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Guestbook entries from 2005

I was fortunate to pick up a copy of FEATHER ON THE MOON from my condo library. Sorry to say that I had never before read anything by this author, but, rest assured, she is now at the top of my must read list. This is one remarkable lady...still writing at the age of 101! So happy to have found her!!!
Rita Gluzband

Ms. Whitney, you are my favorite author--hands down! Just wish you were still writing. I have read (over and over) and collected all of your books. The best to you always, Ms. Whitney, and thank you for the hours of reading pleasure!
Jonna Turner, Denver, CO

I have been enjoying books by Phyllis Whitney for a number of years. The first book I read was Rainbow in the Mist, placed in Nelson County which is near my home in Lynchburg, VA. I recently found four of Ms. Whitney's books that I had not read and became curious as to whether she had more recent books published. I was amazed to know of her age!! Best wishes on your autobiography.
Anne Bishop, Lynchburg, VA

I read many of your books in the early 60's. I came across a library book written by you in 1984. Someone either bought it from the Maryland library or never returned it to the library. A friend gave it to me. I recognized your name, have never read the book so will read "Rainsong". Thank you for all your works.
Zoe Zaremba, Ormond Beach, FL

Hello, I have so enjoyed all of Mrs. Whitney's books over the years. She is one of a kind. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 13 yrs ago in may. I loved Rainbows in the Mist and Mrs. Whitney gives thanks to a Nancy Navarra for her info on the blue ridge mts. I was curious as my name is Nancy Navarre. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mrs. Whitney ( when I was at home right after my mastectomy) and she was just wonderful. She even sent me some articles and information on cancer. I really appreciated all of her help and her concern. What a wonderful lady. I cannot wait to read her autobiography. I have reread her books so many times and passed them on to others. I wish her much happiness, good health and much love.
Nancy Navarre, Amherst, VA

I have read all of Phyllis Whitney's books. Sometimes, twice after a few years went by. I was born in 1934 the same year as her daughter. I am happy to hear that she is still living and writing. Best wishes for a happy New Year to her and her family.
Jean H. (Kingsbury) Bishop, Huntsville, AL

Best wishes for a wonderful 2005. Thank you again for all the pleasure you have given me through your books. I am reading them again and find that I enjoy them just as much as I did when they were first published.
Barbara Flynn, CA

Have enjoyed reading many of her books. Especially appreciate the fact that she uses a cast of characters small enough to keep in mind while reading the whole book. I don't like having to go back and look up a previous reference.
Sylvia McClune, Montezuma, IA

I have been reading Phyllis A. Whitney since I was in High School. I love to read her work and I am currently searching for some of her out of print works including Domino, Seven Tears for Apollo, and Winter People.
Nancy A. Kopcho

Dear Ms. Whitney, I love your books, have read them for years and continue to collect them whenever and wherever I find them. I can't wait to read your autobiography! Thank you so much for giving them to us, your readers!
Debra, Albany, NY

Dear Phyllis, I came across your website searching juvenile fiction on Google. I paused to read About the Author and was inspired. At age 79, I'm wondering if I can get three more books written! Blessings on your biography.
Neva Andrews, CO

I searched for this site on the web. I'm a musician, and when I was 10 years old, I saw a book in the school library, Mystery of the Golden Horn. Thinking it was a mystery with a musical theme, I got it out, but it turned out the setting was in Istanbul, with the Golden Horn. The book changed my life, however, because ever since then I've been fascinated with Turkey. Finally, 7 years ago, for my 40th birthday, I visited Turkey for a month, and I will be returning this summer again to visit special places and to see some of the Turkish friends I made there 7 years ago. It's all thanks to Ms. Whitney that I have had these wonderful friendships and have such fond memories of Turkey!
Diane Strickland, Lititz, PA

Glad to find this lovely site. I have always loved the writing of Mrs. Whitney. Thank you, dear lady!
Christine Aben, Canada

You have been a favorite author for 30 years. I am now re-reading many of your books.
Glenda Wood, Longview, TX

Ms. Whitney, It's such a pleasure to be able to send a message to you, and I hope you're doing well. You and Barbara Michaels are my primary inspirations for wanting to become a writer myself. I recently ordered your Guide to Fiction Writing from a used books seller because I've heard it's one of the best writing guides ever written. I read a few of your books as a teenager (I'm now 35) and am re-discovering them now. Many of your older books are out of print now (sadly!), but I plan to keep my eyes open when browsing in used bookstores and flea markets, and snatching them up wherever I can. Thank you for all the reading pleasure. Best wishes.
Keri Kegley, Little Elm, TX (outer suburb of Dallas/Ft. Worth)

I am reading "Singing Stones". Have read other books by her in the past. Am really enjoying it, reading more easily because of the large print! I like her style.
Eula Gowan, Boonville, MO

I read Phyllis Whitney novels in the late 70's and early 80's. I introduced my daughter to them and she is reading them now.
Kathy Buckel, York, PA

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books for more than 45 years, and you are my favorite writer. Thanks for all the wonderful books. I have enjoyed them all.
Jackie P, TX

It's difficult to believe that my favorite author is 101 years old! She is an inspiration to all who aspire to succeed at writing. I'm looking forward to a book about herself, from her perspective.
Linda J. Jenkins, KS

I just love Phyllis Whitney books. I can't imagine there are any that I haven't read. My mother insisted I read them in the summer of 1977 while off school and I thought I was in for the worst summer vacation but it opened up a world for me that has been filled with such mystery and delight. Always the books have been filled with factual information along with the storyline so I always learned something along with the magic of the story! Thank you.

I have been reading her books for years and love them! I will always be a devoted and loving fan.
Jana, WY

Dear Ms. Whitney; I am a long time fan of your books, especially your books for young adults. I was a fan immediately when I was given a set for Christmas when I was 10. I am now 42 and I have begun to re read those great books and search for others. I know that I am old enough to read all of your books but I love the mystery and sense of childhood that takes me back when I read your Young Adult Mysteries. I am currently reading Secret of the Spotted Shell and I am thoroughly enjoying it. That is what prompted me to search for you on the internet. I found your website and decided to write. Thank you for the memories and all the wonderful mysteries, you continue to capture and fascinate me with your characters, locations, plots and more. I am truly a fan and remain,
Emmett Finnegan, Kelowna, BC Canada

For years, I have been collecting books written by my favorite Phyllis Whitney. These books are for my eyes only, never to be touched by other people. My only wish is to have an autographed picture of her...
Ofelia A. dela Peña, Manila, Philippines

You are and always will be my favorite author. I once sat down with you in a small book store in Bellport on Long Island. You signed my new book and an older one. We talked about them and I loved every minute I spent with you. As a young girl growing up without a mother you kept me out of trouble. I was visiting fascinating places and meeting so many different kinds of people. All through your books! Thank-you!
Catherine L. McCarthy, Ridge, Long Island, NY

I have been reading this wonderful author's books since I was in my late teens. I am now 59 years of age. Today I finished "Emerald" having started it two weeks ago since I was going to Palm Springs and wanted a story for my journey. The place was alive in the paperback and truly alive in my eyes as I went up the tram, saw the city, and explored. It didn't matter it was written in 1982 and some things have changed in Palm Springs. I still devoured it as if it were timeless, just as Ms. Whitney is to me and all her fans! I find an affinity in many of the books Ms. Whitney writes. I was adopted and some of the plots are about identity and the mystery of one's past. I appreciate that and wish I could talk to Ms. Whitney, just like I wished I could back when I was in my 20s and she was also some 40 years younger. God Bless You! You fill a void in my life.
Kay Higdon, Creswell, OR

I have often wondered what happened to Phyllis. I have not seen anything current in awhile. I think I have read every book she has written, introduced to her fantastic stories by my mother, I greatly miss her!! She was the ultimate best ever! I am glad to see she is still here an writing a bio.
Ann, Clearwater, FL

my sister introduced to Mrs. Whitney’s books and I fell in love with her story's. I am now trying to find all of her books, to start my own library. just wanted to let her know how much I love her stories. hopefully soon I will have every book she has written, and a life-time to enjoy them over and over again. thank you Mrs. Phyllis a. Whitney
Holly Dye, Elkhart, IN

I have always loved Phyllis A Whitney's books. I discovered her books while in high school back in 1971. Her books are clean and decent to read. Every time I read one of her books I think I have it figured out half way through but I am always wrong. When I start reading her books I cannot put it down until I have finished it.
Margaret Baker, Brazoria, TX

