Secret of the Missing Footprint

From the jacket

A summer I didn't want, staying with people who didn't want me! My parents had gone to Europe and left me with my aunt and uncle. I felt like a rag doll, tossed around any old way -- and I hated all grown-ups.

The very first day after I arrived at Uncle Evan's old house in Sussex County, New Jersey, he showed me the rock quarry -- wild, lonely, and somehow threatening. If I'd known then all the dangerous things that were going to happen to me in that quarry, I'd have been terrified!

That evening I went for a walk and met Timothy. He was up on a high ledge, tossing stones down on me, and standing there in the sunset he looked like a boy made all of gold! Right away my whole life changed: I knew he was the most exciting person I had ever met.

Timothy had problems. His three enthusiasms were collecting rocks, painting pictures of them (he was a wonderful artist), and despising adults. He had been in trouble at school, too -- but trouble doubled when Uncle Evan's prize raindrop rock disappeared and reappeared and disappeared again!

I guess I'll never have another summer so full of surprises and mystery an danger -- and anger and fear. I'll never forget Timothy, or his cousin Alex, or that strange fossil footprint that brought all the excitement to a climax.

This is Marcie's story of one eventful summer when she discovered new things about the generation gap -- and about the world that grown-ups and young people, must live in together.

Jacket and text illustrations by Alex Stein

Copyright 1969, 1971
The Westminster Press
Philadelphia, PA

Library of Congress Card Catalog No. 76-87968

ISBN: 0-664-32460-6

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