hope you have a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!
Melody H

Is there a Phyllis A. Whitney book about epilepsy? I've been trying to find it for ages now. I read it a long time ago and would love to find it again. It is about a lady who had epilepsy and at the time, they didn't know about the disease. She was put into insane asylums, but was completely sane.
Catherine, Home

Have only started to read Phyllis's output quite recently and as an old fellow of three score and ten just hope there is enough time to read them all! Many congratulations on reaching such a great age.
Steve, London, England

I really enjoy reading Phyllis Whitney's writing style. My goal is to read all of her books. I check each off my list and make notes. Her style keeps you reading. I have two books I am working on myself. I would like to develop her style. Her vocabulary is great....some words I have to look up to be sure. I teach TV Production and we use words from her books as part of our vocabulary-reading program in grades 6-8. I am originally from the Nelson County area and visit twice a year. I enjoy reading about places there. Does she receive guests? I would love to meet her. I will be in the area over Christmas.
Joyce K, Lake Wales, FL

Dear Ms. Whitney, I found a copy of Willow Hill in a thrift store and bought it as the story sounded interesting and I was curious to see how race relations would be portrayed in a book that was written in the 1940s. In many ways, I think the book's message is still pertinent. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.
Harry N, Berkeley, CA

Congratulations on your 99th birthday! You are an amazingly talented author, one of my favorites. Please keep writing. I have admired you for a number of years, since I am an aspiring fiction writer and I have "Guide To Fiction Writing". It is the best study book I have in my library of study books. I use it constantly to challenge me and keep me focused. I have a number of your books, but I have just finished a second read of "Woman Without A Past". It is so well written, that it still kept me trying to remember how your characters and your suspense finally came together for a perfect ending. I'm looking forward to selecting another book from your list of many books. God Bless You and Give You Many More Years!
Mrs. Maryanne C, Tyler, TX

I've enjoyed Miss Whitney's books since I was very young and read The Mystery of the Green Cat. I think that I have copies of almost all of her adult novels and I enjoy rereading them from time to time.
Ann F, Richlandtown, PA

You have given me many years of enjoyment with your books. Since I had not seen one published by you for a while I just went on the internet and entered your name. I am very happy to learn that you are still with us and have attained such a great age!
Carol G, IA

Thank you for providing many hours of entertainment and pleasurable reading. I have spent many wonderful moments reading your books.
ZE, Miami, FL

I was just looking up the name Phyllis Whitney to find the ISBN of her book Guide To Writing Fiction. I found it to be the most useful guide to getting me started as a novelist. I'm very grateful to her.
Quentin, Miami, FL

Of course it is me again. I can't seem to stay away from this site very long. I just love Miss Whitney's work and can't wait for her new book to come out. I can't wait to read it ! A book about the lady herself ! I know it will be great ! Please tell me it will be out soon.
April R, Asheville, NC

Hello Phyllis. My name is María Eugenia Blanco. I am from Argentina. I want to tell you that I am very interesting in your web site, because I have chosen your life to my school's work. I would like to know a little more about yourself if it is possible. I wish you send me a message. thanks.
Eugenia B, Argentina

I have enjoyed her books for years.
Barbara, ME

Happy Birthday Phyllis Whitney. I am re-reading for the umpteenth time "Listen for the Whisperer". I have read your books for many years and always enjoy them.
Colleen G, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I have heard that Mrs. Whitney is writing her biography, when is it due to be published?
Sherri M, Lake Alfred, FL

I was trying to make a list of the Phyllis Whitney books that I've read so I'll know which ones to look for that I haven't read. I'm 44 and fell in love with her books as a teenager. I just printed off the list of juvenile books. My 10 year old daughter is turning into more of a bookworm than her mom and I need more material. Thank you so much for all the wonderful stories.
Kathy H, SC

I inherited the tradition of Phyllis Whitney books from my mother. We both loved her books. Have we reached the end of her books since nothing has appeared since Amethyst Dreams?
Polly F, Benicia, CA

Miss. Whitney, writing to wish you a very happy & thankful thanksgiving. I wish and pray good thoughts for you on this holiday and the seasons ahead. You are a very special person to me and my family. May you have a very nice holiday full of hopes and laughter. God bless you dear. Love always,
Wanda M & Family, Nellysford, VA

Hey. Well I'd like to wish Miss Whitney a happy 99th birthday. I would like to congratulate her on her books. so far I have read 2 because I checked them out of my school library not a month ago. I love the way she describes her characters so well and the mystery each one carries. If you're curious to know, I've read Woman Without a Past and I'm currently reading Rainsong. Thank you for your time.
Adilen A, Benicia, CA

Dear Miss Whitney: I have enjoyed your books for the past 35 years. I started on the children's ones as a youngster and shared the enjoyment of the adult ones for many years with my mother and grandmother, who just turned 100 and up to age 98 was still reading them! I just wanted to thank you for all the pleasure you have given 3 generations of my family over the years; you have always been a favorite and greatly contributed to my love of reading which got me into the library field where I now work. Thank you for so many wonderful hours spent lost in your delightful books; truly happy memories to be treasured.
Val M, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

I was just thrilled to see your site. I came upon it looking for the book "Mystery of the Green Cat". I read this book in my elementary years. Grade 5 to be exact. I loved it! I belonged to the school book club and read many books. The titles of these are but a blur. Mystery of the Green Cat however is permanently etched in my mind. I've thought of this book over many years. Hoping to come across it again. Now I have a 10 year old daughter with whom I would love to share this wonderful mystery. Thanks to this site I see my daughter and I will have a chance to explore many mysteries together. Thank you for the fond memories to share many of Ms. Whitney's books
Zuzana B, Canada

Dear Mrs. Whitney, I found the wonder of your books when I was a teenager and have waited breathlessly for each new book to arrive on the store shelf since! I have collected your books for my own library and passed on the joy of your books to my daughter. I cannot wait until Becca my granddaughter is old enough to start reading your books. Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment you have given to me and my daughter.
Janie B, Granbury, TX

Have loved your mysteries for years. You are great.
Julie J, Riverside, CA

I am so happy to find this website. Phyllis Whitney has always been one of my favorite authors. Her books are what I call my "comfort reads". I read them when I want to visit old friends and be comforted. Thanks for the many, many hours of joy you have brought into my life.
Julie S, Colorado Springs, CO

My mother and I have been a big fan of Ms. Whitney's books for years. Her books have never failed to entertain. The reason I am visiting this website is that I was trying to find out if she was still living as her last book had been published in 1997. I am very happy to find out that she is still going strong and want to wish her a very happy belated birthday!
Melissa M, Breckinridge County, KY

In my late 20s I began reading Phyllis Whitney books because my grandmother lent me some of her books. Now (in my 30s), I'm obsessed. Ms. Whitney is the most fabulous writer ever. Please let her know how much joy her writing has brought me. I get so into her mysteries that sometimes I stay up all night just to see what will happen next. Every time I go to bookstores and book sales, I'm searching for her masterpieces. Thank you Ms. Whitney, and God Bless You!
Erika Y, Sycamore, IL

I acquired "COLUMBELLA" many years ago, how, I do not know. Anyway, I started to read it several times, but tossed it aside every time after a few pages, thinking it was a "romance" story. A week ago, while sorting through my books for something I had not read, I came across "COLUMBELLA", which I last picked up to read sometime in the 1970s. This time I vowed to read this book. Again, the first few chapters were ho-hum, what guy would care to read about dresses and hair-dos. But I kept reading. I got hooked on the way it was written, the word pictures that were painted. The way the characters were presented drew me on. Half way through, things really started to move. I said to myself, self this ain't no way a routine romance. After I got to the part were Catherine was croaked I knew I had to look the author up on the Internet. I am glad I did. Although the name Phyllis A. Whitney was jiggly-jagging in my memory, I could not place her. Now I can. And I know why the name seemed familiar. I will now be reading as much of her stuff as I can get my hands on. Thanks for a good read.
Robert F, Water Valley, MS

Thank-you for giving many hours of enjoyment. I love your books and read them over and over. I noticed on your list of books that your last one was written in 1997. Are you writing any more, and if so when will it come out in print. Thank-you so much.
Linda H, Gales Ferry, CT

I have read every one of your books. I still remember the very first book I read of yours, Window on the Square. From then on I was totally hooked on every book you have written. You are just about the only author that can write a book for every generation. There are no authors now who can come close to your writing/you are indeed one of a kind! God bless you!
Joyce Y, Butler, PA

As part of a fifth grade assignment in Makawao, Maui, we were asked to write to our favorite author. I convinced my best friend that we should write to Ms. Whitney because I loved all her books. We were so excited to receive a response and a photo (which I kept in my wallet for years), and proud because only a couple of other classmates received replies. I think I was fascinated by Ms. Whitney because she was born in Japan (I am Japanese American). I still read Ms. Whitney's books (I'm 47 now) and for years wanted to let her know how much I appreciated that letter in the fifth grade!
Janice A, Seattle, WA

Dear Phyllis Whitney, Because of your book "The Highest Dream," I am getting married and moving to China! I am a U.S. foreign service officer, and was recently posted at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. When my fiancée, Ann, and I started dating, she gave me her worn, beloved copy of "THD." I liked it so much that I marked passages with post-it notes and took Ann on a tour based on the characters, settings, and events of your book. The tour was a real bonding (as in Norman Bond) experience for us, and a few months later we got engaged. My next assignment is Beijing, and we're moving there next year. Although the world--and the UN--has changed enormously since you wrote "The Highest Dream" your ideas and idealism endure. Thank you for writing about the United Nations in its early years -- I'm sure it helped inspire young people at that time to take the world around them more seriously. Ann and I admire you a lot. We wish you and your family health and happiness. Warmly,
Chris, NY

I have been a fan of yours for many, many years. I came to this site and others hunting information on where my favorite authors are and if they are still living. I'm 65 and I miss some of the old books I used to read. Not only yours but Victoria Holts, and Mary Stewarts. I wish you another 99 years and much health to achieve it!
Carol E, Russiaville, IN

Ms. Whitney, I have enjoyed your books since I was a teenager in the 9th grade and am 40 now. I have every one, literally. Thank you for taking me to places I would never have been able to go on my own. Sincerely,
Teri N, NY

I am a big, 13 year old fan of Phyllis A. Whitney. I have read just about all of her books! I LOVE HER BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!! I really like Skye Cameron! It's the best!!
Lindsey D

I have been a fan since 1984 or 85 (middle school basically)!! I was hooked from the moment I picked up my very first book, The Golden Unicorn. Almost 20 years later you still have the power (through words) to captivate me right to the end! Thank you for all the many books you have written. I know you have fired up a love of reading in many a child.
Susan L, Portland, OR

I have been a Phyllis Whitney fan since the early 60's. I have either read or have all but 4 of the 39 listed adult suspense novels. I actually own 22 of these books. She is the great. I looked up her website to see if there was anything I had missed since the last book was 1997. I see she just turned 99 this year--I assume there will be no more books, or is she still writing?
Joan T, FL

