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Guestbook entries for 2006

I found this site through a simple Google search. I am a longtime fan of Phyllis A. Whitney, enjoying both her adult and juvenile mysteries.

I just came across a copy of Ebony Swan and remembered how much I have enjoyed MS. Whitney's books. The locales and characters have always seemed quite real and entertaining. I took a chance and typed her name into the search bar and found this web site. It is so nice to know that she is well and working on an autobiography--I look forward to it's publication. Thank you for the opportunity to sing her praises.

I have been an avid reader and fan of Phyllis Whitney and amazed at her longevity, along with her continued work. Thank you so much for all the wonderful stories and the many hours filled with great mystery and adventure.
Cheryl H, Sydney, NSW Australia

I'm currently re-reading (re-re-re-re-re-reading, actually) THE WINTER PEOPLE. I'm at work at the library just now, and I googled the name on a whim and came here. I've been reading these books for a long time. I've been slowly acquiring hardback copies, because my paperbacks wore out! They're always so pleasant to read, and they seldom feel "dated".
Diane H, Massillon, OH

Twenty-seven years ago my high school librarian, Mrs. Nolley, suggested the Turquoise Mask to me. I have basked in the excitement of your every book since then. I searched for any book you wrote even if it was intended for younger readers...where your books were concerned I was oblivious to the typical teenage pride. I knew in those pages there would always be an exciting place to visit with wonderful gripping story. With a mother who was unable to be completely present during those years, your characters did much to form MY character. Thank you. I am looking forward so to your autobiography! Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year to you and your family!
Lynda M, NC

I discovered Phyllis Whitney in my high school library in the early 70's and my love of mysteries began! I personally own almost 30 of her adult novels and now that I have the full list plan to search for the rest. I love the way she researched the locale and made you feel like you would recognize it if you went there. I felt like I was reunited with an old friend when I found this web site!
Terry M, Arlington, TX

I've always loved your books. I now own and moderate a Yahoo reading group called Gothic Romantic Suspense, and you're one of our most beloved, often read author. Right now we're reading "Thunder Heights" and marveling at how you wrote it just like a gothic ought to be written. Thanks for such wonderful books.
Colleen M, MN

I love, Love, LOVE, Phyllis A. Whitney and her wonderful books. Thanks.
Stacha, CO

Phyllis Whitney has always been my all time favorite author. And now my daughter is reading her books as well. I only wish there were some new ones! I found this web site by searching on
Kim, CA

Phyllis, You are and always will be my favorite author. I've read every one of your books and continue to reread them because I cannot always find another author whose books I enjoy. I have scads of books that I buy, read a few pages, and then put them down. I am a mystery author working my way up the publishing ladder. I'm sure some of what I've learned from you comes out in my books. Thank you for that and thank you for the hours of reading pleasure that you have given to me. It is always fun to pick up one of your books and travel to interesting, exciting places. Jonna Turner
Jonna T, Denver, CO

If it wasn't for you, I would never have started reading novels. I always hated to read as a child and teenager. Several years ago, my stepmother gave me Poinciana and told me to read it and now I am hooked. You writing just flows and is so easy to follow. I now read anything and everything I can get my hands on. Thank you!
Susie S, Clinton, SC

Hello, Please let me say what a pleasure it has been to enjoy your work. I was a young boy in the 70s, growing up in western Pa. Not much excitement at the time. I very much enjoyed your mystery stories. I now live in Maryland working for the Dept of Defense. I am looking forward to your autobiography. I would dearly like to meet you. Do you have any dates for book signings or allowing folks to meet with you? Thank you for your time.
Mike P, Home

I have loved Phyllis's books since high school when I first discovered them on my grandmother's bookshelves. Thanks for keeping me reading through the growing years and beyond.

My very favorite author. My mother read Phyllis Whitney books and I started reading them in what was then called Junior High School, about eighth grade, in . . . oh my, 1962 or so.
Ila Jean M, Morgantown, WV

I have read Phyllis Whitney’s books since I was a teenager in the 1970's. I just "googled" the author's name and came upon this site. A very prolific and wonderful author.
Lori S, Newark, OH

I found this site after a Google search. I just read "Woman Without a Past" and I have read most of Ms. Whitney's other books. The book was on reading list posted in my local library & I wondered how I could have missed it. It was a great read. I enjoy Ms. Whitney's books because of her fascination for locales, her well drawn characters & her penchant for getting to the heart of the matter quickly. Her plots move along at an even pace and all seem plausible.
Anne H, Holly Springs, NC

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have been reading your books since I first discovered them in my school library. I think I was about twelve at the time, I am now fifty-one and have rediscovered your books. Can't wait to visit my library to reread all your books that I can find.
Sandy M, Austin, TX

Phyllis - My mother who turns 91 in May has always loved your books. We spend time together in the bookstore shopping and mom, Inez Morgan, brought up your name as her favorite author. My cousin, Jim Daher, has just had his first book published, Righteous Kill. Hope you are working on another book, we truly look forward to it. Please keep writing, mom is looking forward to turning 100 too !!
Therese D, Detroit, Michigan

