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Guestbook entries from 1999

I found this page because I wished to make Phyllis A Whitney an Angel on a monthly honorship I give away on my website. She's inspired me to become a better writer, and every time I read one of her novels, I crawl from "writer's block" and back to work! I appreciate her novels greatly.
Annie, a place I'd like to leave

Your books are the greatest! I am having a hard time finding a complete list of all of your books. Is there a way I could get one? I would appreciate it! I have all of your books that I know about. Sincerely,
Tami S, Ferndale, WA

Wonderful site! I came to it by entering Ms. Whitney's name. Very full bibliography. Thank you!
John Snow, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hello, I have been a fan for at least 30 years. I really enjoy reading any and all books that are written by Phyllis. I would really like any information that you could e-mail me.
Beverly H, Billings, Montana

I love your books along with Mary Higgins Clark you are the best.
Tammi B, Boise, Idaho

For years I have enjoyed novels by Ms. Whitney. Because I haven't seen a new book published by her since Amethyst Dreams, I thought I'd verify that I hadn't "missed" one some where along the way. I have enjoyed visiting this site. Thank you.
Deborah W, Spokane, Washington

I searched for this sight on the web. Mrs. Whitney has been my favorite author for over ten years. My high school librarian introduced me to her work and I have been a fan ever since. She is a wonderful author
Rebekah C, Colorado Springs, CO

Hello, from a long-time fan. I found this site by accident! It started out that I was browsing the Nancy Drew site in search of something that would interest my granddaughters when they come to visit. Then I started thinking of other series books & looked up Perry Mason. Well, of course, that got me to thinking of my other favorite mystery writer--Phyllis Whitney so I did a search & here I am. I've read Phyllis Whitney's books since the late 70's and have a small collection of my own. One of my hobbies is perusing used book stores & flea markets, etc. in search of the books I don't have - including juvenile books. What I really would like to have is a complete listing of all the books she's written. I have tried to compile my own, but it's not complete. I am an aspiring writer, with a mystery novel in progress, and my inspiration to write is partly due to the lifetime writing career of Ms. Whitney. It's a nice surprise for me to find this web site.
Sharon P

I think that your books are really good and I enjoy reading them! My favorite book that I have read of yours is, "The Turquoise Mask".

I love your storytelling. As soon as one story comes out I look forward to the next. I devour the book within hours of receiving it. I lend my books out to friends hooking them on your writing. I found this site by accident, I had tried several times to find anything on Phyllis Whitney , like when the next novel would be distributed ? This time a site came up. I will be a regular visitor.
Sharon N, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I have collected about 80 percent of your books. I search thrift shops for your books. Am having a hard time finding the last few I need. I enjoy your books very much. I have R.A. and I'm limited to reading now, which I enjoy. Where can I find more of your books? I live in Las Vegas. Sincerely,
Jan A

I have about five of her books. And I just got done reading Vermilion. It is a very good book. I didn't know about this website until now. Thank you for all the great books.
Nicole L

I have enjoyed reading Miss Whitney's books since the 1970s..I shared the books with my late mother, and my aunt. I reread my favorites. My favorite of all is Amethyst Dreams. My best to Miss Whitney.
Mary Beth J, Jacksonville, Florida

I love your books, have read almost all of them, trying to collect all of them. You know how to keep someone in suspense. Thank You for all the wonderful hours that I have enjoyed reading good books.
Margie L

I've enjoyed Miss Whitney's books for many years; they helped keep me sane in the years when my children were growing up, providing an escape from kids, cats, and laundry, etc. When my daughters were teens, I didn't worry about them reading these books. While they were (and are) suspenseful, they are never in poor taste. My youngest daughter (28) still borrows out of my collection. Thanks!!!
Carole E

Well I am doing a report for school. I chose Phyllis Whitney because she is my favorite author. I am only 12 years old, but have read most of the adult novels with great understanding. I just wanted to let her know she really inspires me.
Ashley B