I am a wife, mother, and have a full time job. My life is very hectic at times. I love her books. I have read them a million times. It is the only thing that relaxes me at night before I go to bed. I have every book she has written and I just keep reading them over and over. When I try other books I just do not enjoy them. Mrs. Whitney's books are the type you can not put a price on. The rewards of reading them are endless.
Sandra D, Ithaca, NY

I learned about this site by trying to find something about the author for my mother. She enjoys the books by the author. I have read them in the past and enjoyed them also.
Irene R, Indianapolis, IN

Dear Phyllis A. Whitney, It is an honor to be able to thank you for your wonderful stories. I started reading your books at a very young age, and knew that when I grew up I wanted to be a writer like you. And now, many years later, as I work on my own books--I start by filling a binder, divided in categories, with page dividers. And written on those page dividers are the treasured words of advice you gave in "Guide to Fiction Writing." Thank you for your great contribution, the hours we spend in other lands with your stories, and the inspiration you provided this author. Best Wishes,
Lyn N, Soap Lake, WA

My Mother, writer, Lee Wyndham(deceased 1978) was a dear friend of Phyllis Whitney, who provided financial assistance to my Mother in the final months of her life, so that she would not lose her home....I would like her to know that Lee's Grandson, Jason, is a graduate of Princeton and UPEN Law and specializes in intellectual and entertainment law!
Jane L, Indianapolis, IN

Does Ms. Whitney still sign copies of her books for fans? If so, where would I send my favorite Phyllis A Whitney book, The Golden Unicorn, to be signed?
KY, Indianapolis, IN

Dear Phyllis, I fell in love with your writings when I first chose a book in the High School Library back in 1967, when I was a freshman. The novel I'm referring to is "Window in the Square". Since then, I've read almost all your novels through the years, and always looked forward to your next new novel and I've kept them in favor to read them again. You are superb in all your novels, and I will keep digging in search of your novels that I don't have. Thanks for those wonderful times, reading your novels.
Paulette L, Tucson, AZ

I have been reading your works since I was in my early teens and loved every one of them. Black Amber and Listen for the Whisperer were the first my mother bought for me and I was hooked. I'm now in the process of collecting your works and will pass them to my daughter as well. Thank you for such wonderful reading!
Stephi C, Home

Just read Blue Fire and Black Amber bought from a library sale--LOVED THEM BOTH! Great stories--no vulgarities-THANX
Mary P, LA

I just wanted to wish Ms Whitney a belated birthday and also my gratitude to her wonderful writing. I fell in love with her books as a child. They were in the inspiration for me to become a reader in life and to come as far as I have. She also inspired me to visit far off lands and to expect the diversity that makes our world so fascinating. Thanks.
John P, Evansville, IN

I have been reading your books for over 30 years. I began when I was in junior high school. Through the years, I have collected as many of your books as I have been able to find and read them over and over again. Some of the older books are missing pages and covers from me reading them so often. I always hate when a story ends, as I have become part of that story. I can't thank you enough for all the hours of wonderful entertainment that your books have given to my life.
Darleen S, Tucson, AZ

In 1966 your book "Window on the Square" started an adventure in fiction reading that has increased over the years and brought me hundreds of hours of enjoyment, relaxation, and learning. In my younger years I read a lot of your work. I am re-reading "Window on the Square" again for the 5th time. You books have brought me into the romance of reading, and opened the door to my enjoyment of reading history, adventure, and intrigue, and many other areas of literature both fiction and nonfiction. God bless you for your great work. PS. I even dabble in a little writing myself. I have appreciated you writing suggestions.
Kendall A, Omaha, NE

I'm in the middle of Star Flight & I can't wait to finish!
Emily, School

My grandmother got me hooked on mysteries. She loaned (imposed on me, I thought at the time) some Phyllis A. Whitney novels to me on a visit one time and I read them out of simple obligation (or basically because I was worried about having to discuss a book that I'd never actually read). So, begrudgingly I read "Silverhill". It was such a relaxing and enjoyable read, that I began intentionally borrowing Phyllis Whitney books from my Grandmother. Imagine that! Now, here I am visiting this website to see how many books Ms. Whitney wrote - and it doesn't appear that I'll have exhausted all my reading options any time soon! Thanks!
Andrea Z, NH

I am a great fan of Ms. Whitney's books, both her fiction for grownups, and her fiction for children. I started reading her mysteries for young readers when I was an adolescent, and have continued to love and cherish her books into my adult life. To Ms. Whitney I send my sincere gratitude for a lifetime of enjoyable reading. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
Marilyn M, Newport Beach, CA

Your books are wonderful! It's great to discover your website and learn that you are writing your autobiography. I've worked as public librarian here for 28 years, and you still have lots of eager fans reading your books at our library. We always look forward to one more. Congrats on your 99th birthday, and please keep on writing. You have entertained us with your creativity and always leave us wanting just one more new book from Phyllis Whitney.
Kay F, Houston, TX

Some of the first mysteries I ever read were DOMINO, THE TURQUOISE MASK, THE GLASS FLAME, SPINDRIFT, THE SINGING STONES and THE STONE BULL. From these grew my love for mysteries. I've gone on to Agatha Christie, Barbara Michaels, Martha Grimes and Mary Higgins Clark, among many others. Phyllis A. Whitney and Ellis Peters were the ones that I started on. Murder mysteries and gothics are still my favorite reading material. I've recently started checking on lists of all my favorite writer's books and found that I'm going to have to do a lot more reading to catch up on all the early books of Phyllis A. Whitney. I guess I only started in the '70's. Is she still alive and working on her autobiography or is it out already? My best to her. I am going to try to read all of her books.
Jeanie Y, Fort Smith, AK

Hey! I just wanted to let you know you are my all time favorite author! We are doing a research project now for English on our favorite author and when she asked us which author I was going to do! Your name was the first one that came to mind! Thanks for being such a good author! God Bless!
Jessica F, Cairo, GA

Dear Ms. Whitney, just wanted to convey my appreciation for your work. Got hooked in the 70's when I discovered your several of your books at the library. Have had aspirations of becoming a writer, but never the time to pursue it seriously until now. My husband passed away in August. I miss him terribly, but my time will be my own, now, and writing, a priority. After reading several of your books, I was intrigued by the fact, that although you seemed follow a pattern, and I was prepared for it, I was never bored, always delighted by the mystery. Even when I began to be able to figure out the endings, I continued to enjoy the journey. It was evident from the start that you took your writing seriously. The details of the settings left no doubt that you visited the areas and soaked up the local atmosphere as well as the sights. I felt I was there with the main character, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. Thank you for years of enjoyment and here's to many more. Sincerely,
Linda A, Fort Smith, AR

I have enjoyed reading Phyllis Whitney's books for many years. I have read most of them more than once. Ms. Whitney, please give us another book.
Bertie W, Huntingdon, TN

I've been reading your books ever since I was a child (I'm now 54!!) They are still magical to me!!
Susan B, Southlake, TX

Hi Miss Whitney! I love your books and cannot get enough of them. I have read all of them at our public library and I am looking forward to another great book!
Caroline J, Home computer

I have every book you have written and have read some of them 3 or 4 times over. I am retired in Florida and have been reading your books for years, over and over. You are one of a select group of authors I would buy by your name on the cover without even checking out the storyline. Belated Happy Birthday!! I just learned how to use the computer. You are a very special and talented lady who has brought me much reading pleasure. Bless you.
Jacqueline P, The Villages, FL

Dear Official Phyllis A. Whitney web site. As some of my friends begin having children, I've tried to start small libraries for them. Libraries that will grow with them. In looking back at my childhood, my favorite mystery novels were Phyllis Whitney's juvenile mysteries. When I came across them in my school library, it was a revelation. Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon were also compared to these books. The young people in them seemed more real and their adventures more exciting. I'm hunting for versions of these on the web to purchase ( for my friend's little ones. I hope at some point the publishers understand what a set of gems they have and re-release them. Thank you.
Tricia DM, Washington, DC

I think you are THE BEST mystery writer ever and I have enjoyed every book of yours that I have read. My particular favorite so far is "Rainbows in the Mist." I would love to have your autograph on any copy of any book you have written! God Bless you and congratulations on your recent birthday! I learned about this website by typing in your name to find out more about you, and to get a list of every book you've written.
Claudia S, Winder, GA

As a teenager, Phyllis A. Whitney was my favorite author and I loved her books! Because I have never forgotten how much I enjoyed her stories and have often thought about them, I am now--30 years later--rereading her mysteries for juveniles and am experiencing that same delight. Thank you Mrs. Whitney for a lifetime of reading pleasure!
Peggy, Arkansas

I have been reading your books since grade school starting with the The Mystery of the Haunted Pool. I recommended your books to my niece, and now we both are collecting them for our young daughters. Your books took me to some of the best places at the most important times in my life. I want to thank you for all my wonderful memories and I hope my daughter will have the same.
Debbie G, Louisville, KY

I have enjoyed reading Phyllis A. Whitney's adult suspense novels since the early sixties. I have all of them except the first few which I cannot find in hardback now. I was re-reading The Glass Flame the other day and I didn't know she had a website, but just thought I would try today and there it was. I so miss her books but am very grateful to be able to read and re-read the ones I have. Thank you Ms. Whitney for all the hours of reading enjoyment you've given me. May God bless.

The first book I ever read by Phyllis Whitney was Secret of the Emerald Star when I was in 5th grade. I have read every book written since then and always look forward to the next one. I am so glad to have found this web site and would like to wish Ms. Whitney a happy belated birthday. Thank you so much for many, many years of joyful reading.
Clara S, CA

This is a very organized site that is easy to read and get around. I am your typical 15 year-old girl who has read 2 of Whitney's novels (The Ebony Swan, Daughter of the Stars). Thanks to this site, I have learned just how many stories she has written, most of which I hope I will sometime read!
Ashley T, VA

Hey hey lady. I haven't read any of your books but my friend has and she likes them. So I might have to go get one and read. might be awhile since I don't like to read.
Megan P, somewhere

Hello, My name is Els van Gerwen-Bloemen and I live in the Netherlands. I have read a lot of your books in English and in Dutch. I very much hope that more of your books can or will be translated into the Dutch language, so more people will be able to read them. I work as a librarian and I like to advise people to read your books. Many greetings from a real fan born in 1948.
Els vGB, Erm in Holland (NL)

I have been a Phyllis A. Whitney fan for almost forty years, since I picked up Window on the Square at a book store one day. She remains my favorite author; the one which all others are compared to. Immersion in one of these fabulous gothics is the best cure for just about any malady! The rich settings and suspense filled mysteries make these novels readable again and again. They are true classics.
Donna S, Denver, CO

I have been a fan for a long time!
Anita BBm Montrose, CO

Phyllis Whitney has been a favorite author of mine since my childhood. She is truly on of the best authors I have ever read. If she were still writing today, her books would certainly rival all those of the most popular authors being published today. Her attention to detail and accuracy portray places and experiences that I will most likely only ever visit and enjoy through her wonderful stories and characterizations. I would love to see some of her books re-released individually or in collections. In today's hectic world, I greatly appreciate quick reads and would love to find collections of her short stories and shorter novels available. Also, especially since I have a ten year-old niece, I would like to see reprints or collections of Ms. Whitney's Juvenile mysteries and Novels for young people become available. These are the kind of reads that our young people need to have available to them. Thanks so much to Ms. Whitney for all of her years of dedication to writing such wonderful books that share with us her visions and experiences that so many of us only dream of.
Ila Jean M, Morgantown, WV

