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Guestbook entries from 2000

Hi!  I'm 17 and have read nearly all of Ms. Whitney's books.  She's the best!  My goal is to collect all of her books; I would love to find an autographed copy of one of them.  Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks.
Caitlin K, Stockbridge, MI

Phil: Thanks for filling the void and making this Web site!  I'm very impressed with the results. Ms. Whitney:  Thanks for the many happy hours you've given me as I’ve read as many of your books I could get my hands on!  I hope to make as big an impression on my future readers as you have on me.
Leanna, GA

This site was a joy to find.  I was doing an internet search on Ms. Whitney, to find out if there would be a new book soon.  I am 40 years old, my Mother hooked me on Ms. Whitney's books when I was in high school. We look forward to her new books and enjoy re-reading our favorites.(Okay, all of Ms. Whitney's books).  Thanks for providing this site.
Trudy L, Corpus Christi, TX

I found out about this web site through the public library. When will your autobiography be available to the public? I’ve enjoyed your books very much, and I look forward to this latest endeavor. Thank you! Sincerely,
Peggy P, Lynchburg, VA

I have been reading your books for years and they are wonderful.  I have practically the whole collection. Thank you.
Laura P, Oakland, CA

How nice to find a site with so much great info on one of my favorite authors. One of my earliest "mystery reading memories" is of one of her juvenile mysteries.  I have vivid memories of the plot but could not recall the title - I recognized it on the book list!! “SECRET OF THE EMERALD STAR” That book (and all of her adult novels since then) have made me a faithful fan and re-reader! I have enjoyed my visit and plan to pass on what I've learned to my Mom(also a fan). I hope she keeps writing for many years to come.
Jana M., Memphis, TN

I am a fan of Phyllis Whitney.  I also work at a public library, so I am always looking for her next novel.  I learned here that she is working on her autobiography.  I hope that she will share another wonderful novel when she finishes.
Tabitha T, Valley, AL

I read this book as a pre-adolescent and was thoroughly captivated it. I work in middle school, and another teacher and I were trying to decide what novels to order for the classroom library.  “The Mystery of the Gulls” came to mind.  Although I read it over twenty years ago, I hadn’t realized that it was out of print.  It just goes to show what an impact it had on me at the time!
Cairine J, FL

I've been a fan of romantic suspense and Phyllis Whitney's since I was a teenager and my grandmother introduced me to them.  Thanks for many hours of enjoyment.
Maggie, St. Louis, MO

I have been a long time fan of this wonderful mystery romance author. I had not seen anything published of hers recently so I searched the web to find information--interested especially to know if she was still living--so pleased to read that she is very much alive!!
Marilyn C, Indianapolis, IN

15 years ago, my husband and I moved to our first home.  In this home we found boxes of books in the attic.  The former owner had passed away and we were told we could have whatever was left in the house.  Upon searching through the many boxes of books, I found several of your books. The first one I read was “Poinciana” - I was hooked.  Reading one right after another until there were no more in the boxes by you.  I couldn’t get enough of your mysteries and intrigue.  I have since lived several places throughout Virginia and have made use of all the libraries to read as many of your books as possible.  You are such an inspiration.  I especially appreciate your forwards and the glimpses of many places you have taken your readers.  Being a mother of two little girls, a wife and a high school teacher, the moments I get to myself are usually indulged in reading your works.  Your works are a my haven of peace in a very hectic schedule.  Thank you for all your work and for every story you have penned.  You are an inspiration.
Dale H, Pearisburg VA

I've been reading your books and I've enjoyed everyone so far.
Alisha B, Meade, KS

I found your website by doing a search on Ms. Whitney's name, and I was so happy to find all this information about her and her books.  I first discovered Ms. Whitney's books as a newlywed thirty-one years ago, and I don't think it would be exaggerating to say that her books changed my world.  I can remember vividly different stages in my life by the Phyllis A. Whitney books I was reading at the time.  And I'm afraid her books spoiled me badly!  Who could view Gothic romance the same way after being exposed to just one of her lovely heroines?  If I had the chance to tell Ms. Whitney just ONE thing, it would be "Thank You."  Thank you for writing books that captured my imagination and provided me with countless hours of reading pleasure.  I look forward to reading Ms. Whitney's future work and I will visit this website often.
Alice M, Buffalo Grove, IL

I became a Phyllis Whitney fan when I was ten years old. By luck, I received "The Mystery of the Gulls" through a children's book of the month club.  In my teens I continued to search out her juvenile fiction -- I loved the rich emotional lives of her characters.  Because there has not been a new novel lately, I've gone back and read some of the juvenile mysteries written in the 1950's.  (I've found copies in the local library.)  I'm impressed with how well they hold up and recommend them to adult readers.  I've always been very curious about Phyllis Whitney’s life since there are certain recurring themes in her writing.  I thank you for the biography on this web site and I look forward (hopefully soon) to reading her autobiography.  Thank you Phyllis Whitney for giving me an opportunity to know you through your wonderful books.
A. M, NY

I first read your book when I went to Eagle Pass, Texas about 4 years ago. Since then I loved the way you write and when I came back to my hometown of Waukegan IL, I went to my public library and took out a card just so I can read your books.  I have read almost all of them and every time I get a new book is like a new adventure to me.  I don't like to put the book down.  I think you are a great writer, and I hope you continue writing more novels.  I just went to get the book Rainbow in the Mist and I just know it is going to be as great as the other ones.
Izamary G, Waukegan, IL

Great site, devoted to a great lady.  I started reading Ms. Whitney’s books at 9 years old, and 40 plus years later I still enjoy rereading them.  My favorites are "Hunter Green" and "Dream of Orchids".  Both are still a wonderful read no matter how many time they have been read.  I am now a librarian in the same library where I first discovered her and I often recommend Phyllis A. Whitney to patrons looking for a really good book!
Charlene C, Hancock, ME

Dear Ms. Whitney, I just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful books you have written.  I read my first Phyllis Whitney book when I was a freshman in high school (1986).  It was "The Red Carnelian". I read it cover to cover in one sitting, then promptly turned to the beginning and read it allover again. I have been hooked since that day and made collecting your books a hobby.  With the exception of your textbooks, I believe I probably now have about 95% of them.  I appreciate the way you have written your books with captivating mystery and romance and never needed sex and bad language to hold your reader's interest.  I thank you for making the world of reading a more interesting place to visit!
Anonymous, Spokane, WA

I been reading your books since I was in ninth grade. I thought I’d read them all when I discovered that several had gone out of print before I started collecting. I think I'm very close to having them all. Soon I hope to pass them on to my niece. She is in the eighth grade. It is nice to know there are great stories that stand the test of time. I know that she will enjoy them as much as I have. Thank you!
Dawn L, Fort Worth, TX

I love your novels.  I am doing a report on you for art class.(We had a choice of what ever we wanted to do, so chose my favorite!) But I just wanted to say hey. And I would eventually like to meet you if that is possible.
Michelle G, Durham, NC

Thank you for your books that have been in and out of my life for quite some time.  Your stories are interesting, with just enough reality that they become almost believable.  Your books are one of the things I read on a cold windy day, in my comfortable rocking chair.   Thank you.
Pam G, Hesperia, CA

I love your books. I am currently reading “The Glass Flame”.  I am also doing a book project on it.  Do you have any suggestion on what I could possibly do?  Thank you for your time.
Lauren F, KY

Greetings Ms. Whitney, I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate your books! I would have written sooner, but just found this site today. Last week was my 30th birthday - and I have been reading your books since I was 16! I still love them. I am currently on a quest to collect the hard covers of my favorites. I have to say that my first love of your books is "Hunter’s Green". That book has stayed with me all these years. I love it. I just want to tell you what an inspiration you are to me as a woman, mother and hopefully - someday - a writer.  Thank you for you imagination, endurance, and outstanding books.
Heather L

Learned about your website by surfing the web.  Am an avid fan and have read your books for some time. Have read “Amethyst Dreams.”  When will your next book be published and the title please. Thank you.
Joan P, St. Leonard, MD

I am an avid Phyllis Whitney reader. I have been since high school. In all the years I have been reading her books, I have never figured out the mystery before the end. That is a trait I find refreshing. I am in awe of that. There are only two others in my experience could do that. They are Agatha Christie and Erle Stanley Gardner (Perry Mason shows). Thank you, Ms Whitney, for the many years of reading enjoyment you have provided.
Carole H, Centre, AL

Thank you, Phyllis Whitney, for being a part of my life for more than40 years. I started reading your books when I was about 11 or 12, and I am now 54. After reading your books for so many years, I decided to try to complete my collection. I still need a few, but I won't quit until I have them all. I only hope my granddaughter enjoys them as much as I do.
Linda W, Ringgold, GA

There is nothing I would enjoy any more than the possibility of meeting the author and having her sign one of my books.  Does she still do workshops or book signings?  If so, where will she be next?  Thank you so much for your time.  I have enjoyed reading her books for over 35 years.
Sharon M

I so enjoy reading your works!  I own almost all of your books and I treasure them!  I frequently share them with my students! Thanks.
Jean M, a graduate class

I found this site using a search engine (AltaVista). I absolutely LOVE Phyllis A. Whitney's books!!  She is the only author that can really hold my interest.  I have read many of her books and can't wait to read them all.  I only wish the libraries I visit carried them all.  Oh well, I will find them through the internet, perhaps. Thank you for having a website dedicated to Phyllis A. Whitney. Phyllis:  Keep writing!  I love you!
Carolyn L, Richfield, MN

Thank you for publishing this website.  I've enjoyed reading about an author whom I've considered my #1 favorite author of all time.  I started reading Ms. Whitney's books since I was 10 years old.  I still love reading her books - 25 years later.  I'd just like to thank Ms. Whitney for bringing so many hours of enjoyment to my life.  I credit her novels as the reason for my love of reading! My very best to Ms. Whitney with her autobiography.  Thanks again!!
Trisha T, Perkasie, PA

