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Since the debut of the The Official PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY Web site in July of 1999, thousands of visitors have taken the time to sign our guestbook. From around the world, people of all ages and backgrounds have written expressing their fondness for Phyllis Whitney's books. Below are some recent entries in the guestbook. You can also view all of the guestbook entries by year.

-- Philip W. Tyo, Founder and Webmaster


Year 2009 entries in the Phyllis A. Whitney guestbook. So far...

Loved the Ebony Swan. It's the only book of yours that I know I have read but I will be looking for the others.
Darlene Day, Ohio

What a joy to pick up "The Singing Stones" and find it to take me back to my beloved Nelson County. How I miss the places she wrote about!
Virginia H. Peters, Emmaus, PA

Enjoyed you site..found through google...write to P.A. Whitney when in 5th grade and told her I wanted to be an author when I grew up because I loved her mysteries now at the age of 50 I am starting to assemble my 1st childrens book with my 9yr old daughter. I will never forget her kind words and hand written reply even until this day what a warm and wonderful soul.
Shiela Singh, North Carolina

Such a loss! I've read Phyllis Whitney's books since the 1960's. I still have each of them, though not every book she has written. I am sad there will be no more books by her. I'm glad we had her for 104 years. My condolences to her family.
Fran Whitt, Conyers, Georgia

I was so saddened to learn of her death. She will be greatly missed. I have read all of her books which I started when I was in high school. I had just started to re-read her books and wanted a booklist of all her titles. That is how I learned of her passing. The literary world has lost a wonderful soul.
Midge Warren, California

I will always miss Phyllis Whitney. For 40 years I could not wait for Mr. Whitney's newest book. Imagine my feeling of sadness to hear of her retirement and death. I do not believe there is no one in todays authors that can write like Phyllis Whitney. She is sorely missed.
Rebecca Zimmerman, Chicago, IL

Thank you for this website -- I didn't know Ms Whitney had passed away until I read it elsewhere. I remember reading many of Ms Whitney's books as a pre-teen and teenager. I can picture, in my head, the exact place in the library that held her books. While I'd already established a love of reading by the time I found her books -- they helped continue that love and for that I'm forever grateful.
Dona, Bethesda, MD (formerly Elgin, IL)

Phyllis A. Whitney is, has been, and always will be my most favorite author of all times. I have a special book shelf in my living room to display only my Phyllis A. Whitney books. I found this site by accident when I was just browsing the web and did a search for her, several years ago. I keep checking back every once in a while. I was so saddened by her death.
Phyllis Mason, Prescott Valley, AZ

Phyllis Whitney and I share the same first name. I love to read, my escape from reality, I guess. I have read and re-read her books over my 65+ years. They are as fresh and exciting as if I am reading them for the first time. Phyllis Whitney will be greatly missed.
Phyllis J. Brown, Bluefield, VA

What a wonderful writer she was. I remember reading The Stone Bull in high school. I will never forget it. This book sparked my interest in reading. That was over 25 years ago. The Stone Bull stands out as one of the best books I have ever read.
Sharon Moore, North Carolina

my friend, pat, searches for phyllis whitney books at every garage sale, bookstore, thrift store and will ask people if they have any... we have printed a list of ms. whitney's books and pat is marking off all she read, and i'm sure she will be on the hunt for the books she hasn't read...
Martha Wells

I have been a Phyllis A. Whitney fan for MANY years! I have not found a single book that has not afforded me hours of reading enjoyment! I have so appreciated her writings and I am in the process of collecting all of her books. There are still a very few that I haven't read, as yet, but I am always on the look-out for those she has the wonderful ability to capture your attention, fully, in the first few pages. I have enjoyed them so much that I have read some of them over again. Thank you for this website. I truly enjoy reading of her life. Sincerely,
Elaine Kelley, Yakima, Washington

I was never an avid reader until I picked up one of Phyllis Whitney's books. She brought the written word to life for me! No one could write like her! I am truly thankful to her for the wonderful gift she has given me! Once I'd pick up one of her books I couldn't put it down until I read the very last word! Her style of writing is addictive to me. My sons knew when they were growing up that when I had one of her books & had cracked the cover that I'd be engrossed in the adventure until all were safe & true love won out!! She is sorely missed!!
Edith Hilliard, Louisburg, NC

I started reading Ms. Whitney's books when I was a young teenager. I loved her style, and she is still my favorite author some 30 years later. Her books always made you feel as if you could see all that she wrote as if you were watching a movie. I'm thankful she lived a long life and gave us so many treasures. May she rest in peace.
Cindy Taylor, Elgin, SC