The Writer" magazine had a page which listed several books to "Sharpen Your Writing Skills". Phyllis Whitney's "Guide to Fiction Writing" was on the list. I purchased that book and then did a search on Amazon and was surprised to see how many books Ms. Whitney has written for adults and children. That led me to search the web for more information about Ms. Whitney, which of course, brought me here.
Pat R, Sacramento, CA

Ms. Whitney, I have been reading your books since I found them on the shelves of a bookstore probably 30 years ago. I love your books. You always kept me in suspense. I could never figure out "who done it" until right up until you revealed it at the end of the book. With every other book I read or movie I watched, I could always figure that out right away, ruining the mystery. Thank you for so many wonderful mysterious years. May God Bless You now and into eternity. Love
Brenda B, Nashville, TN

Dear Ms. Whitney: I hope that somehow this message gets to you---not because it is different or special in any way above any other, just "because" as my 4 yr. old granddaughter would say. I started reading your novels when I was 12--I started writing shortly thereafter. In the mid & late 90s I had a literary agent associated with the Harvey Klinger Agency in New York, and tried to convince her that what I wrote was "Romantic Suspense," like my favorite author: you. She was obviously not much of an agent; she'd never heard of you. And after four miserable years with her, two manuscripts that she'd submitted maybe six times altogether, I got brave enough to fire her. Then, for the first time since I was 12, I stopped writing---and nearly stopped reading as well. Tonight, as I look at my bookshelves, I filled with 28 of your marvelous novels, your GUIDE TO WRITING FICTION, and other writing handbooks, I kick myself for allowing someone to trash my dreams---for I know you, the heroine of my dreams would never have allowed this to happen to her. It's time to push myself back into the wonderful world of fiction, just as your strongest characters would do. Thank you, Ms. Whitney. Thank you for all the wonderful hours I have spent immersed in your books; thank you for being there for me to introduce my daughters to those very same books...and thank you for showing me that you should remain true to your dreams. Sincerely,
Alice A, Kansas City, MO

I love your fact once I start reading one I feel the need to finish the whole book in one sitting. I never can guess "who did it" either, even if I think I've guessed it always turns out differently in the end.
Mrs. Tanya O, Nova Scotia, Canada

I have now read several of Phyllis A. Whitney's books. I can't seem to get enough. In addition to reading Ms. Whitney's books, I need to know more about her and her gift. How wonderful it is to be able to touch base with her and to know that she is continuing to share her talent with the rest of the world. I'm so excited reading about her life. What an inspiration!
Constance C, New York City, NY

Having just read Phyllis Whitney's "Guide to Writing Fiction," how I wish it had been put in my hands 15 years ago! A Google search brought me to this site. I was pleased to discover that Phyllis and I share birthdays--mine in 1932--and though I'm a little late in publishing novels (my third time-travel romance should be out soon), Phyllis will continue to be an inspiration to me. A few years ago I read "Woman Without a Past," and I was so impressed with the way she wove the setting and the plot together, I used it as an example in a short newsletter article I wrote for a local writers' group...and last spring another writer and I presented a workshop on the importance of "setting" in a story, which was very well received.
CJ W, Northwest MO

I have always enjoyed reading Phyllis Whitney's books and just wanted to find out more about her. I especially enjoy her detailed descriptions of the countryside and plants in her settings. I wasn't sure if she was still alive, and was pleasantly surprised to find out she just turned 99!
Alma F, Laredo, TX

Dear Ms. Whitney, I am a big fan of your writing. I love the books Daughter of the Stars, Woman Without A Past. Also I'm reading The Turquoise Mask. I just want to say you have inspired me to become a writer. I want to thank you for allowing your books to be sent all around the world.
Jessica S, Greenville, MS

Phyllis A. Whitney is the best author I have read. I have all of her adult books except for Thunder Heights, now I have to go find this and read it. My grandma, mother and I have enjoyed her books for years.
Sandra J, CO

Ms. Whitney, I have been a fan of yours now for many years. I love each and every book that I have read from you. I know that I can always count on a great book when it is written by you. When ever I am asked by someone to recommend a book, I tell them to read one of yours. Recently, I have made my grandmother a fan. I also want to thank you because you are one of the reasons that I want to become a writer. I can only hope that I will have just a small amount of the success you have earned. I look forward to reading your autobiography.
Elizabeth H, Morehead, KY

Ms. Whitney, I have been a fan of yours since I was 13 years old and discovered your story "Silversword" in a Reader's Digest condensed book. You were my first real introduction to the world of suspense! Thank-you for opening a new door of reading enjoyment for me. Your fan,
Alita, Augusta, GA

I was so happy to find this website (through Dogpile). I've been wanting to know how my favorite author is doing and if she was working on something new. My mother was a huge fan and passed on that love to me. (I'm now 54 years old.) I'm very excited to see that there will be an autobiography. Is there a planned publication date? Thank you, Ms. Whitney for years of pleasure and joy. I'll always keep and re-read my treasure trove of your books.
Sammy S, Ocala, FL

I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite Phyllis Whitney book; I think they're all pretty great. I began reading Ms Whitney's books as a pre-teen; a relative introduced me to her writing and I've stayed with it throughout my lifetime. I spent a lot of time running away, as a child, from a very abusive home and, no matter where I went, I always took a book with me. It helped me escape the real-life nightmare I was living. Saying "Thank You" to Ms. Whitney doesn't seem like enough but there's nothing more I can think of to say that would show my appreciation for what her writing helped me survive. Thank you again!
Barb K, MN

I have loved Ms. Whitney's books since I discovered her in high school. Whenever I see her name in print or read one of her books, I am reminded of my best friend, Linda, who first introduced me to her wonderful books. Now I work in a library and I am introducing a new generation to her books. They are timeless.
Debi, Cincinnati, OH

I have always enjoyed the travels Phyllis Whitney has taken me on through her novels. Her writing style is so captivating that I want to keep reading on and on and on.... I have read several other authors but none compare to the signature style of Phyllis Whitney.
Kathy K, Carol Stream, IL

I love every one of Phyllis's books. They keep you reading for hours. They are full of suspense and romance and they make you feel as if you are there. I have collected 28 of the books and I buy any new one that I do not have yet. She is truly an amazing lady!!!
Crystal B, Levelland, TX

Phyllis A. Whitney, you are my all time favorite author. I have been a fan for years and have a collection of your books. They are always such a joy to read. I have now started writing myself and have a new appreciation for the process.
Doris P, Portland, OR

I started reading Phyllis Whitney in high school about 15 years ago. She is still one of my favorite authors. I was trying to purchase some of her books and I came across this website. Thanks Phyllis.
Marisa V, CA

I have been a fan of Phyllis Whitney for years. I have every one of her books and have reread them many times. Her technique in mystery writing is so unique, the kind that once you start, you can't put it down, and when you are finished, you wish it would continue. It was so much fun to find this website and find out about the life of this talented author.
Marcy M, Eden Prairie, MN

I am 41 years old and have been a fan of Phyllis A. Whitney since fourth grade. It was then that I read her book "Thunder Heights" and have been reading her books ever since. I have collected only 20 of her recent books, but have requested older stories from the library. I hope to be able to read all of her stories. Once I start reading it is difficult to stop, but working fulltime and being a single parent makes it even more difficult to have the time to read them without interruption. I hope to introduce my niece to her style of writing. I want to get a copy of the book "Guide to Fiction Writing" for my niece. She likes to write and aspires to be a writer or journalist. I will be reading Phyllis A. Whitney to my daughter, also. She is 14 and has Cerebral Palsy and loves when mom reads to her. She is very bright and loves all kinds of stories. I checked the Internet since I haven't seen any new releases of her books. I will anxiously be awaiting the autobiography to add to my collection.
Patricia, Cleveland, OH

About 20 years ago, when I was around the age of 9 or 10, my mother (an avid reader) read to me "Window of the Square". Sharing this experience and this book was likely the match that sparked my own passion for reading. Thousands of books later, I am reading another book by Ms. Whitney - "Amethyst Dreams". This is a great book. I wish my mom were here to read it with me.
Tracy T, Kansas City, MO

I am an English fan and think Phyllis Whitney is just a wonderful writer. I have enjoyed her books over and over again and each time I read one, I am convinced that particular one is my favourite - until I read the next! What a superb lady, and I very much look forward to reading her biography.
Natasha G, England

How wonderful to find the official site of my favourite author. The books of Phyllis Whitney have taken me through the many ups and downs of my life, and have been doubly precious when I have needed to escape for a while. They have been read over and over again, and even when I know the stories - and endings so well, they never fail to enthrall me. Bless You, Phyllis for all the pleasure you bring!! Any chance of another book?
Jennie P, Dorset, England

I was lucky enough to meet Ms. Whitney back in 1982 or 1983 when she was visiting the Carmel area, doing research on a new book. She stopped by the Monterey Public Library (I believe her brother was taking his wife to the doctor about a broken arm or something) to visit with the Director and, while she was waiting, I got someone to cover the front desk for me and I sat and talked to her for a few minutes. She is such a wonderful lady and I so enjoyed getting to meet her.
Diane S, San Jose, CA

Dear Miss Whitney, I have to thank your Webmaster for providing a link to a wonderful site called Alibris. Through them I was able to complete my collection of your adult suspense books. Over half of them were lost when a moving carton went astray. I am so thankful and appreciative. My mother started me reading your books when I was a teenager and I have been reading and re-reading them ever since. Every time a new book came on the market I grabbed it as fast as I could. Thank you so much for forty plus years of reading pleasure. God bless.
Susan B, MS

Miss Whitney, I was recently sorting through some papers and came across a letter that you wrote to me dated May 5, 1964. I was in 5th grade and had just read "Step to the Music." As part of a class assignment we were asked to write to a favorite author. I remember enjoying this particular book very much, especially since I lived on Staten Island, as did you, and the book took place there. You wrote me back a letter, and also enclosed a snapshot which you addressed to me and signed. The letter also encouraged me to read "The Quicksilver Pool" which took place in the same time period in Staten Island. I was ever so impressed that you wrote to me, and, obviously, hearing from you was very important to me, as I have kept this letter and snapshot for so many years (in the original envelope with a 5-cent stamp on it). I showed this to my children and my son found your website for me. I'm glad that I have the opportunity to write and to also wish you a happy 98th birthday. I have read many of your books, and after reading your letter, I will try to find a copy of "Step to the Music" and "The Quicksilver Pool." It will be fun to reread and I am sure it will bring back many happy memories. Every time I see one of your books, I remember a very busy successful author who took the time to write to a young reader. You do make a difference. Best wishes from a (former) Staten Islander who still loves to read.
Margaret C, Rochester, NY

I'm doing my report on Phyllis and she is just a great person to learn about!
De'Anna, Chicago, IL

Phyllis Whitney, from the time I discovered her book many years ago, has been my favorite author. Not having seen any new releases, I used my search feature and found this page. Thank you, Ms. Whitney for so many delightful hours of reading and may God continue to bless you.
Mary F, New Caney, TX