WOW! the Ladies at the NJ Library for the Blind are amazed and thrilled to hear Ms. Whitney is working on her autobiography! Her works are much admired among our readers and they're currently being re-recorded by the National Library Service They're FLYING off the shelves! Best Wishes! Patt Ferrari, Reader Services Advisor NJ Library for the Blind, Reader Services NJ Library for the Blind and Handicapped
Patt F, Trenton, NJ

Ms. Whitney, I think you are by far the finest suspense writer of all times! You are the only author I have read that keeps you guessing and has more twists and turns in every story, right up to the end am I fascinated and amazed! Thank you ma'am for the best fictional stories I have ever read!
MiSchelle H, Sallisaw, OK

My daughter-in-law introduced me to the Phyllis Whitney books and I got hooked on the first page. I love your books.
Georgia R, Hohenwald, TN

Ms. Whitney was my absolute favorite writer when I was a child. I loved her childrens' mystery books. As an adult, I have read all of her adult mysteries. She is a fabulous writer. Congratulations on being over 100 years old.
Debbie N, NJ

Hi, being 12, Phyllis Whitney’s books have been one of few authors that I enjoy reading. I write my own stories remembering her way of description but never quite equaling my work to hers... My favorite is listen for the whisperer, the first book by her I’ve read. Feel free to reply.
Kristina A, El Paso, TX

Dear Phyllis, got a chance to pick up your book on writing probably about the best that I've ever come by. I'm sure there’s more than one out there so I'll look for another.
Dave M, Albuquerque NM

I simply want to thank you for providing this writer with innumerable absorbing hours of enjoyable engrossment; a means of escaping into the ever clean and predictable world each heroine traverses, always in exciting and well-researched locations. No obstacles are insurmountable, no entities too cunning to put one over on clever Ms. Whitney and her reader! I have thoroughly enjoyed following the stories and the author and appreciate her extensive vocabulary concomitant with a superb writing style. Oh, yes, and the mysteries are quite good too! Hope to find one I have not, as yet, indulged in! Thank you again, Ms. Whitney. I wish you well.
Heather C, Bedsaul, Home

I am such a huge fan!!! I initially picked up 'Feather on the Moon' as a quick read on the ferry across to Victoria. It was magical....reading the story while visiting the city (by chance) got me hooked on all things 'Whitney'.
Michelle D, Calgary, Alberta

I first visited this web site in 1999, I think. I have read all of your novels for adults and just finished reading " The Mystery of the Crimson Ghost" which was very good. I'm trying to get some more of the mysteries you wrote for young adults. I find them sometimes in the libraries and sometimes in used bookstores and Goodwill stores. I only have a few left to have read them all. You are a wonderful writer and I truly miss not seeing new books out by you.
Jeannie H, Morehead, KY

I have been reading your books for over 40 years. I hope you do an autobiography because you have seen so many changes in your lifetime. Many more years!
Diana G, Houston, TX

Mrs. Phyllis Whitney I really like your books, they are the greatest suspense novels I have ever read. Your fan,
Shannon, Home

Dear Mrs. Whitney, What an honor to write to you. I was captivated by your novels when I was a teenager and still am. I can still vividly remember reading your book for the first time, it was Listen for the Whisperer. Oh how enthralled I was. What a world you opened up for me. You have a gift to take us to far away places with you. You always keep us guessing and wondering. I just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful gifts of these stories. I am very happy to know that you are well and still working too. You are a marvel. Well that is great for you, don't work too hard now. I am looking forward to your next book, as you are a fascinating lady. For all of my life, I will always remember your story and how it affected me and how it made me truly love reading. Thank you for all your gifts and God Bless you.
Liz, Hampton, NH

You are my most favorite author. I am having my granddaughter read your books.
Diane L, Weldon, IA

Dear Mrs. Whitney: I just wanted to say that I love your books. Your writing made me the book lover I am today. I have every one of your adult books in my collection: My favorites are: The Glass Flame, Hunter's Green, Dream of Orchids, Vermillion and Daughter of the Stars. I have a few of the young adult books also: One of my favorites is Linda's Homecoming. I also loved The Highest Dream because it was so interesting to read about the United Nations. My favorite juvenile mysteries are: Mystery of the Golden Horn, Secret of Goblin Glen and The Vanishing Scarecrow. THANK YOU!!!!!!
Linda G, PA

I was remembering recently a book I read as a child. It was called, "The face in the pool". I think Phyllis Whitney was the author. I remember how much I enjoyed the book. As an adult I came across another book by Phyllis Whitney and I often wondered if it was the same author. So, today I decided to look her up on the internet. I'm going to search a list of her books to see if I can verify this info. Have a great day.
Sherrie R

I just finished reading the entire website. I did find the book I was looking for and the correct title. The book was the haunted pool. It introduced me to mysteries. I was also amazed to find out that Ms. Whitney is 102 years old. God has truly blessed her life and she has blessed ours with her writings. I just want to tell her thank you for the joy she has brought to so many.
Sherrie R