I read my first Phyllis Whitney book in high school and continued to enjoy them for years. I'm now an author myself, and I'm certain it's due, at least in part, to her influence on me. What a special lady she was. I only wish I had thanked her personally.
Sonja Massie (G. A. McKevett), Long Island, NY

I just came on her web-site and am so sad to know that she passed away, although I knew she quite elderly. I haven't visited the web-site for some time. Phyllis Whitney was my favorite author, starting to read her books when I was in my early teens. I have just about every book she wrote and to this day, I have re-read most of them. She was a wonderful writer, keeping one's interest to the very end of the book. She will be missed and as far as I am concerned, there aren't authors out there today, that write stories like she did.
Vivian Callaway, Georgia

Since I was about 12 years old I have read Ms whitneys wonderful books and at 61 I am still reading them. I have all of her books in my bookcase, cherished friends that I have moved from house to house always close enough to take down and read and feel happy and satisfied. My daughter now reads them and my hubbie and son move them and help me keep them dustfree and available, so Ms Whitney has been a part of every life experience and I am grateful to her for the joy she has brought me.
Nanci Hughes, Westbury, NY

I had been reading an excerpt of star flight at the end of the ebony swan and was curious about the author, so i googled her name and came to this website. I am anxious to read star flight because I live only a few miles from Lake Lure.
Pamela Huggins, Lenoir, NC

I am 46 years old and as a teenager, Phyllis Whitney was one of my first "romance" authors that I fell in love with. I own every book of hers. When I was expecting my 3 children, I would buy her new book and save it to read in the hospital after I delivered the children as a treat to myself. I was dusting my bookshelf this evening and decided to look her up on the internet and just discovered that she passed away about a year ago at 104. The years have gone by quickly. I think I will reread her books now. May her memory be eternal.
Gina, Normal, IL

I had the pleasure of reading Ms. Whitney's romance/mystery books in the late 1970's as a young teenager and later, as an adult. My grandmother loved her books and would share them with me! I would borrow a novel everytime I visited my Grandmother. Later, as an adult, I can remember the excitement I felt when I knew a new novel was getting ready to be released to the area bookstore! I couldn't wait to get my copy! Ms. Whitney was and still will be my absolute favorite writer of all time! I am sad to hear of her recent passing and wish my heartfelt condolences to her family on the upcoming year anniversary of her passing. She was a beautiful and inspirational writer that encouraged me to love to read and who even inspired me to begin to write short stories of my own! I have almost all of her books and will treasure them. Her style of writing was like no other! She blended classy romance with intriguing mystery! She will be missed--- but her legacy with live on --- through her novels! I will share them with my daughter most honorably! God Bless and keep you---Phyllis A. Whitney! Loving,
Ginger Taylor, Richmond, Virginia

Thunder Heights was my first Phyllis Whitney novel and I have everything she has written since. Her books are favorites and have been read over and over by myself and my daughter. My library began with her and now I have over 3000 hardcovers by various authors, but I still pull my favorites from my Whitney shelf and read them. Some have been replaced they fell apart from being handled so much.
Ruth Leighton, Neeses, SC

My Grandmother found a book in her basement this weekend entitled Mystery of the Green Cat.. She gave it to my son Garrett whom is an avid reader and turns 10 in a few weeks. I found this interesting since my mother and my uncles are all in their 60's except for one uncle in his mid 50's...I myself was not familiar with the works of Phyllis A. Whitney, however, with the magic of the world wide web my son and I were both able to learn something new. He has yet to start reading the book, but I'm sure that task won't take him long...
Brett A. Greeger, Carlisle, PA

I thoroughly enjoy all the books. Always looking out for additional books through Barnes and Noble to add to my collection. There are books that I couldn't put down till I was through. Phyllis Whitney has a talent of bringing you into the story line to visualize everything and for that, she will not be forgotten.
Karen, Rome, NY

I only recently learned of Ms. Whitney's passing, and I am sending my thoughts to her children. I have enjoy her writings from the late 70's to the present. Each time I reread her works, it is like reading them the first time. Any fan, like myself, will miss her greatly.
Lona, Las Cruces, NM

Almost 40 years ago, I was a 4th grader who was introduced to the wonderful books of Phyllis Whitney. I continued to read each of her books through school and on up into my 30's after my three children were born. Her books helped me to "get away" and had me always guessing up to the very end of the book. She was the best author and will always be at the top of my list.
Cathy, Virginia

