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Guestbook entries from 2004

Dear Phyllis, When I was in Jr High the first good suspense story I ever read was Hunter's Green. Love your writing. I was playing around on the web and wonder if you were still writing. Amazing? Take care.
Kathylee Tolfa, PA

Lady Phyllis A Whitney is my favorite writer. I’ve read almost of her books, with exceptions of a few ones that it is impossible to get in Brazil, my country. However, there is one which I have been looking for years. I read it a long time ago and I am quite sure that the title was Hunter Green. But when I found one entitled Hunter's Green, Doubleday and Co, Inc, Garden City, NY, Copyright 1968, I was surprised and frustrated, because even though the story is beautiful it is not the book I read in the past. It is about a young librarian who decided to change her life and answered to a newspaper advertisement that was looking for a governess for a child of about 6 whose mother had disappeared mysteriously. So she went to live in the house of the little girl's step father. The story continues in the way that only Lady Whitney can produce. Could you please help me find it. Maybe the same thing happened regarding her other book The Red Carnelian which was republished with other title totally different, I cannot remember the previous one. Will you try to help me, please. I will be looking to my Email every single day from now on. Thks, thks, muito obrigada, gracias, merci beaucoup, etc, etc. Bye
Maria Helena Duarte, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Belated best wishes for your birthday, I've always loved your books and so has my 85 year old Mom.
J. Denny, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney books since the late 50's and she remains one of my very favorite authors. I am collecting her books and have quite a good collection. I am pleased to find this website. Thanks Mrs. Whitney for all the pleasure your books have brought me during the years.
Madelyn Wright, Raleigh, NC

Phyllis A. Whitney is my favorite author. I started reading her books since I was able to check out my own choice of books at the school libraries. Her books were one of the only stable things in my life. I was raised in the military and moved so often. But at each place I moved to, I found her books in the libraries, and somehow felt a little less alone. Thank you Phyllis A. Whitney.
Lane Dickson, Tulsa, OK

I have enjoyed your books for so many years. I've reread many of them. The characters are so real and become friends. I've visited some of the locations you used for your settings and have felt so at home there.
Karen Robbins, Orient, OH (near Columbus)

I usually like Historical Novels but I will always read a Phyllis Whitney book. I really like the way they are always set in a different location. Thank you Ms. Whitney for all the entertainment you have given myself and others over the years.
Jackie Rasar, Alcoa, TN

I remember reading Ms Whitney’s books as a teen, and now I am 60. I can see how her work has changed in "Rainbow in the Mist." Adding a spiritual dimension which I assume she has experienced as she usually writes what she has seen to enhance her very interesting stories.
Martha, Ozarks

First, Congratulations on your milestone birthday! I am so happy I discovered your website. I have been reading your books since the early 1960s, and have several in my bookcase. I have enjoyed your books tremendously, my enjoyment of them has helped me through many a rough spot; I am glad of the opportunity to say "Thank you!".
Betty Gelean, New Westminster, BC, Canada

Sorry I missed your birthday. Hope you had a great day. Please stay in good health.
Roberta Spencer, Home

I have been a huge fan of your mystery novels since I was about 10. I am now 44. I grew up in a very dysfunctional home and reading your exciting novels was a wonderful escape for me. I have always credited them with saving my sanity through a very tough time in my life. Many thanks for being there for me. You are an incredible writer and have brought so much joy into my life. I have been buying many of your books on Ebay and hope to read them all. Thanks again and best wishes.
Sheila Green, Home

Hi! I do so love all of Phyllis Whitney’s books! They are all so good; I can’t put them down and then I don’t want the story to end. She is a fantastic writer! Happy Birthday, Phyllis! Thank you for decent books.
Cindy Rioux, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dear Ma'am Whitney, I'm a great fan of your books. The first book I read was Sea Jade and from then on I bought your other books cause I like the way you write. You can never guess who the killers were. I even use one of your novels for a book report in school. Ma'am I never thought that this time would come that I would be able to communicate with you coz most of yours books that I own were published from the past. Ma'am If you would be kind enough to give me some tips on how to make a good mystery novel then I would very much appreciate it. I hope also Ma'am that I could meet some of your avid readers also. Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.
Fe Aileen Paul, Davao City, Philippines

I have been a fan for 40 years. I was looking for a list of her books, so I could see which ones I was missing after moving 3 times. I am so glad I found this site and read her "about the author". Thanks so very much.
Marsha Sarrazin, Mountain Grove, MO

I started reading Phyllis A. Whitney books when I was twelve years old. She became my favorite author and remained the master of storytelling for me ever since, for over forty years! I compare all other authors to Ms. Whitney. She is incomparable. When I face difficult times in my life, I pull out an old favorite and re-read it; it's like visiting an old friend. The settings, characters, and suspenseful plots are timeless classics. I teach middle school language arts now and recommend Ms. Whitney's books to my students. Congratulations on turning 101!
Donna Seekamp, Denver, CO

When I was very young, I read Step to the Music, and I absolutely loved it. Now a grandmother, I have read just about every Whitney novel written. I love the plots, the imagery, the characterizations, and the themes. Most of all, I love the local color. Ms. Whitney's book have enabled me to visit places I otherwise would never see. Thank you Ms. Whitney - so very much.
Mildred Walsh Garner, Kingsville, TX

Dear Mrs. Whitney, I just finished reading "Daughter of the Stars." It is very good. I have only one problem with it. On page 46 at the bottom it reads like this, "A good many people who lived here left and never came back. In 1867 the part of the state that had sided with the North voted to become WV, an independent state." Well, the problem is that WV became a state on June 20, 1863 not in 1867. I was born and raised in WV and had to learn this in history. We used to joke about the possibility of my being kin to John Brown because my grandmother's mother on my father's side was a Brown. I also learned from history that Brown was not really his name. Brown is a name that he took in later life so as not to hurt his family. Another interesting fact about my family. My great-grandfather on my father's side had 21 children (two wives) and lived to be 104 years old. He served in the military (North, I think) during the civil was and got married after the war was over. My father knew his grandfather because the older gentleman died when my father was 22 years old. The family name was Hammack/Hammock. The reason for the two spelling is because someone goofed on my grandfather's birth certificate and spelled it with an o instead of an a. Thank you for a very good book. I have read others of yours.
Nyra Mae Hammock Vasquez, AZ

I became enthralled with your books 5 years ago and can never put them down once I read the first page. I have read almost all that I can find. I have given my books to many others who are followers too. I can't wait to read your biography. Would love to know if you will be doing any book signings in the near future in Va. Thank you for the many hours of delightful reading.
Pam Austin, VA

Hello, I first learned of your books when I read The Stone Bull long ago, then I couldn't find it forever and always wanted it... finally my grandmother found it for me and I've read it over and over since then plus some others!! I would LOVE to get a complete list of all your books so that on our very limited income I can keep the list with me so that I don't buy the same book more than once, which I have done on occasion. I look forward to someday having your entire collection so that as time permits I can indulge myself in your wonderful world of mystery and romance!! It is such a WONDERFUL gift you've shared with us all! A gift I would love to be able to work on... but it seems to have passed on to my son of whom I am soooooo proud of. He is only 12, but has many of his own characters and writes his own books that seem incredible to me!! Again, it is a wonderful gift that I'm glad he has access to, just like you!! ") Thank you again for all your stories that have made me so happy over the years!
Jade Tobin, Moreno Valley, CA

My daughter loves your books so much that my wife and I will look for your books to give to our daughter. Thank you for writing excellent novels.
Michael A. Dupont, Jasper, IN

I read my first Phyllis A. Whitney book while I was in the 6th grade. (36 years ago!) She has been one of my favorite fiction authors and I loved every one of her books that I've read. I have collected many of her books and now my own daughters are reading them.
K. Sims, FL

Dear Ms. Whitney - I just finished reading "Flaming Tree", loved it. However when I read your note to the readers, it hit home. We have a business that manufactures a pH meter to help trained owners determine what natural products are right for your individual terrain. We have had several success stories from people whom the medical field had given up on. I would like to hear back from you on this. Health to you,
Pat Kroll, Payson, AZ

Thanks for so many years of wonderful reading. Love all your books and congratulations on your 101st birthday. God bless.
Janet Lee, Renton, WA

This was a great novel, and an adventurous novel, it was one, that kept me going, I found this novel, in a box of my grandmothers, and needed one for a book oral, as soon I as I started reading it, I was hooked, very detailed, and interesting novel, and Phyllis did a good job on it, I personally think it grabs your attention because its a mystery, and you want to see what’s next...
Kenneth Purcell, Halifax NS, Canada

I found your site after doing a Google Search. As a lover of suspense novels and a librarian, Phyllis Whitney has given me so many hours of pleasure. I hope she is doing well! We miss you Phyllis!
Gordon Baker, McDonough, GA

I am so glad I found this web site. I have all of Phyllis's books. I am reading again Amethyst Dreams. I love all her books and hope she writes another one. I am so glad Phyllis is still around. She is my all time favorite author. Happy Birthday, a little late.
Darlene Thompson, Work

I love this website. It is really interesting.
Michelle, School

How wonderful to read that Phyllis A. Whitney is working on her autobiography at the age of 101. I look forward to reading it. Her amazing books were something I looked forward to every year, and it was a sad day when I realized that I had scanned the W's in new fiction for quite some time and had not seen a new release by her. She took the Gothic formula and made it her own: very American, lively, filled with information about new places, impossible to put down. I am nearly a couple of months late, but happy birthday, Ms. Whitney and many more.
Ilana B. Pratt , newsroom of The Journal-News in White Plains, NY

Dear Ms. Whitney: I enjoyed reading about your life, and am glad to hear you are still writing. I grew up reading your juvenile novels in Newton, Massachusetts in the 60s, then graduated to the adult novels. Some of my favorites include Mystery on the Isle of Skye (I will make that trip one day!) and The Highest Dream. I thought about that one when I first visited the United Nations.
Constance Martin, NYC

I love Ms. Whitney's books after my late Grandmother, Janelle, introduced me to one of Ms. Whitney's books about a year ago. I have loved these books ever since. I inherited all of my grandmother's (Nana's) books, and I treasure them. Even if I am only 16 years old, I love these books, and I cherish the fact that my grandmother introduced me to this wonderful author. I loved Nana very much and these books are very precious to me. These books are much Better than the more recent authors. Much better...
Jordan Boyd, AL

Have enjoyed your books since I was a teenager, and I will be fifty next year! I have been reading, of course, some of them for the nth time. Am looking forward to the autobiography. God bless you.
Brenda Morris, Midland, TX

