Secret of the Stone Face

From the jacket

The stone face glared from its mountain perch. What was it trying to say?

At first that tall column of rock seemed no different from others near the Mountain House. Then Jo noticed the face with wide, staring eyes and angry brows that had been carved into the stone. Two flaring slits formed the nose, and below, a round and frightening mouth seemed to be screaming, though certainly no sound emerged from those stone lips.

Joanna Baird is vacationing at this mountain resort with her widowed mother. Driven by her own curiosity, Jo goes out to explore and finds herself lost in a labyrinth of rocks. Fighting her way out, she climbs to the ugly stone face and discovers a plastic-wrapped package. Who would leave such a thing on the side of a mountain?

This is only the beginning of Jo's bewilderment. She finds herself being blamed for mischief she hasn't caused, and blamed for a theft from the mysterious old mill. In fighting to save herself, she becomes involved with Liza, a girl who has problems of her own. Liza, like Jo, is threatened with a new stepfather, and that leads to more difficulties. This Phyllis Whitney mystery will keep all of her fans on the edge of that mountain until they find out, as you will, what happens to Jo and how she unlocks the secret of the carved stone face.

Book design by Dorothy Alden Smith
Jacket design by Al Fiorentino

Copyright 1977
The Westminster Press
Philadelphia, PA

Library of Congress Card Catalog No. 77-1261

ISBN: 0-664-32612-9

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