I just started reading RAIN SONG. She seems like such a lovely person.
Maribeth Fencl, Darien, IL

I am 83 years old and have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books for a very long time. What a fantastic writer and how much joy she has given to all of us So sorry to hear of her passing.
Georgia Miller, Edmond, Oklahoma

I enjoy reading her books very much but cant find a lot of them.
Dorothy Hunt, North Carolina

I have read every adult book that Phyllis has written. I just love all of her books. I didn't know that she passed on and was sorry to hear about it. Reading her books helped me through some tough times. I will always be grateful.
Suellen Magnetico, Loch Sheldrake, NY

I HAVE always known about Phyllis A. Whitney it seems. My grandmother met her at a writing convention and brought me back a signed copy of a silver inkwell . I loved my book and was so proud of it, I took it to school in the fifth or sixth grade where my teacher promptly took it away from me. I have searched for it over the years in every bookstore I have been near. It has my name in it, barbara leigh spitaleri. with a note from Phyllis A. Whitney and her signature. I hope whomever has it suffers a pain of guilt every time they look at it. SHE WAS THE MOST WONDERFUL WRITER of so many different stories. I had always hoped someday I would have the chance to meet her and hear her talk of all the things she had seen and done. I am now 66 and still go back and reread many of the books I have. I read all of them, some more than ten times. I had other signed books from Phyllis Whitney courtesy of my grandmother, however no book ever meant so much to me as The Silver Inkwell.
Barbara Leigh Spitaleri, Pinellas County, FL

I am a GREAT fan of Phyllis A. Whitney and I really love her books and JUST CAN NOT put her book down, because it is so interesting and good and juicy! My teacher LOVES her more than me. I am in 7th grade now and I love her books already!
Kelsi Winter, Gilbert, AZ

The first Phyllis Whitney I read was "Hunter's Green". It was the first mystery/suspense/romance I'd ever read, and I was smitten. I think I've read everything she wrote. Hunter's Green, has remained one of my favorites these 40 years!
P. Gorman, Texas

Hello, I am 40 years old. I read "Mystery of the Crimson Ghost" when I was in junior high school as an assignment for school. I really enjoyed the book then and I thought that my children may enjoy the book in the future. How can I get a copy? Thank you.
Leonard Johnson, VA

I was never a big reader until my freshmen year when I found Phyllis Whitney’s 'the golden unicorn'. After that book I couldn’t stop reading as many of her books I could find. And now at the age of 20 I have 23 and some day I hope to have them all. And thanks to this web site I’ll be able to find them, and more people will know of her great work. I was very grieved to find she had passed I had hoped to thank her in person for sharing her writing with the world. I cant wait until I've read them all but I will also be a little sad when I'm done.
Samantha Nicholson, Los Banos, CA

Bless you Phyllis for being such an inspiring writer. The first book of Phyllis's I read was Rainsong, that was in high school and I still get absorbed into each book as I read them. You are a bright light that will be missed.
Michelle, AZ

I felt sad upon reading that my favorite author passed away already. Her memory will always be treasured in my bookshelf. I love you Ms. Phyllis!
Ofelia, Manila, Philippines

Phyllis has been a favorite of mine since I was a teenager, I loved how she took me to different places she brought them to life for me. I still enjoy rereading her books and visiting her exciting locations. She will be missed but not forgotten by anyone who has read her books.
Kathleen Evans, CA

I would like to purchase a copy of the book "Island of Dark Wood". My uncle Philip Wishnefsky did the illustrations for the jacket.
Martin Wishnefsky, Washington, DC

I have read, or have in my possession to read all of Phyllis A. Whitney's books with the exception of 3. In my opinion, her novels are the best around. I have yet to find one I didn’t like. She was a truly great writer. I was so sorry to hear of her passing last year.
Linda Lowrance, East Tennessee

I began reading Phyllis Whitney books in 1950 when I was 12 years old. As a project in the sixth grade my class was assigned to write a letter to his or her favorite author. I chose Phyllis Whitney. I was disappointed when months went by and I didn't receive an answer. Then one day during summer vacation that wonderful letter from her arrived. I was absolutely thrilled. She explained that she had been in Europe researching her latest book and didn't have the opportunity to reply. I still have that special letter after all these years.
Audrey Lundberg, Pequot Lakes, MN