I love all your books. Thank you for giving me hours of wonderful reading. I collect your books and I'm trying to find ones I don't have.
Cheryl S, Sunbury, PA

Your novels have given me many hours of pleasure and relief. Thank You.
Gail D, Norfolk, VA

I just finished reading "The Ebony Swan". I am a fan of the author and have always enjoyed reading her books. I realized that the book was published in 1992, so I looked up this site to see if she was still "alive". I was thrilled to see that she is and amazed that she is still writing. Who ever said that "seniors" cannot accomplish much have apparently not heard of Phyllis Whitney. More power to the "lady"! She just became an inspiration to me that I can still accomplish much with my life as I start to enter into my senior years!
Carolyn W, LA

I discovered this site by doing a search for Phyllis Whitney on the web. I have been reading her books since in the late 50's when I was a teenager. I buy every one I can find that I haven't read from bookstores or flea markets. Ms. Whitney's books are a breath of fresh air in a world of sex and violence. It is wonderful to be able to actually enjoy reading a book that is void of sex, violence, and foul language. She makes her characters come alive and I want to keep reading the book until it is finished. I hope some of her books are reprinted as I would love to obtain copies of the older ones I can't find.
Evelyn S, Work

I love Phyllis Whitney's books, especially "The Turquoise Mask". (While I was reading it, someone came into the room without my hearing her. When she spoke aloud, I nearly jumped out of my skin!) Now I am reading "Dream of Orchids". Members of my family from three generations have enjoyed and still talk about Phyllis Whitney's books. What a great writer!
Vickie R, USA

I loved your children's mysteries when I was a child and I still do. Every time I'm in a used book store or library sale I keep my eye out for any of your books which I don't already own. I always appreciated the "exotic" nature of your mysteries since they took place in other countries. I think you are partly responsible for my love of travel. As an adult I have finally been able to visit some of the countries and locations you featured in your stories. Thank you so much for many years of reading pleasure.
Carolyn B, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

I was so glad to find your web site. Has Phyllis written a book recently? She is my favorite mystery writer and no one can write as well as she does. One of the things I like about her books is that she does not use bad language. I like a good clean book by a good author like Phyllis.
Fannie W, Clinton, NC

Love the way she writes the stories. She has you wondering who did it, but nine out of ten you are wrong. You can close your eyes and picture the things that are going on in the books.
Pat R, Center, CO

Hello Phyllis, I am Pamela James from Parsons, KS you have kept me entertained for years. I hope to read many more wonderful books penned by you.
Pamela J, Senior Editor, The Writer's Canvas, Parsons, KS

I have read and enjoyed all of the Phyllis Whitney adult mysteries. I was curious to know if she was still writing as I had not seen anything new recently and concerned about her health. I decided to do a web search to see if I could find out anything and was so delighted to find this site and the information that I sought. Thank-you for the wonderful stories and the memories they have given me. In so many ways they have taken me to wonderful places and have given me insight to seek new knowledge in areas where I may not have had even thought to delve. Thank-you again, your friend in books,
Georgie M, Sydney, Nova Scotia

I would like to thank you for all the years of reading your wonderful books. I just happened to be surfing the net and saw your website. I am 47 year old fan and remember being in high school with my girlfriends and discovering your books. We would sit at lunch time talking about how you were our favorite author under a shady tree. Munching on our sandwiches. It brings back happy memories. Of youth and happy carefree times. All of us girls loved your books. We actually got in verbal arguments on who would get to read your next book. As we had limited funds at the time. Sea Jade was our favorite. We are all grown up now. Our children out of college. Getting older as I write this but I want to thank you for really sparking my interest in a lifelong enjoyment of mystery books. You will always be the best author of mystery books. Sincerely,
Cheri L, CA

I'm so glad to have found the Phyllis A. Whitney web site. I think she is one of the greatest writers ever and I have almost all of her novels. Those that I have in paperback I am replacing with hardbacks so I can keep them. I live in Albemarle County, a neighbor of Mrs. Whitney. I met Mrs. Whitney in, I believe '97 or '98, when she appeared at the Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, VA. I was doing volunteer work at the festival and snuck away to hear her speak. The festival committee told us volunteers not to take any books for autographing, so we did not. I believe there was one other person there who had brought her books for Mrs. Whitney's autograph and Mrs. Whitney appeared frustrated because no one else brought books for autographing. I will know better the next time. Wow, she will be 98 and still writing! What stamina!! Way to go. I am glad she is writing her autobiography. Now, I have a request. Is there any way I could meet with Mrs. Whitney and have her personally autograph all my books? I could go to her home, her office, or meet her somewhere for lunch in Nelson or Albemarle County. I would be more than happy to take Mrs. Whitney to lunch, it would be a great privilege. Thanks for any help.
Caroline T, Charlottesville, VA - Albemarle Co.

Hello, hadn't seen any of Miss Whitney's, books, anywhere, for a number of years, so I decided to check the Internet, and there you were, much to my delight. So I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your novels over the years. I have each and every one of them on my book shelves. Thank you for sharing your time and talent with all of us, in this world. When I started a book I always hated to have it end. But then, there were always more of your books to read. Time for me to say goodbye. God bless you.
Kit S & Beth C, Dolan Springs, AZ

We came on the site through a link from Barnes & Noble. My wife was questioning if Ms. Whitney was still writing as she had not seen any new books lately. I think my wife has read just about everyone of Ms. Whitney's books. Thank you for such fantastic writing and may you keep on for many years to come.
Bill B, Port Orange, FL

I have been a big fan for several years. I was just wondering if you have an update on when the autobiography will be coming out. I can't wait to read it as well!!!
Lori M, Decatur, AL

I have always enjoyed reading Phyllis Whitney's mysteries and have looked forward to the publication of each and every new novel. (I began reading her books in the 1970's) I have learned just enough about several of the locales that she has used as the settings for her stories to whet my appetite. Now that my husband is retiring, I hope to visit several of these intriguing spots and see them for myself. I did not realize that Ms. Whitney was the age that she is; she must be "young at heart" for her stories are both timeless and ageless. Many, many best wishes for her upcoming birthday.
Sue B, Lake George, NY

I have a fair collection of Phyllis A Whitney books and, from time to time, like to check to see what Bibliography and Bio info. I can find on my various collections. I started with "Stop! You're Killing Me" and was highly disappointed that there was nothing!! So, I tried a direct link. I am very glad to find this site!
Cheryl N, Englewood, CO

I thoroughly enjoy reading Mrs. Whitney's books. They really keep your interest and it is hard to put them down once you start reading. I am now in the process of trying to collect all of her adult suspense novels.
Mildred A, Virginia Beach, VA

I have missed seeing your books lately and wanted to see what was current and what had been happening lately. You have always been my favorite author - same name notwithstanding.
Phyllis S, Globe, AZ

I have read almost all of Phyllis Whitney's books. She is my favorite author. I have been following her for years and have missed the last few years of not having a book by her.
Florence H, CA

Hi, I wanted to find out how Phyllis is doing since we do not get a chance on seeing her books out each year. I sure miss reading them. She and Carol H. Clark are the two I have enjoyed reading. Does Phyllis have any favorite authors that write about the same way she does? I am always looking for a good book but not too heavy reading but with a good mystery. I also liked to read Victoria Holt's books, but they are in the Victorian era. It was a change of pace.
Barbara P, NJ

It has been fun to find your website and remember all the enjoyable hours I spent reading your novels. I would enjoy reading your autobiography. Stay well.
Elaine M

Happy Birthday, Ms. Whitney. It is an honor to meet you. Thank you so much for filling my life with years of happy reading. I read through your lists of books and can almost remember the exact place and time I was reading that particular book. I remember the hard times growing up and knowing that one of your books was waiting to take me away to an exotic or haunting locale, far away from my troubles. Thank you for the beautiful word pictures that feast the mind. Thank you for the strong, moral characters that teach the reader about life. But, most of all, thank you for giving me such pleasure in reading. I am reading The Ebony Swan now. I feel as if I am looking over the shoulders of the characters, living the story with them. Again, thank you for sharing yourself with us for so many years. Happy Birthday!
Ruth M, Oklahoma City, OK

I bought one book 5 years ago and had to go get all of them. I have the whole collection. I love them. Always looking to find your next book, hope there will be one soon.
Kim R, Minneapolis, MN

I found this web site just by accident. My sister, Kathy, has been collecting your books since I gave her the book: Secret of the Samurai Sword. She has at least paperbacks of most of the books. We are currently looking for first edition of those books she doesn't have in hardbound. Thank you for the many beautiful stories that you have written over the years.
Jaci O, Las Vegas, NV

I am a fan of Phyllis Whitney, and try to read all her books. I know I've missed a few but with all the stress and going on's in my life, they relax me and I enjoy them completely. Looking forward to eventually finding her earlier novels and getting to read them. I have bought a few of her current books as a collection. A truly wonderful writer.
Anne R, CT

Thank you for providing such a wonderful website. One of my mother's favorite books as a young adult was The Silver Inkwell. Is there any way I can get a copy of this book for her?
Lisa S, NJ

I learned about this site by simply typing in "Phyllis Whitney" in AOL search. I enjoyed reading the information about Ms. Whitney's life. I have been a fan of her books for almost thirty years, and will buy a book to read if it has her name on the cover.
Kathy J, NJ

Dear Phyllis, words cannot convey how much I have enjoyed reading your books all these years. Two years ago I bought all your old paperbacks so that I may save your collection and reread all these books. Thank you for putting me in a new world, I especially liked The Winter People and Sea Jade. God Bless.
Ginger R, CA

My name is Chantel and I am 13 years old. I am reading one of Phyllis's books, The Golden Unicorn. I love this book! It has so many twists and turns and surprises. After I am finished I plan on reading more of her stories. I also like to write poetry and I hope someday I can write a novel as great as Phyllis A. Whitney's.
Chantel, IA

This is my second visit to this site. I enjoyed reading about Ms. Whitney's life and history. It was very interesting and informative. I am anxiously awaiting the release of her autobiography. I have enjoyed her books and look forward to reading about her life.
Carolyn B, Lubbock, TX

I've been an avid fan of Phyllis Whitney's since I first read one of her novels ("Emerald") in junior high school and reviewed it for the student newspaper. Nineteen years later, I still enjoy her novels and am now a professional writer myself -- having written for newspapers and corporate newsletters and even having had a short story published in an obscure journal. I love Phyllis' strong female characters and how she brings real places to life in her books. Thank you, Phyllis, for the wonderful treasure of your books!
Paula S, Tampa, FL

I have enjoyed Ms. Whitney's wonderful novels for many years. I have introduced many a friend to her writings. Thank you, Phyllis.
Suzie C, Omak, WA

Dear Miss Whitney, just finished re-reading "Window on the Square". Since I left Bellport ('84), I continue to read your books and wonder how you have been. Am enjoying retirement while trying to turn our piece of desert green. Found your web sit on a whim. Hope all is well with you and family.
Leigh B, Truth or Consequences, NM