I have just discovered Miss Whitney's books. My Grandmother received Readers Digest Books for many years, and she recently gave one of them to me that contained Domino. At the end there was a brief biography about Miss Whitney. I have also grown up in Japan, and was intrigued as to what it was like growing up here as an American child in that day and age. I am the second generation in my family to be raised in Japan, all of us are Americans though. I know what it was like for the generation before me, but have not had the benefit of knowing what the generation of American children growing up in Japan before my father's generation experienced. The numbers of American children experiencing growing up in this culture in that day and age were even fewer than in my father's. I would be interested to hear back from Miss Whitney herself, but realize that she is very busy on her autobiography. Thank you for your time.
Bekca A. Bowman, Kumamoto, Japan

I am a long time fan of Mrs. Whitney and have traveled to so many places through her books. Her descriptions are so vivid that you feel as if you are there with her character. I always look forward to yet another journey. It was so exciting to find this website on the internet so that I can check back from time to time. Looking forward to reading the autobiography.
Beverly, Mobile, AL

I would just like to thank one of my favorite authors for all the years of enjoyment I have received reading ( and re-reading!) all of her books. I always know that if the name on the book is Phyllis A. Whitney, than it will be outstanding! Thank you again. (By the way, my younger sister was born in Tachikawa, Japan, in 1953)
Eugenia A. Bell, Melbourne, FL

I have been reading her books for many years and have not been able to find them in my book clubs lately. Wondered if she was still writing. Am amazed at her age. Wow. I have many of her books and would like to have some of the others. Will look for them now that I know the titles. Just decided to see if there was a web site for her.
Micki Storey, Winter Haven, FL

I have enjoyed Ms. Whitney' books for years and her juvenile mysteries contributed significantly to my lifelong love of reading. In the '60s I always went to that corner of the children's section to see what there was to read and read again. Thank you so much Ms Whitney!
Cynthia Tartaglia, Terryville, CT

The Golden Years have left a whole world of forgotten novels by Ms Whitney. I am reserving them from our new library to read and enjoy. When was the last mystery book written? 1997 "Amethyst Dreams" is what I read on the Web Site. Has she written any since that time.
Pauline Mason, Mukilteo, WA

Phyllis - You are one of the first authors I remember reading as a child - and the first author I remember actually ENJOYING. My mother has many of your books - the adult suspense novels - and so, as a reader, I naturally was drawn to them. I'm rereading my favorite right now (for the 1,000th time!) - "The Golden Unicorn". It's classic, romantic, suspenseful and lovely. The book is fantastic and I admire you greatly. Thank you for producing such wonderful stories. I hope that I can pass them on to my daughter just as my mother passed them on to me.
Patricia Wisebaker, OH

Just wondering when your biography is coming out? Have been waiting for it.
Andrea Kershaw, Frederick, PA

I am a very big fan of her writings and have been reading them for almost 20 years. The first one I ever read was "The Mystery of the Haunted Pool". I have been collecting them ever since. It is too bad she is not writing anymore but I can understand why she isn't. But thank the good lord she has graced us with her writing talents.
Rebecca Jorgensen, Eugene, OR

I started reading Phyllis Whitney about 40 years ago. The first books were feather on the moon, silver sword, etc. I recently found an old copy of feather on the moon again and can't put it down. I was thrilled when I came onto your site and found out that Phyllis was writing her biography. I’ll certainly buy a copy. She has given me, friends and family hours of pleasure. I logged on to find out what I could about her and I am delighted with your site, I’ll visit again.
Carol Hendrie, Airdrie, Scotland

Hi-today I found a book that Miss Whitney wrote that I had not read, The Ebony Swan. I have been wanting to write to you for a long time. I have read many of your books and they are so well written and enjoyable. I was so glad to find out you are alive and 102!!!!!!! My mother is 91 and you are giving her courage to keep on going. I hope you get to read my message. Thank you for making my life enjoyable with your books. Sincerely,
Marie Aufderheide, Panorama City, CA

I can't believe it. I grew up reading Phyllis A. Whitney's books and over the past ten year stopped because I couldn't find them in print at small book stores. I thought maybe she stopped writing a long time ago. I was also too busy to read sadly to say. Just recently, I have started reading again on a regular basis and looked her up to see when her last mystery book came out. I couldn't believe she was still alive. Fantastic!!! Her books are awesome!
Mary Ann, MA

I have collected your novels over the years by searching through used book sales and tag sales and occasionally buying from book stores, and I have accumulated about 25 books. They are hard to find. During a recent decision to clear out a lot of my accumulated stuff, I decided to part with my Whitney book collection, but after spending a few hours going through them and reading a paragraph here and there as I packed them in a box, I realized that I still loved those books and want to read them all again and so they went back on the shelf and I am going to continue the search for the books missing from my collection. It is such a thrill whenever I run across one that I haven't read before. Thank you for all the countless hours of quality entertainment in the past and in the future.
Sheila Bradley, New Brunswick, Canada

Dear Phyllis, I am honored to have this chance to tell you I am a great reader because of you. During the summer between the fourth and fifth grades, my Mother made me check out books from the Library. Two of them were the "Secret of the Tigers Eye" and the "Secret of the Emerald Star." I still love mysteries to this day. Thank you! Keep writing!
Karen S, Olympia, WA

In the early 60's I read a number of youth fiction mysteries that I think were written by Ms Whitney and another author. What I remember about them involved in the TN Valley Authority, Lookout Mountain and a group of young girls and boys in a mystery club. Are these her works and what were they named? I recall enjoying them so much that I think my niece would like it.
Marie Shubin, Modesto, CA

I started reading Ms. Whitney's books when I was about 12 years old and am now 52! I recently reread some of my old favorites and wanted to google Ms. Whitney to learn more. Her writing is a great escape for me, since I teach in an inner city school I need this escape!
Kathy, AL

When I was a girl, I read all of Phyllis Whitney's young mysteries. I still have every book I bought back then, and I tell everyone with a daughter to find them for her at the library or used bookstores, since they're out of print. I'm afraid to loan out my copies, since they're close to falling apart! When I was young & playing with writing, I bought Writing Juvenile Stories and Novels. I still have it, and its on the desk beside me today, because I got it out once more to read through for a short story I am working on. Everything is there. When I was young & playing with writing, my goal was to write as well as Ms. Whitney, and I find that goal has not changed today, when I go back & look at her books again. I truly do not understand why they have gone out of print; the stories, the characters, even the pacing and voice are as well done as any books being published today.
Becky Levine, Los Gatos, CA

I did a search and low and behold, Phyllis is still writing. I was a fan when I was a young adult and I haven't read anything by Phyllis in a long time. Recently, I've been thinking about her and missing her great books. I haven't found an author yet who can write like Phyllis! I will be reading your books again very soon!
Jeanette, Philadelphia, PA

I love your books! My mother got me started reading them in my late teens and early twenties. When I want suspense with great geography and a tough of romance I pick up your books. Thank you for so many great reads.
Deb, Indianapolis, IN

Thank you so very much for using your talent and sharing it with us. I have loved your books for many years. When I pick up one of your books, I get the feeling that I am home. You write so well and so comfortably that I am automatically relaxed. I have shared your books with my mother, daughter, daughter in-law, sisters, sisters in-law, granddaughters and many friends. It is always enjoyable to share something that you love. THANK YOU, AGAIN!
Jeri Miller Fridley, MN

Dear Mrs. Whitney I have been a fan of yours for many years and I am in the process of getting all of your audio books (one or two at a time) through BARNES AND NOBLE book store in Springfield, MO. I have read all your books and am getting ready to read them all over again if I can locate them all. Paper backs would make me very happy. I want to collect them all so I can hand them down to my grand daughters. I just took a chance and entered your Phyllis a. and here I am. I am so very happy I found this site. Thank you for so many years of wonderful reading. I intend to enjoy them all over again through audio and Paper backs.
Shirley Smith, Mountain Grove, MO

Can you please tell me where I can find ms. Whitney's books on audio for maybe a bit less than Barnes and Noble charges for them. I am trying to collect everyone I can on audio and I am also going to buy all the paper backs I can. I just want as much of a collection as I can get and I am gonna read everything over again and someday hand the collection down to my grand daughters. Thank you so much for many many years of wonderful reading and enjoyment. God bless you.
Shirley Smith, Mountain Grove, MO

I have been enjoying Phyllis A. Whitney's books since the 4th grade (1983) I read, and reread all the copies in our grade school library. Something set these mysteries for young people apart. The voice that spoke through these books did not speak down to children, did not shy from conflict, and did not hesitate to immerse readers in starkly unfamiliar cultures. I was thrilled to find her books for adults as I got older. Still am.
Melissa Thompson, Prior Lake, MN

I have read many of Ms. Whitney's books and enjoyed every one of them. I found this site just by searching for information on her books. I was looking for a list so I could be sure to read every book she wrote. I have not yet done that but I hope to some day. Every book has been very interesting and gets me interested right from the beginning. I hope to read that autobiography some day.
Patti Franks, Neptune, NJ