I am 53 yrs old, & I am re-reading Phyllis Whitney's books that I read when I was in high school, & when I was a new bride. They still keep me thoroughly entertained. What a magnificent writer this lady is!!!
Patricia L. Getz, MT

Just wanted to say hello. I stopped by this site because I was looking up authors on another site and came across a title: "A Place for Ann". The title caught my attention because my name is Ann and I have not found my place in this world yet. I was trying to locate a copy of this book, but alas it seems to not be around any more. I was wondering if perhaps the author still has an original copy that she could see if "A Place for Ann" could be republished. Thank you. Sincerely,
Ann A

Dear Ms Whitney, I want to thank you for creating such wonderful books. The day I found one of your books- was the day my life finally started. See I have a learning disability in writing; threw middle school I felt that sense I couldn't write, I was a failure, which made me not want to read as well. I found one of your books used at an old book store. I found the book to be exciting from the outside and open it to find myself absorbed into this world different from mine allowing me to escape from my problems. I am now a graduating senior from high school with a 4.1 gpa, going off to fulfill my dreams in college. I want to thank you, it was cause of your book that allowed me to earn my amazing gpa and encourage me to fight for my dreams. I could never thank you enough, I wish someday I could meet you or get a signed book, but just having some of your books around is splendid enough. Can never thank you enough.
Natasha S, CT

Dear Phyllis: I truly enjoy your books and am currently reading Woman Without a Past. I had no idea that you wrote books for young people and juvenile mysteries - of course, I'll have to read them and pass them along! Again, please continue to write and I will continue to read your books!
Susan R, Cook, IN

I have read and thoroughly enjoyed your books. I write mysteries too. I hope someday to become as great a writer as you. I an looking forward to reading your autobiography.
Neva D, Payette, ID

Phyllis Whitney’s books I loved from the time I started working in a library in CT. When I moved to Ingleside Texas I requested them to carry her books because they just capture you. I love how she uses history in the books like the one set close to where I am from in Harpers Ferry, Va. I was so longing for another book to be written. Your books I have passed down to my daughter. Like I said I requested your books to be carried down her because they are some of the greatest I have ever read. They just capture you like you are there.
Anneliese B, Ingleside, TX

Dear Ms. Whitney, I read all of your young adult novels when I was in high school, then discovered your adult mysteries. I especially love that the books are set in such a variety of places. Thanks so much for the great entertainment and travels to so many places. The best to you. A devoted fan,
Brenda F, Ozone, AK

I googled. I have been a fan since I was a teenager and I am revisiting her books. I just finished rereading The Flaming Tree and I am currently reading The Woman Without a Past. Thanks for the wonderful writing and story telling.
Kendall, CA

Dear Phyllis, Your books have brought me pleasure for 40 years! As a school librarian I have introduced students, teachers and other of my reading friends to your books. Thank you for the untold hours of entertainment you have given us. I look forward to your autobiography being published. I go to Harrisonburg once a year and always think of you and of that little road that goes down Afton Mountain to Lovingston. I wish you continued good health.
Darlene H, Saltville, VA

Phyllis A. Whitney - I've read your books for years. I read other's books, but when I really want to read a good mystery-suspense novel, I look for your name. And I've never been sorry. I'm always hooked by the time I've finished the first page! That doesn't always happen, you know. I didn't know about your website but sure glad I asked Google about your name and here it is! I'm very excited about you writing your autobiography. That is going to be sooooo interesting. I had no idea of your age or if you were still living. When I saw in this site that you were born in 1903, I kind of lost hope that you were still living. Boy! I'm sure happy you are, so I could tell you how much enjoyment you have given me throughout the years. Last week, I was eating at a restaurant and the waitress-friend of mine, Brenda saw your name on my book (I always read when I eat) and we had a wonderful conversation about you and your wonderful story telling that leaves us wondering what's on the next page. You are absolutely a delight! Thank you so much for being who you are and doing what you do. And, I know this sounds selfish, but I'm sure glad you chose writing over dance. But, if you were as good a dancer as you have been as a writer, WOW! You must have been something! I must tell you that 'Rainbows in the Mist' is my far. I haven't finished all your books yet, but I'm working on it. And when I finish them all, I'll just start all over again!! Thanks again!
Donna, Chicopee, MA

The library in Ocean Shores WA (a small town on the Pacific Ocean with approximately 3,500 people) has many books by Phyllis Whitney. I have read all of them and have been extremely impressed at her ability to produce story after story, so thoroughly developing all the characters, and leave her reader in suspense to the very end of each novel. It is also refreshing to read well-written books exhibiting moral integrity in the language she uses.
Ginny T, Ocean Shores, WA

Hello Ms. Whitney. I started reading your books when we were transferred far away from my family and my husband worked nights, so I was very lonely. I would stay up all night and read your books. I kept all those books and wouldn't dream of parting with them. You kept me company many lonely nights. What I love most about your books: Yours are the only stories that I could never figure out "who done it". You surprised me every time. I love that.
Brenda B, Joelton, TN

