A Window for Julie

From the jacket

JULIE NICHOLS took a long view of things and saw through her job selling handbags at Murdoch's department store to the career she wanted -- designing windows. When Linda Morse in the display department took her on as assistant, she learned something new every minute, from checking windows to writing sign copy. But keeping the job when Linda was taken ill was complicated by Bonita Giorno, who shared her room at home and competed for her job at the store. However, Kim, an artist in display work, helped her keep her head and use it, too. Matters were further complicated by Glenn, the good-looking young man whom Julie had liked from days before her new job. How Julie finally settled matters with Glenn and won not only her career but an interest in an even greater job in our present world, makes an entertaining and swiftly moving story.

Illustrated by Jean Anderson

Copyright 1943
Houghton Mifflin Company Boston, MA

Library of Congress Card Catalog No. 43016007




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