I just want to thank you for the books that I have read over the years as I have read all the young peoples books as I find them better than the older people books are more story in them. But don't take me wrong I have read some of the older people books too. I would like to read more books but I have not have much schoolin' but learnt myself to work on my computer, but I love books better. I don't know how some people can go through life and not be able to read. The very first book I ever read was Anne of Green Gables I was six years old. Keep up the great writing you do as we people out in this old world love reading!
Judith V Steeves, Elgin, Albert County, New Brunswick, Canada

Dear Mrs. Whitney: I was given your name by a good friend of ours who lives in the Pocono's. And wrote down the name of your book which is Nobody Likes Trina. For my 8 yr old son Michael to read as it happens we cannot find your book any where. As I have checked book stores and this is the only book that we cannot find in the book stores. As our friend Ralph Christiano has recommend this book to my 8 yr old. I hope that you remember Ralph Christiano who used to live in Hope, New Jersey. I await your response to this message. Thank you.
Angelina Mele, Pocono Summit, PA

I was vacationing in Massachusetts in Sturbridge and went to the local library and found a paperback of "Window on the Square" in a free book stall and began reading and am thoroughly enjoying it.
Michael McDill, Glenville, NY

Dear Mrs. Whitney, Both my daughter and I are writing in this entry. First, I want to tell you that I grew up on your books for young readers, and then moved to your adult books in my later teens. What is so exciting is that I began reading your books at age 13, the same age my daughter is now, and I am 47! I just want to tell you that it is solely because of your books that I became an avid reader and still am to this day. I adore everything you've ever written, and I've read every single one of your books, many times over. Your gift for writing has blessed me and my daughter. May God bless you.
Victoria Leonard

Mrs. Whitney, I am 13 and have read many books in my past years. I'm sad to say that I got tired of reading about two years ago and did not read a good mystery (which I prefer) during that time. However, recently my parents wanted me to start reading again, and my mom suggested one of your books. I really enjoyed the book and asked my mom if we could find more books of yours. Now I have read about seven and we own a great many. I think you are a wonderful writer and an inspiration to me and other young writers. Your books are exciting and it is always hard for me to put one down. God bless you always.
Victoria and Arielle Leonard, Valencia, CA

Dear Ms. Whitney, Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment that you have provided with your wonderful books. I have been reading them for many years, and have collected most of them. You are truly a gift to American literature. Thanks again,
Sarah Jarrell, OH

Does anyone know where I can get all of her books. I had most of them of them and but they disappeared when my storage unit was broken into, while I lived on a boat for a few years. I would dearly love to replace them I bought every new Mystery that came out from 1960 to 1997. Now they are all gone.
Marva Lang, WA

Dear Phyllis, Your books have delighted me since sixth grade. I knew I could find great and nonoffensive stories in your work. Thank you so much for the great stories and hours of intrigue and human drama.
Emily, CA

It was by chance I happened to glance over while visiting a friend and spotted one of your book on the shelf. The title alone is what caught my attention: The Golden Unicorn. I opened it and read the first couple of paragraphs and was immediately hooked. Every day I come home from work anticipating the next chapter. Unfortunately, the pages are thinning and the story will end soon. But I can say that I will look for many more of your books as I've learned you've written for such a period of time. I look very much forward to reading more of your work.
Stephanie Matney, Tazewell, VA

I got hooked on your books when I was in high school, my first book was Hunters Green, and have been reading them ever since. Pretty much faster than you can write them. I have them all. I re-read them often.. they are like my childhood friends. When ever I am blue I just pick up one of my old friends and start reading. Actually I am re-reading them this summer .. I have turned alot of people onto the books over the years. I'll be 50 this year and would never give them up.
Diane Garrison, Lansing, MI

I have read very book that I can find that she has written. I truly enjoy each and every one.
Carol Stouse, OH

I was lucky enough to actually sit and talk with Ms. Whitney at the Monterey Public Library while she was waiting to see our director. She was doing research for a book to be set in Carmel. I still remember what a wonderful lady she is. I was at a Friends of the Library book sale in Northern CA recently and bought and reread 17 of her wonderful books. Unfortunately, Sea Jade and Columbella (the first Phyllis Whitney books I ever read) weren't available.
Diane Satterfield, San Jose, CA

I have been reading Phyllis A. Whitneys' Books since I was a Teenager. I am now 51 and still enjoy rereading her books. I have read and collected almost every book she has written. I love her books and greatly admire her as an author. My daughter now is enjoying these reading treasures. I only wish that there were more.
Joan, TN

Dear Mrs. Whitney, What an inspiration you are. To be so engaged at your age is an inspiration for me, who is only 67! I found your books by sheer accident in our excellent public library and enjoyed every one of them. Wonderful clear writing and great psychological insight. Thanks for giving me hours of great pleasure. Sincerely,
Els Benjamin, MD

Over a period of years I have enjoyed reading some of your books. I am now in the process of re-reading some of them. Your books along with Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt and other suspense writers of the same time frame were then and now my favorites. I read in About the Author that you are in the process of writing about your life. My grand mother did this and this is one of my treasures. She lived 101 plus years.
Donna Leach, A Texan in AL

Hi. I am a young teen-ager living in New Jersey and I just picked up your book, "Linda's Homecoming." As Linda's story progresses, I feel so confused with her--she is only trying to adapt to a new life, and Martin and her mother could make it just a TAD easier! I'd like to give Martin a piece of MY mind. ; ) Thanks forever.
Annie Shah, Flemington, NJ

Phyllis Whitney is on of my very favorite writers. I listen to her books on tape constantly while making my long commute in VA. This is a wonderful site. I hope you continue to write mysteries, Phyllis.
Sandy Turner, Northern VA

I bought one of your books at a garage sale and couldn't lay it down until it was finished. I have since gone to the library and checked out 2 more of your books. I am looking forward to reading all of your books in the future. I found your website by entering your name in the web search.
Charlotta Goodpaster, Hot Springs, AR

My first book was The Golden Unicorn - I read it over and over again (and over time I've done the same with all the other books). Years later I remember my internal clock telling me its time for the next book and I would haunt the book stores every day until it showed and sure enough it would arrive within a few weeks. I love the mysteries with romance - clean romance (I find that mystery books with intense sex take away from the story line - thank you for your style). I've often wondered how it is that none of the books were made into movies - I would watch. Thank you for all the nights I stayed awake because I couldn't put the book down - and I mean that in the kindest sense. No other author has had that effect with EVERY book written (adult mysteries). I'm sad that the new stories have stopped, but am so grateful that I have books to entertain me when I'm so moved.
Pat Cross, MO

I just read Silversword and was spellbound. I felt like I was in Maui, everything was so clear and real feeling. I am looking forward to reading more of your books in the future.
Jacqueline Genes, Hampstead, NC

I just picked up The Stone Bull after having seen it on the library shelves, and I cannot seem to put it back down. I thought I would see what information I could find on the internet about Ms. Whitney, and was thoroughly impressed with her fascinating life! I will definitely check out some of her other works.
Jon Tanner, Colleyville, TX

Dear Phyllis, I'm so glad to have this chance to tell you how much I have enjoyed your books. I began reading them when I was in college in the late 1960's, and I have been reading them and re-reading them ever since. From "The Red Carnelian" to "Amethyst Dreams" they have all been a joy. Thank you for giving me so much reading pleasure.
Carole Leonard, Charleston, SC

I have been a fan of Ms Whitneys for many years. I have all of her adult mysteries except of The Red Carnelian. Thank you for giving me many hours of reading pleasure.
Sheila Minton, Springfield, IL

I have every one of your books, and have read them all many times. Thank you for taking me out of the reality of a busy life. I'm 81, 10 children, 25 grandchildren, and about 15 greatgrands. Looking forward to your next book. Also read history, bios, and new age stuff. Thank you again!
Betty J. Yust, Tulsa, OK

I came to this site to see what the title of the last book was and what year it was published.
Debbie Coats, Savannah, MO

I always imagined that Phyllis Whitney must have been a traveler. After reading her books I feel that I have visited that particular location. I have lived in Hawaii and could tell the authenticity of which she wrote about Maui. Other fiction books seem to be filled with fact rather than fiction, which makes reading much more interesting to me!
Cheryl Doran, Strafford, MO (high school librarian)

Way to go Phyllis. You're the best.......looking forward to your autobiography.
Richard, MD