Ms. Whitney, First of all may I say what an honor it is to even be able to write to such a magnificent writer such as yourself. I am 54 years old and became addicted to fiction because of your great books. I also became interested in writing because of your books. I was going on-line looking for some information about an author that my daughter-in-laws sister is needing info on and I decided to take a chance and typed in your name to see if you had a web site. I was excited to see that you did. I was also surprised to read when you were born. All of my family will be hearing about your web site. They all know how I love your books and have been trying to get a complete set of your books. I now own 19 of your books and look daily for more at every yard sale, thrift store and used book store I see. You have inspired many writers and scores of readers of all ages. I look forward to your autobiography. "GOD" bless you and keep you.
Deena Broussard, Abbeville, LA

Ms. Whitney, I started reading your books in high school in the late 70's. The first book I read of yours was Listen for the Whisper. You have long been my favorite author. Your books have given me a life long love or reading. Thank you so much. Some day I would like to write a novel.
Debbie, Victoria, TX

Dear Ms. Whitney, I LOVE your books! I began reading your books so many years ago that I can't remember anymore when it began. My Mother read your books and I picked up my first one during a summer vacation and after that, I've read and re-read most of your work. Because of you, I've visited many places that I read in your stories, as well as, many places I want to visit that are in your stories. Thank you so much for all the enjoyment I've had over the many years of reading your work.
Ellen Herndon Atkins, Mineral, VA

In January of 1996 I wrote to the publishers of her books who then sent my letter to Phyllis Whitney. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed reading her books and how they transported me to the places she wrote about. I then had about 30 of her books. To my surprise I received a letter from her. I treasure that very much. I have got back into reading and am going to search for the ones that I do not have. I just typed her name into a search and found the web page right away. I am new to doing this thing on the computer.
Daisey Blake, Finleyville, PA

I was just re-reading Silversword for the 10th or more time, as I re-read all of her books, and wondered if one of my favorite authors was still living. I have read and re-read every one of her books, and started when I was a young girl. I love and admire her writing, lose myself in her books, and wish I could write!!! Happy 101st Birthday Miss Whitney!!!
Cindi Giannantoni, AZ

I have been reading books by Ms. Whitney since I was very young. I am 47 today and still look for her books whenever I go the book store! I have read everything she has written, and more than once! I write as a hobby and her books inspired me. She is and has always been my favorite author!!
Karla Yungk, West Palm Beach, FL

Dear Mrs. Whitney, I truly do love your books. At my school, we only have two of your books in the library. At the moment, I have them both. You have become my favorite author. My favorite book is The Quicksilver Pool. What I would like to know is what inspires you to write these stories. I would really like to meet you one day. I hope to see more of your books.
Shenna, VA

I have heard a lot about you. You amaze me and give everybody hope.
Danielle Bland

Happy 101. My wife and I toured by auto last May. Our path included Nelson County and Faber. We had hoped to have distant glimpse of where you lived. To our surprise Faber turned out to be a small white 20' square building next to a lumber yard and railroad. While we could not find your road, we found the area to be very beautiful. You must enjoy it. We have all your adult mysteries and how to write one. We are looking forward to your autobiography (maybe autographed?) Sincerely,
Raymond F. Otto, Palm Springs CA

I love these books. My favorite one of them alphas to be daughter of the stars, I have read it thirteen times and every time it still gets me. I have read and reread all of you books. Thanks for writing them.
Christina Ferrall, Home

I've admire her writing for years and have collected all of her adult books except The Moonflower. I do have all of the paperback versions. One day I know I will obtain an original copy of The Moonflower. Thank you for sponsoring a web site dedicated to one of our greatest authors.
Deborah Ayers, New Castle, IN

Ms. Whitney: I was first introduced to your books as a young child approximately 10 years of age. Thus began my love of reading all things Phyllis A. Whitney. One of my favorite juvenile books is Mystery on the Isle of Skye. As an adult, I find myself continually rereading The Winter People. My 19 year old daughter is also beginning to devour my cachet of books. Thanks for some of my best reading hours.
Linda D. Coleman, MD

I admire your writing so very much. I have read almost all of your adult fiction books. I especially liked the novels written about Nelson County VA: SINGING STONES and RAINBOW IN THE MIST. Since I live in Lynchburg, VA and often travel through Rock Fish Valley and other Nelson County places, I recognize the settings of your two novels.
Patricia Rorrer, Lynchburg, VA

I have been reading your books since I was 15. It has been such a joy to see my own 15-year-old daughter (who wants to be a writer) root through my old paperbacks looking for your work. She likes your books because the stories are good without too much sex. Hope your birthday was wonderful!!!!!
Marcia Dudley, Scottsdale, AZ

I love your books
Jade king, School

I have enjoyed reading Phyllis Whitney books for a long time now and wondered if she was still writing. I'm glad to know that she is still writing and is well.
Clara Wayne Stone, Meridian, ID

I have collected some of Ms. Whitney's books for some time. When books are discarded by the Library, I search to see of there are any Phyllis A. Whitney books. She is such a fantastic writer. I never grow tired of her books.
Saundra Freeman, Clayton, NC

Hello my name is Kristian, I’m 17 years old and I picked up your book at my high school in Sullivan MO. I really enjoyed your book. I couldn't put it down not even to go to the bathroom, LOL. I just thought I would tell you have written a wonderful book. Happy thanksgiving and God Bless.
Kristian Guasto, Stanton, MO

I was so delighted to discover Phyllis a. Whitney's all encompassing stories. They put me right in the thick of things she writes about it. I am a resident of VA and so glad you used some of our state areas in you books. Congratulations on reaching the great age of 100. I live in Richmond, VA. God bless and keep you. Love and prayers
Katherine Rufus, VA

I have long been a fan of Phyllis Whitney and have read every book I could find by her through the years. Also, my Mother, who is 93, readily says that Phyllis Whitney is her favorite author! Can you tell me where I might find some of her older books in Large Print?
Gwen Keiley, Roanoke, VA

Mrs. Whitney, I’ve been getting into reading a lot lately and it’s all thanks to your book ''listen for the whisperer'' by the way I’m only in the 9th grade and I really thought that your book was awesome. I seriously couldn’t stop reading it. Every time I’d get home that’s what I would do most of the time. Well I’ve just recently finished '' listen for the whisperer '' and the ending really shocked me. I wasn’t expecting the results of it, but now I’ve started on your book ''woman without a past'' and so far it’s a really great book. I look forward to reading more of your books, they really helped me get into reading more. And for that I just want to say thanks. At our school library I’ve been doing a lot of research on you because I honestly think that your a great author and I’m happy that I came across this site. At my school I think we only have three of your book’s, not sure though, but I’ll be sure to read all three of them because I love your books.
Sheryl Gapasin, Home

Thank you ever so much for your wonderful books.
Arlana, Germany

I have enjoyed your books for many years and continue to read them over and over. I would like to know if she is still writing, this is the first I have come across her website. Thank you for giving me so many wonderful hours of reading and entertainment. Sincerely,
Mary Garcia, Phoenix, AZ

Phyllis A. Whitney has been one of the nicest people I have ever met. I wrote her one time and became pen pals, that was around 1961 when I had decided to be a writer. In 1963 I visited her in Staten Island and she was an angel woman. Then I had a date with her to an Edgar meeting. Just because of her I had am still writing, not known but since I loved to write since I was a child, I keep working on it, despite my stroke with aphasia. Anyway, love you Phyllis.
William Vargas, Manchester, NJ

Dear Ms. Whitney, You have been my hero since I was old enough to read a novel. I'm 41 now, and have been reading your books since 1972. Your stories had me hooked from the very first. After I read through your books for children, I read through your stories for young adults, then all your adult novels. You NEVER disappointed me. My two very favorites are "Mystery on the Isle of Skye" (which I have yet to visit!), and "Columbella", which I must have read 6 times. You've reached a grand age, and, dear lady, you've touched the hearts and imagination of millions. How many young girls have aspired to a career of writing because of your work!!! I'm now an elementary school librarian, encouraging young people to read your novels. The circle is unbroken. God's blessings on you, and thanks!
Georgiann Camacho, Elgin, IL

I have been reading your books since a child and young adult. Now I am 51 years old. Your books have been among my favorites. As an early reader, I borrowed from the library, but now have my own collection of your books. Thank you so much for contributing to our lives with your literary talents. Your mysteries have brought much reading pleasure to my life.
Nancy Staal, Pewaukee, WI

Phyllis A. Whitney intrigues me from the first page to the last. I just cannot put down the book. I am an avid reader and Phyllis A. Whitney is by far the best author that I have ever come across!
Jeannette Tucker, Mayfield Heights, OH

I have read every book written by Phyllis Whitney getting hooked on them many years ago by a co-worker. I have been lost in her books on many evenings staying up way too late. I found this site by accident when I was looking for any currently published books. Thank you for many enjoyable hours of reading.
D. Moffat, MD

I have read a great majority of Ms. Whitney's books. She is my very favorite author. If someone asks for a suggestion for a good book she is the first name that always comes to mind. Thanks for many hours of reading pleasure.
Nona Gordon, AL

Dear Phyllis, I’m 12 and a half and currently reading "Black Amber". I’m only on page 119 but so far its a very interesting and exiting book. I hope to read more books that you have written. You biggest fan.
Chauvanae Bradley, Laurel, MT

I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed Mrs. Whitney's books for over 25 years now. The first book I picked up was The Golden Unicorn from my high school library. Over the years I have read every book I could find. I still have these books, they are all displayed in my home. Thank You for some wonderful stories and memorial characters.
Diane Hermone, CA

I have grown-up with your mysteries and have loved every moment of every book I have collected. Yes, the romance in them is wonderful and that you make strong women of the heroes in these books, but best all you teach us all facts we may never have learned about if not for your stories. Thanks you for the lessons along with the intrigue and entertainment a good book brings. Love and respect,
Penelope J. Whingham, North Hollywood, CA

Mrs. Whitney: Thank you for the wonderful stories. I grew up reading your mysteries. You were my beloved mothers favorite author and she collected all of your novels. When I turned 13 she presented me with the latest Phyllis Whitney book of my own, Domino. It is still one of my most prized possessions. I knew then I was growing up. She passed away in 2004 and I have all of her collection. I hope to pass them on someday.
Pam Lambert, AL

I loved that book, Silversword, lovable and mind boggling...Your dearest worshipper, that waits to read the next new thing you bring out from your touching genius mind.
Sesar Galvez, CA