My name is Helen. I am currently a Senior at Dermott High School in Dermott, AR. One of my favorite recreational activities has, is, and will always be, reading. Since my freshman year I have been enrolled in nothing but Advanced Honors classes therefore, one of my required courses is Advanced Honors English IV. Quite frankly I have come to rather enjoy English. To get to the point(as I always try to do). In my school, we have this thing called AR (accelerated reader) and each teacher has his or her own special list of books that they will require their class to read and since my teacher, Mrs. Grumbles(a very dedicated teacher) has been teaching nothing but Seniors for the majority of her career she has put nothing on our, her Advanced Honors English IV class, list but books ranging from Junior to Post-High School level and fortunately all of the Phyllis A. Whitney books were on there along with other authors like Agatha Christy, Alex Haley and many other award winners. I am proud to say that I have had the chance to start on my first Phyllis A. Whitney book. I am currently about to finish "Woman Without A Past". Hopefully I shall be fortunate enough to be able to experience your other masterpieces. Forever a Fan
Helen S, Dermott High School

Thank you for all the information on Phyllis Whitney! I had read some of her books when I was in high school, (The Winter People was my favorite) and I have a few hard copy books which my dear grandmother had kept. She passed away back in 1979. Ms. Whitney is a nice reminder of my grandmother who loved her books. It is something I share(d) with her. I have just finished The Stone Bull and am reading The Glass Flame now. I was just surfing the net and happened upon your website. I was looking for more information on the author since I'm having a personal resurgence of interest in her books. What a coincidence this website was just created at this time! Thanks again...this was just what I was looking for. You have a lot of information here.
PS- Kudos to Phyllis Whitney- in her mid 90's and still! I went looking for you. I have read and enjoyed your novels for years. My collection is almost complete.
Kathy U

Hi my name is Jessica Stanley, I would like to tell you how great your books are. I like the one called "Hunter's Green," it is my favorite. You are a great writer. Keep up the good work. Thanks your friend.
Jessica S

I was very excited to find this site. I've been a fan of Phyllis Whitney since I was in Jr. High and have read, I think, every novel she has ever written.
Bonnie B

For a school project I am writing a three part paper on Phyllis A. Whitney so I have started to read more of her books, and am enjoying all that I have read. Part of the assignment is to collect information on our authors and I am using this site, that I found using Netscape Navigator, to help me collect some of the information that was still needed. I plan to continue reading such works after my project is done and think that Ms. Whitney is a wonderful artist, and hope that one day I am able to write so artistically. If you can provide me with more information and/or a way to contact Ms. Whitney it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for the useful information. Much appreciate.
Alisha D, Smithville, MO

I was searching for Phyllis Whitney's address. I have a letter with pictures that I tried to send to her but it was returned. I have an old house in the copper mining town of Calumet, Mi. that I would like to offer to her for use if she would like to use the area for a setting for one of her stories. The area is perfect for her style. The house is old but kept up and I am offering it free of charge for her to use for a week or 2 while she collects information. I have more information in my letter along with some pictures of the area. She and her companions would love the area, I am sure. It is now a National Historical Park, somewhat on the lines of Williamsburg, Va. but not developed much yet. Prime time to visit is in late spring to early fall. House only has electric heat on 1st floor, and area is in snow belt of the Keewenaw Penninsula in Michigan's UP. Can I get a message to her? Is there a way I can mail my letter so that she will get it? Thanks.
Sue B

I have loved Phyllis A Whitney since I first read her book "Mystery of the Black Diamonds" so many years ago. She has brought so much joy to so many people. I found this sight because I was trying to find out if anything had happened to her; I hadn't seen a new book lately and I very much enjoyed her last one. I think she is one of the most unique writers of my time and I have collected a great many of her books. My birthday is September 16. How interesting to find the web sight was created on that day.
Paul F

Thank you for the wonderful hours of reading enjoyment. I was hoping to see that a new novel was imminent, but will certainly look forward to the biography.
Carol J

While checking my e-mail today I thought to search for a web site for Ms Whitney. As a young girl in the 1970's I enjoyed many of her suspense novels. Now as a mother with one little boy and a girl on the way I thought I would like to reacquaint my self with some of her book titles in the hopes I could purchase some of my old favorites for my children to enjoy in turn. Best Wishes and Thank You!
Amy P, British Columbia, Canada

I really enjoyed your website. When is her next book coming out? I would like to ask her for her autograph for my grandmother. Do you know how I would go about doing this? Thank you for your time.
Eron G

I read all of Phyllis Whitney's adult novels and have missed her presence in the last couple of years. Great to find your site and see that she's still writing. I found this site by searching on her name using the Dogpile search engine. Thanks for creating this site.
Tobie, PA