Hi (: My name is Allison, and I recently obtained a copy of Ms. Whitney's Rainbow in the Mist. I never really was a huge fan of mystery or suspense, but Whitney has completely changed my perception of that through her writing. I have yet to actually complete the novel, but no book has ever piqued my interest so much. This is why I felt the need to know more the woman behind such great writing. I look forward to finishing Rainbow in the Mist and aquiring more of her works.
Allison, Home

I just found a copy of Columbella and decided to look up the author's biography. I had heard the name before but could not recall reading any of her works. Thank you for this website. I enthusiastically look forward to reading her book.
Brenda Riverside, CA

She was and is one of my favorite authors. Many delightful afternoons during Jr. and High School were spent reading her books. Now many years later I find myself once again drawn to her wonder world of words.
Jobeth Fjell, Arizona

I found the web site while looking for a complete list of her beloved books. I have been reading her novels since high school in the 1970's. Someday I hope to have the complete collection!
Wanda Kranz, Iowa
I loved all of Phyllis Whitney's books. The Winter People was always one of my favorites. What a great series of books to grow up with! I could read them all over again. They never grow old.
Jill, my home - USA

I have enjoyed each and every book this wonder ladie has written and will reread many of them. Even thought she has died all that is needed is to open one of her books again, and enjoying it all over.
Kathleen Eads, Colorado

I have enjoyed and loved Phyllis A. Whitney's books since I was in grade school in the 1960s, and I have two full bookshelves filled with just her novels. So often over the decades, when I entered a bookstore I would look for anything new by her, and typically there would be one every year or two. Eventually, by the late 1990s, I noticed there were no more after 1997. So she must have continued to write well into her 90s! I've never figured out why none of her wonderful stories were ever made into a movie or made-for-TV movie, and in the mid-'80s I sent her a letter telling her so, shortly after reading The Coral Rose. She kindly replied to me, and I still have that letter to this day. If anyone is interested (are you listening, Lifetime or Hallmark?), I would be happy to write the screenplay myself! The other day I was searching for any books by her I may have missed, and saw the link to this site. Splendid!! Thank you Philip, for keeping Phyllis' memory alive, and thank you, Phyllis, for decades of great reading!
Linda Cowls, suburban Chicago, IL

I just read her short biographical on this site. Her life would make a very interesting story I am sure. I have always respected her and her writing. She is interesting, holds your interest without vulgarity and extreme sex. I learned about Phyllis from my mother in law who was very hard to please. I will continue to read Phyllis' books over and over and mourn her passing, even though there will never be a new one, I enjoy the ones she left behind. Thanks for the website.
Mary Brooks, Morristown, Tennessee

I was first introduced to Phyllis A. Whitney's books when I was going through my Grandma's book collection in her library. I was 16 at the time and throughout the rest of my years in high school I scanned for the rest of her books in the school or public library when I couldn't find them on my Grandma's shelves! I read about half of her books back then. Now a few years later I have just recently came across two of her books in my house and I've read both of them on this rainy day. They were perfect to read on a day like this!! She still happens to be one of my favorite authors and it has been very enjoyable to read her books on my time off from school. I'm glad she lived her life to the fullest. I've decided to go scavenger hunting for the rest of her books in small bookstores and it shall be a great adventure to find them!
Jennie Waldorf, Kansas

Like many others, I have been an avid reader of Phyllis Whitney's books since high school. In her later years, it appeared that she wrote one book a year and it came out in the summer months (she may have always done that but I was so caught up in reading all her previous books I had missed or found, which made it seem like she was publishing one every day). I would always go to the library in July to check when and if her latest book had arrived. I did this faithfully for a few years and finally stopped going realizing I may never have another opportunity to curl up with her book. Being a small town girl, Ms. Whitney brought the world to my door. I am saddened to hear of her death but the memories of reading her books will linger forever.
Diana Williams, Georgia originally NC so her last book was special

Phyllis A. Whitney has been one of my favorite authors since I was a child. I have read and reread her books and loved them all!
Linda, Seattle

THANKS for this wonderful site-dedication to Phyllis Whitney! I've enjoyed her books since I read "Spindrift", back in the mid-70's. As an early teen, it was great to read an 'adult' novel that my parent's would approve of! Her suspense novels are always good -- have read the entire series at least 3 times. Always a good story and very informative on the location. Sad to think there will not be any more new ones -- they always were something to look forward to.
Carol, IL