Dearest Phyllis, I grew up in a small town on Coast highway one south of San Francisco, called Montara. It is near Half Moon Bay. That would be an excellent name for one of your mysteries. I grew up on a ranch two miles from the highway, and further from the nearest library. In fact the library was in a lady's house. When I was four I was determined to get a library card, all I had to do was write my name. Not print, but cursive. I did it and thus began my love of books. I found yours quickly and read and reread them many times. I thank you for all the wonderful hours of reading. Your books took me to far away places and exciting times. You are a special person and I just want you to know that you are much loved and appreciated.
Karol Loader Meginness, Modesto, CA

Ms. Whitney I grew up reading your books in rural Alabama. I just want to thank you for all the adventures you gave me as a young girl. I am now a mother at 41 and hope to pass your books on to my son. Thank you,
Tammy Burns, Hammond, LA

Ms. Whitney, Your books and your strong heroines were an inspiration and a guide to me during many years of conflict and stress in my own life. I loved your plots, your travelogues of the many settings of your novels, but more than anything, I was touched and influenced by your view of women.. not as victims, not as conforming spouses, but as independent, intelligent, and resourceful people. My own life was one of conformity and self-doubt until your women opened my thinking about what was possible, what we are entitled to. I thank you and have long wanted to express my feelings to you. This forum gives me that opportunity. I wish you long life and I send you my eternal gratitude.
Isolde Sommer Blum, NYC

I have been collecting your books for years. I have all of your adult suspense novels except one. Thunder Heights. Are you planning on releasing the book again? I have tried most used bookstores. If you can help me please let me know.
Sandra Johnson, CO

Was so delighted to learn that Ms. Whitney is still living. She is one of my very favorite authors and always manages to fool me with her suspects. Enjoyed your nice web site which I found trying to learn if Ms. Whitney was still alive. Thanks.
M. Blake, Gowen, MI

Dear Ms. Whitney, Thank you for all your wonderful stories. The first one that I read was The Golden Unicorn. I remember going through my mother's books and picking that one out just because it had a unicorn on the cover. After reading it I couldn't wait to read more of your stories. I have a collection of all your adult novels and have started on collecting your Juvenile stories. They are a little harder to find. My mom passed away last year but I was lucky enough to have several of your books from her collection. I treasure them above all the others that I have. God Bless You Ms. Whitney and thank you for taking me to all those wonderful places.
Anne M. VanHorn, NC

To Phyllis A. Whitney: I am excited to find this website and to learn that you are still with us and still writing. You are such an inspiration. I have been reading and collecting your novels since the 1960's. I have reread and continue to enjoy many of them. Every time I go to a book store I look for your books, but they are increasingly hard to find. Thank you for your wonderful stories and for so many years of reading enjoyment. Sincerely,
Rose Mary T. Moore, Fresno, CA

Since I read my first book written by Phyllis, I have started to collect them, because I enjoyed it very much. I have several titles in both english and dutch, and I sincerely hope that more titles can/will be translated into the dutch language as that is easier to read for me. Greetings from the Netherlands, where a lot of people like your books.
Els van Gerwen-Bloemen, Erm (in the Netherlands)

I have read all her books! I still need 4 to complete my collection.
Libby Cooksey, MO

I have been reading Ms. Whitney's books since 1975 and have all of the romantic suspense ones. I'm thrilled to see that she is still with us. I just woke up today and thought I'd see if there was something on the internet about her. I was thrilled to find this web site. Thanks.
Patricia Haeffner, NJ

Ms. Whitney has been my favorite author for the past 35 years. Her books always make me feel as if I'm right there in the middle of the story. They are my escape from reality for a time as I read them. I have my own collection of her books that I could never part with. I've read them over several times, and never tire of them. Thank you for sharing this truly wonderful gift you have in writing.
Phyllis A. Mason, Prescott, AZ

Dear Phyllis: I have enjoyed your work for many years, introduced by "The Stone Bull" which my mother had enjoyed. I am now reading your "Guide to fiction Writing" in which you mention "The Stone Bull" so it was like going back in time for me. I read that you are working on your autobiography! I wrote mine when I was ten years old so it would not be as long (I am 63 now). I made a point to look you up on the web. God bless you.
Bill Bower, Pulaski, VA

I began reading Ms. Whitney's book at the recommendation of a sales person at Walden's books. That was 15 years ago. To this day I have everyone of her books. Some of them have seen better days, but I treasure each just the same. I decided to check if Ms. Whitney had a web site to compare my list and to see if any new books were in print. Thank you Ms. Whitney for all the hours of enjoyment you have given me.
Katiuska l. Diaz, Home

I am so excited to know Phyllis is still living! I was wondering about it this morning and thought I'd see what I could find on line. This is a wonderful site, I am so pleased I found it. I discovered her books in the 80's and at this time I have exhausted my source. I have been collecting those I can get my hands on, which is around 28 at this time. I too have enjoyed getting acquainted with places thru her books as well as the delightful suspense of never knowing how it will end. Keep writing!!!
Nancy Whitens, Fulton, NY

Hello Phyllis, I have been a fan of ours for many years. Enjoyed reading your books during my collage years in the 80's. I will be going to the library to look up your books, and start reading you again. Thank you, for keeping me company when I worked midnights while putting myself though school.
Lorna M. Gugino, Amherst, NY

I have always loved Phyllis Whitney's novels since I read the first one, probably in the late fifties or early sixties. I'm still reading them, including her last three. My greatest dream would be to meet her in person as she is my favorite writer of all time. I can't count the happy hours I've spent curled up with one of her books. I also can't count all the times she got me through crises and helped me to sleep when I was going through very hard times. Now, my grown daughter loves her as much as I do and she reads as much or more than I do! Phyllis, if you read this, I just want to say thank you Hon for all the great times. Say hello to your daughter who I know writes also and helps you a lot. Tell her to keep writing and carry on the tradition. I am waiting eagerly for a new novel. Again my love and thanks for a job well done!
Lila Chambers, TN

I read my first Phyllis Whitney book in Elementary school,1966. The Mystery of the Haunted Pool. I was looking for a book for my pre-teen daughter and showed her one of your books. I wanted to share this with her and so we googled you and found your site. Your books brought much pleasure and entertainment to me as a child and later as an adult. Hopefully they will do the same for my daughter. Thank you.
Terri Gioffre, UT

I started reading Phyllis A. Whitney when I was in high school, back in the early 60s and kept on reading. I miss looking forward to a new book by her each year.
Marian Clough, MO

Dear Ms. Whitney, I thoroughly enjoy your novels - I have been enjoying your stories since I was in 4th grade. They are so well written that I enjoy reading them again and again. Thank you!
Tina, Buffalo, NY

Thank you so much for your books! I began reading your stories when I was 11 or 12 and I remember not being able to put your books down until I had reached the last page. I have remained a faithful fan and have read every book as soon as I could get a copy of it. Your stories have stayed with me and become a part of my life. Thank you!
Verna, IA

Hello there Ms. Whitney, I bought my mother "Window on the square" & "Thunder heights" and ever since then she has been hooked on you. She loves both your writing style as well as your language (no profanity), She is a very strong christian lady. I recently bought her 20 more books by you off E-bay bringing her collection to a total of 30 now. Thanks again for all you have done to provide people with excellent reading material.
Jeff Burton, Wynne, AR

I started reading Phyllis Whitney's books when I was a child. I was addicted to reading, which naturally slipped into writing books while still in grammar school. My love of reading persisted into adulthood, which took in such personal favorites as "The Stone Bull," and "The Golden Unicorn," to name two. Now, I'm in my 50s, and Publish America is going to publish my first novel, "Across Time, Across Tears," which should be out within the year. It's tremendously exciting! I discovered this site by googling Ms. Whitney's name. I did it for nostalgic reasons because I just finished reading her book, "Guide to Fiction Writing." I could relate to everything she said because it exemplified the way I created and finished my book. That was wonderful news. Thank you, Phyllis.
Sheridan Claude, FL

Dear Phyllis I just love your style of writing and suspense. I grew up reading your books. I still read them and now my daughter reads your story's. You are my favorite author who has carried me to beautiful country sides and into other worlds of other peoples lives. Thank you so much.
Phyllis Long, Kingsport, TN

I enjoy Phyllis Whitney books very, very much. Ms. Whitney writes such CLEAN books with no profanity!! I found this site by searching the Web for Phyllis Whitney. SHE IS ONE OF THE BEST!!!!!!
Doris Burton, Wynne, AK

Finally, after twenty years of searching, I have been able to locate the name of the book that I read in junior high school. I thoroughly enjoyed, Mystery of the Green Cat and would like to read this novel to my 6th grade students if I can find a copy. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
Jesse Harrison, Farmington, NM