I found this site when I wanted to recommend Ms. Whitney's juvenile mysteries to someone and I was looking for a list of titles. I've enjoyed many of her books and enjoy helping others find delight in them too. Thanks to Ms. Whitney for the great stories she's created and to the webmaster for these well-done pages about her and her works.
Valerie Kramer, Port Orford, OR

Recently I bought a copy of "Writing Juvenile Stories and Novels" at a library book sale. I selected it for the topic, as I'd been wrestling with plotting the sequel to a kids' novel I published in 2003, wallowing in disjointed bits and pieces. I was thrilled with the idea of creating the notebook and immediately made one and began entering all the "stuff" that was floating around in my head and on scraps of paper. It wasn't until I neared the end of this useful book that I realized that the author was none other than the person responsible for one of the FAVORITE novels of my teenage years---"Step to the Music"! What a bonus!! Thanks for the great reads and good advice!
Persis Granger, Trenton, FL

I have been reading your books since I was very young and have collected them and re-read then again and again. I have them all and wouldn't part with one of them. You are my favorite writer and I do a lot of reading. Nothing would thrill me more than to see a new Phyllis A Whitney novel.
Carmen Treat, MO

I have read a lot of her books and think that she is a extremely good writer her work has made a impact on me.
April Gamble, Stoughton, MA

Hi. Years ago when my children were in the late 60s. I read everything that Phyllis Whitney wrote along with Victoria Holt and others. Over the years I have been busy and haven’t read novels. Recently having more time in my retirement I went to the library and picked up Daughters of the Stars. I am hooked again...and will enjoy many long hours with Ms Whitney. Thank you.
Sylvia Collins, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Ms Whitney, I am a long time reader and thought I would tell you of an interesting coincidence. I was listening to Woman Without a Past on tape in 1994 as my husband and I were driving to Sedona, AZ. Before the book started it was noted that the book was dedicated to Sally Arteseros. My husband and I did a double take because he went to high school with Sally and we were going to see her at the upcoming reunion. My husband's twin brother Bill had maintained contact with Sally so when she attended our prereunion-party at the hotel she was nice enough to tell me a little about you and how much she enjoyed working with you. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and meeting someone that knew you. I have most of your books and have enjoyed all of them along with recommending them to friends that like the same type of books I do. I really like the extra touch about how you do your research before you write the book. I have had breakfast with Sally once in NY since we met and we exchange Christmas cards. I also have a wonderful letter from her where she mentions you and I keep up with her through my brother-in-law. She was kind enough to sign the book on the dedication page which I really appreciate. I just wanted to thank you for writing such wonderful books and giving me many memorable hours of pleasant and relaxing reading. My goal is to collect the few books that I am missing. A devoted reader,
Louellen Stewart, Granbury, TX

I am reading The Singing Stones on audio and have read many of her books before. I even read her mysteries for young adults 25 years ago! I was curious about her as a person and decided to try and find a website.
Liza Crowe, GA

The first fiction story book I read was the book of Ms. Whitney. I was pregnant then, I was reading for the purpose of the child development but later after the first book I came to appreciate and came to love reading books.
Ofelia Rovillos, Philippines

I have been reading Ms. Whitney's books since 1970. My aunt introduced me to her books. She has brought me many hours of pleasure and contemplation. Her writing is both intriguing and satisfying. I would like to wish her and her family the best always!
J. Vanags, CA

I was looking for information on one of her books. Went through Google to find her website. The book is SPINDRIFT and I really enjoyed it.
Chris, Millington, TN

How delighted I am to find this web site, I have been un-lucky in finding anymore of Ms. Whitney's publications, can someone please assist me. Thank you for years of reading pleasure. Now if I can only find more books.
Mrs. JM Kingston, Work

Hi there! I am a huge fan and addict of your wonderful books and I just had to say how amazing I think it is that you are still so active and creative at 101 years of age! Amazing! I also wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful books you've written...they are the ones I go back to again and again whenever I want to curl up with something familiar and fun, and I will always love and treasure them. Also, I wanted to say how much I love your Guide To Fiction Writing. I discovered it about a year ago and have read and re-read it dozens of times because it is just so perfect for me as far as actually getting my ideas out and into a concrete form. I hope someday to write books and have them be as loved as yours are...I think you're a neat lady and a very good writer and I hope that you are healthy and happy and have many more books up your sleeve! Take care,
Tracy Steen, CO

Phyllis Whitney books are the best. The first book I read was the Winter People. It was great! I wish I had that book now I'd like to read it again. Is there a full list of every book she has ever written? I would enjoy checking the list to see if I have read all of them.
Rosemarie Eppenstine, Trenton, NJ

I have been collecting Phyllis A. Whitney books for a long time. I have almost all of her books. I'm re-reading them right now for the 4th time. They are so good! My aunt worked in a library and got me started reading. The librarian there gave me my first Whitney book, and I've loved them ever since. I now work in a community college library. I didn't know there was a web site like this one, I just wanted to find out more about 1 of my favorite authors. Ms. Whitney, I love your books!
Laura Poole, Chadbourn, NC

Dear Mrs. Whitney: Thank you so, so much for all of the wonderful hours I've spent reading your books and taking me to different places all over the world. (I even went to Topsail Island, NC on a daytrip while vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC after reading Amethyst Dreams.) I can't wait until you release a new novel. I'm currently collecting your junior fiction and am saving them to read in future years. God has blessed you with such a wonderful gift and thank you for sharing it! God Bless You.
Melanie Jordan, Pittsburgh, PA

Phyllis, I was tasked with writing a book report in 8th grade, at the tender age of 13. Today I am almost 42 years old, and I still remember writing my book report about my all-time favorite book, Spindrift. I was so impressed by the fact that you hand-wrote me a personal thank you. I will never forget that. You made a huge impression on a very young girl. In fact, a girlfriend of mine and I were just discussing some of our favorite authors the other night. Your name was at the top of both of our lists. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. We will never forget you.
Melinda Magers, San Diego, CA

I have enjoyed her books for many years and was hoping to see a new one on the bookshelves sometime soon.
Cilla Bohanon, Waterville, ME

I love to read, and Phyllis A. Whitney is my favorite author! Her books are a wonderful escape from everyday worries and problems. Right from the first page, I become totally absorbed in her stories. She has brought pleasure to countless people! I found this site by doing a search on her name on
Sue Don Carlos, Tucson, AZ

I began reading Ms. Whitney's books as a preteen, in 1968. I recently bought a Reader's Digest condensed anthology of gothic tales, and "The Golden Unicorn" was included. I wondered if there was a website, and so have found it. I sincerely hope that she is doing well.
Sharon Mowatt, Evergreen, CO

I've read your books since grade school, I'm now 46, still reading and enjoying them. I'm introducing my 9 year old niece, Autumn, to you and your writing today. Together we are looking on your web site. I know she will come to love and collect your books as I do. I am partial to your book, Daughter of the Stars, since it takes place in our area. Thank you for a lifetime of reading.
M L Keyser, WV

Ms. Whitney, I don't want to scare you but I'm your Number One Fan! I have been enjoying your books for years and was curious about you and decided to look you up on the internet. I'll be looking forward to reading your biography. Best Wishes,
Sylvia Dickson, Houston, TX

I love your books and I hope you are able to continue with it as your readers enjoy it tremendously.
Shanna OHaire, Work

You are my favorite author. Happy Birthday.
Edith Collingsworth, Tazewell, TN

Thanks so much for many happy hours of reading. I've read almost everything that I could get my hands on but there are a couple of the early books that I haven't been able to acquire. I love your writing and I only wish you had more for us. You're wonderful! I've always wanted to try my hand at writing...but the difficulty for me is beginning. What else can I read that is like your writing?
Cathryn Syler, Ft. Collins, CO

Just wanted to say I've loved your books for many years. You were the very first mystery writer I remember reading. Thanks for all the wonderful books!
Shelley, Justin, TX

I found this sight by surfing the web, looking for information about Miss Whitney. I found it very informative, as well as interesting. She has given me many hours of reading pleasure with her many good books.
Bonnie Snyder, Houston, OH

Like so many others I've received much enjoyment from reading, or should I say devouring, Ms. Whitney's novels. I'm also happy to know there are at least two more I missed. Hurray for me and thanks go to Ms. Whitney.
Susan C. Wilcox, Wichita Falls, TX

Our little private Library just acquired a donation of many Whitney books. I need a list of the books for our Library. Thank you.
V. Loy Good, Librarian, Quaker Gardens Library, CA

I've been a big fan ever since my mother introduced me to your work when I was young. I'm trying to read all of your books and I am about half done. Then I will start over and read them again. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and thank you for inviting me to these magical places with you.
Cindy Martin, Atlanta, GA

I love your books.
Angle Boester, Nashville, IL

I just finished reading The Red Carnelian. I've never read a book that was written so long ago, unless you count the Bible! I just had to find out more about the author. A real life JB Fletcher! Cool! I live in Southern CA and spend many hours reading. Thanks for putting the web site up. I am going to read the rest of Ms. Whitney’s books now.
Toni Burns, Riverside, CA

Thank you Phyllis, for allowing all the wonderful information about yourself to be posted on your site. You have been my favorite author for as long as I can remember. Guide To Fiction Writing is my constant companion, beside my computer, within reach at all times. I recommend it to all writers. I have most of your books on my shelves, and can't wait to get my hands on your autobiography. God bless you.
Shirley Ann Gandy, TN

I thought I read a book by Ms. Whitney that was set in Saint Petersburg, FL. I can't remember the name. I would like to find the book to send to my friend in St. Pete. Can you help me with the title? I think it had to do with the cataloging of films or books. Seems like it was about either movie or theater characters. Thanks,
Patti, SC

I just turned 50 and my hubby was in moms' attic and found my copies of The Winter People, Sea Jade, Hunters Green, and Columbella...I bought them new. I am 100% disabled & am in need of several hobbies that don't involve hands or legs. I just started winter people for the first time in about 25 years..ha! When I saw the covers they each brought back special memories. I just had to check your site. You look just like the 'best friend' I always imagined!!! Thanks for the memories! Sincerely and with much love & respect,
Ann Rocher, Home

I have always loved your books!! You're a wonderful author with such a really wide imagination!!!! Thanx for great reading material!!!!
Mary Ann Thorn, Jamestown NY

I have read all your books except "The Quicksilver Pool" and "Red is for Murder" and those I have not been able to find. I dearly love your writing and am looking forward to reading your autobiography. Such pleasant reading time you have given me...Thanks.
Suzanne Hall, Walkersville, MD

I Love your books and for years I only read books you wrote. I have almost all of them and as other books come and go I will keep yours forever.
Doris Patke, Portland, OR