As a member of Crossings, a Christian Book Club, I came across one of your books (“Guide To Fiction Writing”).  Your name brought back memories from years ago!  I used to read your books when I was 13 and 14 years old; I am now 38.  I wrote you twice; once when I was 14, and once when I was 25 years old.  Both times I received a response.  The first response was a personal letter from you.  However, I must have lost it many years ago.  The second response was a list of books published by The Westminster Press, and a data sheet titled "News From The Westminster Press", which is a brief biography on you.  When I wrote to you on that second occasion, I explained a few similarities that we shared:  I had just moved back from Misawa, Japan (realizing that you were born in Yokohama), where I'd also attended school in the Philippine Islands (I was in the U.S. Navy).  Although that's been many years ago, I do remember the love I had for your books.  For this, I want to say "thank you!", and "may God Bless you". Sincerely,
Cathy A, Camden, OH

As the administrator of The Writer's Room of Boston (which is a nonprofit corporation that provides quiet, secure workspace to member writers 24 hours a day), I regularly field questions from writers. Had a phone inquiry about Ms. Whitney's whereabouts. I believe the caller mistakenly thought we were an agent or publisher. Found the site through Alta Vista search engine. Will pass along the information to the writer.
Nan F, The Writers' Room, 111 State St., Boston, MA

I have been enjoying Ms. Whitney's books since I was in jr. high school.  I am now 32 years old and still love reading her books.  She has a way of transporting you right into the story.  No matter how many times I have read a story I still find myself unable to put it down until finished.  I am also still finding books I haven't read before, which is a pleasant surprise.  I hope to add as many of her books as I can find to my library.  Thank you, Ms. Whitney for many years of enjoyable reading!
Kim E, MI

I have loved your books for as long as I can remember.  I think you are one of the best writers I have ever read.  I believe I learned to love reading through your books.  Thank you for enriching my life with your stories.  Thank you and God Bless,
Daphnye S, Liberty, TX

I discovered my first Phyllis Whitney book while in Junior High school twenty some years ago.  I have thoroughly enjoyed each one and always anxiously awaited a new one.  Mrs. Whitney, you truly are one of my very favorite authors and I thank you for many, many hours of reading pleasure.
Pamela D, West Alexandria, OH

Phyllis, you became my favorite author as soon as I read my first book written by you-I love the concept of using real places for your locations.  Many have been familiar to me. I especially enjoyed “Amethyst Dreams” and the information included about my husband’s hometown, Wilmington, N.C. and the surrounding areas. I would like to know if you have another book coming out soon. Thanks!
Lillian D, Greenville, SC

Great Website.  I was so happy to find that Phyllis A. Whitney has an official website when I did a search.  She is my all-time favorite author.  I am in the process of completing my collection of her books.  More than half are first editions.  Is she still writing and if so, when will the next book be published?
Katie B, Champaign, IL

I have been reading Ms. Whitney's novels since I was in my early teens. A friend at summer camp gave me “Skye Cameron” to read, and I was hooked. I think that I have read all that have been published in the past 20 years, including the reprints; I've read some of her books, including “Skye Cameron”, “The Trembling Hills” and “Snowfire” several times.  I can’t think of a single one of her books that I could put down...I miss at least one night of sleep every time I read one so that I can finish it in one day! I hope that she finishes her autobiography soon, and that she has a few novels left to write for her fans!
Eva U, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Thank you Phil Tyo for creating this site!  What an incredible author Phyllis Whitney is!  I have been a fan of Phyllis Whitney books since I was a teenager.  Recently, I have started rediscovering her books. Half-Price Books has been a good source for me. One thing I enjoy about her books is that they are for the most part timeless.  I enjoy how she integrates the history and scenery/landmarks/parks of a particular geographical area into her novels.  It is fascinating to know that if I visited some of these areas, I could see some of the landmarks she describes so vividly. Her characters are fascinating as well.  I assume there are a lot of people out there that carry around "emotional baggage" from their past that effects their current personality and outlook on life, and can identify with some of her characters.  Her heroines are not perfect and that makes their experiences all the more believable and enjoyable to read about.  I also enjoy the heroes/heroines in Dean Koontz novels, for their multi-dimensional personalities are flawed as well. Thank you Phyllis Whitney for the generations of young and old you have entertained with your mystery novels.
DC, Plano, TX

I came across Ms. Whitney’s books quite by accident in a library and since then have tried to read all her books whenever I can lay my hands on them. I have always wanted to let her know how much pleasure and joy her books have brought me and this is probably the nearest way to doing that. Thanks for those countless hours that I spent over your books in a carefree storyland
Lavanya R, Atlanta, GA

Hi, I visit this web site regularly hoping Ms. Whitney has released a new book! I know she is writing an autobiography. When will it be out? Will she write a new suspense novel soon? Where does she get all of her original material? I really don't know what I will do if she ever retires! I adore you Phyllis A Whitney! You make reading such a pleasure! “The Stone Bull” is my all-time favorite!!! Everyone reading this, has to get it! I wonder why none of her novels have made Oprah's book club?(she does not know what she is missing!-- I’ll have to suggest some of them). I've been meaning to ask, have any Phyllis A. Whitney novels ever been made in to a movie? If so, which ones? Are there any plans for this in the future? p.s. Ms. Whitney's description of the Iolani palace, and the other historical places in Hawaii were exactly accurate in her novel “Silversword”-- another must-read!
Sherri, Honolulu, HI

Dear Mrs. Whitney: I wanted you to know that you are my favorite author.  I have over 30 of your books and I have read every one of them at least once. Thank you for the years of enjoyment you have given me. Yours truly,
Judy M, Garrattsville, NY

I have read every one of Ms. Whitney's books. I get them as soon as they are released. She has inspired me to write my own mystery series and a family saga/mystery about a mystery in my own life.
Dianne V, NV

Dear Phyllis, I want you to know how much I have enjoyed your writing over the years. I recall reading your books when a young teenager and also encouraging my daughter to read you books.  It is great to know that you are still writing.  I am also a writer, both fiction and non-fiction.  I am the widow of author Don Pendleton, the creator of the Executioner series--and many other books.  I have recently gone to e-book publishing with Mystic-Ink Publishing.  In case you have any curiosity you can find my webpage at  Thank you for all the reading pleasure you have given me over the years. My best,
Linda Pendleton

I was just wondering how Miss Whitney was feeling? I have enjoyed her books for many years. I have visited the web site before and think it is wonderful. Keep up the good work.
Kathleen M, Toms River, NJ

A dear friend in Rockford, Illinois,  and I collect in hardback all the Phyllis Whitney books we can find (have been doing so for about 12 years).  She found this site and sent the address on to me - I live just outside of Seattle, Washington.

I love your mysteries. My favorite is “THE GOLDEN UNICORN”. I've read at least five of your books that we have in our library. I'm doing a report in English class, and I chose to write it about you. Do you think you could send me some information about yourself, other than what is on the back of the book? Please?
Michelle G, Durham, NC

I have many of Phyllis A. Whitney’s books in my house. I finally one day decided to read one. My mom told me that Phyllis A. Whitney was my grandma’s favourite author, and so became my mom's. The first novel I read was "Lost Island". I loved it! I am currently in grade 12 and am working on an independent study and naturally, I decided to do it on the first Phyllis A. Whitney novel I read. Any published criticisms would be very helpful. Thank-you for bringing me to a whole new world with every novel I read.
Lauren, Barrie ON

I love Phyllis.  I have read ever one of her books that I could find (some of the older ones are hard to get your hands on).  I want to be a writer and she is my heroine and inspiration.  Thank you Phyllis.
Ann D, Lincolnton, NC

I love Phyllis A. Whitney's books. I have been going through chemo treatments & her books have been great for me.
Gloria L, Louisville, KY

I have loved Ms. Whitney's book from the time I first picked up "Listen for the Whisperer".  I was probably 12 or 13 at the time. I was hooked from the first page and still love all of Mrs. Whitney's books.  The early books for adults and also the series for young readers are my favorites.   I would have loved to have met her, not for her autograph, but to hear her voice and get a brief glimpse of the wonderful person she seems to be.  I have encouraged my daughter, who is 14 to read Mrs. Whitney’s books also.  She read "The Fire and the Gold" and did a book report on it.  Her English teacher is also an avid Phyllis A. Whitney book reader.  Somehow my daughter found out about this site and so shared the information with me. Ms. Whitney has held me enthralled (and I don't use that word lightly) for many hours of enjoyable reading.  I consider her to be a great role model and a very talented person. I wish her and her family only the best. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about Ms. Whitney.
Melinda J, Ada, OK

I have been a fan of Miss Whitney's books since I read my first, “Rainbow In The Mist”, a few years ago.  I have been reading all books she has written that I have been able to get my hands on.  Unfortunately, her books can be quite difficult to find in the UK. I will certainly look forward to seeing her autobiography on the bookshelves!  Can you tell me when it is likely to be published and if there are any more novels on their way?
Laura S, Scotland

I am so glad I finally thought to "Search" the Internet to find info on Ms. Whitney. Every time I have gone into a library for the last few years I have asked if there is a new book by Ms. Whitney.  I have read every one I could find, some over and over.  My favorite is either “The Stone Bull” or the one about Jasper, CO, can't bring up the name right now. Also I liked the one about the Hollywood actor who turned out to be alive and not who he had been presenting himself to be.  At Buena Vista, CO library one year I even found a book for young people written by Ms. Whitney, about the United Nations.  I am so glad Ms. Whitney is doing well, I recall in one of her novels she mentioned heart conditions and told (through her heroine) of eating oatmeal with banana for breakfast, with no sugar as that is bad for the heart. My mother was born just a few months after Ms. Whitney, but she died so long ago in '73 after having been in a nursing home for 3 years fed by means of a tube in her nose. This was the result of a massive stroke in the brain stem.  I re-read both the Jasper, CO book and “The Stone Bull” this summer while we were in CO for three months. Best wishes to Ms. Whitney and I look forward to reading her autobiography.
Yvonne P, Walnut Springs, TX