I do not remember how long I have been reading books by Phyllis Whitney, but I love her novels. I do not have very many, but the ones I have read I have kept along with a couple of other authors that I collect. Thank you Phyllis Whitney for great reading!!!
Carla Hicks, Oklahoma City, OK

Ms. Whitney's wonderful novels have been an important part of my library since I was a young person and an early writer. She has taken so many of us by the hand and led us to parts of the world we can only dream of visiting, and has truly been an inspiration for my word craft. What an extraordinary lady she must have been and how blessed we readers were to have had her in our lives. I hope future writers and readers never forget her magic spell and that her books live on forever.
Rhonda Pruitt Crocker, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I have not been on Whitney's site for a year, just came to it today and so sad to learn of her passing. I started out with one of her books Golden Unicorn, and was hooked on her writings from there. she could take me to places in her book and make you feel like you were there personally that I will never get to go. I had wrote her a personal letter a few years back and was so excited to receive a letter back from her, I had it done in plastic and cherish it. Loved the books that she wrote, I am still not finished reading a few of them. My deepest sympathy goes to her daughter, and grandchildren, she will be missed by the readers of her books.
Ms. Adkins, Beckley, WV

Looking for something new to read I saw "The Singing Stones", enjoyed reading it and now I am reading Spindrift. I am glad that I stumbled onto Phyllis A. Whitney at the Library.
Her books are interesting stories.
Joyce L Timmons, Maryland

Dear Georgia, Barbara, Michael, Lorraine, Danny, and Matthew...I see I've waited too long to send a word of appreciation directly to Ms. Whitney, so I'd like to share both condolences at the loss to your family and a memory of my own. Somewhere between 1954 and 1958 my elementary class made a field trip to the local library in La Crosse, WI. That day, I remember someone showing me the shelf with mysteries for children. I sat down on the floor and began to read a book about children off "on holiday" to a place with "crags". It was the first time I looked back at the cover to see who the author was (PW) and then reached for a dictionary on my own; it was a first step in becoming an independent lifetime learner. I proceeded, over the next two years to read every book on that shelf....and continued into adulthood to enjoy the stories Phyllis spun. It was that avid reading that pulled me up from the pit of being of a mediocre reader. As time passed, I read widely beyond the mystery genre but always remember where that initial spark originated. After 34+ years of teaching both elementary and middle school, I traded my classroom for a position as a Title 1 teacher (same school) to help students build skills and, hopefully, raise their reading levels to at least grade level to transition these children from struggling to finding the joy in reading a good story. Georgia, I hope you, your children, and grandchildren got to sit at Phyllis' knee and hear a few good tales; and now, I'm headed to the hammock in my back yard to enjoy .... a good book, of course.
Maurine Fritz, Wisconsin

I wish Phyllis would have completed her autobiography - what fascinating reading that would have been! Thank you for such a wonderful site - I have loved her fiction and non-fiction ("how to write") books for years, and believe her work will withstand the test of time (much like the work of Dame Agatha Christie). When I think of settling in for an evening or afternoon of Phyllis Whitney, I think I'm in for a cozy read with a bit of intrigue/anxiety, with beautifully developed plot twists along the way! My favorite remains "Winter People," as I was a bit of an albino as an adolescent.
Mrs. Miniver, Oregon

She never stoped amazing me. I close each book saying how is she ever going to top that, and every time she does. She is just so wonderful.
Diane Strawbridge, Kimberly, Al

I looked it up. I've been reading and trying to collect all of Ms. Whitney's books since i was about 11 years old (25 years).
Marsha D. Williams, Jackson, Mississippi

A wonderful author who will be greatly missed.
Catherine Shesniak, Wyoming, PA


As a teenager in the 70's I had read many of Ms. Whitney's novels. It seemed my mother often had one of her novels on her night table and as an avid reader I followed suit. Until recently, I must admit, I had forgotten her novels and this summer had the desire to reacquaint my self with her works. It has been a pleasure! I was amazed to learn that she had continued to write as long as she had, and I'm glad she did. 104 years old, Amazing!
Kathy, Ontario, Canada

i love phyllis whitney she was a super author and writer .her books kept you reading you just could not put them down .her writing was clean no bad language of any sort. find that today and you re blest. other than mary higgins clark who is another author i enjoy very much you are at loss for ANY GOOD MYSTERY BOOKS. thank you phyllis whitney for all your books. there will never be another. you and your works are truley missed.
Juanita Zaring, Kaiser, Missouri

Did a search for Phyllis Whitney to see if she was still alive and to find a list of her novels. Enjoyed all of them, especially The Turquoise Mask.
Jane, Ohio