I have always loved to read. At an early age, I found Miss Whitney's books and have been an avid fan ever since. I still continue to visit exotic locations as I reread her books. While a junior in high school, I had the privilege to interview Miss Whitney at her home in Hope, NJ. I grew up in the Warren and Sussex County area of NJ. I still have the book, Listen for the Whisperer, that Miss Whitney signed which is dated March 1973, Jenny Jump Mountain. I look forward to her autobiography.
Sharon Hopkins, Moreno Valley, CA

I tell mothers with young daughters every chance I get what wonderful stories you have written and encourage them to buy them for their daughters! I read and re-read your stories often! Thank you for your wonderful stories!
Tenille Brock, Vernon, FL

What a thrill to discover your website! I purchase every audiobook of yours that I can get my hands on. You are at the very top of my favorite author list! Each book is a "can't-put-it-down" one. Thanks so much for your suspense-filled creative ideas. They've meant a lot to me.
Elaine Damsteegt, Jamestown, NY

You have been a favorite writer of mine as long as I remember. I am always looking forward to your next book. Your books make feel like I am actually in the place where your stories take place. I hope you keep writing for a very long time for I really enjoy reading your books.
Jan Tripconyjan, Dallas, GA

I just wanted to tell Ms. Whitney how much I enjoy her books. I have read a lot of her books and she is one of my favorite authors. Keep up the good work.
Mary Smith, St. Francisville, IL

The first book I read was The Ebony Swan and from the time I picked it up until I finished I was spellbound. I have truly enjoyed every one I have read.
Helen, San Antonio, TX

I have had five Phyllis A. Whitney books sitting on the shelf since the early eighties. I have a New Years resolution to read a book a week. I have read Poinciana, Domino and I just started The Glass Flame. I cannot get enough of your work. You are an excellent writer. I love how descript your writing is and all the twists you take me on. Traveling across country through your eyes is quite exciting. I am sorry it took me so long to discover your talents. I will read all your books and wanted to thank you for sharing your talents.
Phyllis Krizmanic, Munster, IN

I think that she is the best writer that has ever lived. Her books keep you wanting to read more. I hope that the books keep other people reading her books too. My fav. is Star Flight!
Heather, VA

After reading MYSTERY OF THE GREEN CAT with my 12 year old daughter, I was very interested in finding more books by Phyllis Whitney. Looking up MYSTERY OF THE GREEN CAT is how I found the web site. Questions: Is Whitney still writing? Has she written anything recently? How can I get a copy of all of her books? By the way, MYSTERY OF THE GREEN CAT was great reading especially for me (and I am not 12 years old...)
TL, Kennewick, WA

Dear Ms. Whitney: I read your book The Singing Stones I enjoy this book very much. This winter I plan on reading the rest of your books. Your last book was written in 1997 I hope you plan to write some more suspense books Thank you.
Sherry Bishop, Prescott, Ontario, Canada

Hi, I'm just learning how to use a computer and the internet. Phyllis Whitney has been a favorite writer of mine for years. She was born the same year as my mother, but unfortunately by mother passed away in 1990. She was born Dec. 13th and passed away on the 20th just after turning 87. I'm so happy Ms. Whitney is still alive but I haven't seen a book of hers for quite awhile. I don't think I've read them all but almost and I have about 15 of them. She is a great writer and story teller.
Ivlyn Mackie, Duchesne, UT

In 1989, I wrote to Ms. Whitney to request a copy of her book, "The Green Cat," that I liked so much as a teenager. She very kindly sent me a copy. I wrote to her three times in all, first, to request the book, then to thank her after she sent it to me, finally to tell her how much I enjoyed rereading it. She replied each time, and I have kept all three of her nice letters. I am delighted to learn that Ms. Whitney has been blessed with such longevity and will soon be 101 years young. I would like to make my correspondence with her, including copies of two of my three letters to her, available to Ms. Whitney's biographers, if they would be interested. And of course I intend to send her a birthday card!
David Bittner, Omaha, NB

Thank you very much for being a great writer. I have enjoyed your books ever since I was introduced to them by the Toledo Public Library. Your books have help me handle the shut-in feeling I have acquired since 2001 when I had to give up my teaching job to take care of my handicapped grandson. When reading your books I feel like I am traveling all over the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Carrol A. Fuller, Toledo, OH

I have enjoyed your books for years and years. My daughter loves them as well. You have given us many hours of reading enjoyment.
Judy Archer, Johnson City, TN

Ms. Whitney, like so many others, I read your books when I was young. My two favorites were "Mystery of the Haunted Pool" and "Mystery of the Green Cat." I read the former when I was 10, in just a few hours. I was staying at home while my family went out skiing. I read both books many times and now my daughter has my copy of "...Green Cat.” Thanks for years of entertainment.
Steve Murphy, Denver, CO

Hi, I am so happy to have found your website. I have been looking for "Mystery of the Green Cat" for more then 10 years. When we moved house my mother accidentally put it in a box to go to a charity organization. I always thought of the book, because I had never been able to finish it. Thank you so much for ending my 10 year search.
Margaret, Auckland, New Zealand

As a child, Ms. Whitney and I had a correspondence. She always wrote me back - as a writer today, I find that kindness extraordinary. I believe the quote she used in her How to Write Fiction book actually came from one of my letters. She will always be one of my favorite writers.
Kristie Thompson, Fayetteville, NC

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have been reading your novels since the late 1960's. You are a wonderful writer. Yesterday I happened to find one of your books I had never read, "The Singing Stones". I really enjoyed reading that novel, since it's so close to home. It made me feel like it was the 1970's again. Thanks for writing such wonderful and timeless novels. Yours,
Melissa Barb, Woodstock, VA

I think Phyllis Whitney is the best writer ever. I have most all of the books she has written and have read some of them twice. She has a talent like no other. I hope she is well and someday will write some more. I have to be the biggest fan she has.
Frances Morell, Athens, AL

The different book clubs do not list any of Phyllis' book. Those are the only books I like to have and read. Even, if I have read them. They bring me a way to use my mind and try to figure out who the person that cause all the problems is. I also like them because they give me love from my heart for the good men in the stories. Please let me know all the books that Phyllis has written and where I can buy over the internet. And please, have the book clubs offer those wonderful, great and mind holding books for sale.
SJ Arnold, Golden Valley, AZ

I read my 1st book by Ms. Whitney when I was 10 years old in 1970. It was "Mystery of the Haunted Pool". I've read a number of her books. Even today at 44 years old, I occasionally go to the library and check out one of her children's mysteries to read.
Philip Scarbrough, Atlanta, GA

Phyllis Whitney was one of the first authors I remember reading on my own. I have always enjoyed her stories.
Whitney A. Curtis, Bay Head, NJ

I enjoy reading your books. I found the web site by trying to get a list of all your novels. I did not know she was still alive . I think that is just wonderful.
Arlette Puryear, Wildwood, GA

I have all of Phyllis’ books was wondering if she is still alive and if so how old is she is an excellent author.

Looking for lists of her adult mysteries. Great books.
Ruth Burchard, KS

I totally LOVE her books and my Momma did also. I would love to read the autobiography when is it due out??
Belinda Robertson, Shamrock, OK

Dear Ms. Whitney, I just wanted to say your books are my favorite books to read. I wish I could pick a favorite book but every one I read is my "new" favorite. They are so captivating that I read them over and over again; never getting tired or bored. Wishing you all the best,
Valerie Mitchell, Tulsa OK

I have been a fan of Phyllis Whitney's books since my grandmother loaned me "The Stone Bull" many, many years ago. After many years of enjoyable searching, I own all of her adult novels in hardback, except "The Red Carnelian". I am still looking !!! A special thanks to Ms. Whitney for many, many hours of enjoyment reading and re-reading her books.
Sandy Hels, Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for the wonderful books. I have been dieting & exercising. Your books are the only thing that keep me going back to the gym. I take my book & my cd player and get lost in the story. I am now to the point that I love to go to the gym because that is my main reading time. You are helping me make myself a healthier person body & mind! I cant say thank you enough!!!!!
Cheryl, Work

Hello. To this day, I have a very hard time finding an author who writes in first person. I love your books because of the way you have of telling the story through the character. Third person is just boring to read after I've read your books.
Rachel Hust, Bismarck, ND

I love your books.
Victoria, TN

Long Live the Gothic Novel! I was introduced earlier this year to Phyllis A Whitney's works by my mother. I read devoured her two books during my visit and came home hungry. I've since found seven of her books locally and am now on a perpetual hunt. To see the internal struggles of the heroines disgorged, with a lucidity that is too patent for any reader to neglect, is enthralling. As I read, I will the character along the path of self-realization until she comes to the triumph of insight and sees herself for who she really is. Gifted storytelling and superb plot development combine with your flair for genuine characterization to produce pure literary treasures. I thank you!
Gina Pimentel, Buford, GA

I'm thrilled to know that a mystery writer I've known since adolescence is still with us. As a native Staten Islander, I'll never forget the day Ms. Whitney addressed my class at Dreyfus Junior High School. Please let her know that she has had quite an impact on me.
Natasha Isip, Staten Island, NY

I love your books they are adventurous and exciting . I am only 14 years old and I love your books. Favorite is Lost Island. I was wondering where I could get another copy. Because I dropped mine in the lake if u could let me know that would be great.
Phelisha J, Port Orchard, WA

I just had to type her name in , and this came up. I love her books, and own over 30 in hardback. I have been trying to find out her entire list of books for a while. Then I thought to check the internet. Thank you so much for your wonderful books.
Betty-Ann Jones

I have loved your writing for many years. Your are a treasure.
Paula Barnes, the library

I just love reading your books. You are my favorite author, and I just can't wait until I read all of your work. Just the thought of not knowing what is going to happen, is so great and wonderful. Thank you so much for letting my see life in a reality kind of way.
Ashley Herndon, Milledgeville, GA

I have loved your writing for many years. Your are a treasure. Oh, and happy belated birthday!!!!
Paula Barnes, the library

Dear Ms. Whitney, your books have been dear companions to me, since I first picked up one many years ago! I have read and reread your novels with the same enjoyment that I first had when reading your work as a young teen. And now I have introduced your books to my two Daughters. In fact, my eldest Daughter is in College to be a writer! So your books are by all means a Tradition of reading in our home. Your work is an inspiration and a joy to read; your driving sensitivity to the inner workings of your characters brings the drama and suspense of your stories to life! Such things as your imagination and creativity are often sorely lacking in today's culture. It is a with firm conviction of being an avid admirer that your readership passes along to the next generation of young women writers and readers...and we really thank you for the countless hours of pleasure and vivid stories you have painted for us. God has Blessed you and may He continue to do so!
Gina Draker, Ventura County, CA