Oh, I checked this URL for years and can't express my delight when lo, it worked! My mother introduced me to Ms. Whitney's writings with Snowfire, which she acquired through the Doubleday book club. “DOMINO” was the first book I ever read in one sitting -- no sleep that night! Since, I have scoured the stacks for those titles missing from my collection. This site is a boon in that search, and invaluable when dealing with ebay and like services. A hearty thank-you, Mr. Tyo! Over the years, I've spoken by phone with folks living in several of Ms. Whitney's settings and, without exception, they were proud of the treatment their fair townships received. Parcels were volunteered and arrived brimming with local news clippings and Chamber of Commerce brochures, all confirming the depth of Ms. Whitney's remarkable research. A URL to share: Ms. Whitney ranks high among the Oldest Living Authors, A cherished international treasure, to be sure. My very warmest affections and thank-yous to Ms. Whitney.
Sheri R, San Jose, CA

Hi. I really liked reading the "Window on the Square" and I was hoping that there would be a second book to go with but so far I haven't any luck on finding out if there was one or not. I really enjoy reading the books that Phyllis writes although I have only read 3 which are “Window on the Square”, “The Golden Unicorn”, and “Nobody Likes Trina” (“Nobody Likes Trina” was very similar to some things I have had to deal with. If you know whether or not there is a second book to “Window on the Square” please let me know. Thank You
Samantha, home

We love your books!  When will your autobiography be published?  We can’t wait!
Judith M, Hampton, VA

Have been a fan-well-forever and wondered what one of my favorites has been up to so I did the obvious and checked the net.  Think that I have read almost all of the adult books and part of the others. Love them.
Kathy, TN

My Mother got me started on your books years ago. But it wasn't until she passed away when I found some of your books in her collection. I fell in love with them again. Then one day my new found friend and I were talking about books and she is a fan also, and had more books. She is the one who sent me the web address. We look everywhere we go for the ones we have not read or would like to add to our collection. When I read your books I feel like I'm right there. Like “Daughter of the Stars”, set in Harpers Ferry, WV or I think it's “Star Flight” set on Ashland, NC ( My Mother was from NC) “The Stone Bull” is that the one set in the MT of New York, with the Hotel on the Lake? Just before I read it, I received a add for the hotel with a picture, and as I was reading I realize it you where talking about the very same hotel. Oh, I could go on and on and on. Thanks for some wonderful books.
Adelia F, Darlington, MD

I found this site through AOL Search as I wanted to assure myself of a certain book title--Star Flight.  The plot and setting for that story just somehow stay in my mind.  I've visited the area of the setting several times, and having read the book, the area is much more meaningful. I would just like to comment that this wonderful lady, Mrs. Whitney, has been part of my life through my reading of her books since I was a teenager, and I am now 51 years old.  Since I teach English in high school, I've been able to introduce many young girls to her wonderful books. I am glad to hear that she is still living and is writing an autobiography.  I really don't have the words to pay to her the kind of tribute I would like for having filled my life with so much pleasure in the reading of her novels.  I truly thank her for sharing her wonderful writing talent with the world.  May God continue to bless her.
Barbara M, Hattiesburg, MS

I have enjoyed Phyllis Whitney novels for many years.  When I was young, my mother used to read them.  Then, as an adult, I discovered them myself and have enjoyed them very much.  It has been fun discovering past writings as well as anticipating new novels.  I have enjoyed learning about all the places in the world that Phyllis Whitney novels take us. Thank you for many hours of entertainment.
Sandy F, Clinton Township, MI

Dear Official Phyllis A. Whitney web site, I was so grateful when I found out there was a real web site of Ms. Whitney's, one of my favorite authors. This site was done very well. It is very classy. I have enjoyed reading Ms. Whitney's books for a few years now. One of my goals is to read all of her books. I was introduced to her adult books when I was 17, by my late great grandmother Cleda Casey who loved Ms. Whitney's books. She lived in San Francisco and the first book of Ms. Whitney's she gave me, was "The Trembling Hills". I am a 22 years old and a college student now who still loves to read Ms. Whitney's books. Phyllis A. Whitney is a great writer. Sincerely,
Holly H, Tucson, AZ

Hi, my name is Barbara Lowery and I began reading Phyllis Whitney novels when I went to the library about 12 years ago.  Since then I've read every book that I can find and have several of her books in my own library.  I only have about 28 or 30 and I hope to find some of her older novels.  I enjoy every story that has been written by Phyllis Whitney and I am thrilled to find a homepage on the web!
Barbara L, My personal computer at home

Dear Ms. Whitney, in 1973, I was a freshman in high school and I discovered “Silverhill” then “Hunter's Green” and from there I have collected ever adult book you have ever written.  I taught English for 14 years prior to becoming a principal of a middle school. To this day you are without a doubt the best author next to those of the Bible.  With the Deepest Respect and Devotion,
Melinda C, Lexington, KY

I would like to start out by saying that Mrs. Whitney is my favourite author. I have read five of her novels so far and have loved each of them!  Some day I hope to own all of her novels. I came across this website using a search engine under the heading-Phyllis A. Whitney and this is the first site I picked. I was very pleased with it and marked it down as a favourite.
Samantha J, Welland Ontario, CN

You are a great writer.  I was in the library at school today and I happened to pass by your section and I picked up this book and I loved it.  I only read the back but it was great so I checked it out and when I got home I decided to get in here and look up some of your books.  I checked out Flaming Tree and will tell you about it when I read it.  Bye now.
Jennie B, my house

I am collecting Phyllis Whitney books as a pleasurable hobby--living in Central Kansas, first editions are a rarity, so I am just buying any title.  I appreciated the listing of all the titles, however, the titles in blue print did not print off on my screen.  No problem--I printed the dates, and added the titles by pen.  Thanks for the info.
Shari M

I am listening to the audio book "The Ebony Swan", and am enjoying it so much, I decided to see if there was a Phyllis Whitney website.  I couldn't believe she was still writing.  What an amazing lady!  I have enjoyed being "taken away" by her novels into beautiful and exciting worlds for many years.
Margaret M, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have just recently started reading Ms. Whitney's novels and I am very impressed.  I am 19 years old and have always wanted to write something of my own, but I didn't have a direction to turn in, and now I do.  You have a wonderful website and I hope that I can be half the writer that Ms. Whitney is.  Thanks.
Annecia K, Westminster, SC

Dear Mrs. Whitney.  Many years ago (20 yrs?) I read one of your books. It was a children’s mystery called The Black Diamond or Black Diamond Mine.  I have been trying to find this book for a long time.  Can you please help me?  This was the first mystery I ever read and I have been hooked ever since.  I would like to pass this experience down to my son, who also enjoys mysteries. You are an incredible author.  Thank you for years of enjoyment.
Lorraine M, Lancaster, PA

I love your books which I have been reading, since I was 16. Now at 58, I am trying to locate
one copy of every book you have written. Sincerely
Mary F, NB

I think Phyllis A. Whitney is one of the BEST authors of all time. I have been enjoying her books for years and always look forward to new releases. I would like to thank you for providing such wonderful books. THANK YOU!!!!
Lillian D, Home in NJ

Hi. My name is Tammy and I’m writing from Ohio.  I love your books.  I have quite a few.  Sometimes I’m up too late 'cause I just can't put it down.  Thanks for the great books!!
Tammy, Aurora, OH

Thanks for providing this avid reader with some very fine books.  I believe I have read almost everything you have ever written because I started reading your works when I was twelve and now am fifty-one.  Looking forward to reading more!!!!!

Dear Miss Whitney, I am so very pleased to be able to send you this greeting! Happy Birthday and many more! It has been a pleasure reading your books. I discovered you over 25 years ago, and have since started collecting your books. I'm constantly scouring local used book shops for them. Another friend of mine helps me, and together we want to have a full set. It's been fun sharing your books with my daughter. Your writing is timeless. Many thanks,
Sherry M, Fallston, MD

Phyllis Whitney is one of my favorite authors. Was surfing the web when I found this site and couldn't believe it. Thank you Phyllis for many hours of enjoyable reading.
Judith B, Snow Camp, NC

I have been reading Ms. Whitney's books for over 15 years. I have yet to find one that does not enthrall me.
Crystal M, Fort McMurray, Alberta CN

Dear Ms Whitney, In your book "Feather on the Moon" you acknowledge Princess Peggy Abkhazi and her beautiful garden in Victoria, B.C., which you used as part of the setting in the story. Last winter I wrote to you to tell you that the garden of the late Princess Abkhazi was about to be destroyed by a housing development unless enough funds were raised to purchase and preserve the garden. I wanted to let you know that the story of the garden has had a happy ending. The Land Conservancy of British Columbia raised enough money locally and internationally to purchase the property. The garden is now open to the public for all to enjoy. Inside the Abkhazi house there is a gift shop and tea room where guests can enjoy the beautiful view and a lovely afternoon tea. The media continue to be interested in the garden. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation will soon be airing a one hour documentary about Princess Abkhazi's famous garden. Many people I speak to in Victoria have read and enjoyed your book, "Feather on the Moon". May I write to you again with more news of the garden? Kind regards,
Caroline D, Victoria, BC

I just did a search on Phyllis Whitney. I have read all her books that I can find. I started reading her books about 25 years ago and search every book store and garage sale looking for her books. I have kept copies of all the books of hers that I have read. I have at least 45 - 50 of them, and am still trying to find the remainder. I love her writing style. I'm hooked within the first few paragraphs and can't put her books down. I start reading slowly toward the end, because I don't want to finish the book. Hope she continues to write more mysteries. I love them!
Betty H, My office

I have been a loyal Whitney reader for a long time. I love finding a Whitney book that I don't already have. To me it is like finding treasure. Because I truly do treasure her works! I would like to have the whole Whitney collection.
April R, Weaverville, NC