I have enjoyed reading Phyllis Whitney's books for thirty years. Her books were the first mysteries that I read and she is still one of my favorite authors. I am very glad that Phyllis Whitney shared her wonderful stories with all of us!
Laurie J, Petersburg, NJ

I just finished reading all of your adult books for the 10th time!
Kellie R, Cape Coral, FL

I am so happy I found this website. I have been a fan of Ms. Whitney's books for years. I am trying to collect copies of all of them!!!!!
Barbara P, Broomfield, CO

Hello! I have been reading your books since I was in 7th grade and now I am 21 years old. I graduated from high school in '98. My favorite book is Daughter of the Stars. I think you did a wonderful job on that book. My teacher Gereld Johnson got me into reading your books. He said that you were friends with him and after that I couldn't stop reading your books.
Deidre A, Globe, AZ

I am so glad to know she is writing an autobiography. Her prolific work reflects a glimpse of the experiences of her life. I began reading books by Ms. Whitney when I was 10, and am amazed at how many I have indeed read. My favorite young adults are The Haunted Pool, The Isle of Skye and The Samurai Sword (for brevity's sake, I used only the descriptors). Her adult fiction is always compelling. Though I enjoyed all of them, my two favorites are "Silverhill," and "Domino." She will never know the education she has given me through her work, both culturally, in personal conduct, ethics, and the joy of reading. She is like an old friend to me, and a book of hers in my room at night makes me feel as though I am the richest person alive.
Su N, CA

I have been an avid fan of your books for years. I first discovered your young adult books when we moved to Dallas, Texas in 1969 (I was 10). Since I have not seen any new books published in the last few years, I decided try a search on the Internet. Luckily, for me, I found your website. May God richly bless you. Your books allowed me to dream and experience the world. Currently, I am in the process of collecting your young adult books (especially the ones I read) for my twin daughter (she is only 19 months). Again, thank you for your wonderful contributions. My name is also Phyllis.
Phyllis W, Arlington, TX

Dear Mrs. Whitney, thank you for writing mysteries that are so hard to put down. I love reading your books because they never use offensive language and never titillate with violence or sexual innuendo. THANK YOU for writing with such high standards. After Silversword, I wanted to see Maui for myself. I love your heroines who try to help people less fortunate, and who try so hard to choose the right in whatever circumstances they find themselves. I've loved mysteries since junior high and feel a special bond with you because we both have the same first name. Thank you for writing so many books to spend time with.
Phyllis K, Lorain County, OH

I have read about 40 of Mrs. Whitney's books in the past and have just recently stared collecting her works and reading them again. I have enjoyed them alot. I owned 40 or more of her books at one time but made a big move and have since lost them. I hope to one day own all of her books. I made a copy of the list from this web site and will be on a mission to collect and read all of them. I hope I can find them all some of the older ones. May be difficult to find. Wish me luck
Teresa T, MS

I found my first Phyllis Whitney book at a library sale in 1987 and found her writing style to be fluid and interesting for me. I am a mystery buff and I now am working on my own book. As a new writer, my voice has a tendency to reflect what I enjoy reading. I believe that many successful people have role models. Phyllis A. Whitney is one of mine.
Christy R, Santa Cruz, CA

I just wanted to let Ms. Whitney know that I have become an avid reader because of her books. As a child I was very shy and because they made me read aloud in class I disliked reading. I was in High School when I had to do a book report and picked her book Window On The Square. I have now read all of her adult books plus many others. I do credit her for giving me the enjoyment of books. Thank you.
Gidget P, Valley, NB

I am so glad to find a site about Phyllis Whitney. I have looked in the past but was unable to find much information. I especially like the listing of all of her books. I own many, and am always looking for more. This list will be invaluable to me. I found this site by doing a search for Phyllis Whitney. Send thanks to Phyllis Whitney for all of the hours of enjoyment she has given us all. I look forward to a new book coming out nearly as much as I enjoy reading what she has written. It is so refreshing to be able to read and enjoy books that I don't have to be embarrassed about if someone sees what I am reading. Thanks again to Miss Whitney and Thank You, Phil Tyo for this web page.
Debra C, Hurst, TX

I have been a Phyllis Whitney fan for years. I have collected all of her adult suspense novels. I found this web site by typing her name into a search engine. I think this web site is really great and really informative.
Lynn S, Hindman, KY

Dear Ms. Whitney: I enjoy reading your books and have acquired a large collection. I have just printed your listing of books so that I can determine which ones I don't have yet. Keep them coming!
Wanda O

I've just rediscovered your wonderful stories. Would you happen to know about an author who wrote in a similar style in the early 1900's named Louis Tracy?
Dawn, BC, Canada

I read your book, Mystery of the Haunted Pool, when I was in grade school in the 1960's. I had ordered it from the monthly Scholastic Book order we got in school. I loved the book so much and kept it over the years. Recently, my daughter had to read a mystery for school, so I dug it out and we read it together. Thank you for giving us fun books to read!
Lisa K, Santee, CA

Hello, My name is Pat Correa. I have been reading Ms. Whitney's books for years. I have found every one to be most enjoyable. I want to thank her for creating places where people can escape the everyday routine of life and find fun, excitement, and mystery for a little while. I know when that last page is turned and the book is closed, my inner strength is refreshed and I am ready to go on once again. My library also, has a new wonderful friend.
Pat C, Home

I'm trying to collect all the books you have written. I'm addicted to collecting as well as reading. Have enjoyed the website and appreciate being able to get the book lists. Thank you.
Lynn W, Rossville, GA

I am a long time fan of Mrs. Whitney and have devoured every book of hers that I have come into contact with since I was a young girl. She has instilled in me a love for the mystery, which I have passed on to my children. I become the heroine as I read one of her books and always miss the characters as I would dear friends when I have finished reading. Thank you Mrs. Whitney for all the joy you have given me and so many others.
Judith M, Pekin, IL

I'm doing a school project. I need Phyllis A. Whitney's mailing address or her e-mail address. I am supposed to send her a letter.
Lauren, home computer in MS

Thank you for many years of wonderful stories. My 83 year old Mom and I love them, and have always looked eagerly forward to each new one. I was looking for one written about North Carolina, wanting to re-read it before my husband and I travel there this winter.
Janice D, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Could you supply an address where I can write and request 2 autographed photos of the author? I would like them as gifts for my 60 year old Mom and 71 year old Aunt. Thanks.
Julie, NY

I have read all of Phyllis Whitney's books and always enjoyed them. I looked her name up on the computer to see how she was doing and if she was writing any more mysteries. She will always be one of my favorites and I wish her all the best.
DF, Atlanta, GA

Hello!!! I'm fourty years old. Have read your books for 25 years. Love them!!! So exciting to see my mother-in-law, sister-in-laws, sisters, mom, & cousins all read your books. They are like gold here!! Thank you!! A dedicated fan...always!
Peggy S

What a pleasure to find Mrs. Whitney's website. I've been a loyal fan for many years and was lucky enough to have been a finalist in Mrs. Whitney's writing contest on Long Island some years ago. (I treasure my autographed copies of the Guide to Fiction Writing and The Golden Unicorn.) Mrs. Whitney's enthralling fiction spurred my own desire to make a living as a novelist and the Guide to Writing Fiction helped me through many an early rough spot. I'm a published novelist now and thank Mrs. Whitney for everything she has done and is still doing for all of us, readers and writers alike. Sent with much affection from Barbara Bretton.
Barbara B, Central NJ

Thank you for creating a web site of Mrs. Whitney's entire listing of books. I am 33 and have been reading her books since I was about 13. I love her adult books and now intend to collect and re-read them all. Thank you Mrs. Whitney for the hours of reading pleasure through the years.
Nona, TX

Phyllis Whitney is my favorite writer. I have been reading and collecting her books for a long time. I was really excited to discover this website!!!!!
Barbara P, Broomfield, CO

I have enjoyed Phyllis A. Whitney books ever since I was a teenager. I consider her to be one of my favorite mystery writers. Keep up the good work and God Bless.
Brenda A, Marion Junction, AL

I love your books. I have read 14 of your adult books. I am the largest fan you have.
Angela P, Home

I started reading Phyllis Whitney for the first time this summer, when I found one of her books in a box of old, dusty books I'd picked up for a song at an auction last spring. Tired of today's books for various reasons (not to say they're all "bad," though), I longed to find an author who was a good storyteller, didn't use offensive language (I'm no prude, but I'm sick of it anyway) or go into detail with steamy sex scenes, etc. I am tired of verbally graphic sex, drugs, violence and dysfunctional people and situations. Needless to say, Phyllis Whitney's writing is a breath of fresh air. I know I'm going to be thoroughly entertained and educated, and never insulted or offended. I have probably bought about 40 of her books on Ebay now, and am going right through them (I'll be hitting the library next). One big draw is her settings. I get so excited about the places she describes that I am ready to book a flight to visit each one by the time I have finished the book! Today I got my computer up and running again for the first time in nearly two months. I had to look up Ms. Whitney to learn more about her, and I am delighted to know she is still with us, and still writing! (I used a search engine to find her website.) Congratulations on your incredible career, and thank you, Ms. Whitney. At 63, I'm thankful I still have time to read a lot of (maybe all??) your books. Keep up the good work!
Katherine B, Columbus, OH

Ever since I was a little girl, I have read Phyllis Whitney. My mom introduced me to her books and I haven't stopped reading them since. All of my books are tattered and worn from re-reading them a plethora of times. Thank you for giving me a window to escape to a world full of intrigue and love.
Megan, MI

I cannot believe I have found this website. I am a big fan of your work and am hoping with the book list I have got from this site I can now collect more of your books. You are a fantastic writer and I have loved reading your books and will carry on reading your books - again and again and again. The first time I read one of your books (Ebony Swan) my Grandma gave it to me as a birthday present and ever since I have tried to read as much as I possibly can. (Extremely difficult as books not widely available in England). Keep writing. xx
Teresa E, England

The first Phyllis A. Whitney book that I read was "Spindrift". I was hooked. I went to my high school library and read all they had. I began collecting new and old editions as I could find them. But I have just discovered that they are all missing-I fear they were lost in a recent move. I am sick about it! Well, I shall begin searching again.
Crystal H, Lewistown, IL

Louisiana State University held its annual book bazaar today. I purchased, in mint condition, an uncorrected proof of THE EBONY SWAN, by Phyllis A. Whitney. The cover is plain sky blue and has a tentative publication date of June 1992 (Doubleday). Also printed on cover, is a warning that any quotes for reviews must be checked against the finished book. As an avid reader/collector of all books, I was extremely excited about finding such a treasure by Phyllis A. Whitney for $1.50. My LSU co-workers are green with envy!
Rose B, Baton Rouge, LA- LSU

I have enjoyed your writing for many years. My mother and I used to share your books. I have just reread Star Flight again and plan on reading "Daughter of the Stars" soon. Thank you so much for your talent.
Janet K, San Diego, CA

I love your books. I have two of your textbooks on how to write. I try to write and have had some very minor success and your books are the best. I wish you would write some more adult novels, don't retire yet. I have recently bid on several of your books on Ebay and won them. I have been adding to my collection and this was so easy, I bid on 9 books.
Tracy RP, Phoenix AZ