I need more of your books. I just can't seem to get enough of them. Some are out of print you need to re-release them.
Peggy Abbaticchio, Staten Island, NY

You are a very wonderful writer and I admire you. Your book Daughter of the Stars is my favorite and you have inspired me to be a young writer. Thanks a lot.
Katie Marshall, AK

Ms. Whitney, I have been a longtime reader of your books .I am happy to see you are still writing. You have given me many wonderful years of reading and visiting places all over the world with without ever having to leave my seat. Many, many hours of enjoyment. Thank you so very much.
Michele Brocious, New Smyrna Beach, FL

I've been a fan of yours since highschool. I am 48yo and have read some of your books several times. I've read all the books that our local library has and now I am collecting as many of your books I can find. It's so fun finding your books that I don't have at garage sales, flea markets and antique stores. What attracted me mostly to your writing was the suspense with a little romance it kept me reading. Thank you so much for all the enjoyment you have given me throughout the years.
Linda Bissonette, Van Wert, OH

This author has been a favorite of mine since my teen years, and I'm now a grandmother. She never lets her readers down. It's always a thrill finding one I haven't yet read. And I can't wait for that autobiography to be published!
Cheryl Burbage, Shiloh, IL

Dear Ms. Whitney: I have been reading your books since the winter of 1981 when my first child was born. It did not take me very long to read all the books that my local library had that you had written. There are so many that stand out in my memory. Most notable are Dream of Orchids, The Ebony Swan, The Turquoise Mask and Moonflower. I see from the book list that there are quite a few I have not read, as yet. This is the first time I have been to this site. I just became aware that you are 101 years old. Happy Birthday! I am looking forward to reading your Autobiography when it comes out. I would love to know if you are planning on writing any more fiction. Take care. Best Wishes. A great fan
Val Mosher, Nova Scotia, Canada

Have just finished reading Ms. Whitney's book published in 1997. Have enjoyed it tremendously as all of her books that I have read. She is a gifted writer.
Pat Kelly, ME

I have read every one of your books, the first one I read was Window on the Square, it remains my all time favorite book! I was in high school at the time I am now a grandmother to a 3 yr. old granddaughter who I hope one day to introduce her to your books.
Joyce Young, Butler, PA

I had been listening to The Trembling Hills on tape and loving it. When I discovered that tape 15-16 was broken, I went to my library's website to see if I could just check out the book. Believe it or not, the Fairfax County Public Library system does not have this in book form - only tapes. While perusing information about the author, I noticed that she was born in 1903. I went to to see if I could order her book, and then clicked on her name and website. Ms. Whitney certainly has had an impressive career, and I was delighted to learn that she is still writing.
Carol Jaffrey, Falls Church, VA

Dear Phyllis, I was such a fan of your books as a young girl...just recently got a craving to re-read Hunters Green. I feel in love with Justin and knew if I ever had a son I would name him that name. I kept that promise to myself. I have a son and his name is Alec Justin. I’m so relieved to know I can still get hold of your books. As I was reading down the list of books you wrote, others I've read popped up. You made me love to read. Thank you!
Theresa Yutzy, Magnolia, OH

Hello Mrs. Whitney! You are my favorite writer of all time!! My favorite book that you have written is The Quicksilver Pool. Once again I really enjoy reading your books!! Sincerely!

Dear Phyllis, I have been a Phyllis reader since I was in high school over 35 years ago. I have most of your books. I cherish them all and continue to look for them when I travel, at auctions, or at garage sales. I'm so glad I found this site and have the opportunity to tell you thank you for what you have added to my love of reading!!!
Shari Hoeffner-Wheatley, Lyons, KS

I just bought your book on fiction writing and am very pleased. I also love your suspense books.
Ms. Noel Kehrlein, Santa Monica, CA

My first awareness of Phyllis Whitney was a book my daddy gave me it had two of her books in one. I was 15 years old. The reason this book was so important was my Daddy couldn't read anything but his Bible, could only spell his name. He knew I loved to read and he found this book at an old Dump. The names of them were Thunder Heights and Window in the Square. I am now 47 and I still have that book, I am also trying to find as many of her books as I can. I love the way she takes you to a place and then lets you walk with her and see the beauty and feel the feelings. Life is hard sometimes and when I read it takes me away to a place where I can rest and not think, but feel I can handle things again when I put the book down. My Daddy was a very proud man he went to dumps to get scrape iron to sell for us. He knew I loved books. Thank you each time I read your book I know my Daddy is saying Rita Gail, you’ll like this. Thank You Again.
Rita Baker, TN

I have enjoyed your books all of my life and was checking to see if I missed any. Thanks for all the hour of enjoyment.
Jackie Garelick, NY

Dear Ms. Whitney, I keep reading your books again and again and they never fail to thrill, amuse and serve my desire for some romance by the way... so far I’ve found some titles in antiquaries but you can get books in English easily in Berlin, so I will keep on collecting as hopefully you will keep on writing! With kind regards,
Martina Genest, Berlin, Germany

I have been a fan for many decades! It was a delight to find this website. And, I thought I had read all her books, but I had missed a few! It's nice to know I still have a few more "new" Whitney books to enjoy!
Marie Hashima Lofton, San Diego, CA

Hello, and Congratulations! reaching the century mark. May you have god's blessing and grace. I look forward to your autobiography or any literary work you care to write. I am sure there maybe a few works (short story or novel) that I haven't read, but I can say since childhood I've looked forward to a Phyllis Whitney novel (reading each one in the school library. Thank you for inspiring my life. I have the "Guide to Fiction Writing" and have finally said stop procrastinating (20 yrs) and put pen to paper. Besides I have the perfect How to Book. As a youngster, I knew if I had one of your mysteries I would be okay, and as an adult (now 46) I looked forward to a new work as one anticipates the arrival of a dear friend. I just stumbled across the site by putting in a search, but I'm sure I'll return for info on collecting and reading works I've yet to discover.
Nadine Benjain, NC

Congratulations! I am ashamed to say that I JUST found you, having picked up a book from our local Library - your 'Writing Juvenile Fiction'. This is an intriguing book, and will be so helpful to me. I am 67 and, having always been interested in writing, am now at last 'getting serious'! You are an inspiration to me, and I thank you so much.
M John Burton, Ontario, Canada

Dear Ms. Whitney: I found your web site by doing a search. I wanted to know how many books you had written as I've loved your books ever since I first discovered them back in the early 1970's. You were the first author whose books I bought once no teacher was giving me a required reading list. Mystery has been a favorite of mine since I first discovered libraries. My library contains only twenty-six of your works, all read multiple times and enjoyed more with each reading, so I have a lot of wonderful reading to look forward to in the future. Your engrossing story lines transporting me to exotic worlds, keep me reading all night and thrill me with delightful spine tingling suspense. My favorite thus far is Silversword. Imagine my delight to discover you, my late mother (she passed away last year at the age of 92) and her twin brothers nine years later all share the same birthday. No wonder I love your books so much. Your lovely Virgo spirit speaks to me. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and stories with the world. It's a much nicer place as a result. I wish you long life and wonderful health.
Mina Bellah, Portland, OR

Dear Mrs. Whitney - I believe I have read at least 80% of all your adult books, several times over. They are a great comfort and a way to completely escape the pressures of my life. It is interesting to see how each book is so different from any other book, each heroine unique, each situation different and fascinating. Right now I am reading Flaming Tree for about the 4th time as I love the connection with children - I have an emotionally disabled boy and Kelsey's patience with Jody is certainly something I must try and emulate every day! I was also interested to learn about the acceptance of "healing hands" at certain medical schools - certainly something I would like to try. Thank you again.
Deborah A. Chomiw, New York, NY

I learned about Phyllis Whitney from my Grandmother. We both read and enjoy her books. I have quite a collection. The first I read was 'Spindrift', as a teenager. She is one of my three favorite authors. Anyone looking for a good mystery to read should pick up any book by P. Whitney.
Donna, Jonesborough, TN

I have just started to read Daughter of the Stars and am enjoying it very much. I lived in Maryland, very close to Harpers Ferry for 58 years before I moved to Colorado and have learned much of the history of the area from your book. I plan to give this book to my mother and look for more of your titles in the future. Thank you for your clean and interesting style of writing.
Bonnie Gorman, Colorado Springs, CO

I love Phyllis Whitney's books. I continually look forward to her next one.
Linda, Brookline, NH

I just finished reading "Silversword" again and I wondered what Ms Whitney was up to now. I started reading her books when I was 10. I got them from the school library. I still am trying to read every one of them at least once. Some of them I've read several times. I learned about this site from a search on MSN.
Linda Corless, Beaver Falls, PA

Over the years I have read other Phyllis Whitney books, The Ebony Swan, Emarld, The Singing Stones, and others. After reading Daughter of The Stars I just felt compelled to look up the author of such fine books. I love being carried away to another time and era. I am truly sad but at the same time excited to come to the end of a book. I always feel I'm saying goodbye to a close friend. I love all of Ms. Whitney's books, I will not stop until I have read all of them.
Bertha Giddings, Coushatta LA

My name is Megan Funkhouser, and when I was in fifth grade I read three of her books. I find that all her books lead you around, until the end you do not know who did what. These are the type of books I love. She is a wonderful writer, like Agatha Christie.
Megan Funkhouser, School

I am so glad you are still among us! I value your work, and have used your wisdom in my own family searches. Blessings to you.
Nancy M. Harvey, Bigfork, MN

I have grown up reading your books. Now at 43 I have started re reading your books. I wish there were more authors like you.
Lee Steedley, Folkston, GA

Thank you for many hours of enjoyable reading. I am almost 50 now and have enjoyed your books since high school. I grew up in very small towns where there was nothing to do. Your books gave me many hours of enjoyment and saved me from boredom in these little towns. I do admire you and thank you again for providing me with your books.
Diana Stachowiak, Houston, TX

I discovered Phyllis Whitney's books when I was a teen-ager, and I read as many as I could get my hands on, starting with Sea Jade. Her books transported me to exotic locales, and fired my imagination. She still continues to inspire me; as a writer, I have come to rely on her Guide to Fiction Writing. Phyllis Whitney is a truly remarkable writer and woman; I will look forward to reading her autobiography.
Maureen Mackey, Beaverton, OR

I love your book Thunder Heights!
Arley Jo Erickson, Jefferson City, MO

Phyllis Whitney is the best mystery author I've read!
Erin, School

Dear Phyllis, You are one of my favorite authors. I can't stop reading your books. They are so good to read, I can't put them down. Love,
Eva Leaf, Otter Lake, MN