Ms Whitney has been a part of my life through her books. I have read everything of hers I can get my hands on. I will always love and respect her and her work
Janet H, Lebanon, TN

I have enjoyed Ms. Whitney's fiction since I was 13, and read "Mystery of the Green Cat" and "Mystery of the Hidden Hand" (my fav. of her juvenile stories. I then read some of her adult books, and a few other juveniles; and I discovered her articles in The Writer (even back then, I wanted to be a writer). I wrote to here long ago and she wrote me an encouraging note. Today I am a freelance writer, author of many articles, stories and 9 children's books. Her encouragement helped!!! My favorites of her adult novels have to be "Window on the Square" and "Sea Jade." Also close contenders are "Black Amber" "Hunter's Green" and "Silverhill."
Roni D, Budd Lake, NJ

What a marvelous author. I have read all of your books ever since gradeschool and have followed you through the years. You always maintain your consistent good quality of writing and enjoyability. I'm looking forward to your next book.
Margaret G, St. Louis, MO

Hi, I eagerly looked forward every year to a new novel written by Phyllis Whitney but have not found any recently. I have either a paperback or hardback of almost every book that she has written. I was thinking again about rereading my copies but thought I would look on ebay and then thought of asking "Jeeves" about Ms. Whitney and low and behold I found this website. It has a tremendous amount of information and I really appreciate the work that has been done. Thanks.
Ann S, Middletown, PA

Dear Phyllis, As a young child I hated to read, as the years went by, my opinion that books were boring had not changed much. When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter I had a lot of complications and was ordered to bed rest for the remaining three months. My mother -a long time Phyllis Whitney fan sent me one of your books. "Daughter of the Stars" is the title she sent me. I read it out of total boredom and have not stopped reading your novels since! You are truly the very best mystery/romance novelist. please don't retire! I am truly captivated after reading the first chapter! My husband is in the army, and we move about every three years I have been fortunate and able to find a large selection of your books in our military libraries. thank you for giving me an interest in reading I absolutely adore you, as my daughters will someday!
Sherri H, Honolulu HI

You are my favorite author. I can not put a book down once started. I have 28 hardbacks and 4 paperbacks I want to replace plus the ones I do not have. I can not find them in the many stores and used book stores I go to. Is there anyway I can find them through this site or would you be able to direct me? Thank you so much.
Marilyn C, Centerville, OH

My daughter found your web site and sent me the link. I have been reading your books for some time and turned my daughter on to them. I just wanted to thank you for giving us so many hours of enjoyable reading.
Patricia S, Everett, WA

Ms. Whitney, I am a devoted fan of your writing. I have almost all of your titles and eagerly await your newest book. "Amethyst Dreams" was absolutely wonderful. After reading it I did alot of research on the Amethyst (one of my favorite gems). Soon my daughter will be old enough to read your books, I hope she enjoys them as much as I have.
Michele, Nashville, TN

I really enjoy your novels. Especially the description of the area you are writing about. I'm trying to find the name of a book that you wrote with the location in Palm Springs, CA Could you give me that information? I tried the Questions link but it said not available. Thank you. Keep them coming.
Beverly E, Pipestone, Minnesota

Hello, hello and hello! I am so glad I finally found you. For the past 15 years I have collected every book that bears your name. I have read & re-read them. What an honor to find your website! You will never know how much pleasure you have brought me. My mother was a librarian in a small neighboring town & she first introduced me to your writings. She also helped me in that capacity to locate your publications. Since her passing, it hasn't been as easy to "find you"! I am grateful for the opportunity to reach out, from my remote location smack-dab in the middle of Canada (Lanigan, Saskatchewan) & thank you, thank you, thank you. My priceless collection of your books begins from the year 1952! I have over 60 - & painfully parted with duplicates as special gifts for dear friends. From the moment I pick up a Phyllis A. Whitney book, I am filled with excitement, anticipation & gratitude. I thank God for you & want you to know what a blessing and gift you have been to me. Lovingly,
Arlene M, Lanigan, Saskatchewan, CN

I have been long-time fan of Phyllis A. Whitney and was thrilled to learn about the web site by reading the September 2000 issue of Romantic Times where a reader had written in a question about her. I'm a writer also and I love her textbook on fiction writing. It has helped me tremendously in getting organized in the process of writing a book. I want to thank her for many many hours of reading enjoyment and for giving me courage to write.
Kelly R, AL

Both my daughter and myself have enjoyed your many books for years. Glad to hear that you are still writing and giving us both many more years of enjoyment. Thanks
Marilyn L, OK

I have been a Phyllis Whitney fan since I discovered her young adult mysteries when I was about 9. I'm 33 now, and still love to escape to the exciting worlds she creates in her books. About a year ago, I wrote a fan letter to Ms. Whitney, not knowing if she would ever get it, let alone respond. I was thoroughly delighted to get a response, in the authors own hand, several months later. It has quickly become one of my prized possessions. It's great to see how many other people love her work as much as I do. Thanks for the great web site, keep up the good work. And "THANKS" to Phyllis Whitney for the great writer and wonderful person that she is.
Sharon F, Thornville, OH

Dear Phyllis, just a note to say that I started reading your work almost 40 years ago. My mother would get your books through Doubleday Book Club and I continued buying your books when I got married and started my own home. I still have them to this day! My love of reading was rewarded with your fine stories. I expect that is what has kept me a reading fanatic (big grin).
Marilyn M, Friendly, WV

Dear MS Whitney, I found out about your site after I wrote to Romantic Times magazine. I did not know if you were going to write another book. They published your website address. Thank you for many enjoyable hours reading your books.
Roberta S, Hanson, MA

I have enjoyed reading Phyllis Whitney books for many years and I eagerly watch for new ones to add to my collection.
Sandy G, Pineville, NC

I just decided to look up any sites I could find on Phyllis A. Whitney, one of my favorite authors! She's also been an inspiration to me in my own writing since I read Writing Juvenile Fiction and all her articles in The Writer, her many fiction books and writing books. Ms. Whitney, if you read this message, you may remember I wrote to you years ago--several times, and you were kind enough to write back and also autograph one of my books. I have been a freelance writer for over 20 years now! I have had many stories and articles published, and nine books for readers who need high-interest but low-reading-level books. So....hello! I am doing well--I have a daughter, almost 17, and a son, 13. I am still writing, including some unpublished novels...but I keep trying. I'm almost done with a new one. I was delighted to find this web page! Hope you are well!
Roni D, Budd Lake, NJ

I was just wondering what the last book was Ms. Whitney wrote was. I have read all of them I think. But I was hoping there was one more. I loved all her books. She is a wonderful writer. Thank you Ms. Whitney for giving me many hours of enjoyment!
Jennifer T, TN

Phyllis Whitney and Daniel Steele are my favorite writers. We got a list of all books by using the search option. Am looking to acquire all books written by both writers.
Sheila S, Clearwater, FL

How can I not know Phyllis A. Whitney? Her book, "Guide to Fiction Writing", became the best 'accident' I stumbled upon during my college days. I came across this web site, not by accident, but by entering the name Phyllis Whitney in the search slot and then pressing the return key. And by the way, I'm 28 and graduated from college only two years ago. Currently, I have completed a children's fiction book and I am busy looking for a publisher from the western world; our small, semi-literate economy does absorb trade books so well. I owe my small success in this world of writing to the inspiration from the book, "Guide to Fiction Writing" and I am grateful to Phyllis. I have been able to land a job as a feature writer in Kenya's biggest newspaper publishing house, Nation Media Group. Phyllis, you are a hero.
Benson K, Nairobi-Kenya

Dear Phyllis, I am an 83 year old widow and want you to know how much I enjoy reading your books. I have been an avid reader since I was a child. You make your books so interesting, I can't put them down. I wake up in the middle of the night and pick up your books to read. I have read 16 of your books so far and my daughter Donna is not far behind me. I will be waiting to read your autobiography. Keep up the good work. Your fan,
Lillian C, Oneida, NY

A long time ago I read "The Turquoise Mask" and loved it. I am 52 and bought a house 4 years ago on my own. So now I can fill it with things I love, like my cross-stitch and hard cover books. So I have been checking out thrift stores and garage sales and even have my 6 sisters looking, plus friends. I believe I have found at least 17 to 20. I can't wait to have them all. As of April I started to read them and I just finished the last one so I need to go looking. Thank you.
Mary Lou D, St. Paul, MN

My name is Susan Jenkins Wildman and I have stopped by before. I would just like to know if Mrs. Whitney is going to write any more books. If so when? I would like to tell Mrs. Whitney that I like her books alot and I read "Star Flight" all the time.
Susan W

I have read many of Mrs. Whitney's books and have never been disappointed. No other modern mystery writer can come close to her as an author. Her mysteries are written without offending anyone such as using vulgar language, sex and violence, yet the mystery is still there. I look forward to reading many more of this delightful lady's books. Thank you for the many hours I have had enjoying these books.
Jean N, Sheffield, Al

I really enjoy reading Phyllis' books. I read everyone I can get my hands on.
Shirley N, Inver Grove Hts., MN

I am a librarian and am trying to find an answer to a question for a patron. I found the Website by searching Yahoo! Is Phyllis Whitney still writing fiction? Does she plan to write more?
Joy C, Cleveland Co Library in Shelby, NC

I have a special place in my heart for your books and you have given me many hours of reading pleasures. My Mother and I started reading your mysteries when I was a teenager and had come across an excerpt from "Hunter's Green" in a monthly women's magazine. I have read each novel since and passed them on to Mom and friends. Mom is gone now - but I still remember waiting eagerly with her for each new volume. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with all. Always a grateful fan and a fellow Virginian. PS I anxiously await your autobiography. P.S.S. Are you a fellow Southpaw?
Cynthia H, Lynchburg, Virginia