I was searching Phyllis Whitney's name on the internet because I remembered her books for young people from when I was a pre-teen. Although I never got into her adult oriented books, to this day I think she was one of the best writers. She knew how to transport you from where you were to whatever place she was writing about. I'm not surprised her research was exhaustive. It shows in her writing. I was a bit saddened to learn that she had recently passed but then I saw that she lived to be the ripe old age of 104 and it sounds like she lived life the way its supposed to be lived. I now only credit her for my lingering interest in reading but also for my interest in writing. Long live the memory and works of this wonderful woman who has given so much joy to so many.
Joel, Hawaii

I just finished the book "The Moonflower". In fact I didn't know where the book from. I took the book from my living room's bookcase, but I think this is not my mother's or father's. I just want to say this is the predestined relationship that I saw the book and I really like the book.
(My English is not good, right?)
Winnie Lee, Taiwan

I just finished re-reading Ms. Whitney's book Amethyst Dreams and wondered how she was doing. I AM sorry she has passed away; she was a 'one of a kind' writer and an inspiration to me in many ways. I shall always miss her - now I will no longer have a new Phyllis Whitney book to look forward to. Heaven can only be enriched by her presence.
BethAnn Foster, Monroe, Oregon

I've been reading Phyllis Whitney books since I was about 9 -- I now own a fair few, and they are my favorite reading when I'm down or when I just need some comfort reading. She was a marvelous author!
Heidi, Pennsylvania

I re-read Poinciana last night and wanted to see what Ms. Whitney is up to these days. I was very saddened to see she passed away. The world lost a great writer.
Lu Ann Hicks

I just found out this week that she passed away; I had no clue about how old she was. I've read all her books, and have re-read Poinciana and Star Flight this week. I've got a lot of her books in various bookcases around my house, so I'm going to find the rest and give them another read. How sad to lose someone so talented and who brought such joy to readers.
Lu Ann H., Oklahoma City

I have been a fan of Phyllis A Whitney since high school. She has always been and still is my favorite author. I am in my 50's and that is a long time to stick with one favorite author. I just typed in the name and came across this website looking for her books.
Margaret, Texas

I have been a fan of Phyllis Whitney for many years. I have read her books over and over. I loved the history she put into her books. I believe I have read all her books, but I am checking the book list to be sure. I would not like to miss even one of her books. I read a lot and have not found another author with Phyllis Whitney's ability to surprise you at the end even when you are sure you have figured it out. She was an amazing person.
Beverly Erz, Irvington, Kentucky

I just love to read these books. I found Ms. Whitney's books in the high school library and have read almost all of them. It was the highlight of any year when a new book came out. I do miss not having any new stories to read from her. I do truely miss Ms. Whitney.
Patricia Murdock, Austin, Texas

I grew up loving Phyllis Whitney books and read every one of them. I could lose myself in her wonderful storylines and felt I could see what she saw in the many beautiful places she visited. rest in peace knowing you made many of us proud to have known you as an author.
Ann Rhodes Christ, Lakeland, Florida

Phyllis Whitney was one of my favorite authors.  A middle-school librarian introduced me to her books and I was hooked after reading just one book.  I have most every book she wrote, except some of the earlier ones.  She was a very talented writer and will be missed by many.
Sherrion Struppler Vinton, VA

My great-aunt was a librarian and introduced me to Phyllis A Whitney's novels in the mid-sixties.  (I think I went from Nancy Drew to Phyllis A Whitney the same summer when I was about 10).  Like an earlier signer, my first adult authors were Phyllis A Whitney and Victoria Holt.  Her stories have certainly stood the test of time and are still finding their way from the library to my home.
Jane, Airdrie, AB, Canada

I first read one of Phyllis A Whitney's books at my parents home while on holiday at Littlebrak River at the seaside.  I was hooked!! Stunning, Stunning, Stunning.  I could not put it down and stop reading, I decoured all the books possible in the time we visited.  Since then, every time I return for a holiday, I will go to the library in Hartenbos and search for Phyllis's books.  I still have a way to go, looking forward to find more of her books.
Sharon Fourie, Nelspruit, South Africa

I graduated from high school in 1974. I was the class clown. I dont remember much of teachers, classes or class mates but I do remember how much I loved reading Phyllis A Whitney's books. What a great writer!!!!!!
Toni Mair, San Diego, CA