I have been an ardent fan of Ms Whitney's books, but have been unable to locate two titles, until now. I am in Australia, and was unaware of her books for juveniles.
Cheryl H

I heard about this from my brother (yes Phil Tyo) and was amazed when I looked over the book list how many Phyllis A. Whitney books I have read. I never thought of the books from the point of view of who wrote them, but rather by how well I enjoyed them. This really points out to me how much I have enjoyed her work and how little I pay attention to author's names. I am now inspired to read the rest of the books from the list that I have not read yet. Thanks Philip for bringing attention to Miss Whitney for all of us who don't pay attention to the "who" behind the work. She clearly deserves every bit of it!! You can bet that I will now pay more attention to who writes the books I read and especially the ones I enjoy.
KT, San Francisco, CA

Hi! I've been a fan of Phyllis A. Whitney for many years now. I was curious to see if I could find anything on the Web, and "Voila", I found this site. How delightful! I can't wait to look around, so I'm going to get to it!
Sharon H

I have been reading your books as long as I can remember. I am 41 now and still reading your books. I just took a chance and put Phyllis Whitney in my computer and pushed go, this is where I landed. I started reading your books at the school library and brought them home and my Mom started reading them too. I think I have a copy of about 3/4's of your books and would like the rest of them. Love your books. Thank you for all the years of entertainment you have given me!
Nancy G

I was thrilled to find this site dedicated to Ms. Whitney. I have been spellbound by her writing, first introduced to me by my mother..The Winter People, and have read nearly everything she has written with such anticipation over the years. It has been over two years since her last novel, and selfishly, while her autobiography will be much anticipated, I yearn for a new novel of romantic suspense! I am thrilled to learn that she is well and in good health, and want to say a very special thank you to her for the countless hours of reading enjoyment, pleasure, writing inspiration and literary professionalism she has blessed her readership with. I am and will always be a loyal admirer and fan of the Grand Dame!
Richard D

Hi! I was so glad to finally find some information on Miss Whitney. I have always been a fan of hers since I was a teenager. I am now 47 years old and I still enjoy her books. I just wish I could find some of her earlier works. I keep waiting to see if she is going to write another book. She is absolutely amazing.

I have not been able to resist your books since I picked up the first one. I love the way you can keep me wanting for more. I never know how it is going to end. I love it! I am an aspiring writer. (I have two young children, two
part time jobs, a house and a husband to take care of as well. Whew!). How did you do it? If you have any advice, I would love to hear from you. You are a hero to me. Best wishes,
Judy H

Enjoyed your web site. I always wanted to know more about Phyllis Whitney. I enjoy reading her books. I just typed in authors and I found all thisneat stuff.
JK, Chesterville, Ontario, Canada

Love your books. Have read all of your adult books and own many of them. Thanks for making my life brighter with your work.
Jeraldine F

Thank you Ms. Whitney for many years of reading enjoyment. You were one of my mother's favorite authors and I have the two of you to thank for becoming an avid reader - for over 30 years.
Nancy P

Phyllis is my all-time favorite author. The first book of hers I read was Secret of Goblin Glen at least 25+ years ago. I have tried to collect all her books. I have quite a few but have trouble finding some of the older ones.
Kim C

...some of the newer mystery writers tend to combine a little more sex with the story than is comfortable for me. Thanks for wonderful stories and characters and with a sense of decorum.
Kerry H

This is a wonderful Web site. Thank you so much for developing a showcase for Miss Whitney. She is a wonderful author. I have grown to appreciate her more and more since the first book I checked out of the junior high library close to 20 years ago - Step to the Music. It's been delightful to have her with me all through adolescence and adulthood. I've always loved her stories and her style. I feel so comfortable whenever I read one of her books, like I'm getting together with an old friend who has a fantastic story to tell me. She is truly marvelous.
Lisa L

I found out about this Web sight by looking for information on my favorite author, Phyllis Whitney. She is a remarkable lady with a gift for story telling.
Lisa M

Miss Whitney, You are simply amazing! I just found a new book you have recently written, Amethyst Dreams. I enjoyed the one on Harpers Ferry. I think my favorites are the ones I read as a youth, Skye Cameron seemed special to me. Thank you. Happy Birthday.
Wanda M, Bremerton, WA

