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Cover image of Phyllis A. Whitney's "The Trembling Hills". Hodder Great Reads edition, 2007.  Image copyright © Getty Images 2007

Imprint: Hodder & Stoughton
Format: Paperback, 320 pages
Price: £5.99
ISBN-10: 0340934034

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Book synopsis

The best-selling novel of ghosts, forbidden love, ambition and redemption from the Queen of American Gothic Romance.

Dark-eyed Sara Jerome is bright, passionate and indomitable, but her nights have been tormented since childhood by dreams of a candlelit figure glimpsed in a mirror and a sensation of evil so strong she can barely fight herself awake.

When she decides to follow her beloved Ritchie Temple to San Francisco her mother is violently opposed but will not explain why. Sara, however, is determined not to lose him and hopes to find her father’s family and be raised to a station in life that will allow Ritchie to marry her.

When Sara is sought out by her wealthy domineering great aunt she is given the chance to fulfil her ambitions, but the price is high – and in the towering old Varady mansion she finds herself forced to confront her childhood nightmare turned into reality.

Praise for The Trembling Hills
and Phyllis A. Whitney

"…The Trembling Hills is a memorable novel set against a fascinating background"
- The Writer

"…Has love interest, mystery, and suspense…It is entertaining reading"
- The Daily Oklahoman

"A superb and gifted story teller, and a master of suspense"
- Mary Higgins Clark

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