Willow Hill

From the jacket

"This lively, well-written novel deals honestly with the kind of problem in race relations you may be meeting and thinking about in your world today.... The heroine, Val Coleman, is an average high-school girl, interested in writing, dates, and fun, and reluctant to be involved in conflict that the Negro residents of a Government housing project bring to Willow Hill. Her impetuous friend, Judy, and the two boys, Steve and Tony, make an interesting foursome; the Negro young people are real and unexaggerated; and May Evans and her brother Jeff are especially attractive. Thinking and acting for themselves, these young people engage in a courageous and dramatic crusade which moves swiftly, with suspense and excitement, through their school activities--classes, assemblies, dates, the school paper, and a thrilling basketball game."--The American Girl

"Girls will read it enthusiastically as a high school story and they will, by a process of osmosis, absorb the idea that democracy is for the other fellow as well as for one's self."--Margaret C. Scoggin, in the New York Times Book Review

"A book with a message, it gains rather than loses by its preoccupation with a crisis in human relations, for its theme is the very heart of the story, even as it is the heart of our struggle for national integrity here in America."--The Saturday Review of Literature

Copyright 1947
Reynal & Hitchcock
New York

Library of Congress Card Catalog No. 47030165


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