I have just found out about the death of Phyllis A. Whitney.  She was and is still my favorite author.  I love her books.  I am so sorry about her death.  I love to read her books b/c when I do I get lost in the world of the people in the story and relize that life could be worse.  Her books give me hope and thats something we all need.
Patty Gantt, Clayton, North Carolina

In my early twenties, I joined a book club.  I neglected to return my refusal card one month so the book club sent me the featured selection--Emerald by Phyllis A. Whitney.  I would normally have been kicking myself for having to pay for a book I did not order but after reading this book, I was hooked.  When the club offered another of her books as the featured selection, I did not hesitate to order Dream of Orchids.  I have read most of her books but continue to scour used bookstores for more.  I love the fact that the female characters were confident women who could take care of themselves.  She is by far my favorite author.
Susan Lamb, North Carolina

Dear Ms. Whitney, As a 53 year old college student enrolled in an English class on children's literature, I was asked to recall my favorite book from my childhood.  As a poor student and reader I seldom read for enjoyment.  The one book I remember that captivated me was your Secret of the Spotted Shell.  Thank you for the memories.
Joan, Lancaster, VA

Phyllis A Whitney is one of my favorite authors. Until I did a search on her and found this sight, I had only been able to find her books in thrift stores. I am glad I found this sight. :)
Amanda Pearson

I discovered a dusty copy of Silversword at a local thrift store and I loved it. Ms. Whitney had talent and it shows. May she rest in peace.
Rodney Ivey, Laramie, WY

I was looking for a site which listed all of her books.  So sorry to see that she passed.  What a terrific writer she was.
Mary Richwine, Shermans Dale PA

Phyllis A. Whitney was my favorite author when I was in high school.  That was almost 30 years ago!  What a prolific and talented writer.  Thank you, Phyllis, for instilling in me the love of reading.  I am now an elementary school librarian, and I'm trying to pass on that love of reading to all my students.
Annette Holst, Garden Grove, CA

wow I lived her books! I read most of them in high. yet I didnt who she was till now.. WOw may you rest in peace for you have lived a long and wonderful life.
Benet, Southwest FL

While on a camping trip to Shorty Peak Lookout in Idaho, my husband and I stopped at a library in Cor 'd Lane, ID and I bought a copy of Whitney's Guide to fiction writing from their used books.  It is a lovely book, and the most helpful to actually getting the ideas and thoughts down, not worrying about the order.  I'm hoping this will be the one that gets me to The End of the mystery i'm working on, The Romance Manglers.  I only wish I'd been able to take a class with Phyllis.  I'm looking forward to picking up copies of her fiction works.
Lisbeth Mizula-Piper, Kingwood, TX

I just read flaming Tree. In the back of the book she talked about her grandson and that although he had a traumatic brain injury he had made soime rather draumatic improvement. I was wondering did he continue to improve?
Kathleen, San Diego, CA

What a great loss to us all to not have Phyllis Whitney in our midst.  A wonderful storyteller who could capture our imaginations and who could bring us into the drama as if we were standing there ourselves watching the scene unfold before us.  I have enjoyed many hours of reading her books and wished she could have been around for many more years to delight us with more.  Thank you, Phyllis, I shall miss you.
Kathy Dorsey, Rupert WV

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney books for a very long time.  She is my all time favorite author.  I have never read a book of hers I did not like.  Sincerely,
Kathy Bissell, Iowa

It was my mother who first introduced me to the books of Phyllis Whitney.  They have provided me with so many hours of enjoyment.  She was truly one of the best writers of all time.
Sandy Webster, Maryland

I grew up with reading Phyllis Whitneys books.  As a teenager the books took me to places I have never been, and when I got older I visited  those places that I read about.  There aren't enough authors like her that teenagers and adults can read the same stories.  I miss her. I just found the site by looking up the authors name.
Sue Frank, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

I have enjoyed the books from Phyllis A. Whitney for many years, but looking at her long list, I havn't read that many.  I was in a used book store recently and could not find any of her books.  I just thought I would look her name up on the internet and I found this website.  I will keep hunting for her books, maybe I'll try Amazon.
Kimberly Nichols, Citrus Heights, CA