When I was 12 years old during summer break I joined at my local public library a reading club and the librarian introduced me to the book "The Turquoise Mask". After inhaling the book in one sitting I became a devoted admirer and quickly read Ms. Whitney's books for adults and children. Every time I entered a store I would charge to the book rack and buy any title I could find. For nearly thirty years I have been enriched by the prose and passion of Ms. Whitney and still have all my copies of her novels in paperback and hardcover although some show excessive wear. I am proud to say that Ms. Whitney helped define and solidified my morals and character and I am grateful to that librarian, whose name escapes me, for changing the course of my life. I would be honored if you would let Ms. Whitney know how she impacted my life and if she ever makes public appearances or will autograph her novels. I am thrilled that she is still living life strong and I pray that her legacy will continue throughout the new Millenium. I will pray for her continued good health and the hope that Hollywood will wake up and mine the wealth of her novels and bring them to the screen, large or small.
Dorlisa E, London, Kentucky

I am 42 years old and have been trying to find a copy of a book I read as a pre-teen. When I entered the name into a search engine it gave me the information I have been looking for! I had no idea that Phyllis Whitney was the author!! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to find this book by author and be able to re-read it! The Mystery of the Green Cat was a favorite and I want to pass it on to my granddaughter. Now I need to find a copy to purchase.
Janine W, Wilmington, Ohio

Found this web site visiting the Internet through another browser. I have all of your mystery/romance novels that you have written and was looking forward to reading any new ones you may have started. Perhaps you are now moving in other directions re the web page etc. I have enjoyed reading your books and wish you much success.
Janice C, Peterborough, Ontario. Canada

Ms. Whitney, I have loved your books since the first time I discovered them in my little hometown library. I remember sitting in its chairs for hours as I lost myself in your books. Sometimes I wouldn't even make it to the chairs, I just slipped down onto the floor and into a wonderful Whitney mystery. Thank you for creating magical worlds and people!
Detra T, North Carolina (org. Virginia)

I feel very honored to sign this guestbook! I have been a fan of Phyllis Whitney since I was a young teenager (now I'm in my early 40's)!! I love to read and have too many books to keep up with, but I always go back to read her books again and again. The characters seem as part of our own family. I'm also a teacher, and reading is a top priority on our list! I've just now started entering some of my own poetry (my very first poem will be published this October of 2000), and I desire to progress more with poetry and possibly writing children's stories. Through this, Phyllis Whitney has been a foundation of inspiration and information for me. Thank you for this wonderful Website in her honor!! It's now in my "permanent" favorites!!
Julie C, Jacksonville, FL

Have been reading your books for a very long time and enjoy them. Looking forward to many more mysteries.
Mary Jane S

I live at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Shenandoah Valley. I have enjoyed reading Phyllis' books and would like to know if she has any plans to write more fiction. I have tried to find all of her books and wondered if all of them were in hardback? I have only found the teen books in paperback. Thanks very much.
Wanda W, Grottoes, Virginia

This is a wonderful Web site! I've read most of your books and have thoroughly enjoyed them. You've taken me to places I probably will never visit in person, but feel as though I have been there because of you. I'm looking forward to your autobiography.
Jonna R, Denver

Ms. Whitney is my favorite author. I'm 38, married mother of 2 teenagers, and I've recently encouraged my 13 year-old daughter to read books by Phyllis A. Whitney. I've recently had my first short story published; Ms. Whitney is my inspiration. Thank you, Ms. Whitney, for giving us your stories!
Donna C, Dahlonega, Georgia

Dear Ms. Whitney, I love your books. The first book I ever read of yours was "Seven Tears for Apollo." I loved that book. Found this very tattered book at a flea market. A treasure ever since. Later I became a member of a bookclub and ordered "Rainbow in the Mist." Since that time I've tried to get copies of your books but it is hard to get the old ones. I've discovered some of your old titles from the library. Thank goodness for libraries.
Toni H, Bronx, New York

Greetings Phyllis, and thank you for enriching the world with your wonderful stories. I borrow them from my library in the form of talking books and listen traveling to and from work. I am a 56 year old male from Campbelltown NSW Australia and when I have your books in the car I look forward to traffic jams - the longer the better. We all need a bit of romance in our lives. I found this site by searching under your name just so I could show my appreciation for your books.
Rex S, Sydney, Australia

I did an Internet search in an attempt to find the title of Phyllis Whitney's latest book. I had inquired at my local Walden's and they thought she had died. I have been a huge fan of her books since Jr. High School (1969) and my study hall table in the library was next to the "W" stacks. I would search for good books to read instead of doing my homework! I found Phyllis Whitney books to be a godsend! I have enjoyed her books into adulthood. My 17 year old daughter reads and re-reads my collection. I hope Mrs. Whitney is aware how much enjoyment that her books have brought to me over the years. I sometimes wish that they were made into movies. This would give an even broader group of people an opportunity to enjoy her work. Mrs. Whitney--Thank you for years of good reading. I am thrilled to know that you are continuing to write. I am looking forward to reading your autobiography. Thanks again.
Heidi D, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I just began reading Daughters of the Stars and I Am very interested in where the name Ardra came from in this book. My name is Ardra and I only know one other Ardra (My Grandmother). Please let me know if you have any information on this name. PS - I really enjoy reading your books!!!
Ardra M, Eupora, Mississippi

I started reading Mrs. Whitney's interesting novels when "Feather On The Moon" came out. I have now read all of her adult, most of her young adult and teenage, and several of her children's books. I have made it a challenge to collect all of them and have about 61 at this time, missing only some of the children and teenage novels. I have been many of the places Mrs. Whitney uses in her books--even Idlewild in the California mtns. Don't stop now Mrs.W.
June W, Scroggins, Texas

I was visiting this site just out of interest that my aunt created in me, talking about Ms. Whitney's writings. She lives in Oklahoma, but has wanted to visit Lake Lure NC ever since reading about it in one of Ms. Whitney's books. She suffers from macular degeneration and has only peripheral vision, but fulfilled a dream of hers by visiting the area just a few days ago. Thank you.
A. G, Tennessee

Phyllis A. Whitney has been my favorite writer since I was in high school. When I was 15, I read her book "The Golden Unicorn". It was fabulous and I loved the heroine's name so much I decided to name a daughter Courtney-when I was 25 I was able to give my first born that name. Ms. Whitney autographed a book for my little girl when she was a year old. She is now almost 12 and is reading that book. She also loves it. Thanks for the wonderful stories and rich characters.
Penny K, Seattle, Washington

Thank you, Ms. Whitney, from the depths of my heart for a lifetime of adventure and travel to places I had only dreamed of. I began reading your books as a teenager. At age 49 I am re-reading my favorites. I have read most all of your books and am a very devoted fan of your writing. I have a copy of "Guide to Fiction Writing," which I treasure. The man I love drives a truck for a living, and we have driven hundreds of thousands of miles over the last eight years, with your help. I would read your books aloud while he drove. You have truly touched our lives. You brought joy and adventure to a young girl's life, you are loved.
Teri O, Las Cruces NM USA

I would just like to say thanks for all of your wonderful stories, I love to read your work. It has been a while since I have had the chance to get into a good book, but when I find the time I know it will be a Phyllis A. Whitney novel. I have suggested your books to a number of friends knowing that they will not be disappointed. I wish that I had your talent. Once again thanks for sharing your gift. Which is your favorite? Mine would be...I really can't decide. Looking forward to reading another soon!!! A Loyal Fan.
Kathryn S, Seaford, Delaware

I just finished reading "Silversword," and for some reason decided to see if Phyllis had a web site. I have read her books since I was about 10 years old (I'm 40 now). I love to write, and after quitting for 15 years (husband would not let me write) I am now starting to write again. Phyllis has always been an inspiration to me. I'm glad I found this site. I plan of visiting often.
Jane R, Indiana

Dear Ms. Whitney, Since the early eighties I have been searching for your books and anticipated each new book that you wrote. I love the way you write about the history of the town in which your story is set in. I can't say that there is one book that I didn't love. Everyone I have read I hated to reach the end of the story, because I immersed myself in each book I was always so sorry to see them end. I am at the point of going back to read them over again, because I miss having one of your books to read. I just printed your list of all the books you have written and I will start a search for the ones I do not have. By the way, you are the only author I feel I have to have every book you have written. I hope you are well.
Colleen J, Long Island, New York

I have read most all of her books and own alot of them. I think she is the best writer I have read so for.
Ginger G, Mesquite Texas

I have been reading Phyllis A. Whitney books for the past 25 years. I have been trying to find out if there was a new book in the works. I just decided to try the Internet to see if I could find an answer to my question, and I came upon this site. I like your site and the information it provides.
Florence W, Belvidere, North Carolina

I read the book "Amethyst Dreams" while on vacation at Holden Beach, NC. I felt as if the book was coming to life. I do not know when I have enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed that one. Before I left the beach, I went to a used book store and bought about 12 of Phyllis' books, hard backs and paper backs. What a delight!
Kittie B, Whiteville, NC

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have read so many of your works and think that they are absolutely wonderful, You have taken me all over the world in your stories. I am a Sister of Charity-82 years old and am the embodiment of one of your characters. In "Snowfire" you created a Sr. Elizabeth- I am that person. I was at the lodge with my brother and his family- did play the guitar-still do and have retired from my professional nursing career but continue to volunteer. So many of the sisters in my convent read your works and we often speak of you, I decided to give myself a treat while learning to use the computer-hence my audacity in sending you this note. I would so love to hear from you if that is possible. Thank you And God bless you.
Sr. Loretta W, St. Joseph's Hospital & Medical Center Paterson

Mrs. Whitney, I need to thank you. Thank you for writing books that seemed to draw me out of a diagnosis of being an agoraphobic. It was a time of my life where apparently too many things happened once and I withdrew from a successful teaching career to a person who was afraid to leave the house. Your books drew me to the local library where I read every single book that was on file there. The one I loved was about Key West, where at one time I had worked. It seemed as though I walked down every street with you. I have wanted to thank you for a few years and am hoping that you are still able to appreciate that your books are wonderful. Your books helped me start my journey back to reality, and I eventually became a City Councilwoman in this city. I am hoping you are healthy.
Jean P, Neptune Grove Drive West, Neptune Beach, FL

