Mystery of the Hidden Hand

From the jacket

Right now Gale Tyler is twelve, but if she lives to a hundred, she surely won't forget this amazing summer on the island of Rhodes. She's here with her mother and her brother, Warren, who is as thrilled as a future archaeologist can be on his first visit to Greece.

Thrills not exactly archaeological greet the young people the very first morning of their stay at the hotel operated by their aunt and her Greek husband. Up on the fourth floor, where Gale and Warren are the only guests, a whirling, leaping, black-shrouded figure streaks by and disappears into a room farther down the hall. Thuds and a jumping sound soon come from behind the door. But when it is opened by an angry little woman who rushes up from the third floor, the room is empty.

Presumably empty, that is. Someone at an upper window of a big white house surrounded by trees is definitely sending mirror signals to the room. Also, in a closet, Gale discovers a strange packet folded in a leotard, obviously hidden there.

Like a Pandora's box, the packet when opened releases a whole complex of events involving the American visitors deeper and deeper in mystery. Their cousins, Nicos and Tassoula, and dignified old Thanos Castelis, proprietor of the famous Pegasus pottery works, are all caught in the tangles of a dark family secret. Unraveling begins at the white house, leads to the ruins of Camiros, and reaches an exciting end on the rock of Lindos, high above the Aegean.

Jacket and text illustrations by H. Tom Hall

Copyright 1963
The Westminster Press Philadelphia, PA

Library of Congress Card Catalog No. 63-11840

ISBN: 0-664-32337-5

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