It is with deep respect and honor that I sign this guest book.  I was unaware that Ms. Whitney passed.  I have been waiting for that biography book that I heard was being written.  Will someone complete it?  I Hope so.  I picked up a book written by Phyllis Whitney from a library, never had read one of her books before.  I could not put the book down, and became an instant fan.  I have nearly the full collection of all the adult books and some of the young adult books.  I am always looking for any of her books that I do not have yet.  Every book that I have read has been the same, addicting, and not wanting to put the book down until I turn the last page, and even then wishing for more. I hope Ms. Whitney, that you are travelling and telling your tales where ever you are!  I know I will encourage my daughters and my grandchildren to read all your novels.
Gwen Jezni, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Always enjoyed her books, from the time I was in junior high school. I still have just a few left to read.  She was one of the first adult writers whose books I began reading.  Of all her books, "The Winter People" was my favorite.  I can still remember reading that book, and the feelings I had while reading it, even though it has been over 30 years ago. One of the best books from one of the best writers!
Kim Roberts, Abingdon, VA

"Step to the Music" was my first Phyllis Whitney book.  I read it when I was 13, still have it and have reread it many times. That was the book that got me hooked!  I was so saddened to hear of her passing.  What a full life she had. My condolences to her family.  She will be sadly missed.
Debbie Gibson, Hermitage, PA

I found 2 older hardback books going through our personal library - 1 was Hunter's Green (1968) & The Turquoise Mask (1974).  I read Ms. Whitney's bio on the cover of Hunter's Green and thought what an interesting life she must have lead.  Then I read that one; I fell in love with her writing.  Then, I took up The Turquoise Mask and loved it even more.  Today, I googled her and read her complete bio - she was amazing. Then, I sent an email to a local bookstore (quaint little store like a book exchange but more character and located in a small town).  I asked my friend Lila if she had any of her books; I forwarded the link to Ms. Whitney's complete book list.  I hope to find them all.  I collect books - I especially love mystery. I was so happy that I found her.  My husband & I have been married 18 years - we combined libraries when we met and married in 1991.  I managed a large bookstore (discount type like a warehouse setting) in 1986 - 1987 but also collect books through library sales, yard sales, antique/junk shops as well as retail outlets.  I don't know which one of us had her 2 books or if we picked them up somewhere together.  But I finally read them and love them.  Thank you,
Dalphnia Y. Davis, Summerville, SC

I love your book ''The Stone Bull''. Even though people around the age of fourteen, like for me; don't really read this kind of book, but I thought it was absolutely amazing with the death as a mystery, and the pregnancy, the but the last puzzling love triangle between Brendon, Ariel, and Mangus. My teacher loves fantasy stories and has developed into the liking of Twlight/New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.
Angela Budreski, Dundalk, Maryland

I love Ms. Whitney's books.  I have been collecting them in hardback for several years now.  I have all of her adult books, and now working on the adolescent books.  So sad to hear she has passed away.  She lived to an amazing age of 104!  God Bless.
Beth R., Decatur, Texas

while staying in the family cottage on squirrel island, maine over the course of celebrating my 9th anniversary with hubby, i found Window on the Square in a book shelf. during a magical day of relaxation and hot bath i read this wonderful book, and was reminded how much i enjoyed Phyllis A. Whitney's work. so, i figure i ought to visit more of her books. fabulous fun and thank you!
Carrie Gilmore, Cottage Grove, Oregon

I googled Phyllis Whitney and found this web site.  I was trying to find out more information about Ms Whitney and was saddened to learn of her passing.  I own all but 1 of her novels and had no idea she was 104.  I have loved her books and read all in a 5-10 year period.  My first Phyllis Whitney book was "The Glass House", read years ago.  I now will keep all of her books and treasure them, hopefully passing them on to my granddaughter at some time in the future.
Gina Conley, Murfreesboro, TN

"Spindrift" was my first 'adult' book, and the first one that did not intimidate me or talk down to me.  Thank you, Ms. Whitney, for awakening my love of reading.  You have been a favorite of mine ever since.  Rest in peace.
Ann Campbell, Plainfield, IL

My favorite author.  I always looked forward to a new story.  Always the best.  RIP
Pattie Jefferson, Maine

A friend asked me if I knew any good books for her to read. I have always enjoyed Phyllis A. Whitney books since my favorite aunt introduced me to them in the mid 50s when I was 13 or 14. I have probably read every one. I'm sure my friend will enjoy them as much as I did. I went to  this website to get her a booklist so she can look for the books.
Marlene Blackford Warsaw, IN

I am currently writing as essay on the books that influenced me growing up, and Phyllis A Whitney was first on the list! I came here to job my memory with some of her book titles and was amazed to find such an informative site.  This is truly wonderful and perfect tribute to an amazing author.
Angie Hudgens, Indiana


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