Hello. You have always been my favorite author. I even named my daughter Whitney after you. She is twelve now. I have collected your books for years and was excited when I found your Website tonight. Your book "The Winter People" is my all time favorite, but unfortunately, I have not been able to find a print I could purchase. Perhaps, through your Website, I will complete my collection. I wish you well and am looking forward to your autobiography.
Linda M, Mannford, Oklahoma

Hello, I have been a fan of your writing since I was a teen (my mom was reading one of your books and I picked it up and started reading, I was hooked!) I decided to see if there was any information on you on the Internet and to my surprise there was the web site. I wish you many more years, and look forward to your autobiography!
Steve Z, Easthampton, MA

Hi, I am a reader who started reading your books in high school. In the last few years I have started reading your books again. I have been looking in all the shops I can find to fill my collection of your writings. Your books have brought back memories of daydreams I had reading your books in school. You have wrote stories that deal with real issues that we can still learn from today. Thank you for the many years of enjoyable reading and many more to come.
Lisa L, Rochester, Minnesota

My first novel of the adult genre was given to me by my parents when I was vacationing in Michigan at the age of 12 and this book, "Trembling Hills", began my fascination with Phyllis A. Whitney. I have never read any of her books and said that was not up to par, instead I find myself rereading everything she has ever written. I have been so grateful to have had the privilege of reading her books.
Lori L, Arroyo Grande, California

Dear Phyllis Whitney, You are my favorite writer and as a matter of fact, I won in my school having read the most books and earning 207 points in Sweetwater High School. I have burrowed every single books you have written from my school's library and my friends know how much I liked them. I am 16 years old and I started reading when I was 3. I hope you will write more books because I treasure each on of them. I am very familiar with some of the places because I am from the Philippines and I used to live there when I was a kid. I have been to Hong Kong and I hope to visit Japan someday. You made all the places in your book seems very familiar to me especially Virginia and Hawaii. I decided to join my school's newspaper org. so I can write too. you inspired me so much and I would appreciate it if you would send me a book with your autograph in it as my gift for my 17th birthday next month (July 10, 1983). Thanks a lot and god bless. Love Always,
Jane B, San Diego, CA

We recently vacationed in Victoria, Vancouver Island, as both my husband and I read "Feather on the Moon" and were very taken by the descriptions in the novel. We stayed at the "Empress" visited Butchart Gardens and Thunderbird Park. The trip was wonderful and we felt we were visiting "again" instead of the first time. Sincerely
Luci P, San Francisco

I have absolutely adored Phyllis Whitney's books since I was a little girl, I have read every book that I could get my hands on and I have always wanted to meet her. Will she be doing any book signings in the future? I found this site just by entering her name in search.
Terri B, Boone, North Carolina

I have just re read all the Young Adult mysteries that I loved when I was a Teenager. I thought I had all of them but one or two and was very pleased to find out that there were a lot more written than I had. So I now have all of them but one and am in the process of getting the last one now. I am in the Military and have been stationed over seas for most of my career, so books are a must. I look forward to your Autobiography.
Denise J, Oerias, Portugal

Dear Ms. Whitney, Thanks for your wonderful books. I started reading them in my 20s. I am now 52 and have collected alot of them. I hope you continue to stay in good health and write more books. Love,
Brenda D, HOME

Learned of this sight from a friend - sent me a link. Was unaware there was one - am thrilled to find it. Have loved Phyllis Whitney as an author since I received my first book of hers - "Columbella" - when I was 11 yrs. old. That's now 33 yrs. ago!! Thanks for all the wonderful reads!!
Donna C, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

I'm a 38 year old mother who has been reading Phyllis Whitney books since I was 16 or 17. I started with "Lost Island," "Window on the Square," and "Snowfire." I always find the mystery to be a good one, and the setting intriguing. In recent years, I've made a goal to read as many Phyllis Whitney books as possible. Being a mother of two children, this is a difficult goal -- there's not much time for reading anymore -- but we are developing reading hour at our house for EVERYONE so the chances for reading may improve! I never knew Ms. Whitney's background until reading the biography on this site. Now, I'm more determined than ever to further my collection of her stories. What a truly fascinating life!
Dianne G, Kansas

I am 51 years old. I stopped my TV Cable service and decided I could make better use of my time. I enjoy books about real people but found one of Phyllis Whitney's book at a yard sale, read the inside and decided it was something I would be interested in. I could not put the book down and read it all through over one weekend. I was happy to see that she has many other books and I will try to read them all. I really enjoyed my first, "Amethyst Dreams" and I know I will enjoy the rest as well. I especially liked the book because there was no graphic sex scenes. I was married for 10 years and have one daughter. I know how good sex can be but I don't want to read in detail about it. I was really glad I didn't have to skip over any of those scenes in her books. I found your site by searching for you.
Gloria P, West Virginia

Dear Phyllis, I love your novels, when I start reading one I can't put it down! I like the way you include romance and suspense in one book. You are an amazing writer, Sincerely,
Carrie R, Vancouver, BC

Hello I visited your Website to find out what the book titled "Snowfire" is about. But was unable to find anything about it. I recently came across the book but there was no jacket cover on it. I enjoy reading your books whether they are new or old titles. Thank You.
Pamela C, Seaman, Ohio

Hello Ms. Whitney, I have read all your mystery novels, to my knowledge, except for the younger audience ones. My mother introduced them to me in 1963 when I was in the 8th grade and I have been a fan of yours since then. I don't think I've written a fan letter since I was 12, but I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your books throughout the years. Where ever your stories took place I always felt like I was there. I look forward to reading your next one. I hope you are doing well. Thank you again for sharing your talent with me and millions of others.
Marci L, Cupertino, CA

I have enjoyed Phyllis A. Whitney's books for some years now and having just retired and purchased a computer I have been searching for any of her books I have not read yet. You are one of my favorite authors and I take great pleasure in reading your books time and again. Thank you.
Mrs. Margaret D, Henfield, West Sussix England

Phyllis Whitney has been my favorite author since I was about 12, 14 years now. In my opinion, every book gets better! Is "Amethyst Dreams" her most recent novel? Sincerely,
Shawn H, Tyler, Texas

I have read all your adult suspense books, Miss Whitney -- thanks for making my reading experiences so interesting! I wish you well.
Ada P

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books since I was 10. Her books opened the world of reading to me and let me take journeys all over the world. Now I am in my 30's and have continued with her adult novels. I have also shared her books with my mother and with friends. I just wanted to let Phyllis now through this site how much I love and enjoy her books!!!
Mary L, Erie, PA

Hi! My name is Ohad and I am a fifteen years old boy from Israel. I am also a HUGE fan of yours, And I think that you are one of the most talented authors on earth. Keep up the good work! I was wondering if you would not mind filling a small request. Can you please send me an autographed picture of yourself? I realize you are very busy, and you probably get a lot of requests like this one, but I hope you will fill my wish. I want to thank you in advance for your response, because an autographed photo from you is something I will cherish forever. Thank you for your time, Sincerely,

I love Phyllis A. Whitney's books! Especially the young adult mysteries that were written in the 1960's and 1970's. I have, unfortunately, only been able to find two of the books, however. I have "Secret of Goblin Glen" and the "Mystery of the Angry Idol." If anyone knows where I can find more of the young adult mysteries, please email me. I would love to collect the others to add to my library!
Andrea M, Tennessee

My boyfriend read one of your books and enjoyed your style of writing that he has turned me on to them. We both really enjoy your books. Out of curiosity we decided too see if you had a web, so here we are. We would like to thank you for the privilege of sharing with you.
Edward C, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Dear Ms. Whitney, I just finished reading your guide to fiction writing for the second time. I bought and read it in the 80's. I guess I wasn't ready the first time. But now I feel inspired by your book that makes so much sense. I'm working on being consistent. Thanks for providing the structure and the inspiration. I feel so much better knowing that a good writer learns the craft and discipline. I wasted a lot of time fearing that I wouldn't measure up. Now I am thinking with my pencil and working on my Whitney-inspired notebook! Thank you!! I really do enjoy your books. "The Stone Bull" has always stayed with me.
Christine O, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I began reading Ms. Whitney's adult novels about 13 years ago. I enjoyed every one of them except for "Flaming Tree" which I did not like too much. But every one of the others are VERY good. The first book of Ms. Whitney's that I ever read was a juvenile one-"Mystery of the Green Cat" -when I was ten. Three years later I read "Step to the Music" a young adult historical novel, and it was great too. I still like to re-read some of her books that I read a while ago like "Silversword."
Barbara R, Honolulu, Hawaii

I've been a fan of Ms. Whitney's books, starting with "The Lost Island," since I was 12 years old. I have read every one of her adult novels. Reading her novels as a young girl provided me with hours of enjoyment and was my way of escaping an unpleasant childhood. I am now in my 30's with children of my own. I can't wait until they can enjoy her books as I did! I stumbled across this Web site while seeking information about my favorite authors. What a pleasant surprise!
Barbara M, Pasadena, Maryland

I miss you! When will you write a new novel? You have been my favorite novelist since the 50's.
Shirley D, Maryland's Eastern Shore

I simply did a "search" for Phyllis Whitney, because I wanted to find out if she is currently or planning to write more books. I have always found warmth and a sense of connectedness with her characters, it was her writings that helped me get through a very lonely time in my life. I will always treasure her books. Thank you.
Carol S, Oakdale, MN

I discovered this site a few months ago, when I was browsing the web for information about Phyllis Whitney. She is one of my most favorite authors and I am always hoping that a new novel will be released. I discovered information about her "juvenile" mysteries on this site and was intrigued by their story descriptions. Since then I have managed to buy all but a couple and am enjoying reading them. I am savoring them slowly!! Best wishes to a wonderful author and person!!
Nanette C, Trenton, NJ