Ms. Whitney, I am so thrilled to have found your website. I began reading your books around 20 years ago. After the first one I was hooked. Whenever I am in a bookstore, which is often, I still find myself looking under Whitney hoping to find something new. I was just at a library sale and found your book Columbella. I can't wait to start reading. I wish you good health and thank you for the many hours of wonderful reading .
Kathy Hicks, Lake Almanor, CA

Dear Ms. Whitney, I am excited to visit your website and will continue to do so. I read "The Golden Unicorn" 3 times about 29 years ago and loved it. Picking up the book again with covers and binding missing and pages flying about, it fell apart. It was a paperback. I was excited to find it in the hard cover version and purchased it. I am looking forward to enjoying "The Golden Unicorn" yet another time. I collected unicorns back when they were scarce. After finishing this book I looked in vein for a golden unicorn necklace. Working for a publishing company, I hired a typesetter who happen to have a wonderful, prancing 14K Golden Unicorn necklace. It was perfect! Telling me where she bought it, I now wear mine and always remember this intriguing story. It holds a special place in my heart. Thank you for giving this "learning-disabled" person a great story to read.
Brenda Davidson Chancey, Palm Bay, FL

I love your books & have repeatedly read all that are still in print.
Charlotte Hunter, Olympia, WA

Greetings from NJ! I started reading Ms. Whitney's young adult books when I was a child growing up in the 70's in Bayonne, NJ. One of the very first books I read was the Secret of the Spotted Shell. I was intrigued by both the mystery component of the book and the fact that I was very interested in collecting shells at that time. Coincidently, last year my cousin bought that very book for me when the Bayonne library was having a sale. I am glad it found its way home to me. Thank you for your many years of pleasure you have given your readers.
Kimberly Cenno, Burlington, NJ

I am currently reading The Mystery of the Green Cat to my Reading students. We live in Blairtown right next to Hope, NJ, where you once lived. My students and I are wishing you a very Happy 102nd Birthday today. May you have many, many more!
Joanne Chubb and class, Blairstown, NJ

Happy Birthday, good lady! You're the best in the business! I hope this message isn't too late. If so, I'll be sure to send you another one in 102 years! Yours always,
Max Stihl, Avon, NY

Ms. Whitney, May you feel wonderful on your 102nd Birthday, today! I have enjoyed reading "The Golden Unicorn" and hope to read more. Thank you for your talent.
Brenda Davidson Chancey, Palm Bay, FL

You are my inspiration for becoming a writer. I am dyslexic and working my way through many of your books was made more pleasurable because of your excellent writing. I hope to someday bring to readers some small measure of wonder and enjoyment as you have to me. Thank you so much.
Joi Sampsell, Largo, FL

I wish you as much joy in your birthday and in your life as you have given me through your marvelous books. They kept me away from sorrow whenever I was feeling down, and have given me inspiration to daydream when I needed it most. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Angela Fleming, Brazil

Ms. Whitney....I picked up one of your books a short time ago and have not been able to put them down. I go to the library and check out only your books. You hold my interest so well. I am proud to state that I am now a fan of your writings. God bless and happy Birthday even if it is a little late.
Leigh Bailey, Millbrook, AL

Happy Birthday Ms. Whitney!!! Thank you for countless hours of enjoyable reading!! A good book is an incredible journey for a reader and you've given us many treasures!!
Michelle, FL

A Very Happy Birthday To You, Ms Whitney !!!! Last night on an airplane from Detroit to Chicago, I finished your book, "Silversword". You paint such beautiful pictures, with words! When I arrived home, I searched my computer to find out what a Tapa-beater looks like. It was just as you described in your book! In one of their songs, the musical group, "The Moody Blues" sing the line, "Thinking is the best way to travel". If that is true, you are certainly a marvelous travel agent! Regards, thanks and best wishes to you.
Robert Osladil, Chicago, IL

Happy Belated Birthday Phyllis A. Whitney, from one of your many fans ^_^
Audry, Work

Happy Birthday to an old friend and neighbor! You may be interested to hear that I am reading your story (from American Conversations) to the Fireplace Literary Club tomorrow. Wonderful to hear that you're doing so well. How's the autobiography coming? Judi sends her best wishes too. Love,
Chuck Anderson, Home

Greetings from a long time fan! I have just about ALL the books - including a hardbound "Red is for Murder". They are prized and stored in an antique 5 tier oak stacking legal bookcase. I am in my late 40's and still read the books from my collection - some for the 4th or 5th time. I started reading the books when I was in 4th or 5th grade. As an only child living in a rural area - books were my closest friends! Your books let me travel without ever leaving the farm. Thanks for being there & writing such great books! I do like other authors such as Martha Grimes, Elizabeth George, and Tony Hillerman, but there will always be only ONE Phyllis A. Whitney.
Terri Drake, Broken Arrow, OK

I have just finished reading my first book of Phyllis Whitney’s (the ebony swan) I thoroughly enjoyed, at the ripe age of 51 I have found a "new" author. Cant wait to read many more.
Ruth Edwards, Chatham, Kent, England

Dear Ms. Whitney, Years ago in Charlottesville, we met and you told me about the way you wrote: first the place, then one character, then another, interaction between the characters and thus the story evolves. Since then, I have written four books and never forgot you and your advice. Things happen because they are supposed to. I met you and was inspired and that is the way it was supposed to be. Thank you for being who you are and sharing yourself, your words and thoughts with the world. We all need you. My mother-in-law is 96 and, like you, her creative muse is constantly at work. Georgeanna Lipe is a watercolorist and just too busy to get old. We are so looking forward to your next book and send you all the best and a belated happy birthday, Gratefully,
Patricia Daly-Lipe, Haymarket, VA

Dear Ms. Whitney, My mother read your books and I have also enjoyed them. Some of my favorites are Thunder Heights, Hunter's Green, Black Amber, Sea Jade, and Seven Tears for Apollo. I was able to picture myself in different worlds while reading your books. Your books are very special. Congratulations on your recent birthday!
Maria Kozmel, Chicago, IL

Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite writer ...I read your books over and over and never tire of them. In fact I have been reading them for at least forty years. I have been collecting them for over a year and have a great many. It is so exciting to discover one in some unexpected place.
Madelyn Wright, Raleigh, NC

Happy Birthday, Ms. Whitney, from the Andreasen family. You lived next door to us on Staten Island many, many years ago. Today I took one of your books out of the library for my mother, Anna. She is 99 and asked if you were still alive. What a pleasure to hear that you are still with us at 102! Our very best regards to you, and to Georgia.
Norma Andreasen, E. Northport, NY

Dear Ms. Whitney, I began reading your books in Junior High. As far as I can remember I was 12 at the time. I don't mind telling you that I will be 45 in October. I thoroughly enjoyed your books. I was particularly fond of the description of the settings. That has driven me to travel whenever I can afford it. My family immigrated to the US when I was 7. And thinking back, I believe that reading your books added to my love of my second language. While I will never posses your art for the written word, as a teacher I hope to inspire a lot of writers. Thank you for HOURS of enjoyment and belated wishes on your birthday.
Elizabeth Garcia, Houston, TX

I was going through my Reader's Digest books looking for another title when I ran across Domino and decided to re-read it. At the end I read her bio and saw she was 76 in 1980 so I figured she had died. I went to the internet to see when, since I didn't remember hearing about it and lo and behold, Miss Whitney is still alive! God Bless her! Happy Birthday to her and many more!
Carolyn Sigsbey, Elyria, OH

I have read all of your books and loved everyone of them.....Thank you for giving me an enjoyable time in your books.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Susan Williamson, Jacksonville, FL

Happy Belated Birthday, Miss Whitney! I love your books. The very first book of yours I read -- some 35 years ago, when I was in 4th grade -- was The Mystery of the Green Cat. My dad bought it for me because it was set in San Francisco, and that's where he grew up. I loved that book, and still have it! What I like best about your books is your settings; the setting is so vivid it's like another character. Thank you for such lovely books!!
Cathy, Plano, TX

I have collected Phyllis A. Whitney books for many years. She is the most interesting writer I have come across.
Wanda Wallace, AL

Dear Ms. Whitney: I just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday wish and to thank you for the years of enjoyable reading. There have been some very hard times in my life and your books have gotten me through many a long and lonely night. Now post Hurricane Katrina and the possible unfortunate arrival of Hurricane Rita, when LA is facing possibly its darkest time, I have decided to re-read Amethyst Dreams to once again "use" your story telling expertise to "rest my mind". Thank you again and Happy Birthday. Sincerely,
Debbie Greer, LA

Dear Ms Whitney, I read my first Phyllis Whitney book when I was in high school (1968) and have been a fan since that time. The name of the book was 'The Quicksilver Pool" and I still think it is my favorite. I appreciate your unique blend of mystery and romance and you never know 'who done it' until the end. I also like the descriptive landscape settings and places of interest...makes me feel like I am there. Thank you for writing books. My life is better because I have read your words. And a very special happy birthday.
Eileen V. Schubring, Auburn Hills, MI