I have always loved reading Phyllis Whitney's novels and was wondering if she had written one since Amethyst Dreams. Therefore, I did a web search using her name and found this site. Thank you.
Patricia YD, Alameda, CA

Hi Ms Whitney, I am Patrick in Kentucky. I am reading your book: Sea Jade. Being intrigued by style and coherence of writing...I like your style! I seem to miss the point on comparative romance-western writers. Would you find it a compliment that I make an effort to use your writing style? What may those be? Your use of sign posts offers some organization unseen in most other novels. As for my writing, I would like to focus on The British version of "The Highwayman," which is kind of a Gothic. And if you are going "Uh?" (since I am from KY) Kentucky yields the author and childrens' book "The Little Train That Could." I suspect I will give my writing a try with your wonderful "Template" of quality. thanks,
Patrick, Kentucky

Thank you for so many, many hours of pleasurable escape. I am trying to build my collection of books so own every one possible - I hardly finish one and then I must have the next on hand so I don't skip a day. It's so nice to relax, and go on a little vacation through your words.
Lorraine B, Northern California

Hey my name is Emily and I'm a student at a middle school over in Georgia. I have read a few of yours books and love them all. In English we are writing a report on our favorite author and I had to choose you! I didn't like reading much before but after reading The Stone Bull I love to read, your writing makes me feel like I am part of the book! If you have any information to help me with my report about you I would be very thankful. Thanks-Emily
Emily R, School

I see that the site entries stop in march 2001. My hope is that Ms. Whitney is still alive and well. I want to write stories for young adults and found Ms. Whitney's book of instruction is at the right store. After reading 3 pages I had to find out the year of publication(1976) because her words rang so honest and true she was speaking to me. Thank you for this website. I will return to see if there is an update. Best wishes,
Jo M, Central California

Dear Phyllis, You have done a marvelous job on this web site. I was looking for a complete list of Ms. Whitney's writing and this site is so easy to use with all the lists that you have posted. I enjoy reading the adult mysteries and look forward to reading more of Ms. Whitney's stories. I loved reading about Ms. Whitney's life story. It would also make a great bio...wished she'd write her own. What a read that would make!
Jane D, Tehachapi, California

Dear Miss Whitney, I have read 40 of your books and am on the 41st one, Step to the Music. I did not know you wrote mystery books until not long ago and just finished Mystery of the Black Diamonds. I've enjoyed every one of your books. There is a few I have left to read and eventually hope to have all of them read, even the young adult ones. Thank you for so many wonderful hours of reading.
Jeannie H, Silverdale, Washington

Hi, I was looking for cliffnotes for one of her books for my daughter. I use to collect her books and have about 65. I don't have much time for pleasure reading since I work full-time and attend school at night.
Connie P, Suffolk, Virginia

I'm just writing to say how much I enjoy your awesome books. I started with RAINBOW IN THE MIST and was just enchanted. Next came AMETHYST DREAMS and RAINSONG and THE MOONFLOWER and SNOWFIRE. For being new to your books, I just can't seem to read enough. Next I'm checking out BLUE FIRE, FEATHER ON THE MOON, DAUGHTER OF THE STARS, FLAMING TREE, THE GLASS FLAME, THE GOLDEN UNICORN, and SILVERHILL. After that, gosh, I don't know which ones. I just choose titles at random, hunt them down, and savor the awesome reads. I only wish I could write so skillfully. Thanks for all the awesome reads.
Jennifer S, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

I am currently in the process of reading your book "Hunter's Green" and I find it a wonderful and very mysterious. Thank you!
Elizabeth B, Rockingham, North Carolina

I have loved Phyllis Whitney since my mom lent me a copy of "Lost Island" when I was a kid. It probably was a bit mature for me, but I have always read above my grade level. By high school, I was searching out her books whenever I could, and loved them all. My senior year, I even did a report on her. I was surprised after that to find out how many girls in my class loved her as well- even the tomboys loved her classic blend of suspense and romance! I am in my thirties now and have recently embarked on a mission to get copies of all the books I loved as a young girl. You can bet Phyllis's books are at the top of my list!
Ann N, Orlando, Florida

I teach high school English and Phyllis Whitney and Lois Duncan were my favorite authors as a girl - and my students feel the same way! I have bookmarked this site for future reference and will suggest visits by my avid readers.
Mrs. Lisa S, my classroom

I just got back into reading novels again & I wanted to read Phyllis Whitney (my favorite author). I noticed she has nothing new out & I was very curious as to whether she is still writing.
Diane G, Hoboken, New Jersey

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have read all but one or two of your adult novels and have enjoyed them immensely. Best wishes.
Phyllis H, Jacksonville, Florida

I love Phyllis A. Whitney's books! I've been reading them since I was a child of the sixties and seventies ! I especially love "Silverhill". I just finished "The Glass Flame" and I had a hard time putting it down. (Obviously I haven' t read them all at once ). She just totally captures your attention and never fails to surprise you, even when you think you've figured out the ending.
Kim J

I entered the web site because I did a search on Phyllis Whitney. She has always been one of my favorite authors and I eagerly awaited her new books from year to year. I wasn't aware of her when her first books came out, so my collection of her novels is incomplete, but I keep looking for one I haven't read. The first novel I read was WINDOW ON THE SQUARE and I got hooked. Thank you so much, Phyllis Whitney for bringing so much pleasure with your books. I even wrote you one time and you graciously answered my letter. Thank you for that. Sincerely
Jane W, Dublin, Ohio

I really enjoyed reading all of your books that I have found over the years. I am also going to look through your book list on this web site for the ones I haven't read yet. Thank you for many a pleasant evening.
Anne B, New Hampshire

Hello. Well I just wanted to tell you that I love your books and I am always looking for your books at bookstores to buy them if I don't already have them. You are the best author and I absolutely love your books. In the past few weeks, I've read Thunder Heights, Poinciana, Listen for the Whisperer, The Singing Stones, and now I am reading Star Flight. I wanted to thank you for writing such wonderful books. I understand that you started writing at an early age and you are very talented and your books are so interesting and I don't wanna put them down. WRITE MORE PLEASE! Thanks so much! Take care and God bless.
Hope D, Russellville, Arkansas

I'm reading THE QUICKSILVER POOL for accelerated reader in CENTRAL ELEMENTARY, for 25 points, and my classmate has read a lot of your books. He thinks they are interesting, and I do too. I have only read one other book of yours, THE FLAMING TREE, and it was pretty interesting.
Bobby S, St. Albans, West Virginia

I just wanted to say that I love your books. I'm only 12 but I've read 18+ books by you. they are the only books I read and its not just the young adult novels. Thanx for writing.
Jennifer, home computer

I love Phyllis A. Whitney's work. I love romance novels, but I am not too fond of mysteries, but in Whitney's book they are a perfect combination. I love reading her work. She has inspired me to be the writer that I know is inside of me!!
Nicole T, Minnesota

Phyllis Whitney is my all-time favorite author. When I read her books I am transported to wherever she is writing about. I can really feel like I am at these places. So for sheer entertainment and education she is the best!
Catherine P, Spring Grove, Illinois

Ms. Whitney, someone has ask what other names have you written under. I can't find you have written under any other name. If you have would you send me an e-mail listing other names. I have read your books and would think somewhere I would have run across your writing under another name. I just put your name in the address line and hit enter.
Alice M, Oklahoma

I collect Ms. P. Whitney's books. Paper back mostly. I only have one first print in hard back. I love stories about women. I love the way she writes the stories. She doesn't base her books on sex about them but the suspense of events that happen to them. I like that. I am a big fan of hers and have been for years. I thank you for this web site and the list of all her books. Now I can quit buying ones I already have and look for those that I need to obtain. Thank you very much. I have always wanted to write a book myself but can't seem to focus on it. I did not know that she also wrote a guide book but you can be sure I will be looking for it as well. Thank you Ms. Whitney.
Ms. CMC, Indiana

Dear Phyllis Whitney, I'm a big fan of your writing, I have collected 30 of your books so far. And its getting harder to find your older books. You are a wonderful writer. Once I start reading a book I can't put it down. It only takes me a day to read it, and then I'm disappointed cause I don't have another book to read. Your are the best. And I can truly tell you I love you. Thank you for every journey you gave me, though your books.
Laura J, Torrance, California

I'm a mother of three boys, 5yrs and under, and try to find time as often as possible to read your books. I always try to figure out who did it but I'm never exactly right. That's what I like the best about the books. I've read all your books that our small town library has, so now we've started to get them on loan from bigger libraries. I'm so excited now to keep on getting to enjoy them.
Sharee R, Hallettsville, Texas

My Mom gave me one of Mrs. Whitney's books when I was around 10 years old, after that I was hooked and I've read as many of her books as I can get my hands on. The Golden Unicorn and The Turquoise Mask are two of my favorites. I can't believe Mrs. Whitney is still writing today and I just want to say thank you for all the joy her books give to me.
Morgan P, Corvallis, Oregon

Phyllis Whitney has brought many hours of reading pleasure into my life. I constantly check for new books on the shelf and am disappointed when there is not one there. Thank you for all the wonderful books you have written. It is so nice to read someone who has such a great talent. I enjoy visiting the places I will never go and exploring the secrets that take you on a wonderful journey of mystery and romance.
Jean W, Indiana

So glad that Mrs. Whitney is still working on her autobiography. I hope that it will be finished before the Lord calls me Home. My prayers are with her in gratitude for her contribution to wonderful, entertaining reading for so many years.
Loretta W, Los Angeles, California

I was so excited to find this website. I have been an avid fan of Phyllis Whitney since High School. I think that I probably picked up the first book because of our shared name - Phyllis. Since then, I can't put them down. I always look in every book store to see if there is another new book out. I believe that reading can take you to many places in your mind. Thanks for all of the enjoyment that your books have brought to me and your many fans.
PJH, Reidsville, North Carolina

I wanted to say how thrilled I was to read your book Star Flight. The way you described the Chimney Rock area was terrific. I live about twenty miles from there. I'm was overjoyed to find out my most favorite author had written a book so close to where I live. I have been a fan of yours every since I read The Stone Bull. I have tracked down as many of your books as I could find just to read them. Thank you for such breathtaking novels. Please keep the words flowing.
Belinda L, Forest City, North Carolina

This Web Site was great but it didn't give me enough information about the author to help me understand the books she writes.
Joe, New York

As an older writer, myself I feel a closeness to Phyllis Whitney. Is there an address where I could write her a thank you note for the many hours of pleasure she has given me?
Marie W, Lincoln, Nebraska

Yes, this is my second email in a few minutes. Is there anything we can do to get the children's books back in print? I have bought a few from used book stores on the internet, but wouldn't it be great if they became more widely available again? So many children would get so much happiness from them. Thank you again!
Cathy, Little Rock, Arkansas

I have almost all of your books. I really enjoy them!!
Nancy H, Chicago, Illinois

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books for as long as I can remember. I recently became a grandmother, although I am only 44 yrs young. I want my grandchildren to read her books, just like my kids did. The only problem is finding them. I truly hope that her books get reprinted. To let them become extinct, is truly a "crime". I look forward to reading her biography. I just wish she was writing more. I also run a book store and have introduced her books to several of my customers, who are now big fans. Thank you for years of reading pleasure.
Diane S, Texas