I have collected, read and maintain every book I can find of Ms. Whitney and am always looking for a new one. Her books have brought me much reading enjoyment. I realize she will soon be 101 years of age and have read that she is writing her autobiography. I was at a local bookstore today and they told me she had a new book in 2003 called "Creole holiday" which in my inventory states it was written in 1959. Am I correct or has Ms. Whitney rewritten an old title? Thank you.
Darlene Howard, Las Vegas, NV

Dear Ms. Whitney, You are an absolute master of the story! You have a tremendous gift of telling the story and truly making the reader feel as if they are right there. Thank you so much for all the pleasure you have brought to so many people. I, like thousands of others, am eagerly awaiting your autobiography. I wish you continued health and once again thank you for sharing so much of yourself with the all of us!
Michelle Horst, MI

I have been a great fan of Phyllis Whitney for many years. I have read all of her books. In recent years I have been commuting a long way every day and would love to have all of her books in an audio format. Unfortunately I have only found a couple. I would like to know if there are more and where I might find them if there are.
Denice Sumpter, Denver CO

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney for years and own most of her books. I met her once in a bookstore in Staunton, VA and talked with her for a bit. I was fascinated by her. I found this on Internet and am so happy to learn that she is writing an autobiography. I will be looking for it to come out. Thank you for your information.
Dorothy W. Powell, Waynesboro, VA

During the early 90's I bought Star Flight & The Ebony Swan and loved them so that I read the books again recently. I was searching for more books by Phyllis Whitney via the internet and was so happy and grateful to find this web site. I was able to order all the adult suspense books ( must love me!) and I have been absolutely devouring them. I am saving the first (The Red Carnelian) for last. I would like to thank Ms. Whitney for the many hours of enjoyment her books have given me. I am eagerly awaiting her autobiography.
Dina Marie Kulzer, Long Beach, CA

I have been an admirer of yours, Ms. Whitney, for many years. Your books are tops and have inspired me to try my hand at writing. Thanks, for being an inspiration.
Audrey Thibodeau, AZ

I just finished reading Star Flight and once I started I couldn't put it down. Phyllis is a great writer with so much interest. I now want to visit the place she so much described in her book.
Elizabeth A. Smith, Madison, VA

Hi Phyllis, I am so privileged to email you and tell you how much I enjoy your mystery books. "Amethyst Dreams" is especially dear to me as it takes place in that Legendary place Top Sail Island, N.C. where I once spent 2 summers vacationing. You must be so proud to be at least 100 years old and know that you have contributed your wonderful writings to the mystery lovers of the world! I am looking forward to reading and owning your autobiography when it is published.
Jan Anderson, Dover, DE

As an aspiring writer starting at the age of 42, I came across Ms. Whitney's exceptional book, Guide to Fiction Writing, in our library. The book is straightforward and very instructional with practical advice I could find nowhere else. It is an inspiration and I am now endeavoring to find and read her novels. Sincerely
Julie Ashley, West Monroe, LA

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books since I was 10 years old and I still read them over and over again and I'm now in my forties. She is the best writer and always will be. Stephanie Fuller, Whitehall, OH

Hi from Minnesota, USA........I have most all, if not all of Phyllis Whitney’s books....I have had to look very carefully for the oldest ones though...she is by far my most favorite author.....I love her style of writing......wish she were still writing books....she is a treasure....hugs and kisses to you Phyllis,
Anna, MN

Thank you, Phyllis Whitney, for a lifetime of wonderful novels!
Terri, FL

Dear Phyllis, I just wanted to let you know how important your work has been to me over the years. I left home as a new bride when my young husband was drafted into the U.S. army during the Viet-Nam era. Where ever we were stationed, I always found one of your books written about the very area we were stationed in. That really helped me alot and I want to thank you for all of the joy your work has given me. We are retired now and I share my coveted books with my daughters and will also know the joy of introducing my granddaughter to the wondrous world of your stories. Thanks again, Ellen Parks
Ellen K. Parks, Carrollton, GA

Her books are wonderful. One of my favorite is: Woman with out a Past. It is written with my home town in mind. Charleston, S.C. One of the most beautiful Cities in the U.S. I have several of her books and would like to add all of her books to my library. Thanks Phyllis for interesting, good quiet reading time.
Mary Anne Erlinger, AK

Very informative site! I have been reading her books since I was a teenager--she is a great author!
Linda Adkins, OH

When I was in the sixth grade I happened upon "The Golden Unicorn" at a library book sale. I've been in love with her work ever since. I have managed to collect almost all of the adult suspense novels. Thank you, Mrs. Whitney, for your amazing talent.
Nikki Manuel, Lafayette, LA

Phyllis Whitney is my favorite of all the authors I have read. I have a very large collection of her books and am forever searching for the ones I do not have. What a delightful lady she must be.
Judy Walker, TN

Ms. Whitney: I have read all your romance suspense novels from The Red Carnelian to Daughter of the Stars, anxiously awaiting the next one to come out. You have kept me spell-bound, reading a book in 3 days of leisure time. I kept waiting for the next one after Daughter of the Stars, but assume it was your last one. Thanks for so many years of delightful reading. Before your books, I read all of Nancy Drew's books as a teenager. God has truly blessed you and your readers.
Geri Vallotton, Knoxville, TN

Dear Ms. Whitney, I am 15 years old and this summer I found one of your books at my summer house, Ever After, I loved it! Now I want to read all your other young Adult novels! Thank you so much! I hope you are well and having a good 2004! PS I am having a hard time finding your other books, where are they available?
Alex Brinkman-Young, Portland, ME

I'm glad to have found this site. I was wondering if Ms. Whitney was still writing, because seeing a new book by her on the library shelves has always been like stumbling across treasure. It's been too long.
Anne Roudabush, VA

I googled Phyllis' name to find this web-site. I was so excited to find it because I have loved her since my youth-novel reading days of the '70s. She has made such an impression on me that my daughter's name is "Whitney"! Good luck to you Phyllis & I look forward to reading your autobiography almost as much as all of your mysteries!
Gwen Hoffmann, Work

I have been an avid fan of Phyllis Whitney's novels since her work was introduced to me when I was in junior high school, some twenty years ago. As a child, I rarely went anywhere outside my small hometown in Arkansas. However, by reading Ms. Whitney's novels I explored places along with her, and I treasured these journeys in my mind. As an adult, I have been able to visit many of the places that she had written about, and it's been a joy to find out that she had written about them so clearly and accurately. Thank you, Ms. Whitney, for not only encouraging a young person to read, but also for helping me realize that there is so much in this world to explore. Your books helped me love the diversity that other cultures, people and places have to offer. I'll be eternally grateful to you for that. Best wishes and good health to you! Fondly,
Jathan E. Fink, Loveland, OH

You've given me many hours of pleasure. Because of your book, The Golden Unicorn, I have been a unicorn collector for most of my life. Thank you for good, thought provoking stories without smut. Best wishes to you in your hundredth year!
Holly Price, Memphis, TN

Dear Ms. Whitney, I am 15 years old right now. I've been reading your novels for about 2 years now. I LOVE your writing! I am so inspired by you that I plan to start writing my own romantic-suspense novels to follow in your footsteps. Over the past 2 years my friend and I have been...obsessed with discovering a book we haven't read by you. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for writing and bringing reading into my life and into the lives of so many others. If it had not been for you, I probably wouldn't read any novel at all (unless it was necessary for school.) You are ONE in 18 MILLION! Keep writing!!!!! You are admired by soooooooo many people!
Thuy (twee) Kim, Birmingham, AL

I was just browsing and thought I'd look for Phyllis Whitney on the web since you are one of my alltime favorite writers. You inspired me to try to write a novel of my own, which I just completed, and I am now working on a second. I have read all of your novels and I can't wait to read your autobiography. Congratulations on a wonderful life.
Jeanette E. Tackett, Arlington, TX

Phyllis Whitney was my introduction to adult mystery and suspense. Since my teens I have enjoyed reading her books and now am in my early 40's, I still can't get enough. I was very delighted to know that she is still going strong at 100 and writing her autobiography. I look forward to reading it. Thank you for many hours of reading pleasure. Sincerely,
Jessica, Denver, CO

Hello, I was wondering when Ms. Whitney's autobiography will be coming out? I am looking forward to reading it. Thanks!
Kelly, Atlanta GA

I've enjoyed your books for many years and treasure an autographed copy of WOMAN WITHOUT A PAST; and I expect to enjoy re-reading Phyllis Whitney mysteries for a long time to come. I really look forward to your autobiography. As an aspiring novelist, I've found that your approach to writing and your GUIDE TO FICTION WRITING have served as beacons in my own work as I complete a second mystery novel and work toward selling the first. Thanks for providing pleasure for so many for so long.
Evangeline O. Piper, Old Hickory, TN (near Nashville)

I have read every book written by Phyllis Whitney over and over and over again. It is always wonderful to escape into her world and her characters leaving the stresses of the world behind for a short period of time. Thank you for every moment of enjoyment with your stories.
Pam, San Luis Obipso, CA

When I was 14, I read "Silverhill;" it was my first grown-up book. It's still my favourite Phyllis Whitney novel. I've been hooked every since. No one can throw a surprise ending in a reader's face as skillfully as Ms. Whitney. She's marvelous.
Jane, IN

Dear Phyllis, I continue to be a devoted fan to your interesting and informative novels. When I read SILVERSWORD this past year, I was impressed with the sensitive details you included. I read recently that this was the home of your father. How well you honored him with your research. Please continue to be well.
Lynn D. Lockwood, Brick, NJ

I have been reading Mrs. Whitney's books for about two years now. I have read every book I can get my hands own. I enjoy reading them. I would like to know if she writes under another name.
Connie Autrey, Windfield, AL

HI! Phyllis! I have so enjoyed your books through out all these years! Every yr. I would await your next one!
Linda Roach, Plano, TX

My father gave me "The Trembling Hills" on my thirteenth birthday in 1973 and I loved it. I have enjoyed your books ever since. I am now enjoying your stories on audio books too whilst I work. Thank you.
Ali, England

I have just discovered Phyllis Whitney and hope to read all her adult novels and turn my grandchildren on to her as well. What a wonderful writer. She has brought and area on the country so vividly into my mind that I can't wait to visit there "Daughter of the Stars" I came to this site looking to see if she was still writing. I also hoped I would find a genealogy site for the people in the "Daughter of the Stars" I love her stories. This is the second book of her's I have read and plan to continue until I read all of them.
Patti Franks, N.J. born in VA