Hi Phyllis, I've enjoyed reading and collecting your books since 1976. I do have one question. I have "The Red Carnelian" in paper back, was it published in hardback as "The Red Carnelian" or as "Red Is For Murder?" I have all but 5 of your adult novels in hardback. Are the following still available in hard back? Seven Tears for Apollo, Skye Cameron, The Quicksilver Pool, The Moonflower, and The Red Carnelian. Hope to hear from you soon. My e-mail address stands for read Phyllis A Whitney
Linda B

Hello. I found this site only by searching. I have been a huge fan of Phyllis A Whitney books for several years. I hope to complete my collection of paperback books now that I have a list of all the titles. I'm always thrilled to find a new one on the shelves at the book store. Do you have an address for ordering books? Please let me know. Thanks for great reading.
Ruth P, Mesa, AZ

I have enjoyed Ms. Whitney's books for years and just want to say thank you for all the hours of pleasure her writing has brought to me. I am currently reading "Daughter of the Stars". Ms. Whitney evokes the spirit of Harpers Ferry wonderfully! I noticed that Ms. Whitney was born on September 9th. That happens to be the birthday of Leo Tolstoy as well. Although his birthday is usually listed as August 28th (1828), that is the date according to the old style calendar which was in use in Russia at the time. By today's calendar, the day he was born was September 9, 1828. Again, thank you.
Carolyn C, Woodbridge VA

Over the years, my mother and I have collected every Phyllis Whitney novel, and we have enjoyed reading them. (Most of them have been read more than once!). It's fun trying to guess who the real villain is, and the descriptions of the settings make them seem real to me. Many of the places she writes about are places I have never had the chance to visit, but I feel as if I have been there after reading her books. Two of my favorites are "The Winter People" because it took place in the Poconos, which is a place near to me, and "Hunter's Green", just because it was an exciting story. Everytime a new book came out in paperback, my mother knew that she would be getting it for a Christmas, Mother's Day, or birthday gift. My mother is now 77 years old and still enjoys reading a Phyllis Whitney book. I just want to say thank you to Ms. Whitney for bringing us so much enjoyment over the years.
Janet K, Pennsville, New Jersey

Glorious, wonderful, fabulous, marvelous! I am so excited to locate this web site. What a wealth of information. What a truly great lady. I have no favorite book--except for the one I'm reading at the moment. I cherish the books and read them over and over again. Wonder if there is a weekly or monthly e-mail available. The autobiography will be a treat.
Brian D, Rochester, NY

I have collected and read every major novel except "Red is for Murder." Cannot find that one anywhere. My all time favorite and very special author. Had no idea the web offered such wonderful surprises.
Brian D, Rochester, NY

My wife own some 42 paperbacks and 17 hardcover books of Miss Whitneys. We have been together for over 20 years and I always try to get the books she has yet to get. It is getting harder to find them but I keep trying. If you have any information that will help let me know . Thank You, Bob PS My wife's name is Dena.
Robert & Dena B, Catawba, N.C.

I love her books so I thought I would check this out. Its nice and gives a nice summery of all her books :-) I'm doing a term paper and she is my topic and I found this sight through Yahoo!

I am a big fan of Ms. Whitney's. I found her Website through I have been reading her books since about 1969.
S. Hicks, Texas

I received a Phyllis Whitney book through a book club, "Vermilion," as the book of the month. The cover alone got to me. When I finally picked it up and read it, I have been hooked on her books since. I started collecting every book written by Ms. Whitney I can find. I have read and reread them all.
Nancy R

Hi! My name is Donetta and I have had the pleasure of my first Phyllis Whitney book, Woman Without a Past, it was a Reading assignment in my college class. I have been a reader of romance novels for many, many years. This is why when given the chance I picked yours to read. The cover of the book first caught my eye. Lovely colors and I like the flowers. Hope to read more of your books soon, for pleasure.
Donetta C, Harisburg Illinois

I just wanted to know if there is another mystery in the works....I have read every book you have written, and absolutely love them. I was introduced to them by my aunt about 40 years ago and was instantly hooked. My favorite was the one about Gatlinburg, I am from Chattanooga and could see the entire story in my mind's eye...I have been everywhere in Gatlinburg the story mentioned...anyway, I hope to see another story soon...
Mary Alice J, MOBILE, AL

Have enjoyed reading Ms. Whitney's books. Not having read any of Ms. Whitney's books for some years, I found one at the local Good Will store and plan to search for others that I haven't read.
Dianne B., South Dakota

I just checked Ask Jeeves to see if there was a Phyllis Whitney web site. Low and behold there is. I'm hoping their is a new book in the offing soon.
Joanne S, Lowville, NY

I have been a devoted fan of Phyllis A. Whitney's for many years. I read my first book in 1975 and I was hooked. I found myself so interested in reading her books that at one point my mother had to force me to stop reading all day and night. I wanted a collection of her books for myself and "borrowed" them from the library without their permission. I soon couldn't live with the guilt of taking the books and returned them to the library. In 1977, I sent a letter addressed to Ms. Whitney to the publishing company telling her how much I admired her and enjoyed reading her books. I never received a response and assumed the letter never reached her. I came upon this Website without any knowledge of it's existence. I just recently purchased a computer and of course this was the first person I had to look for. I am glad to know she is still alive and I pray that she knows how much joy and pleasure she has brought into my life through her books. Thank you, Phyllis A. Whitney!
Arnilda R, San Diego, CA

I enjoy all of your books. I just was searching the web and came upon this. I will copy a list of your books and keep them coming an admiring reader Martha.
Martha C, Oaklawn, IL

I have been enjoying your books for many years. I have read and reread some a many of a time. Thank you so much for the enjoyment you have given me. Unfortunately I have not been able to purchase all of your books, but my library fortunately has a great selection. Thank you again.
Carlie H, Greeley, Colorado

Hi! I found out about this site after just finishing my first book of Phyllis A. Whitney's. I found out about her from my mother. She had read many of her books when she was around my age and she told me I would probably like them. I decided to read "Spindrift." I read that book start to finish without putting it down and finished it in 4 and a half hours. I fell in love with it and her writing. You will be sure I am going to read the rest of her books!
Debbie O

I love your books - I started out reading the young adult mysteries and moved to the adult novels in high school. My mother introduced me to your books and we've both read all your novels. Thanks for years of reading pleasure. Hope all is well with you. Will there be any other novels?
Roxie G, Raleigh, NC

I have enjoyed Phyllis A. Whitney's books for over 20 years. "Amethyst Dreams" was published in 1997. Will this be her last work of fiction? When will her bibliography be published?
Robyn M, Quiet Dell, West Virginia

I have enjoyed your books immensely. My mother lent me a book years ago and got me hooked.
Sharon K, Watsonville, CA

I first learned about Ms. Whitney's books through my grandmother. My mother read them, I have read ALL of her books and own most of them. My daughter now carries on the tradition. She is by far my FAVORITE author. I am a middle school English teacher and use many of her books to teach elements of writing. Thank you, Ms. Whitney, for all the joy you have given me and continue to give me as I read and re-read your books! I wrote you a letter thanking you about a year ago and sent it to your publisher. I just wanted to let you know of your impact on my life.
Susan S, Richmond, Virginia

I started reading Phyllis Whitney's adult suspense novels in high school. That was over thirty five years ago and I have read every book. I have collected most of the books except for a few that I read from the library. I have enjoyed every book and always looked forward to the next one. She is one of my favorite authors. Since I was wondering if she had written any recently, I looked her up on this site.
Joyce L, Belmont, Ohio

I love Phyllis A. Whitney's books. I have been reading her books since I was in Grade School. I must have read "Mystery of The Gulls" about five times. I think I have every book ever published in paperback. I learned about this site by searching for information about Phyllis A. Whitney.
Janet M, South Milwaukee, WI

Dear Phyllis, I found this web site by going to I wanted to know how many books you have written. I collect your books and read them over and over again. I now have 30 of your books in my collection. I was amazed to learn you had written over 70 books. I have so much more searching to do!! I have been reading your books since high school, I am now 42 yrs. old. I couldn't wait until my niece was old enough to read your books. I wanted to be the one to introduce her to your great mysteries. Thank you so much for all the years you devoted to us die hard fans. Could you reply to me if you have time? I would love to print out your reply so I can keep it with my collection. I love you, Phyllis.
Patricia C, Hudson, MA

Hello, I just wanted to let Ms. Whitney know that I have enjoyed her books since I was a child and am now nearing the big 50. The first book I read was Mystery of the Green Cat. Later I began reading her adult books starting with the Trembling Hills. I knew she was getting older and wondered if she was still alive and writing. I am so glad to hear that she is. I have read ALL of her adult books and know that I will enjoy a good read every time. You can always count on Ms. Whitney!! I am trying to remember which book had the main character going through a past life regression? I would like to know if you could respond. Will she be writing anything again? I enjoyed the fact that her characters aged well as the years went by. Thank you so much Ms. Whitney for all the wonderful hours of enjoyment you have given to so many. I still recommend your books as I am a librarian.
Amy B, Minnesota

Hi. I read your book Rainbow in the mist for a book project at school. In my opinion it was one of the best books I have read in a while. I look forward to reading more of your books.
Sylvene A, Georgia

Hello, and thank you for this Web site! My father and I spent many hours reading and discussing Ms. Whitney's fine mysteries. We both recall one story in particular, most likely a juvenile mystery, but are unable to remember the title. I believe it involves a girl who is blind, and a missing object. It seems to me that this story took place on an island, possibly in Greece. Can you help us with a lost memory? We would very much like to pass this story along to a new generation of mystery lovers in our family. Thank you for your help!
JoAnne S, Milw, WI