I have to thank my local librarian for introducing me to Phyllis A. Whitney. I had read all of the books by Victoria Holt and wanted another author in that genre - she suggested that I might like to try Phyllis A. Whitney - that was it...hooked!! I have read some 3 times and I never get tired of them. They have taken me through very happy and also very traumatic times. I can never thank her enough. Kind Regards,
Jennie P, Dallas, Texas

I too am glad to find that Ms. Whitney is still writing strong. I have been remiss the last couple of years in keeping up with her latest novels. I began reading Ms. Whitney as a young teen with her teen mysteries and have been hooked since. I was elated to discover that Ms. Whitney was also my Grandmothers favorite mystery writer. Until my Grandmothers passing 3 years ago, she would read the newest book and then pass it on to me. I would feel safe to say that I have enjoyed her writing for close to 30 years! And hope to for many more.
John M, New York City

I am so glad that I came to your site. I have been reading your books since I can remember. I am styling my own writing after you. I love your writing style. Thank you for all your wonderful books. I read them as soon as they are in the stores! I look forward to reading your autobiography.
Jill G, Cleburne, Texas

I read several of Ms. Whitney's books when I was in high school some 25 years ago and always enjoyed them. Recently, our local library had a book sale and I purchased all of the paperbacks that were written by her on the off chance that I might still enjoy her writing. NOT surprisingly, I still enjoy it very much and look forward to reading any books I can find written by her. Keep up the good work!
Cynthia B, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Mystery of the Green Cat was the first Phyllis A. Whitney book I read. That was about 25 or 30 years ago. I still haven't gotten my fill of her wonderful books. I just ran across this site, I keyed in her name and hit search. Cool site!
Marsha F, Cleveland, Texas

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed reading your books. The mysteries are so involving but I particularly love your sense of place: the Blue Ridge, Great Smokey Mts, Virginia's beautiful country. I feel I have been to them all. Thank you. PS: Your books are not so easy to find in UK bookshops; perhaps someone could give them a hint.
Judith L, Denver, Colorado

I am so happy to find this website, and learn that Mrs. Whitney is still with us and writing an autobiography. I have been collecting her novels for years in both hardback (for saving) and paperback (for reading). I love her style, her research, her characters, and her smile. My one dream is to someday actually be able to write to her personally to thank her for enlightening my life with her novels. Thank you for this wonderful website.
Genie K, Little Rock, Arkansas

I realized Stephen King had a website so I typed in I have been Whitney's fan my entire adult life. I am 58. She not only kept me in suspense until the last page, but I felt as if I had actually visited the place where the novel occurred. I could hardly wait for her next novel to appear. Whitney's descriptions are wonderful and her characters have class. I appreciated a great read without filthy language and lowlife. I enjoy writing and love Whitney's book on writing a novel. I have a whole shelf in my library filled with all the Whitney novels I have read. When "I grow up to become a writer" I hope I can be just like her.
I hope Ms. Whitney is enjoying good health. I am eagerly waiting to read her autobiography!
Sarah A, House

I love your books. My favorite is Listen for the Whisper.
Barbara W

Hi Phyllis, Thank God for the internet. I have been thinking of you from time to time for many years. I'm happy that you are still at your type writer and I hope you are felling well. My sister Norma also sends her regards. If you have time I would like to here from you. Sincerely,
David C

I've been a fan since I was 9 years old. Some of my favorites include the Mystery of the Crimson Ghost and Poinciana. I just finished re-reading The Mystery of the Gulls.
JoAnne G

I have been reading your books for 25 years. I recently found a treasure during a move to a new home. A box full of Whitney novels from my teens. I just completed The Red Carnelian. Are there other novels not on the list?
Dawn M, Decorah, Iowa

Dear Phyllis, my name is Lynn Radford. A relatively new fan, I have only been reading your works of art for 20 years. Your books have inspired me to write and to travel, looking for my own adventures, experiencing life. After reading a story today in "Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul", called "A Season with the Great Sinclair Lewis", I thought I would ask if it might be possible to meet you. I am aware that you are a busy lady, but I would treasure a brief meeting. In the meantime, I shall look to purchase your book on fiction writing. In the event that a meeting is not possible, I want you to know how deeply your writing has touched my life.
Lynn R, New Brighton, Pennsylvania

Dear Ms. Whitney - How do I thank you for inspiring in me the love of reading? I was 12 years old - 7th grade, my English teacher required everyone in the class to read a book and then present a book report. Ugh!!! I stumbled upon a book in the school library. It was the "Isle of Skye." I was hooked! I can still recall your vivid descriptions. I have collected all of your books, and read them many times over. Thank you, from a now 54 year old, fan! P.S. Because of the book you wrote, I have always hoped someday to make a trip to visit the Isle of Skye to see it first hand.
Jacqueline B, Highland, California

I am a relative newcomer to reading Phyllis A. Whitney books. I read my first of her adult suspense in 2001. I liked what I read so decided to read all of her books. I like reading books in the order that the writer wrote them in that it allows me also to see the writer's growth. With the help of your listing of her books and years published, I am having a great time reading some wonderful novels. Your web site is a joy. Thank you.
Annette, Columbus, Ohio

I am interested in finding the book "Ever After" from your young people collection. As that is the year I was born. If you have one or know where I can purchase one in hard bound, good condition and 1st. addition. Please let me know, I would be very grateful. Thank you.
Sue H, Topeka, Kansas

Phyllis A. Whitney is one of the most exceptional authors of all time. Her writing captivates true spirit and imagination. When I read her books I feel like someone understands me, as a reader you are able to connect with several of her characters and not just one. I will always be a true fan. My favorite is "Rainbow in the Mist".
Jen K, Iowa

I was SO excited to find your website! I have been a Phyllis Whitney fan for a long time (over 30 years!). THANK YOU!
Kathy P, Illinois

Ms. Whitney, I started reading your books in the early 70's, I was in my late 20's. I have enjoyed them so through the years, that now I am collecting them in hard back. I read slow but you always keep my attention so I found myself reading faster and faster to find out where you were taking me next. I have most of them with the help of a used book store. But I see that you only have books since 1997 on your printed list. I know you have written since then. Please update your Adult novel list. As I want to continue collecting them. Thank you,
Sue H, Topeka, Kansas

I love the book DREAM OF ORCHIDS. It is the only book I have read so far and since it is such a good book I know I will definitely read more. I would love to meet Phyllis A. Whitney!
Debra W, Aline, Oklahoma

Ms. Whitney, I have enjoyed your books since I was a young girl, am now 42, I have always been excited waiting on a new one to come out. Thank you for the many years of enjoyment. I have been in every story of the adult suspense you have written and not left my seat.....that's what a great writer can give you. I can't put into words how much your books have been to me. Thank you again.
Michele R, Selmer, Tennessee

Over the years, I've read almost all of Phyllis Whitney's books. She is my favorite author. I enjoyed reading about her life on the website.
C. Harris, Zanesville, Ohio

Phyllis, I collect your books and have read and re-read them over the years. I can "escape harsh reality" as you treat me to a "vacation" of sorts whenever I pick up one of your books. You are an inspiration to me. You were brave enough to pursue what I have not yet been brave enough to defied all the odds and overcame whatever fears and obstacles you may have had, and you pursued your dream of being a writer and made it a reality. Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts over the years to entertain us and bring excitement and mental stimulation into what can sometimes be our everyday boring existence. Life isn't meant to be lived that way...merely "existing". I think that's why your books also mean a lot. Your characters are ones we can identify with, and yet they don't merely "exist"...they have adventures that those of us in reality would probably like to experience at times for the "exhilaration of it all". For all you've done...thank you. May God richly bless you and keep you always.
Lynette G, Topeka, Kansas

I learned about this site from my friend in Topeka, Kansas.
Jeanne S, Grand Rapids, Michigan

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books for a long time and have read each book many times. I can't wait for a new one!
Sue B, Glade Spring, Virginia

Mrs. Whitney. I'm so glad I found your web site. I'm glad to know you are well. I miss your novels. I started reading your books when I was ten years old. I am now fourty one and still have all of your books. I treasure them all. To me you will always be the best!
Frances M, California

I love your books and have read about 20 of the adult novels. Unfortunately I could only get these through my local lending library and since I moved area I have been unable to obtain any more. English bookshops do not stock your books and even the large web-based dealer (Amazon) doesn't list you among its authors! Despite this, I roam around second-hand bookshops in the hope of finding copies of books I have not yet read. I found your website by searching on "Phyllis A Whitney".
Mary R, Florida

I love Phyllis Whitney's stories. Out of curiosity I looked for a web site. I was wondering which was the last published book-trying to be sure I have read it. My mother-in-law lives near Kilmarnock, VA and I really enjoyed the story with the Christs Church setting there in that area.
Barbara P, Baltimore

I own a small used bookstore, and I have gobbbbs of Phyllis' books in the store. I have a customer who wanted to know about Phyllis and so I looked her up. What a treat for my customer.
Diana M, Indiana

I discovered my first Whitney book in 82. I was visiting a friend and she had to work that day and I picked up a book to read while she was away. From that day, I was hooked. I have a pen pal in Latvia and I have sent her a number of Whitney books. She reads mystery books in several languages and authors from different countries and says no one can write a mystery like Whitney. She is always so happy when I send her a Whitney book or two. I have had the honor of hearing from her personally but I did not this Christmas. I hope that she is well and not in poor health. I do hope that your autobiography is published soon.
Narie K, Little Rock, Arkansas

Hi! Just to let you know, I found this website by doing a search using Phyllis Whitney's name. I am so excited to find this site. I have looked in the past (apparently quite some time ago) and was unsuccessful. I have wanted a complete list of Ms. Whitney's books for some time. It is so nice to have an author you can read, and recommend to others without having to be concerned about the contents of the book. I have read (and own)many of Ms. Whitney's books (both adult and juvenile) and am hoping to get a collection of all of them. I am looking forward to reading her autobiography. I would also look to see a book of her short stories published. She has written many short stories, and it would make a wonderful book to have them many (or some) of them published in one or two (or three) volumes. Please consider that idea! Thank you for the many hours of pleasurable reading you have given me. I started reading your books in elementary school, and saw one as an adult and have read may more. Thanks again.
Debra C, Hurst, Texas

Hi Mrs. Whitney! I love your books and am trying to get some of the early ones. You are a superb writer. It was with perseverance that I found your web page. I was interested in knowing that you were still with us! What was your latest book? Was it "Ever After"? God bless you.
Sue H, Kaneohe, Hawaii

I started reading your book back in the early seventies. A co-worker just gave me a book to read, she said that she really loved it. I told her that I had read other Phyllis Whitney books way back in the 70's. She said she hadn't heard of you before so I went looking on the internet to see how long you have been writing books. We were both totally amazed at how many books you have written and pleased to see that you are still writing. "You go girl!" You are the best. Thank You for many pleasant hours of reading.
Joyce A, Benicia, California

