The Singing Stones (2004)

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"I had been brought here for some larger reason...I had no power to resist."

Despite her misgivings, child psychologist Lynn McLeod couldn't ignore the plea to help ten-year-old Jilly Asche, daughter of her ex-husband, Stephen. But immediately upon her return to Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, Lynn is drawn subtly into the lives of everyone in the secluded household; Stephen, now an enigmatic stranger...Julian, a mesmerizing family friend who challenges Lynn's ideas of life and death...Jilly, the beautiful, lost child burdened by a terrifying and deadly secret.

The danger that threatens both Stephen and his daughter soon closes tightly around Lynn. And all the while, the soft, hypnotic sound in the wind--the eerie yet beautiful music of the Singing Stones--lures Lynn into a realm of mystery, murder, and dormant passion. And, perhaps, to the key to her own destiny...

Praise for Phyllis A. Whitney and

"Phyllis Whitney has done it again... It doesn't take many pages for the reader to get caught up in the adventures of Lynn McLeod." - Mobile Register

"Phyllis A. Whitney's ability to capture and hold the reader from the very first paragraph is unparalleled." - Mary Higgins Clark

"A terrific work of romantic suspense in a contemporary setting." - Booklist

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Imprint: Ivy Books
Format: Paperback, 352 pages
Pub Date: December 28, 2004
Price: $4.99
ISBN: 0-345-48034-1

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