Lost Island

From the jacket

Hampton Island, mist-enshrouded, haunted by the past, had cast a spell over Lacey Ames that she could not escape. It was there, she had once fallen in love with Giles Severn, handsome heir to the proud island tradition and there that she had lost him to her cousin Elise's carefully calculated wiles. The sea island still guarded as well the long-hidden secret of Lacey's own past, a mistake that stained her conscience. It was on the island that she must inevitably face the truth of the present.

When Lacey returned at last to Hampton Island, she found herself .  Once again swept up in her love for Giles and threatened by the overwhelming conflicts that followed. At Sea Oaks, the great mansion ruled by the Severns for generations - where gem-encrusted pirate loot was still arrogantly displayed among Hampton- Severn treasures - and at the Bitterns, the even more ancient plantation house, Lacey must challenge her old dreams with honest reality. But she was to learn that only unexpected tragedy could finally banish fear and hatred from the island and from her own life.

Jacket illustrated by Ben Stahl Jacket typography by Rallou Malliarakis

Copyright 1970
Doubleday & Company, Inc. Garden City, NY

Library of Congress Card Catalog No. 70-125545


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