I Love your books. Are you currently writing?
Nancy, Juneau, AK

I belong to a garden club called Lady Bugs. We do various activities and trips that have to do with gardening of some sort. I remembered your book "Dream of Orchids", found it in my mother’s library (she is 93) and am re-reading it to give a book report to the club on April 12, 2006.My husband grows orchids and they are in full bloom so will be showing them off and having fun with one of your books. Thought you would enjoy knowing your books are still being read. Good health to you,
Phyllis B, Littleton, CO

Dear Ms. Whitney, You were my favourite author when I was a child growing up in Northern NJ. Your stories were interesting and exciting page-turners, always introducing me to new and exotic places. Because I so loved reading your books, my interest in reading was born. My mother encouraged me to write a fan letter to you in 1970, and I was so excited to receive your hand-written note shortly thereafter. I have kept that note until this day. Thank you for your inspirational work !
Chris H, Montreal, QC Canada

I have read all of her books, I became hooked about 20 years ago, when my grandmother gave me Domino. I love romantic suspense, and ms. Whitney never failed to weave a great story. Always waiting for another one.
J Marshall, Spring City, TN

I have enjoyed Phyllis A Whitney's books for years ... and have a fairly good collection. I am so happy to learn she is still living! Whenever I'm in our library, I always check her book section ... hoping to find one I haven't read yet.
Judy S, Murphy, NC

Just finished Skye Cameron, after finding it among my deceased mother's wonderful books! Excellent descriptions of culture and historical scenes of New Orleans, and so many lessons can be taken from this book written almost 50 years ago! This is the first I have read of Ms. Whitney, and definitely not the last!!
Mary L, MN

Phyllis A. Whitney, I love you. you were my favorite author as a teen and I have read every adult novel you have written and the collection sits on my book shelf to be read over and over. After finishing one novel, I would anxiously await the next. I am so happy I found this web site and look forward to reading your autobiography. You have been and will always be my very favorite author. Thank you for so many years of wonderful reading.
Marilyn M, Gardena, CA

Love your books, Mrs. Whitney. I have been a fan for a long time. I have all your books. Thanks for a very enjoyable read! Every book keeps me on the edge of my seat.
Laura P, Chadbourn, NC

Dear Ms. Whitney. Thank you so much for the years of pleasure I've had reading your books. I have most of your books, been a reader since 1961. I had the pleasure of meeting at a book signing in Charlottesville you had a broken wrist. I'm looking forward to your autobiography and my wish for you is many more years of writing and happiness. God Bless You. I found you by entering your name on web.
Betty G, Arlington, VA

Dear Ms. Whitney I have read your books for years and have tried to follow your career. It is wonderful that you have your own website! It is also great that at age 102 you are working on your autobiography! Are you sure you shouldn't wait a few more years?!! My mother is age 92 and retired as city recorder in Jacksonville, Oregon at age 85. She promptly was elected to that town's city council and she has been reelected several times since. You and my mom obviously have the same drive to get the most out of life! And to think you have lived from the days of the early typewriters (and all that carbon paper and error erasing) into the era of computers!
Susan Crofoot Davis, from the banks of the Rogue River in So. OR

I don't know if you still write mystery/romance books but I think I have read most of them and enjoyed them all. I am amazed that you are still writing. Keep it up, I think that's what keeps you young. Again thank you for just being you and of all your accomplishments.
Eunice J, Home

I have just discovered Phyllis Whitney's books and am enjoying each one. The Librarian at the public Library I go to told me she has read everyone. I find the books entertaining and very hard to put down. They have multifaceted plots and the people and scenery seem so real. I hope to read all of her books in the next few years. Thank You for the enjoyment you give so many!!
Deb C, Abingdon, IL

Hello, I have written each Christmas and lately have had no reply, so have become concerned. I met Phyllis in Cape Town and proof read Blue Fire for her which she dedicated to me. Please let me know how she is. Regards,
Morea W, Warrington, UK

My daughter gave me the twin-volume book, "Thunder Heights" and "Window on the Square." My love for Ms Whitney's writing has grown page by page; I'm only on page 44 but have been asking myself where has she been all my life! I went to my computer to learn something about her... she is 102 years old and hopefully doing well! That was wonderful news! That is a comforting thought as I continue to read as many of her books as I may find.
JW C, Jackson, TN

To Madame Whitney, I know I am a little young to be reading the Adult Suspense books, but I just can't stop. I love your books and you are an amazing author. I look forward to reading even more of your novels. Thank you.
Beth S, Las Vegas, NV

I have read Phyllis A. Whitney's book since I was a young girl. I am now a 47 year old mother of two, and I still love reading and rereading her books. Thank you so much for the many wonderful hours of reading. Even in my own grief in 1988 when I lost my mother, Phyllis' books kept me going, taking me away from my reality to another world where I could lose myself, even if only for a brief time.
Liz H, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

I have read Phyllis A. Whitney books for years and enjoy finding one that I haven't read. A dear friend turned me on to her books and I have been turned on to reading ever since. Thank you Mrs. Whitney for taking me on this wonderful journey.