Ms. Whitney, Before I started reading your last book, I started to write you a "Thank You" letter, but my poor writing skills were overpowered by my desire to read. Your books, starting with your YA mysteries have taken me from Nancy Drew to Agatha Christie. I have never been disappointed. I want to thank you for the many hours of enjoyment you have given me with your books, some of which I have read many times. I am now a librarian and can recommend your writings to others. Thank you again, and have a very Happy Birthday.
Lynn Piper Carpenter, State Library and Archives of FL

Dear Ms. Whitney, A very happy belated birthday to you! I too, wish to tell you how much I have enjoyed your books over the years and that I have read every single one of them. It is so refreshing to be able to read books without foul language, horrible violence or sexual content. As a christian, I find those types of book very offensive. Most importantly I want to tell you that I fell in love with the name Skye, after reading "Skye Cameron", and have since named my daughter, who is now seventeen, Skye. She loves her name and gets so many compliments on it. Thank you for that. I kept the copy of your book, which I purchased some twenty-five years ago, and now she will have the chance to read it. Thank you again for the many hours of enjoyment. Hugs,
Bonnie MacPherson, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

My Mother sparked my interest in your mysteries while I was a teenager and I've been reading them ever since. Once I start reading one I can't put it down.
Kari Allison, Athens, AL

I was going through my collection of Phyllis' books deciding which one to start reading again and I thought I better make sure I have them all! I love your writing and have not been able to find any others I like as well. I really miss your work! Have a wonderful birthday! Thank you for sharing your years of talent!
Dawn Bruce, Indianapolis, IN

The first Phyllis Whitney book I read was Daughter of the Stars 4 years ago. I loved it so much I went on to read The Ebony Swan. For Memorial Day weekend, my family decided to go to Tangier Island. This was so much fun because that's the setting of The Ebony Swan! It was crazy! I love the books and do continue writing!
Ashley, Richmond, VA

I've been a fan of Phyllis Whitney for over 30 years. The first book I read was The Winter People and I've been hooked ever since. While cleaning, I recently came across a box of books including nine of hers, so I started reading them again. They are as great the second time around because it's been so long since I read them, I don't remember how they turn out until I finish them! I'm going to make a list of all Miss Whitney's books and cross the titles off as I finish them to be certain I've read them all. Please convey my thanks for a lifetime of giving enjoyment to readers and let her know I've got my 17-year-old daughter hooked as well, so there is a second generation Whitney fan.
Tracy Roberts, Grandville, MN

I have enjoyed all of Miss Whitney's books. I have saved every one I read (much to the dismay of my husband!). I look forward to getting back to reading more frequently since I have retired.
Kay, Stroudsburg, PA

A great big happy birthday to Miss Whitney! I have read all of her adult novels, starting with Skye Cameron when I was a teenager. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every book. I used the AOL Search to find this website. I wanted to catch up on Miss Whitney, and I can't believe I checked this site right on her birthday. What a wonderful day brightener! May you have many more happy and healthy years, Miss Whitney!
Lynn Perry, Rochester, NY

Happy Birthday Ms. Whitney, I have enjoyed your books for along time. I finally got my 37 year old daughter started reading. Of course I told her about your books. For someone who did not like to read she has really jumped right into it and has been reading like crazy. I am not sure that that was a good thing...She says that she has a hard time putting the book down to do what she should be doing...Sounds familiar to me...haha
Janice Edwards, Godfrey, IL

Happy Birthday!! I have enjoyed your books ever since my first child was born in December of 1981. I believe I have read all of your books. My favorites are Ebony Swan, Dream of Orchids and Woman without a Past. Take care. All the best,
Val Mosher, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

I just want to say that I have read your books for years and they have given me much enjoyment. I look forward to reading your autobiography. No one can write a good mystery like you.
Lisa Elkins, home computer

Happy belated Birthday on your 102 years on this great planet. Needed to find list of all the books you have written and am learning to use computer so I asked jeeves to help in my search. Here I am. I have loved your books from the first time I read one. I have never been able to correctly pick out who done it in any of your books. That to me is the true sign of a great mystery writer. One who can keep me in the dark to the end. Thank you so very much for writing such great stories. May you live a long and healthy life.
Ilona Wessling, New Port Richey, FL

I read some of her books when I was in my early teens - some mystery and one adult novel. I always enjoyed her books and am thinking of doing some writing.
Marilyn Wong

I read several of your books in years past and have recently restocked my library with as many of your books as I can find. One of the used book stores I frequent, supplied me with 18 of your early writings and I am pleased to be able to enjoy the "feelings" I get when reading your books again and many for the first time. Hope to acquire your autobiography when published. Happy happy birthday.
Darlene Tobleman, Houston, TX

How wonderful that Ms.Whitney is 102! I love your books Ms.Whitney...and have read them since I was a teenager...(many moons ago)! There is so much I enjoy about your writing, it would be hard to describe everything it does for me. I know when I pick up one of your books, I read it rather quickly,... finish,...and then feel a little sad because I want to read more. Most of my books are simply "worn out" from rereading them over and over! I try to purchase hardbacks as much as possible. I even have two children named after characters from your books.."Justin" from Hunters Green...and "Tyler" from Quicksilver Pool. Happy Happy Birthday to you, and thank you for giving your readers so much joy!
Sandy, MS

Your books have been part of my life since I read my first, Seven Tears for Apollo, when I was thirteen (a long time ago!). Now I promote them for our Mexican students from 13 upwards, who are learning English. The wonderful plots and beautiful settings intrigue them. My own favourite is still Hunter´s Green. Thank you, Miss Whitney!!
John Vance Snow, Monterrey, Mexico

Thank you for writing books that allows my imagination to go on the many adventures you set. Happy belated birthday.
Linda, WA, DC

Dear Ms. Whitney, I truly enjoy your novels; I have been collecting them over the years and I have 32, now--mostly in hard cover. I also have been working on a novel for years. I have been much inspired by your style. I am a writing tutor who enjoys the art of words and ideas. Happy Birthday!!!
Lois J. Moyer, Wernersville, PA

An interesting story caught my attention today while visiting my mother-in-law, Evelyn, at Wood Village, an assisted living facility in Sweetwater, TN. Commenting that Evelyn was so charming and such an interesting person because of her world travels, a staff member told me there was another enjoyable woman at Wood Village who also had traveled---her name is Mabel. Mabel, I was told, had a sister-in-law (I believe that is the correct relationship) who is about 103 years old and she writes books --- "she has written about a 1,000 books I think," said the staff member, who had read and thoroughly enjoyed one of your books. I asked the writer's name, and was told she was Phyllis A. Whitney. Wondering if the story Mabel had told was true, I came home and did a "Google" search for you, and lo, here you are, just as Mable has been telling her friends at Wood Village in Sweetwater, TN. Mabel, I was told, has many of your books. I found a few available online and definitely plan to include your books in my reading. Also I plan to meet and have a chat with Mabel on our next visit to Wood Village to see my husband's mother, Evelyn. Congratulations on your long, rewarding career Mrs. Whitney!
Audarey Williams Stanaland, Loudon, TN

Phyllis, I have been reading your writings since fifth grade. How you have carried me away to many places. I have been cleaning out my home and giving many many books away. When I got to all my Whitney books I could just not let go and I am starting to reread them all over. Some I am attempting to replace because they have been reread so often they are falling apart. Thank you for all the years you have given me reading enjoyment.
Fran Burkert, Deerfield, OH

Happy Birthday I really enjoy your work! I just wish I had a ounce of your talent! I love your book The Golden Unicorn...I have to say it is my favorite because it was my first.
Debra Phelps, Spring, TX

Ms. Whitney, your books have been some of my favorites since I was a teenager and I still turn to them when I want something I KNOW I'm going to love! Thank you so much! My first Phyllis A Whitney and still my favorite (I can still, eleven years later tell you just about the entire plot including twists, just without character names) is The Golden Unicorn. I just recommended it to my sister-in-law, and I recommend it to anybody that will listen. :) You're a great author, and I'm SO glad I found your books! Oh! Happy birthday!
DiAnna Stephens, Poulsbo, WA

I just read Thunder Heights- great book!
Tim, PA

I read every book of hers I can find!
Jessica, MS

Hi, I'm a grade nine student and I enjoy reading your books. I attend Walter Murray which is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. My grade nine class has to do a book report on a book and I have decided to do your book entitled " Feather on the Moon" which I must add was a wonderful book. I'm a big fan and would love you to come visit Saskatoon because not only I love you but many other's from here do too.
Krista Boone, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I have collected her books since I was a little I am 33. She is my favorite author. I mostly have the hard back books. I wanted to just look up her name and see if she had a web site to find out some information about my favorite author and her works.
Heather G. Vandiver, Henderson, KY