I've been reading Phyllis Whitney books for 25+ years and I love them. I'm in the process of collecting your books because I love to read them again and again.
Tammy Roberts, TN

I've enjoyed your books since I was a young girl and now that my daughter is reading novels, I'm excited to share your books with her. Your books helped me gain such a love of reading! Thank you for so many great stories!
Suzanne Nikolaisen, Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you very much for your wonderful books. I really look forward to quiet time with one of your wonderful stories.
Liz Kelsch, Grand Rapids, MN

Hello, again, Ms. Whitney! I am seeking an agent for my mystery/suspense manuscripts that I liken to the Romantic Suspense that you, Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt and many others perfected from the 50's on. I'd had contract that garnered few reads as her caseload was so heavy. Since severing that relationship, I have been re-writing and now feel I am ready to jump into the fray. I thought perhaps you might have some advice. Thank you for all the years of wonderful books, hopes and dreams. Best wishes.
Alice K. Arenz, Kansas City, MO

You are an amazing writer - and I love your books. Thank you for all you have done.
Tanya, OK

Phyllis Whitney is my favorite author!! My grandmother got me hooked as a teen. Ever since then we would hunt for her books at secondhand book stores or buy her latest book and share them. Her name was Phyllis as well. When my grandmother died, I took our collection of Phyllis A. Whitney books and now they are living on my bookshelf in my living room where I can see them all the time. I have great memories of reading those books and conversing with my grandmother about the latest story I just read. So not only do I love Phyllis's books and read them over and over, they also remind me of my grandmother and all the wonderful times we've had together.
Chrissy McCuistion, Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Ms Whitney, You've brightened my fifty years, fifty times over, and over again. Thank you!
Sandra K. Ingram, Lincoln, CA

I am a long-time fan of Phyllis Whitney and I have read all of her adult mysteries. She had written a number of books set in areas of the country that I am familiar with and her descriptions are like looking at the real thing! Her books have brought me many hours of reading enjoyment. I look forward to reading her autobiography.
Pam K, Asheville, NC

I am a huge fan of Phyllis Whitney and have been buying her books on ebay. I have all but three, and they are the oldest ones. Moonflower, Trembling Hills and Red Carnelian (Red is for Murder). I will keep looking and am enjoying the search.
Sharee R, TX

Phyllis Whitney is my all time favorite author. No one can create the suspense and the surprise endings like she does.
Ginger W, Shawnee, OK

Thank you for being you and giving us so much entertainment for so long. I'm really looking forward to the autobiography. I learned about this site by typing in the name of one of my favourite authors.
Judith Lawrence, Filey, North Yorkshire, UK

Greetings, I stop by periodically to find out if Ms. Whitney is going to publish another book. I've collected and have moved with all the adult novels she's ever written and they move with me from continent to continent. I've read them all possibly hundreds of times and still find pleasure in each one. I look forward to the autobiography. Continued good health... p.s. thanks for so much pleasure. Sincerely,

Phyllis, I have so enjoyed reading your books. You will always be my favorite mystery author as no one can write like you. Thank you for all the enjoyment your books have brought me. May God Bless you, Your devoted fan
Sue Schober, AZ

Dear Ms. Whitney, how can I pay tribute to such a wonderful, gifted writer? Your books enriched my childhood beyond my ability to convey. I am now 51 and have been reading your books since I was eight years old. For as long as I can remember, I've had an intense desire to travel and experience other cultures, a longing that I attribute, in large part, to your books, with their mysterious aura and vivid imagery of exotic, faraway places. My favorite remains "The Mystery of the Golden Horn," which I recently read to my son, who was as enraptured as I was when I first read it. I treasure your books. I will always be grateful to you for creating captivating adventures that led me far from my own small world. With great fondness and admiration,
Rita, OR

Dear Ms. Whitney, I am so thrilled to have found your website! I read your books as a child, and then your Writing for Children book when I decided I wanted to make it my career to be a children's author. I'll particularly treasure that anecdote of when you were sitting at a conference on mystery writers with a lady beside you who turned to you and said, 'but they never tell us the secret to it'. And you got up and said, "You just have to want it enough." You can't imagine the number of times that kept me going when the rejections poured in. Now I'm a children's author myself with six books published and my seventh under contract and have my own website. Thank you again for your lovely books! All the best and happy 100th!!!
Rukhsana Khan, Canada

You were one of my first literary genre passions. I hope that at 100 I am still going as strong.
Jane Yolen, MA

I once again visit this website hoping to see and update on how she is doing and if she has completed her autobiography. I look forward to reading it! I have been enjoying her books for years and have just started writing myself.
Bridget Forsyth, Wilson, NY

Hi there ~ the first of her books that I read was "The Turquoise Mask," and I have loved her books ever since. My favorites are "Rainbow in the Mist," "The Ebony Swan," and "Star Flight." I have read every one of her books in the library and own as many as I can find, but they're mostly out of print - including Rainbow in the Mist. Sad. So, does anyone know where to get them? Please email me!
Kiera Rachelle, CA

I was going through so books one night looking for another book to read. I had read almost everything I had. I ran across one of your books. The Sea Jade. I was hooked from the start. Since then I had read many more and I am trying to find your books for the younger groups for my kids. It has not been easy. It just goes to show that people must love your books and are holding on to them. Just like I do.
Julie Sanders, Grinnell, IA

I found this informative web site through, to which I turned in order to get a complete list of Phyllis A. Whitney's books. She is a special favorite of mine. I like the orderly and thorough manner in which this site is presented.
Barbara A. Bertine, Winston-Salem, NC

I am so in love with you books. I can't get enough of them. I love the mystical under tones to her books. I'm really into crystal, oils and the powers that be. Blessed be to you Phyllis Whitney.
Wendy Navarro, MN

I found this site through a Microsoft search engine. I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books for about 10 years; since I was in my mid-teens. I have always enjoyed the way Ms. Whitney makes the setting of her stories come to life; making me feel as if I've traveled to a place that I may not have heard of before. Once I pick up one of her books, it takes real effort to put it down again. I have always been a voracious reader, and Ms. Whitney is an author I return to again and again. When I pick up one of her books I haven't previously read, I feel excited knowing I will be transported to a new place, with a story so skillfully woven and characters so vibrant that the book will come to life in my mind with no effort at all. Ms. Whitney has a rare gift; and I am supremely grateful that she has shared this gift with her readers!
Laura Horner

I loved your books. Nice webpage too!
Paul Gilbert McFetridge, Canada

The way I found your website was that I "googled" the author. My friend in Pennsylvania sent me "Feather on the Moon" because we had visited Victoria, BC together and she thought I might enjoy revisiting some of the sights. (I did!) You have a lovely, informative site. I just can't believe that Ms. Whitney wrote the above mentioned book at about age 85 and that she is still writing at 100. Bravo! As I am in my 50s, this gives me great hope for the future. As a teacher, I will check out some of her juvenile fiction for my students. Thanks for the excellent information.
J. A. Hector, Vancouver, WA

I found your website after performing a search on the Internet. My purpose was to see if there were any books written by Miss Whitney that I have missed. I have enjoyed her books for some time now. When I find myself out of new books I always return to Miss Whitney in search of a new book. Or, one that I may have missed. I want to thank her for so many fine hours of reading. I have always enjoyed each read. I only wish I could get copies of the ones that I have missed from years past. Thank you again Miss Whitney.
Bonnie Sturgis, DE

I've loved Ms. Whitney’s writing since I was about 13 (I'm almost 24 now) and began my campaign to own all her adult books. I reached my goal about 3 yrs ago, and I've not regretted it at all. She's given me many hours of enjoyment, and frustration when I couldn't figure out whodunit!!)I recommend her to all people looking for a good love story and unsolvable mystery all in one!!!
Jalynn, MN

When I was a fourth grader in l972, I began reading with great intensity. My school library had a wonderful collection of Phyllis Whitney books. I was hooked! As I grew older, I completed every book the local public library offered by her. She is the reason I love to read. No one has ever kept my suspense up until the end of a book like she has. She is a treasure!
Cathy Fulcher, Martinsville, VAHello, I was wondering if the lovely Ms. Whitney was still around and surprisingly she is!! I have read and reread her books my whole life. These books are in my personal library and are treasures!! Thank you for the lifetime of good reading. I enjoyed every book I got my hands on and read some of them two and three time. Thank you! I shall remain a faithful fan.
Laura Lamberta, Vernon, CT

Happy belated 100th birthday to you, Phyllis Whitney. I had the pleasure of meeting you at a writers' conference, and your Writing Juvenile Fiction, 1960, was the first book I used in pursuing my writing career. Thank you for your inspiration.
Leone Castell Anderson, Stockton, IL

I just read about the site on another web page. I'm a long time fan of Ms. Whitney's and have enjoyed reading many of her suspense novels and writing books. I would love to read her autobiography, as her writing helped inspire me to write my own stories. Bless Ms. Whitney. She is a writer of excellence!
Lucy Kubash, MN

"The Stone Bull" was her first book I ever read. This was when I was (I think) still in high school & I'm over 40 now. I thought it was incredible & I was hooked. I've since read every book of her's I could get my hands on except some of the ones for young people. I found out about this site when I visited Harper's Ferry, WV in February 2004. Having read "Daughter of the Stars" & knowing she'd been there & written a book with Harper's Ferry as the location, I inquired about her at one of the bookstores. The woman working the store told me about the site. I'm saving all my books so that when my daughter is old enough she will get to enjoy them as I did.
Anne Townsend, Powhatan, VA

Hello! I came across Phyllis' site when I was researching the family of her husband, Lovell Jahnke, who was a cousin of mine. I corresponded with Phyllis some twenty-five years ago when I was considering publishing a novel I had written. I think the book was not publishable, and I went in other directions, but she was very helpful and understanding, and I was thankful for that. She was charming.
Stanley McDonald, St. Clair, MI

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have read all your adult books over and over again except for 2 which is Sea Jade and Seven Tears for Apollo. these are the only ones I don't have in my collection of your books (I have double copies of some, mind you!) which I have inherited from my late uncle (himself a PAW fan) who was instrumental in developing my admiration for you. I have been looking for a copy each of the above mentioned titles when I was still living in the Philippines. But to no avail. I just finished reading amethyst dreams today. I was able to get a copy from our local library. God bless, Ms. Whitney.
Maria Garin, BC, Canada

Hi. I found this site by typing in the name of one of my long term favourite authors. I was introduced to Phyllis' books in my early teens by my mother who loved them. I have read just about all of them... I can't wait to read the autobiography. Thanks for so many great reads,
Rosina, Lincoln, England