I have been an avid reader of all your books since my high school days. I am now 37 years old and am enjoying collecting your books in hardback wherever and whenever I can locate them... they are a treasure I want to enjoy over and over. My objective is to obtain one copy of everything you have written. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with me and bringing me so much pleasure.
Annette C, Lexington, Kentucky

I have never been a person that liked to read until I accidentally read one of Phyllis's books. Now I am hooked. I read everyone that I can find. They are #1, and never a bad one.
Joyce S, Lexington, Kentucky

I've always been a tremendous fan of your books and hope that one day you'll give us another great novel. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment!
Marsha B, Snohomish, Washington

Dear Ms. Whitney: I've always wanted to meet you and tell you how much you've inspired me to read and dream all through my adolescent and adult life. Your books were read to me as a child by my sister and I've gone on to seek and read every one. You are the best and I love you and your writing. God bless, your sincere fan,
Diane D, Verona, Ontario, Canada

I have enjoyed the writing of Phyllis Whitney for many years! I am so happy to hear she is writing about herself and will wait anxiously for publication. God Bless!
Carol B, Florida

This is a great site. Your description of reading these books as a child sounds exactly like me. I loved her books more than I can say. I was looking for a way to contact Phyllis A. Whitney, just to tell her how grateful I am for her books and what a gift they have been for me. I know she probably hears that all the time! Can she get emails from here? or can you get this message to her? She means a lot to me. thanks for all the interesting stuff on the website. Have a great day!
Cathy, Tennessee

Hey, I love the site but I can't find The Mystery of the Gulls, I need to find some info. on it for a report in my English class. If you find some, please e-mail me.
Brad S, Arkansas

I discovered her magical books at the age of 15 and have read and reread them all over the last 13 years. Her books have provided me with hours of entertainment and comfort. I hope she will continue to write for years to come. A truly wonderful and gifted lady!!
Nicole L Alabama

I fell in love with the island of St. Thomas after reading Columbella. For our anniversary last December, my husband and I actually visited the Virgin Islands. I felt as if I had been there before! Ms. Whitney's writing has the ability to take you to the exciting places she describes in her novels. I read all of her adult romantic suspense novels that I can get my hands on.
Carol C, Cartersville, Georgia

Thank you Ms. Whitney for all the years of enjoyment your books have given me. I remember as a child reading Mystery of the Green Cat and Secret of the Samurai Sword and I was thrilled when I recently found a copy of each book. I still love them and I am 52 years old. I have started collecting the other juvenile mystery books you have written - they have brought back a lot of wonderful memories. I enjoy your adult books too, especially the older ones - The Red Carnelian is my favourite.
Karen M, Washington

Thank you for such wonderful moments to be in another place never knowing what will happen next. Your books have given me so much joy to read. I didn't find your books till 1980. But never too late to start. I'd give them to my Grandmother. She also loved your books. She read them till she passed away in 1997. She was a young 94 years old. You have given others so much love. All I can say is thank you.
Debbie B, Lucas, Kansas

As a young, single mother with limited resources and income, I came across my first adult Phyllis Whitney book by recommendation of the town librarian. That was in 1974 and in less than one month I had read every Whitney book on the shelves! Living in rural America at the time, I was thankful for book clubs which allowed me the opportunity to begin purchasing my own books. Many years later and living in a large city, my name was on the call list at all bookstores for notification of new books as they arrived. I believe 1997 was the last book I had the privilege of reading as recently published. I searched for a very long time to find an author that could fill in the gaps while waiting on another Whitney book and I am happy to say that Mary Higgins Clark books worked well. To date I have all of Ms. Clarks books and am still searching to complete my Phyllis Whitney collection. Ms. Whitney's books are very difficult to find I might add!!! That in itself is the sign of an excellent and respected author. I do so hope the autobiography is completed soon. I recall a few years ago doing an online search trying to find any information about my all time favorite author, Phyllis Whitney, and I believe it was a work in progress then, so I hope to see it on the market very soon. Ms. Whitney, thank you for the many years you have given of yourself with your talent and love. You are truly blessed with a gift from above and it has been the publics good fortune you chose to share that gift with the world. You have been, are, and always shall be the very best!
Debra C, Arlington, Virginia

Thank you for years of dependably wonderful books. I first read The Mystery of the Green Cat when I was 9 years old and have been a fan ever since.(We will not go into how many years!) I always new I could pick up one of your books and read (or re-read) it and still enjoy it no matter what was going on in my life. Probably my favorite was Hunter's Green with Dream of Orchids a close second. I always know that when I visit a place where one of your books is set, I will recognize it immediately. You do such a great job of describing the locals. I am looking forward to reading your autobiography.
Charlene C, Lynchburg, Virginia

I just stop by the web site to see if anything new has been released. How is Mrs. Whitney doing? I love her books and hope to see something new soon.
Ginger G, Mesquite, Texas

I love Phyllis Whitney's books! I have read most of them and the library doesn't have any more books!
Caroline J

How wonderful to find this site. I have been a fan of Phyllis' books from the time I was a young teen. My mother introduced me to her books and together we have been avid readers all these years. I came across this website while I was diligently searching the internet for a copy of Red is for Murder. My mother has through the years made it her goal to have a hardback copy of every one of Phyllis' adult novels. I have tried and tried for years to find a copy of her first one for my mother to no avail. If anyone out there knows where or how I could possibly find a copy of this I would love it if someone would tell me. It's the only one my mom is missing. Thanks for the website... it's beautiful and thank you Phyllis for the wonderful books. They have been a joy and created a very special bond between my mom and I.
Deb, St. Louis, Michigan

Thank you, Ms. Whitney for writing such marvelous books I have been reading them for over a decade now; some of my favorites are: The Turquoise Mask, Emerald, Rainbow in the Mist, The Moonflower, I love all of them. I am an aspiring writer and Ms. Whitney is an amazing role model to have, an amazing women all around. Again, thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world. I am looking forward to passing my books of yours on to my daughter. Best wishes.
Melissa R, Portland, Oregon

Thank you for putting together a website for my favorite Author. Ms. Whitney's books have thrilled me for years and I am always looking for more books preferably books on tape since I travel a lot. I was delighted to get a complete listing of all her books. I will be on the lookout for more titles that I have not read. I will also read the children's books since I am a child at heart. I will probably enjoy those as well. If Ms. Whitney reads this I just want to say your are Super! and that you have provided me with years of enjoyment and for that I want to say Thank You!
Bernice G, Cheltenham, Maryland

Does anyone know if she is going to write another book? or what is her latest book? lemme know if you know, my grandma is wanting to know, thanks!
Beth, Roanoke, Virginia

I salute you, Phyllis A. Whitney! Since the first of your books which I picked off the mystery shelf in my elementary school library back in, say, 1964, I have enjoyed every one of them I've been able to find. The title of that first book was something like THE MYSTERY OF THE BLACK DIAMONDS and even as a youngster I was most impressed with your detail of the Colorado setting of a father and his young family spending their summer in a hot, mysterious and lonely old ghost town. (See? And I haven't even found it again since that time to review the details!) In junior high school I remember reading THE FIRE AND THE GOLD, and THE MYSTERY OF THE GOLDEN HORN -- the first was my introduction to the era of San Francisco earthquake and fire history -- (and you used the setting again for older folks!) and I'm sure the Turkish setting in the second was the first time I saw the river name Bosporus. Reading you was like traveling to far-away places! It seems to me there was also a book for youngsters about a couple young kids who were getting used to a new stepmother, and something about a Chinese vase, and jade, but I haven't refound that one yet, either. (Wasn't there a Siamese cat in there somewhere?) I own the one about THE HAUNTED POOL. That purchase was a gift from my mother! Throughout the years as I was able, I'd find a novel of yours or two to read between quarters in college, but it wasn't until about 1996 that I voraciously ripped about three public libraries apart (with the help of a friend) to read the ones I'd missed, or reread the ones I enjoyed as a younger fan. To find that you are still writing at the age of 98.5 and are still able to spell-bind your reader is certainly a remarkable talent. I've always admired your "heroines" and, after becoming more familiar with you, enjoyed how you seemed to incorporate just about all the popular colors into your book titles. I also enjoyed your using your locale research to write books on THREE levels in many instances -- for children, for teenagers, and for adults. VERY intriguing settings! I've loved your spooky old Victorian houses that hid their secrets, and eagerly detested your dubious, sinister old characters that harbored THEIR secrets, murders and revenges, and admired the heroines, their independence, mobility (and apparent non-need to have to work at regular, mundane desk jobs!), lamented their lost loves and agonized over their personal conflicts and disappointments, and applauded their always finding some young, lonely child to befriend, encourage, and to eventually bring them out of their isolated, misunderstood shells. One of my favorite aspects of your writings: I've always looked forward to the mysterious, haunting DREAM themes you've always seemed to weave into your story lines. There are times when I, too, have had such repeated hauntings and can never quite figure out their meanings . . . I've also noted in your later books your dabblings in, how shall I describe, the more "para-normal" additions to your mysterious, haunting tales . . . I need to reread these more in the future. Plus your added bonus: The heroines always seem to WIN their handsome princes in the end -- and conquer "the bad guys," just like my other favorite -- Columbo! In conclusion -- just for the record, I've always wanted to thank you for many, many hours and years of mysterious reading pleasure. I have to admit that you have always been my favorite mystery writer, and I look forward to your next installment. I wish you good health and God's blessings! Sincerely,
C.N. Horn, Pennsylvania

I hadn't seen a book in quite a while and I was wondering if Ms. Whitney was still writing.
Cat, Scottsdale, Arizona

I spend many afternoons in my local bookstore, reviewing fictional books that I might want to read. I will tell you that I have been disappointed many times by various authors and the books I do enjoy reading, the authors can not keep up with my thirst for reading. I have never been disappointed in a book written by Phyllis Whitney, so I was surprised to find not one title available in the store to purchase. This was one of my reasons to search out this web site. I admire Ms. Whitney's style of writing, her stories with their extensive background make her stories so much more interesting. Glad to read that she is still well and active.
Phyllis T, Florida

I love your books and am patiently waiting to see any new books and look forward to reading the past books that I haven't had a chance to read. I just started reading your books 2 years ago and have a growing collection. I am 63 years old and wish that I had known about you sooner!!!!!!
Saundra K, Tucson, Arizona

I had the opportunity to meet Miss Whitney twice, once at the Edgars when she received her Grandmaster Award, and then again at Malice Domestic. I had also once written her a fan letter, to which she replied almost immediately. She has been a favorite of mine since I first discovered her romantic suspense novels nearly thirty years ago. Thanks to her, I got to travel the world. Best wishes--I can't wait to read the autobiography!
Dean J, Houston, Texas

I love Phyllis Whitney's books! I have been reading them for 17 years. I am looking forward to her autobiography!!
B Sink, Ferrum, Virginia

Accidentally came across this website while trying to find wording for an Achievement Award for high school students. I have long been a fan of PW's books ( I think I started reading them when I was in the 9th grade - about 35 years ago) I was glad I could share her novels with my daughter now age 20) I have been out of touch with reading the lst 2 or 3 years but this has prompted me to pick up some of her books again. One thing I can state is that PW's books are timeless and definitely in my "keeper" stack.
Mary M, Florida

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