Happy Birthday Ms. Whitney! Your books over the years have enriched and brought great joy to my life. It was your books that inspired me to write. Your storytelling and love of romance, suspense and intrigue, where good ultimately triumphs over adversity in the end always kept me transfixed until the last page. My late mother was a hardcore reader of yours and I picked up one of your books she had read and right away I was hooked. I wish you good health, peace and much love for the many years of riveting reading. A true fan,
Richard De Noia, Venice, CA

Dear Ms. Whitney, Congratulations on another landmark birthday! I've enjoyed your books since junior high. I even stopped reading "Columbella" before the climax, wrote my own thrilling ending and then came back to it. It was ages ago, but I'm sure my take-off was really really good(Ha)!! I remember that the lightning [in my ending] illuminated the face of the pursuer to be..."Alex. _____'s husband!" I will have to reread "Columbella" to see how far I was from the mark! I've just reread "The Flaming Tree" (I sincerely hope your grandson has led an ever-improving life -- my father was a stroke victim who carried on for over 10 years so as I reread it, it certainly carried even more meaning for me.) and recently reread "The Stone Bull." It is a comfort to reach for your books when I finally am able after my 2.5 year old twins go to sleep. Best wishes to you and your family.
Gail Wakelin, Manchester, CT

So far I have read ten of Phyllis' books, and have loved every one of them. Such an imagination.
Laurie Nix, SC

Phyllis, Thank you for all the wonderful books you have given us. I have read all of your adult books, some more than once, and I'm ready to start reading all of them again. I'm looking forward to your biography. Thank you!
Delores Ratliff, Wichita Falls, TX

Happy birthday to my favorite author! Thank you for the many wonderful books you have written. I have read all of your books that my local library has. Now I'm securing library cards from nearby towns who have other books of yours which I can't find here. As a young girl, I relished Nancy Drew books. As an adult, I am "hooked" on your suspenseful, spellbinding mysteries. Thank you again for your thrilling mysteries and God bless you! Sincerely,
Carol N. Jordan, Tuscaloosa, AL

I had the occasion to meet you personally several years ago on a rescue call to your residence in Nellysford. I have always been an avid reader of your books and wanted to take this moment to wish you a joyous birthday.
Barbara Baldwin, Afton, VA

Dear Mrs. Whitney, Your books have brought so much enjoyment in my life over the years. I began reading your novels back in 1970 and when I was a young bride. Today I work in a High School Library and still order and still read the books you have written. The mystery, location, and themes you have chosen for your books are what makes me love them. You are such a special author and lady. What joy you have brought to book lovers! Thank You!
Rebecca Sperry, Nephi, UT

Happy Birthday, Phyllis. We sure wish they would reissue more of your books!!!
Lisha Sheldon, Rapid City Public Library in Rapid City, SD

I am reading 'Amethyst Dreams' and enjoying it so much. I love books with a 'sense of place' and reading about Topsail Island is like being there. Thank you for sharing your gift and giving so much pleasure to us, your readers. I feel as though I have hit the literary many of your good books yet to read!
Marilyn West, Richmond, VA

You are by far my favorite author in the world. I read and reread all of your books. I get lost in my own little world when I am "lost" within one of your books.
Theresa, LA

I have read Phyllis Whitney mystery novels since I was 11 years old. I have read both her juvenile and adult collections. They introduced me to my lifetime love of mystery stories. I came upon this website when I "googled" Phyllis' name and was thrilled to find out that she was still alive and writing. I look forward to reading her biography upon its completion. Happy 102nd Birthday!
J. Whitsitt, Huntinburg, IN

A very happy birthday to Ms Whitney. Thank you for all the hours of wonderful, enjoyable reading you give us. I love reading your adult books (I'm 63) and have a goal to read them all. Keep up the great work --- and good for you. Many more birthdays to you.
Annette, Cols, OH

I have long enjoyed reading your books, they have gotten me reading again and enjoying your travels thru your books. Thank you very much for sharing with your many readers.
Leslie Allaire, CT

I, too, started reading Phyllis Whitney books as a young girl. I believe the first one I read was The Quicksilver Pool, probably back in 1969 - 36 years ago. After that, I don't recall. I still have the 11 paperbacks that I bought with my allowance back then. Each one was 75 cents until The Fire and the Gold (January 1974 printing) and Snowfire (February 1974 printing) - those two were $1.25 each. I also have a hardback of Window on the Square, which I bought at a library book sale in Toronto. I would like to introduce my daughter, Ruth, to them soon - she is now in 6th grade, and may just be ready for them! Thank you, Ms. Whitney! You are still so beautiful!
Becky Branham Dimon, Fairfax, VA

Happy Birthday. I started reading Ms. Whitney's book in high school in the early 60's. She was the first author that fired me up and got me started reading. I have enjoyed her ever since. Thank you so much.
Jane D. Vilfer, OH

Happy Birthday! You are an awesome writer!! I have been reading, and rereading your books for 50 years. They are still wonderful stories. I have most of the adult mysteries in my collection and a few from the juvenile and young people series. My goal is to collect all of them.
Claudia, Tucson, AZ

Dear Ms. Whitney Happy belated birthday greetings. Just wanted to let you know, back in the 1970's my mom gave me a copy of "the Secret of the Samurai Sword" to read at camp when I was about 12 years old. I loved it, and was fascinated by the images of Japan and Kyoto. This year, I finally fulfilled a long time goal, and visited Japan for 6 weeks, including Kyoto and I made a special trip to the movie studio mentioned in the book. Thank you so much for inspiring me with your work. Best Regards,
Jennifer Hall, Toronto, Canada

I have enjoyed your books for over 40 years. Thank you for the enjoyment you gave us all. I have also really profited by the writing juvenile books also.
Brenda Booker, Rialto CA

The BEST author I ever read and absolutely my FAVORITE!
Donna Williams, Round Rock, TX

You are my favorite writer. I have most of your books and I have read them all more than once. As a teen ager your books helped me get through some rough times. They took to some wonderful places.
Carol Gibson, FL

Hello I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your books as a teenager in junior high and high school. I am now the mother of a fourteen year old and have been looking for some of your books so that he can read them. One I particularly enjoyed was "The Turquoise Mask", awesome book. Thank you for all your great stories they were greatly appreciated.
Barbara Ward, AK

I am sitting in a high school library in Istanbul, Turkey, as I write you this message. It is because of you that I am here. I am 53 years old, and when I was 9 and living in the western U.S., I read The Mystery of the Golden Horn. Ever since, I have wanted to see Istanbul. Your books inspired me to travel, to expand my horizons, and to love history and intrigue. I recently chose to come to Istanbul to teach english As A Second Language (although I was offered 6 fabulous jobs around the world) after attending an international schools job fair. The director asked my why I wanted to come to Istanbul, and I told him about your book and my lifelong dream. Because of the spark you ignited at a young age, I have realized this dream. Thank you. And thank you for the inspiration you have given me and millions of others with your wonderfully written books. Happy Birthday.
Terri Bakken, Istanbul, Turkey

How wonderful your stories are!!!! Thank you for sharing your genius!! I am a devoted fan.
Janet Breedlove, IN

Happy Birthday. I Have read your books & loved them.
Dorothy Sexton, AZ

Dear Miss Whitney, I want to wish a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope it was indeed happy. I have been reading your books for many years, since I was a young teen. I love your books. My favorite one is 'Lost Island'. I write also, though I haven't had anything but poems published I still consider myself a romance/romantic suspense writer. I can't tell you how much you have inspired me over the years. I have kept every book of yours that I have read and I always will. Thank you for so many wonderful books that gave me so many wonderful years of reading enjoyment.
Jeanne Walker, Oxnard, CA

I have enjoyed your books for as long as I can remember, I'm sure I have read all your books and wish that there would have been many more. Thank you for the years of wonderful reading.
Rita Olson, Aberdeen, SD

Oh my gosh. I’m still in high school and I love you Phyllis! I have read about 10 or so of your books. I had no idea who you were, or anything about you. I looked you up on the net to find out more about this person who had become my favorite author! To be frank I thought you might have been dead! but your a 102 and still going! your a great role model and I love your writing! I love children very much so your books had great appeal to me because I also love a good mystery! the first book I read that you wrote was vermillion! it is now my favorite book of all time!!!your truly my favorite !!!! you rock my socks!! Love,
Catrina Barger, TX