I have enjoyed reading Miss Whitney's books for the past twenty years. I have recently started collecting hardcover copies of all of her novels to pass on down to my family. I love them!
Shari Pearson, Powder Springs, GA

I've read all of your books for years now. I'm 73, and have vision problems, so now listen on tape. Blessings to you.
Marjorie L. Stump, Liberty, MO

Phyllis A. Whitney's books are all very good. One of her books should really be turned into a movie. I would love to watch them. They are all very good..
Brittany J, AZ

When I was a young girl and an avid reader it was your mystery books that inspired me to read on and overcome a condition of dyslexia. Thank you so much.
Jennifer F. Giavedoni

In my opinion, Phyllis Whitney is the greatest author of modern times. I have every book she has ever written.
Barbara Wargo, FL

Dear Ms. Whitney-I love all of your books. I read them for entertainment and also inspiration as I am an aspiring novelist. Please accept my sincerest best wishes for continued success.
Kelly L. Stone, Atlanta, GA

Phyllis is my very favorite author and has been for many years. I accidentally found this web site. I am new to computers and it said anything I was interested to enter in a box and push search, I did and found this site. I really enjoyed the information on the author. Thank you for all of the reading enjoyment through the years.
Gayle Camp, Vincent, OH

I love Phyllis Whitney I am only 12 years old and I discovered quite a few of her books in our library and I have read them all! She is the best author ever!
Kyrie, New Mexico

I've been reading Ms. Whitney's novels since 1970. One of my kids just asked me if she is still living, and I said, "I think so. I wonder if she has a website." Within seconds, here I am!
Joy Pineros, Greer, SC

I just wanted you to know that I have read all of your books that my High School Library holds. I love them all. My friends ask what's my favorite book because they see me read all the time, I'm like screw that just ask me my favorite author, you have too many good books, I can't choose a "favorite one." I'm writing a short story for my english teacher. I haven’t written a story before, but I'm gonna write one now and see if my teacher thinks it's good enough for me to start thinking of writing. My sister helps me out with some ideas, she likes to write poems, some of her poems have been published. If I do write a good story and it's good enough to think about a career, then I want to say thanks. You really have inspired me.
Melissa Hulsey, Larned, KS

Hello, I have been a fan of your books for many years. I have read the majority of them. The strong women characters in them were inspiring to me. I needed that as a young person just graduating out of college. I have been a teacher for 7 years and I am always looking for high quality books for my class and my personal reading time. I was curious to know if you had written anything recently, so I searched the www (Internet) for information about you. Thank you for the adventures! Sincerely,
Mrs. Kristal McKnight, Dayton, OH

I am 49 years old and have read Ms. Whitney's books since I discovered "The Mystery of the Haunted Pool" while a child. I plan to purchase a copy for my young daughter as soon as I can locate one. I have had many, many years of pleasure reading the works of Phyllis A. Whitney!
Kathy Bergold, Branson, MO

One of the most fantastic writers to date! Ms. Whitney, what an inspiration you are! Love, love, love your work.
Theresa, MO

I have been a fan of Phyllis A. Whitney's for many years. He book, Guide to Fiction Writing, I have practically memorized over many years of wearing my copy almost out. I have glued it back together and put on a new cloth binding. I have always enjoyed her immensely.
Stephen H. Slatton, My home

I have enjoyed Phyllis Whitney's books since I was a teenager... many years ago. One of my most prized books is a signed copy of "Star Flight". (The Book and Gourmet Gift Gallery - Charlottesville, VA in Oct. of 1993.) We were passing through on our way to the ocean and could not stay for the signing, but I placed my request and had the book shipped. My regret is that I never had the honor and pleasure of meeting my favorite mystery author.
Mrs. Elizabeth Tuccinardi, Chillicothe, OH

I used Google to find this site as I needed a complete list of her books, as I have over 50 already and I want the whole collection I stated reading her books in 1976-77. She came to Victoria and used it in one of her books. I wish I had known she was here it would have been neat to meet her and show her around my home city.
Diana Scott, Victoria, BC, Canada

I started reading Phyllis Whitney books, by chance, a few years ago and now I am constantly checking the library for books that I haven't read before.
Sandy Siemens, Canada

I love reading your books. I am doing a research paper on you, my favorite author.
Latitia Hayes, Goodwater AL

I have always loved Phyllis Whitney's books, and just went to the internet to see if there were any books I hadn't read. Her books are exciting, clean, and just plain good. I wish she could continue writing forever.
Connie Ashby, Chattanooga, TN

Hi I am a fan of your books. I have quite a collection of your books. I am still missing a few though. Most of my books are first printings. I keep looking in used book stores for the books I still don't have. I found your site out of curiosity. I am looking for a complete list of your Mystery Novels. I am hoping I will be able to find it on your site. I am now going to go browse. Love your books.
Madeline Primeau, Whitby, ON just outside of Toronto

I have been a fan for many many years. I think I have read nearly every book published (fiction), some of the early books have been hard to find, but I am still looking for a few of them. I was wondering if there will be any more. I hope so. Sincerely,
Betty Israel, work

We searched the web to find biographical information about Ms. Whitney. Mom reads as many of her books as she can, particularly now that they are available in large print. We think it is wonderful that Ms. Whitney is still writing and cannot wait for her autobiography to come out.
Carol Thompson, Naples, FL

I have been a fan for a long time. I really enjoy every book I read by Phyllis Whitney.
Mikel, Plainview, TX

I just wanted to say that I have read almost all of the Phyllis A. Whitney books in the local library (I only have two left) and all of the Whitney books in the local school library. She is without a doubt MY favorite author, and I would like to get my hands on the other books she has written, that aren't available in the small town in which I live, and THANKS to her, for the many hours of enjoyment!
Brittany L. S., McGehee, AK

Just want to thank you for all the years of enjoyable reading. I have almost all of your books, just missing two. One of the big reasons I enjoy your books is because there isn't any bad language in them. I am a very old- fashioned person. Every four years I go back and reread your books, as a matter of fact I am now rereading "Rainbow In The Mist". Thank you again.
Audrey E. Barr, South Woodstock, VT

Dear Ms. Whitney, Thank you. You have made so many boring days and sleepless nights much more enjoyable. Ps. I'm a second if not third generation fan. Again, thank you from myself, my mother and my grandmother.
Elizabeth Leah Grossman, Kalamazoo, MI

Hi I wanted to know if Ms Whitney was still alive so I went to Google and found this site. I have enjoyed many of Ms Whitney s books as a child and adult. I am 49. I have a large number of them and reread them periodically. They are good traveling companions.
Jane Nohle, Lisle, NY

I love Phyllis A. Whitney's novel "The Golden Unicorn". It's a great book. I'm only in 8th grade and I think she is a very skilled author.
Danielle V., Computer

We are spending the month in Palm Springs, CA and today took the tram up the mountain. My initial knowledge of the tram ride came from the book, Emerald, which I read several years ago. Now I want to review it as I have BEEN THERE! This was only one of the many books of Phyllis Whitney's I have read. The changing settings of the books have always motivated my travel bug. Thanks for many hours of pleasure.
Jane Fink, Palm Springs, CA

I loved to read Phyllis Whitney's mystery novels for young people back in the 1950s, so when I "graduated" to the adult section in our wonderful public library, the first "adult" novel I chose was The Quicksilver Pool. I've been hooked ever since. Keep writing!
Anne Gardiner, Lawrenceville, GA

Dear Phyllis, Just checking up to see what's new with a dear friend! I am currently reading Silversword- somehow I missed it when it came out. I am really enjoying reading about Hawaii from your characters' point of view- a different look than we normally get through books or movies. My all time favorite book of yours is Lost Island - I found my Mom's copy when I was seven, and have been a fan ever since. I have reread that book numerous times, and it thrills me anew with each reading. The Winter People is also really, really good. Thanks for all the great stories!
Ann Nickolson, Orlando, FL

I have practically all the adult mystery books of Ms. Whitney in my collection except for the hard to fins "Seven Tears for Apollo" I’ve just finished reading "Amethyst Dreams" recently which, luckily I was able to find in the city library. I hope Ms Whitney will be able to come out with more books for hours of enjoyment.
Maria, BC

Dear Phyllis, I just want to let you know what a real treasure your books have been in my life. I started reading them in Middle School, and haven't stopped! Now, as a college senior, I still get a thrill each time I read one of your books. I know I will treasure them for a lifetime. Thank you for bringing such joy into my life, and the lives of so many others, with your wonderful books. You are truly a national treasure! Best wishes!
Kim Loftis, Mars Hill, NC

I have been reading these books for many years. I still have the copies of all my books and have loved each and every one. Thank you for all of the great stories.
Ann Jesus, CA

Ms. Whitney, I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your books since 1964 when my mother gave me a subscription in a book club. The first book I read was Hunters Green; I've read this over and over again. I want to thank you so much for all writing such wonderful books. I have the whole collection of the adult novels which I read many times over. You're a wonderful person, Ms. Whitney!
Linda Stearns, GA

I really loved this site. It included a long, detailed bio on Ms. Whitney, which I really, really needed to finish up an assignment. Thank you for creating this web page!!

I have enjoyed your stories so much. They usually had a happy ending & that is not a bad thing, in the world we live in today.
Shirley, FL

I found a R.D. condensed book. I don't even remember where I got it. I love to read books that tell about different parts of the world. Places I well never go. Love mystery and suspense is a must but not like some of the books that our out there. Silversword was my first book of Miss Whitney to read. Looking forward to reading more of her books.
Margo. C Bradley, Lubbock, TX

I've always loved "Feather on the Moon" and "Rainbow in the Mist." I just finished re-reading Rainbow in the Mist, I read it when I was in high school. It's sort of neat because it's set in Virginia. And now I live 1hr past Charlottesville, VA and my favorite writer lives around that area too. I would love to meet her and have her sign my books. If at all possible?
Katherine Christensen, Lynchburg, VA

I discovered Phyllis Whitney as a young adult and J have read nearly every thing she has written. I am saddened that there has been nothing since her last book, so I am rereading her books. My daughter and my granddaughter have also discovered her and are reading her for the first time. Thank you for the wonderful hours of reading you have given us.
Betty Bryant, Gainesville, GA

I just about have every book that you have written M. Whitney. There always seems to be some little twist to the story and it always keeps you guessing. I have at times, sat down on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and completed the book in one sitting. Another thing that I like about your books, actually two: no bad language and no sex. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June E. Anderson, Panama City, FL

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