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Cliff House

The Cliff House has been a tourist destination for more than 140 years. First built in 1863 and then rebuilt twice since that time, the Cliff House originally attracted visiting dignitaries (including several United States presidents) and the San Francisco elite, and was a popular spot for recreational activities. Two years after a fire destroyed the structure in 1894, Adolph Sutro rebuilt the Cliff House and later added a railroad, thereby increasing tourism and making it major ocean-side resort. In 1906, the characters in The Trembling Hills would have visited the opulent eight-story French Chateau-like structure that was perched on the cliff overlooking the ocean with its great dining halls, art galleries, and observation areas. Amazingly, the Cliff House suffered little damage from the great earthquake only to be destroyed by fire just over a year later. Rebuilt in 1909 and remodeled several times over the years, the Cliff House is now part of the Golden Gate Park Recreation Area and a must-stop destination when visiting San Francisco.

A photograph of the sun setting over the Pacific ocean, taken from the Cliff House in San Francisco, California.  Image copyright © Philip W. Tyo 2007"Far below rose the turreted wooden structure of the Cliff House, and below that jutted the Seal Rocks... Sara's interest was held by the endless stretch of ocean and sky... The sunset must be magnificent here." - The Trembling Hills

End your visit to San Francisco with a dinner at the famed Cliff House overlooking the Pacific ocean. Make a reservation at Sutro's dining room and ask to be seated near a window. If you time your dinner just right, afterwards you can step outside to watch "the sun drop into the ocean". View some photos of the sun setting from my visit to the Cliff House.

The Cliff House is located at 1090 Point Lobos Avenue. For more information, check out the pages at these web sites:

The Cliff House web site - contains information about dining at Sutro's at the Cliff House.

The Cliff House Project - contains an extensive visual history of the Cliff House, including what it was like in 1906.

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