Congratulations on your birthday last month! I have been a reader of your mysteries for many years and I couldn't pick a favorite as I like them all. I especially like the settings where the storylines take place. I, too, would like to buy and read your biography. From a very grateful reader.
Taney, OH

I have very much enjoyed all the books of Phyllis I have read (and that numbers quite a few). I was just sitting here at my computer and decided to type her name in search and found this web site. Another thing that intrigued me on this site was the creator of it. My maiden name is Tyo. I am from upper NY State. Ironically my first name is Phyllis. I moved to FL 26 years ago. I have reread a few of the books and enjoyed them just as much as the first time around.
Phyllis LaBarge, FL

I was visiting my mother inlaw, she had belong to a book club in the sixties and seventies. She told me to take a look, see if there was anything of interest. The first book I read was published as a combo Thunder Heights & Window on the square. EXCELLENT!!!! It was the first time I had ever read that type of book. I decided to check you out on line, and she what else you had written. Thank God For Computers!!!!!!
Joann Bootz, Appleton, WI

Ms. Whitney, I have enjoyed your books since I was 14. I'm 44 now! I've had my first book of poetry published this year, Abundant Blessings. I'm also trying my hand at children's books. You have inspired me and I thank you!
Gail Harris, Camden, TN

I have recently discovered the wonderful books of Mrs. Whitney. Additionally, I was very happy to learn that she now resides near my hometown of Charlottesville, Va.
Madaline Carney, Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY

My mom has been reading your books for years and has all except for 3. You have kept her entertained with your stories, you are a very talented and special woman.
Veronica Talley, La Palma, CA

I found the wonderful stories written by Phyllis Whitney through a book club that I had joined in the 80's. I've been a fan ever since. I often refer her novels to friends and family. I love her style of telling a story. She just pulls you in and your there!
Kimberly, New Bern, NC

I want to thank you for the books given to my children and myself. We are each enjoying your writing. It is especially nice to have books which appeal to a younger generation and those for adults. What a wonderful gift you share!
Camille Van Hout, Roseland, VA

When I was in, perhaps, the 4th grade, in the 50's, one of my favorite books was "Mystery of the Green Cat." I formed my early impressions of San Francisco from this book and it made the city a place I wanted to visit when I grew up. Impulsively, I looked the book up on the internet this evening and discovered that what I thought, all these years, was perhaps an obscure little book for children was actually written by one of the world's most famous mystery authors. I am very much looking forward to reading Ms. Whitney's autobiography! And buying myself a new copy of the book!
Jeanne-Michele Salander, San Jose, CA

I found this site by a google search for Phyllis A. Whitney. Ms. Whitney was my first favorite author when I was young. I developed my love of mysteries from her books. My favorite was The Mystery of the Green Cat. I found a used copy of this book and reread it recently. It is still as good as I remembered.
David W. Dixon, Tulsa, OK

I have enjoyed many of your books. I discovered your writings just a few years ago. Each one I have read grabs me in just the first few pages. I love the fact that they bring different places to life. I wish I could find all your books so I could read every one of them. I have not read in the last several months due to many life changes of my own but do hope to get back to another book on my list that I have not read. I hope you get the autobiography done soon. I would love to read about YOU! God love you and keep you.
Patti, Neptune, NJ

It is marvelous to here that Ms. Whitney is still writing at the age of 101!
Kathryn Starkey

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have enjoyed reading your novels (all of them) since I was 10 years old in Riverdale, NY. I am now 54 years old, a creative writer, and am passing on your books to my granddaughters and my 11 year old cousin. Your works truly span the generations and are as valid today as when you first wrote each book. I have tried to employ many of the tips and tricks you have written about in your books on writing and also try to maintain the ethical standards you employ. I eagerly await your autobiography.
Jennie Hamilton, Ontario, CA

Hi, Phyllis: We meet again. I met you several years ago at the MWA conference and told you that Lee Wyndham had been my mentor. She gave me the same advice you gave her: Pass it on. Today I'm passing it on to 13 wonderful students in my "Writing the Middle-Grade Novel" class that I'm teaching for UCLA extension. All best,
Betsy Haynes, The Colony, TX

Dear Ms. Whitney, I started reading your books years ago as a young adult and have continued to this day. I've never read anything that you wrote that wasn't exceptional. I think you must be an exceptional person. I just wanted to visit this site and thank you for all your books and all the hours of entertainment and knowledge that I've gained. Thank you,
Mary Reagan, OK

I'm 54 yrs. old, I've Never been a reader unless it was a Cook Book or Quilt Book. I read The Singing Stones and was HOOKED !!! THANKS.
Lora Williams, Loomis, CA

I started reading Phyllis A Whitney books in the 5th grade. I am rereading some and catching up with the ones I did not read before. The material is so riveting I don't want to put a book down until I finish it. I especially enjoy the rich details, history of the settings of her books. I am finishing Star Flight and I had to check out the websites for the "composite"- Mountain Lake and Lake Lure. I can't wait til the Autobiography is published!!!!!!!
Debbie, Annandale, VA

I absolutely love reading Mrs. Whitney's books. I started reading them when I was a teenager back in the 70's and have continued to enjoy them. I always look forward to each and everyone. Thank you, Mrs. Whitney.
Rhonda R Auman, High Point, NC

I have been a fan for many years and have a number of first edition hard cover books. I love her writing style and her ability to describe in detail the background of her stories. Also the various places in which the stories are set is like a geography tour. Dream of Orchids and Poinciana are of special interest to me because they take place in FL where I live. All my best to Ms. Whitney and I look forward to reading her autobiography.
Grace Hutchinson-Wutt, Kissimmee, FL

I began reading from my high school Library. Mrs. Whitney’s lovely, books. I have been out of school for 43 years, and I still Love to read them. Than You. Most Sincerely,
Dorothy D. Hawes, Tuckerman, AR

I began reading Ms. Whitney's books when I was about 14yrs old and never missed one. I am now 48 and have yet to read a book as wonderful as the ones she wrote. It is a pity Ms. Whitney no longer is writing but I guess at some point we all must retire. I am sure someday my daughter will also read some of Ms. Whitney's books as I have kept them all.
Marci Gomez, Toronto, Canada

Dear Ms. Whitney, I am a teacher turned mom who has recently decided to write, and found your books. I enjoy your no nonsense approach and witty advice. In reading other books alongside yours, I find your book refreshing and just what I needed! Thank you, I look forward to reading more of your work!
Alicia Razvi, Stevens Point, WI

Meeting you in C'ville (1996?) made a lasting impression on me and I am most grateful for your words, "think with a pencil", which I have included in my newly revised 'Myth, Magic and Metaphor, A Journey into the heart of creativity'. I love your stories and your philosophy (go to the place, absorb the atmosphere, create a person, then when you know this person, create another, let them interact and the story unfolds. Do you know how it ends? No, you reply, I have to wait and see just like my reader).
Patricia Daly-Lipe, VA

She is one of the best writers I have ever read, her book The Golden Unicorn was the first big book I had read, I was 8. I am now 36.I am still in love with her writing. She is the main reason I love to read.
Patricia Cagle, Harrisonburg, LA

Dear Mrs. Whitney. You are the best writer of all times. I have the complete set of your adult suspense books. And most of your juvenile. I just enjoy reading them over and over again. There is not one of them that I could put down without finishing the whole book. When you read them you feel a part of the book. Like you’re there in the book. My grandmother and mother have passed the enjoyment of your books to me just as I have passed to my daughter. She is starting to read and enjoy them also. I thank you for sharing your talent with others.
Susie Carollo, Big Branch, LA

I have 15 of Ms. Whitney's books and have enjoyed everyone of them very much. I would love to have all her books, but have not found all of them yet. I am waiting now for her autobiography; it has to be an intriguing story.
Barbara Huguley, TX

The first Phyllis A. Whitney book I ever read was "The Turquoise Mask", in about 1964. That was in Junior Highschool, some 40+ years ago. I have been reading her books ever since, I dearly love them. I have been gathering a small collection for some years now, and they are the only books I collect. To be truthful, these are the only books I read with the exception of my Bible and information books. I have so wanted to find out about this woman, even though some is told in the book flaps, not hardly enough. For so many years I had hoped she would still be alive when I would find an opportunity to let her know how much her writing has meant to me over the years. I am now 55 years old and the opportunity has finally come... Phyllis A. Whitney is an exceptional writer, and she could never be replaced in any sense of the word.
Phyllis Rigney

I used to read Phyllis Whitney books with a friend in high school, and I now want to read some more! Thanks for your site.
Ms. B

I could read "The Turquoise Mask" once a month and never tire of it ! I love "The Trembling Hills" too. I found this site using the search engine "Dogpile". You have a great website! Happy New Year, dearest Phyllis Whitney !
Deborah, Encinitas, CA

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