I love Mrs. Whitney's books and have everything she's written. I am now passing them down to my grandchildren who adore them as much as I do. I have many first editions but no signed books. I hope she continues to write forever!
Diane R, Durham, NC

I am a librarian and have a patron who is interested in writing a letter to Phyllis A. Whitney. Is there an address where the letter could be sent where the letter will be given to Phyllis? I have looked on-line, all over this website and in the celebrity address books that we have in our collection and not been successful. I would appreciate your help in answering this patron's request. Thank you.
Lynn, Albany Public Library, Albany, OR

Hi I just wanted you to know that I have loved your work for many years and my favorites are Spindrift and Hunter's Green. I keep going to the library to buy the used hardbacks hoping I will find another book of yours. I wish you the best on writing your autobiography. Always,
Terri E, Brier, WA

I love your books and your imagination. I have many of your books that I have collected and always love finding a new one that I haven't read. I especially liked the one you wrote about lake lure as my brother in law worked there at the time you wrote it and I just recently got it at the library to read again.
Carolyn H, Marion, NC

I cannot thank you enough for this website. I remembered reading a book in the 70's that I loved and wanted to read again. All I could remember about the book was that the trees were shaped into chess pieces. Whitney was one of the authors I read back then. I found this site thru Google and as soon as I saw the title Hunters Green it all came back. I went straight to my libraries website and found the book...can't wait to read it again. Thank you again.
Linda, New Freedom, PA

I have enjoyed her work for most of my life. To be able to follow a favorite author from young adult to adult is great. My sons and now my grandsons are also following her work.
Richard H, Lamont, WA

I really like Phyllis Whitney's work. I have read many of her books and enjoy them all. I believe she is one of America's great writers because she writes such a variety of literature. This site is a great resource for information on Whitney and her life.
Jade H, Duluth, MN

Phyllis, thank you so much for the wonderful literature you have produced! I inherited my mother's collection of books and many of my favorites are by you! My favorite is with out a doubt "The Quicksilver Pool", my mom found it for me in a used book sale and I have read it at least 10 times! I also really love "The Mystery of the Green Cat" and "The Secret of the Samurai Sword", your juvenile mysteries are wonderful! Thank you so much for these wonderful additions to my library! I am writing a paper on you for my advanced English class and found this site to be very helpful! Thank you, Phyllis!
Kate G, Saint Cloud, MN

I've entered this site by a fluke, I've read Vermillion few months ago, it has automatically become my favorite book (after books "na Drini cuprija" and "dervis I smrt"- in english it's "the bridge on the Drina" and "dervish and death") , I was amazed...and by the way, my favorite song is almost called Vermillion...what a coincidence...anyway, I loved that book so much because I've never read book of that kind and I found boring every other book I read after that one.
Aja, Bosnia

Hi everyone, I found this site by Googleing Sea Jade and found this.
Kristina, Home

Dear Ms. Whitney: Thank you for your wonderful books. They express a wonderment and curiosity about life that is so dear to me. I read your books while growing up and periodically read them over when I want to snuggle up in a blanket with an old friend. Your heroines were internally strong even when they were vulnerable. Many of us saw a facet of ourselves in these characters. Your books on writing are great too. You are one of the few writers who holds nothing back on explaining what you do when you write. I recommend them over and over. I believe you will always be a glimmer of a muse when I write.
Marion, M, WI

I was talking to a friend about favorite authors, and we agreed that we hadn't read anything new by Phyllis Whitney in awhile, so I did a search. She has given us both many hours of joy as we read her books both as children and as adults. Thank you so much!
Margie N, Montgomery, IL

I've enjoyed your books for as long as I can remember. I'm glad you're working on your autobiography--you've led a fascinating life!
Kathie M, Pitman, NJ

I periodically check to see if my all-time favorite author is still alive. I have been reading her novels for over 40 years and wish she could write for 40 more!!
Beverly W, Woodland, MI

Dear Miss Whitney, I don't know if you'll see this message, but I hope you will. A few days ago, I picked up one of your books, The Singing Stones, in a second-hand store. I noticed the author's name and it brought to mind a book I had read many years ago, as a pre-teen girl, living in Chicago. I couldn't remember the name of it but what I remembered was that I liked the book so much, I wrote to you to tell you how wonderful I thought it was, and you wrote me back. I was thrilled to get your letter. This must have been around 1952 or 1953, when I was about 12 years old. I couldn't remember the name of the book, but I went to the Internet today and found a list of your books on your web site. I discovered the book was "Love Me, Love Me Not." I recalled how enthralled I was with this story, which seemed to me to be so real--not like other stories I had read, which were unbelievable and not life-like. I was always a person who appreciated stories that could actually have happened to real people--not fantasies. When I finished The Singing Stones, I thought I would like to try and write to you again. I had no idea that you were 102 years old, still alive and kicking, but I'm so pleased to find that you are still writing at this age, and I'm truly inspired by your life and your work. I hope you get to read this note. I think that knowing your stories really get to the hearts of your readers should make you feel really good. I plan to read all of the other books you have written before I reach 102 and maybe even write one, myself. You are an inspiration to me.
Joyce J, San Francisco, CA

