From the jacket

SILVERHILL-a gray ghost of a house brooding among its white birch trees, which seems to Mallie Rice haunted by evil reflections from the past.  In its Hall of Mirrors even her cousin Gerald Gorham, curator of the fabulous Gorham collection of treasures, hardly knows reality from illusion.  Yet Mallie must discover the truth the great house so mockingly conceals.

SILVERHILL-where the shadow of Grandmother Julia Gorham lies long across the lives of those forced to remain beneath its roof.  Here Mallie must fight to understand Wayne Martin, the young doctor who deeply attracts her, fight to save her half-demented Aunt Arvilla, and at length fight for her very life.

SILVERHILL-marshalls its mysterious forces to move against Mallie, in an attempt to destroy her love and her sanity, as Aunt Arvilla's were destroyed long ago.

Jacket painting by Alice Smith

Copyright 1967
Doubleday & Company, Inc. New York, NY

Library of Congress Card Catalog No. 67-15366


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