I have read 7 of your books and enjoyed them all.
Barbara B, Rowlette, TX

I recently started a reading program at school. Even though I am in the 8th grade, (13 years old), I read at 12th grade level. I chose one of your books, Black Amber, from my school library and I read it very fast. One reason is because I was so interested that I could not put it down. Another reason is the way that it was worded. I am now reading Flaming Tree, a very good book, and I will soon be reading The Quicksilver Pool. Thank you.
Kym W


I really enjoy all the novels I have read by Phyllis A. Whitney. I found the Web site by looking up Phyllis A. Whitney on Yahoo. I have been wanting to find more information on the author and more novels to read. Thank you for coming up with this lovely site.
Maribel B

Hello I enjoyed looking at your Web site. I am doing a report on you for a English project. This quarter I am researching on your life. And it would be very helpful if you could send me some information. I enjoy reading all of your books and hope to read any new books you may write. Thanks.
Heather J

I have been reading books by Phyllis Whitney since about 1967. I enjoyed every one I could get my hands on. My daughter is now reading them. She is a wonderful writer.
Sandy M

Thank you for the chance to give her a birthday greeting. I have long had the desire to write her simply to tell her how much I enjoy her juvenile novels. You have made this very easy. Thank you.
Sean P

Dear Phil, I too am a guy who first came to Phyllis Whitney's writing through those great young person's mysteries she wrote. Now I am twenty-five and I have read most of her novels, and I find myself looking back on them with a great deal of affection. There is little information on Ms. Whitney, so this Web site is a very welcome addition. I applaud you in your serious treatment of an author whose popularity has often overshadowed the fact that she is a consistently excellent craftsman. Her books have given me a great deal of pleasure, and I used your Web site to send her a heartfelt message. Thanks for your recognition of an author I am very fond of!
Jason C

I found this site by accident, but I am so glad I did. It is wonderful to know there are so many other people out there that love Phyllis Whitney books as much as I do. I was so happy to be able to send her a birthday wish.
Tammy C

When another favorite author of mine (Victoria Holt) passed away, I was bound and determined to find a way to contact Ms. Whitney so that I could let her know how much pleasure her books have given me over the years. I only regret I had not done the same with Ms. Holt. I searched the Internet until I found this Web site. Readers often take the pleasure we derive from your books for granted. More of us should take the time to say THANK YOU for your wonderful talent!
Michele S

Thanks for the web site. I was messing about on the Internet killing time and came across you. I have been collecting Phyllis Whitney books for years. Ebay has greatly enhanced my collection! Like you, I also have a fondness for the juvenile books. Hang in there with the Website.
Terri D

I wanted to see if she had any new books coming out and the next thing that I knew, her web site came up. She is one of my favorite authors & I have been reading her books for over 30 years. Thanks.
Charlotte V

I have loved Ms. Whitney's book since I was a young girl. My father had died and my mother was devastated and could barely function. She was a housewife with two children still at home. And being in her forties, I am sure that was an overwhelming situation. And she turned away from my sister and I. Feeling alone and abandoned, I turned to books and discovered a new and wonderful world. Ms. Whitney's books allowed me to immerse myself in an exciting world of make-believe. Now I am 40 years old, and I still adore her books. I am always looking for her books wherever I go and wanted to see if there was a Web site about her. So that's how I found your Web site.
Pamela M

I was just moving my book case today and while stacking her books i just decided to look on my computer. I have enjoyed the site. thank you.
Catherine E

Phil, this site is great! I only discovered Miss Whitney's books a couple of years ago, and was totally overwhelmed. She is one of the most outstanding authors I have ever read. The first book of hers that I read was Emerald, and it got me hooked. I have been collecting her books ever since. I almost have a complete set. I only lack a few more. Also, I read what you wrote about why you set up the page. I am so glad you did. There is very little information to be found about Miss Whitney. Ever since Amethyst Dreams came out, I have been in suspense for her next book. I can't wait to read her autobiography. Thanks again for developing a wonderful page.

I took a gamble to see if there was a Phyllis Whitney website.  To my surprise, here you are.  Thanks.

I started reading Phyllis Whitney about a year ago and now have around 15 of her books and have just ordered another one from  I love her books although the characters and the theme seem to be so similar in each.  That doesn't necessarily distract me from enjoying each however.  Thanks again.

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