I went to engineering school to avoid having to write. Today I regret that decision because it has caused me great grief. I just finished reading "Guide to Fiction Writing" and loved it. At 48 years old I'm learning how to write for the first time and you are my teacher ... and a very good teacher at that. Thank you.
Bob S, Maui, HI

Hi, Just wondering how Phyllis is. I just read Thunder Heights and I am starting on Window on the Square. I have collected all but 4 of her novels. I believe I read Window on the Square back in 1962 in High School. I wish her the best.
Brenda B, Albuquerque, NM

Hi, I am so pleased to hear that you are still writing! I found reading about 1970 by luck with your Sea Jade & LOVED your style & have read & collected a large number of your books. My favorite is Domino. I have re-read many of your books. It sounds like you are enjoying good health in your "golden years" & continue to busy, plus you must enjoy the grandchildren & great grandchildren; they must be precious to you! A long time admirer.
Franklin G, York Co., PA

She is one of my favorite authors. I love the characters and their development and the plots are always wonderful. I have the book written on how to write and it is wonderful. I've always wanted to write and if I really decide to and start, it will be my model. I also always appreciate the quality of other worldliness, that there is more to the here and now and totally materialistic world.
Pam M, Tujunga, CA

Thank you for hours and hours of enjoyment.
Linda G, Grafton, OH

From the day I read my first Phyllis Whitney book, as a young girl in the mid 1960's (Secret of the Samurai Sword), I was hooked. I own every book (each one read numerous times), and am slowly converting my "well worn" paperbacks into hard copy. Thank you, Ms. Whitney, for bringing me so many pleasurable hours! You started my passion for reading and the English language. Although my dream of becoming a novelist is unfulfilled, based mostly on lack of story-telling talent, that passion has led me to a career which allows me to use the skills I do have for process writing and the creation of customer presentations. I have a trip to Charleston, South Carolina coming up, and found this site looking for a quick way to identify the book that had it's setting there (Woman Without a Past). I can't wait to re-read the book, so I can get the "flavor" of Charleston that is so richly described in the book. I look forward to reading the biography in progress; as I have always anxiously awaited, Phyllis Whitney's next book.
Pam, Chicago, IL

When I was 13 my father gave me a book that he had read: the title was Snowfire. I have read so many of your books over the years. The problem is that once I start reading one, I cannot put the book down until I finish it. So as I was raising my daughter and working at the same time, sometimes 2 or 3 jobs, there was not much time for reading. My daughter is twenty now, and I have not been working as much so I have been reading again, I just love your books.
Dorene E, Millbrook, NY

I love your books. I read Daughter Of the Stars and I could not sit the book down. I read straight through it. I was like wow! Your books make you feel as if you are the actually there. I just love them!
Princess, St. Louis, MO

Ms. Whitney has been my favorite suspense author for over 50 years! I'm rereading Star Flight now and enjoying its vivid descriptions of Lake Lure and the surrounding area. Looking forward to Ms. Whitney's autobiography.
Phyllis K, Polk City, FL

Phyllis is a "gem"!!!! I just finished Silversword for the second time, and I miss Hawaii even more!!! Can't wait to introduce my daughter to her books for young people.
Stephanie, MN

I love her books and have read and reread them many times!
Debra S, FL

I love Phyllis Whitney, and I am delighted to learn that she is still writing. I have read her books all my life, and I have just ordered a couple of her books for our Glencoe High School Library.
Letitia V, Glencoe, AL

Dear Ms. Whitney: Nearly twenty-five years ago I chose one of your books to read from the bookmobile when I was in junior high, and I have read and loved your novels ever since. I have never read a romantic suspense that I did not compare to yours. You have an exquisite gift that has given much enjoyment to so many. I recently have attempted writing romance and have read numerous books on the topic, though I truly believe that no "how to book" could surpass the learning gained from reading your books. As hundred of characters and conflicts fade from memory from the countless series romances I have read over the years, I can, however, still vividly recall the characters from your novels especially Skye Cameron. The details of your settings have allowed me to "like a frigate" travel to a multitude of destinations leaving me with memories almost as vibrant as those from life. I am so happy to have this opportunity to thank you for your writing. It has inspired, entertained, and delighted the imaginations of thousands. Thank you.
Lynn D, IL

It all started with "The Winter People", a book of yours that I found while poking around a moving sale last September 2005. The woman that was hosting the sale said that you were her "favorite author", but since she was moving things must go. Now it is mine to keep along with all of the others that I can find anywhere in my search. I have read just about all of your adult novels that have been written that I can locate. I have a few of my own that have been purchased, and I must say they are very hard to find, I have read many thru my local library. You grasp my interest right from the start and hold my suspense until the very end. I love the way you write and it will be difficult to find another author to read once I have finished all of your books. I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful gift. Bless you!
Joan M, Federal Way, WA

I just wanted to tell you that since I have been a very young girl, I have been reading and have read all of your books. Now at the age of 52 I have the entire collection, including adult hardcovers and young adult mysteries from my childhood. I felt as I became older, you were the closest writer to the Nancy Drew books. As I matured and was looking for an author who wrote not only exceptional stories, but clean, scary and plots that were realistic. Bless you for all the joy you have given me through the years, especially when I needed reading to heal me through many rough times. I will leave my son my books one day, so your books will live on in our family for generations to come. I keep my eye out for any book that I may have missed or want to collect in Hardcover.
Jeri A, NJ

I needed a book to read during my lunch break, and found Phyllis Whitney, one of my favorites along with Mary Stewart and Helen MacInnes. I have saved all of these great writers books that I have purchased over the years. How I have enjoyed curling up on the sofa with the books and a cup of tea. Skye Cameron I have today, I probably have read it four or five times over the years, and on a whim, went on line to find out some more information about my favorites. I love the Internet, and here I am! God has blessed you with a long life, and I have so loved reading your books.
Claire, Foxboro, MA

I must express to Phyllis Whitney my gratitude for her continued efforts in enlightenment to the masses, and me. I wish continued wellness to Ms. Whitney and am looking forward with excitement to her biography.
Brenda C, Palm Bay, FL

I had never read any of your books until New Year's Eve, 2005. I was staying in a hotel with a small library and the book titled Daughter of the Stars intrigued me. I read the history section and decided to take it back to my room. It was wonderful!! I liked it so much that I want to read more. I also loved the history in it so much that I now want to visit Harpers Ferry!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing with me!!
Leigh Ann, Ringgold, GA

I stumbled upon this site when I was looking for Joy Adamson's biography, though it has NO relation to finding this author. I have always enjoyed Phyllis Whitney's books. Someday, I'll revert from writing nonfiction educational material to writing fiction. Phyllis Whitney's skill and talent would be hard to replicate, though. Please convey my thanks for her life's work.
M Carter, CA

I am enjoying "Snowfire" very much, and will be passing it on to fellow readers here in Fenton, Michigan. My mother was born in 1901 and I was born in 1932. Bless Phyllis A Whitney.
Pauline F, Fenton, MN

You are and have been since childhood my favorite mystery author. I am amazed you are 102!!! WOW!! I had no idea!! All the very best to you -- looking forward to the autobiography -- I'm sure you have rich and wonderful stories to tell!!
Kat, Los Angeles, CA

Phyllis Whitney is a wonderful and outstanding writer. I have read as many of her books as I have been able to get my hands on. Everywhere I go I look to see if I will be fortunate enough to find a book by her that will be my treasure. Thanks for writing such wonderful books.
Tina, MI

Hi there. I also have been a long time fan of hers. Ever since grade school I couldn't wait for a new book to come out. I just recently lost my whole collection I had of her books and hope to find them again.
Joyce H, MI

I read my first Phyllis A. Whitney book, "Mystery of the Haunted Pool", when I was in grade school. I believe I bought it through the Scholastic Book program. It started my love of her mysteries and I think I own and have read most of them, many of them more then once. They hold a place of honor in my bookcase. I remember I was reading Lost Island when I got a new parakeet and I named it Lacey after the heroine of the book. I will always treasure my time reading her books.
Diane B, Seattle, WA

I thoroughly enjoy each and every book and have been reading Phyllis Whitney for the past 25 years! Thank you for wonderful, captivating fiction!
Jill L, Ripley, MS

Hi, I would like to inform you that I think you are a great author. I love your books and how you get hooked just by reading the first page. Right now I am reading "Woman Without A Past" and "Rainsong". They are really really good. I am doing a biography on you for my literature class, but I can only use one internet source and I can't seem to find anything about you in my library and so im not sure if my teacher will let me do my project on you, which will make me sad because I will have to pick another author and I have no idea who I could do it on. I just wanted to let you know that I admire you alot. So thanks so much.
Valerie G, Rome, GA

I purchased a hardcover book "Life Blood" by Caroline Llewellyn at our local library and am enjoying it so much that I decided to look Llewellyn up on the web. She is favorably compared to you (Phyllis A. Whitney); therefore, I looked for your web site. Now I can hardly wait to begin reading your adult suspense novels. Thank you for the opportunity.
Norma R, TX

I think my first Phyllis Whitney book was 'Columbella' and I was hooked.....since then, I’ve read just about all of them. Since I’m disabled with muscular dystrophy I’ve been unable to travel as much as I’d like....but the little traveling I did was always inspired by one of her books. (puerto rico, sedona, palm springs, new mexico) (and of course her books took me to places without leaving my chair)...I was surprised and happy to read that Phyllis is still alive. My oh my, what a lady! What a life!!! Can't wait to read her memoirs. Sincerely and with love.
Jane S, OH

Dear Doña Phyllis.....I am one of your fans and have been for years........I check into your website occasionally just to see what you are up to.....I have almost ALL of your books, in paperback or hardcopy and count them among my dearest treasures. My goal was to have an autographed copy of one of them but our paths have never crossed. I hope you are in good health...and find as much pleasure in your life as you have brought into mine.
Joy V, North Port, FL

Good day, I was reading about the 100 year anniversary of the San Francisco Earthquake, and I remembered reading a book by the Author, I believe it was "The Trembling Hills". Just wanted to let you know how much I loved it, and how much I appreciate the work. They were the source of many happy hours, and now they are the source of many happy memories. Thank You.
Aleta H, Livermore, CA

I have been reading Phyllis A. Whitney's books since I was a young girl. My grandmother introduced me to her. As a matter of fact, I still have books that she gave me when she had finished reading them. I love her books!!!!
Kirstie K, Gray, GA

Dear Ms Whitney: It is both and honour and a privilege to be writing to you in your guestbook. I am a fan from Canada and I have enjoyed your works from when I was a child through adulthood now at 43 yrs of age. I am reading again some of your young adult mysteries that I enjoyed as a child, I recently lost my Mom and I find your books are a happy reminder of my time as a child with my Mom. I live in Canada, on Vancouver Island, in a small town called Mill Bay, just north of the capital Victoria. Thank you Ms. Whitney for your work, your energy, dedication and love of writing that is poignantly and lovingly translated through your words to us, your loyal readers. All the best, with great respect and kind regards,
Emmett F, Mill Bay, BC, Canada

Always liked her books
Lynn Y, Home

Enjoyed your books for years and years. Thank you for many wonderful hours in their fantasy. Thank you for introducing me to mysteries. I read Listen for the Whisperer in high school many years ago and it was marvelous. It is one of my two favorite books, the other one being And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.
Anna H, Joshua, TX & Joplin, MO

Thank you for introducing me to mysteries. I read Listen for the Whisperer in high school many years ago and it was marvelous. I always mention your book and my favorite by Agatha Christie when people ask how I got hooked on reading. It is a real joy to curl up with a good mystery. Thank you for the wonderful hours of enjoyment.
Linda, Jacksonville, FL

I really enjoyed reading you book entitled, GUIDE TO FICTION WRITING. I read the book twice and outlined it to glean the details. It is packed with GOLD NUGGETs. This is the book I needed to write fiction. It answered questions for me I truly needed to be answer. Thank you very much.
Harold G, Leesville, LA

You have been blessed with a wonderful gift and I thank you for sharing it with us readers! I just finished reading one of your stories in a Reader's Digest Condensed book I found in a box in the basement called Silversword. I will be looking for more of your work. I am hooked! 102? God bless you!
Karen T, IA

I have over 47 books of hers. My favorite is Mystery of the Crimson Ghost. I learned to read thanks to her. My children loved reading her books also.
Brenda S, Twin Falls, ID

I still remember the first book I read by Phyllis Whitney, The Singing Stones, and I found it absolutely amazing. After that, any opportunity I get to read a book from her, I jump at it. The books are easy reads, and always interesting. I do own a few of her more recent books, and I must admit her books are not the easiest to find, but when I do find one, I grab it right away. Just to say that she is an amazing author..
Nelia, Montreal, Canada

I have just about all of your books. I’m still looking for some of the older ones. Hopefully one day, I’ll have the entire collection. Thanks for writing.
D Edwards, Wytheville, VA

I have been feeling nostalgic for some of my favorite writers from my childhood. I went on Ebay to find out if I could obtain copies of these books that I loved as a child. I started making a list of my favorite authors, and of course, Phyllis Whitney is one of them! Thanks for having a website about her! I am an admiring fan of over 30 years!
Sara, CA

Dear Mrs. Whitney, I am 52 years old and I have been reading your books for over 40 years. You are the only author that I've never become bored with and that has grown with me through the years. As soon as I see a new book in print, I run to the bookstore and read within 1-2 days. I'm now in the process of acquiring my own collection of your books. You've entertained me during my teenage years when a strict pentecostal upbringing stifled my life. Thanks to you I traveled to exotic places and enjoyed marvelous adventures. God bless you!
Debora J, NC

For over 30 years I have been thrilled by Your books Mrs. Whitney. Not only are Your stories an exciting escape from "real life"; they are a window to a world outside my own... a very real world. Today, for example, when I finished reading (for the umpteenth time) "Silversword", I came online to look up the Banyan Tree of Lahaina, Maui. Now I know what it looks like! Thanks to you I have learned so very much about the world outside my own small neighbourhood, and the people that I share it with. People talk about "comfort food" or flannelette nighties... but you know, snuggling up and reading one of Your books is one of MY greatest "comforts". I hope somehow these messages get to You. I'd love to be able to tell You how much You have touched my life with pleasure. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Blessings and Peace to You. Your devoted fan...
Maija S, Napanee, Ontario, Canada

I have enjoyed many of Ms Whitney's books. I hadn't seen any in awhile and was wondering about her. Glad to know she is still writing and enjoying life. I printed the list of books and will go to the library to find some I don't already have.
Barbara Y, Memphis, TN

I am so glad to know that one of my most favorite ladies of suspense is still alive and working! You have brought so much pleasure to your many readers over the years. I would like to thank you for all the wonderful stories and wish you well as you complete your autobiography. I look forward to reading it!
Fran A, NC

I just discovered Phyllis Whitney's books and I am 67. They are the best books I have ever read and having a back which makes me unable to do much I read constantly. My husband managed to find all her adult books on the internet and I am still reading. Thank you Phyllis Whitney! I plan to keep these books. Perhaps in a couple of years I can read them again!
Lois P, WI

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