Was so glad to find this site! I'd been wondering how Ms. Whitney was doing. I've been reading her fiction and writing advice for years and years, and am so happy to find a place to learn more about her. I'm originally from Lynchburg, VA, and have particularly enjoyed the books taking place in Virginia and neighboring states. I found the site by visiting the WMA site. Best wishes,
Cynthia G, NC

I was really moved by Ms. Whitney's young adult novels as a young girl in the late 70s. I wrote to her and she responded with a handwritten letter. I still have it- it still means a lot to me.
Anonymous, Germantown, MD

I have read Phyllis Whitney books for years. I think I have almost all of them. I prefer them in paperback books. But the books are written in a style that you can also see the events unfold. Once I start reading one of her books, I cannot put it down. No matter how many times I reread them, I can always find a different approach of her writing.
Barbara Y, Des Moines, IA

I found this site by entering Phyllis A. Whitney's name on Ms. Whitney's books have been my favorite since books since I first discovered them about ten years ago. I am always eager to read her new books.
Linda S, work

Thank you for your style of writing. You always keep me in suspense. I pray that God gives you many more years of wonderful of writing.
Roxanne H, Jacksonville Florida

Dear Phyllis, I am excited to see that you have a web site. You are my very favorite writer. I have recently learned of your children's books and I am searching for them. I also am interested to know if you have recently written any books? I looked forward to a new one every year and haven't seen one in awhile. You have brought great pleasure to my life through your books and have inspired me to try my hand at writing.
Karen C, Gainesville, Georgia

I can't tell you how long I have looked for some way of making contact with my most favorite author! I have researched every possible way of contacting you, and even had my area library researcher try to locate a web site or even your agent. Every effort was met by a big blank wall. I finally had some who found your agent's listing, but I never had a response from them. It was by pure chance that I simply typed in your name on the web tonight and HERE YOU ARE!! I'm 56 years old, the mother of six grown children, received my Master's in 1989 at the age of 45, have 15 grandchildren, and wanted to write my entire life. I love teaching, but with a husband who's job was for ever moving us, I never stayed in one place long enough. Plus, children with medical problems came first. I have started my book four different times over the past six years. Each time I think, at my age, why am I trying to do this? It will never make it to publication, and the idea of writing something, at my age, that means so much to me, to only have it rejected, seems such a waste. Then I remember the speech an 85 year old gave at our graduation. He was receiving his BA at the University of Kansas, the same time I was graduating. He started by saying everyone laughed at him when he started. He would smile and say, you know, how old will I be in 1989 if I don't die first, 85. So I may as well stay around to see which comes first. I try to use that as my inspiration, as well as your books. I purchased your Guide to Fiction Writing, and read it many times. I have so many "how to's", but no "why nots". I suppose I have wasted six years looking for and making excuses. Just knowing that you are still with us, and most important, still writing, is an inspiration. I've read every adult book you have wrote several times. This past fall, I started revisiting them again. However, I discovered some are no longer available. What a shame! I'm told my plot is excellent, my writing style is okay, but I'm too much of a perfectionist. I edit my own work too much. So, I think I'll dust off the notebook one more time and see what I do now. I hope you receive this, Ms. Whitney, simply because I have spent many hours visiting the far away places you have written about. Thanks, and I hope to have a response from you.
Linda J, Lee's Summit, MO.

You are one of my favorite writers and I e-mailed Amazon on what you had written lately. Have not seen any new books in the Doubleday Book Club. Have read a lot of your books, but am going to go over a listing and check on the earlier ones I might night have read. What is your favorite one? Was surprised to learn you were 96, guess I thought you were closer to my age which is 59. I have a Grandmother who will be 102 this July and still going strong. She loves to read also, but needs the large type books. I come from a reading family. Grandmother, mother, daughter, and granddaughters. Would love to see a new book. I am writing from work, but am giving my e-mail at home. Would love to hear from you.
Carol H, Mecosta, Michigan

The book Vermilion is the first book that I'm reading. so far it's great. I can't wait to read the next one.
Kelly, school

I read a Phyllis A. Whitney novel 25 years ago and have recently had some strange events that triggered the memory of her novel. When strange things happen I keep thinking "I feel like I'm in a Phyllis Whitney novel". I am just starting a writing hobby and her writing and plots are definitely something I will draw upon for inspiration. Thanks Phyllis for letting me see that having terror in ones life can be turned into creativity.
Wendy, Vancouver, B.C.

Dear Ms. Whitney: Thank you for your wonderful, riveting stories over the year which kept me, and countless readers of my generation on the edge of our collective seats. And continue to this day. You planted in me the seed to want to entertain readers with my own stories. I'm blessed to be doing that. Being able to pay tribute to you on your own Web site in this year 2000, has a certain irony. But what a great pleasure and honor it is. I wish you many more stories, Ms. Whitney. And all the time in the world in which to tell them.
Joan Hall Hovey, Quispamsis, New Brunswick

There will never be another author that compares to Phyllis Whitney. I have read her books since I was a child and I am still reading them today. She has given me a lot of enjoyable reading over the years.
Cathy K, Ohio

I learned of this site through the public library. I have read every adult, and a few young adult, stories that I was able to find. I was first introduced to your writings through the principal of the second high school in which I taught, back in 1968. I particularly love the development of your characters and the beautiful and intriguing settings in which the stories are set. Thank you for years of enjoyable reading and re-reading and re-reading.
Sr. Rosemary W, Bolingbrook (near Chicago), IL

When I was 12 years old (24 years ago!) I read and fell in love with Secret of the Goblin Glen. Now, I want my 12 year old to read it.
Mignon A, Las Vegas, NV

Have loved Phyllis A. Whitney books since I was a teenager...and still love them now that I am a grandmother. When will the autobiography be available for her readers? My best to Miss Whitney...Thank you for many hours of reading pleasure...
Laine F, South Bend, Indiana

I have been reading Phyllis A. Whitney books for twenty years and have a collection of 31 adult novels as well as a few young readers selections. They have all been read many times and passed around my circle of friends. In my opinion there is no other author who I enjoy more, and I have read many. Over the years my family have gone searching for a Whitney book to surprise me with on a special occasion. Many thanks for years of reading enjoyment.
Carol A.

I have really been enjoying your books, the ones I have read so far have been great! I have been checking out your books at the local library for the last 2 years and the librarian has been helping me locate the ones that are not in my local library. I did not realize that you were going to write an autobiography until I visited your web site. Now that I know this information I can't wait until it is released. I just want to say Thanks for all the great reading!
Patricia H, Tallassee, Alabama

No one really told me about this site. I happened to find it because I was doing research on Phyllis Whitney and Mary Higgins Clark. I love both of these authors books. I find them similar in more ways than one. I just want to say that I think Phyllis Whitney is one of the best all-time writers I have ever had the privilege to read a book of.
Jessica W, Elliot County High School

I've been a long time reader of Phyllis Whitney. My first contact with her was through Rainsong. I've been hooked ever since. I have a small collection of her books and am always finding more. I have read at least 35 of her books and am always looking forward to reading another title I haven't come across before. Thank you for the web site and the chance to write. I found this by just typing in her name and clicking search! Thanks again!
Darlene S, Maine

I have been a fan for years and miss your books! I have kept all your books I have read and bring them out periodically to re-read. I happened on this site because I was wondering when you would be publishing another book. I am looking forward to reading your next book. Thank you for all the enjoyment you have given us all with your writing.
Sheila W, Our winter home in St. Pete Beach, FL

I have been reading Miss Whitney's books since I first read "The Turquoise Mask" back in the late '70s. She is my all time favorite. I discovered this site by surfing the web. I was wondering if Miss Whitney has any plans on releasing any new books soon besides her autobiography?
Karen M, Rochester, NY

Phyllis A. Whitney is a true jewel of a writer. I wish her all the best in the coming year... Is she going to write anymore fiction?
Chad B, Saginaw, MI

I read my first "Phyllis" book when I was 12 years old. I have spent years collecting your books. On my 40th birthday my husband surprised me with the 1 book I needed to complete my collection. Just a great big thank you for letting me escape into your places when mine wasn't so friendly. My daughter is now 11 and she is so excited to start reading my "Phyllis" books.
Cathy B, Slating PA via Virginia

Hello, my girlfriend, Brittney, is a long time fan of the Phyllis A. Whitney books, though I have not yet had the pleasure (but will soon!). We have both been in the bookselling business for the better part of 12 years (I with Waldenbooks and Borders, she with Waldenbooks and Barnes & Noble), and she is very strong in her belief (as are others) that Ms. Whitney's books should not be classified as "romance". Brittney has anxiously awaited the next book. A soon to be fan, Jeff Nolin.
Jeff N, Indianapolis, IN

Hi Phyllis, I think you are a wonderful mystery writer and was so glad to have finally found you again. When I was 12, I did volunteer work at a little one room library in a small town in Massachusetts. When it wasn't busy, which was most of the time, I would search the shelves looking for interesting books. I've always been a mystery lover which started with the old Scooby-Doo cartoons. I know it seems strange but they always had a logical ending and I would love trying to figure out who did it. Anyway, when I was 12 I happened along some of your books in the library and started reading them. I was hooked. I remember Vermilion was one of the ones I had read. At that time the books were probably a little ahead of my ability but I loved them. Anyway, when I left the library I forgot about them and the name of the author that wrote them. I kept trying to remember the name and just couldn't. Then I started going to a gym and reading the romance novels that they have there. Anyway, that lead me to the bookstore in search of more romance novels and that is when I saw a book called Amethyst Dreams. I couldn't believe it, when I read your name as the author, it all came back to me. I was so excited that I remembered!! I of course bought the book and then went to my local library and read all the old books they had there. I have now started searching and ordering all the out of print books that I can find. I don't think I've ever enjoyed one writer so much and I just wanted to let you know how I loved your novels as a child and how I still do as an adult. Thank You.
Tracey, MA

I have been reading and collecting Whitney's books since I was in high school, over 10 years. I look for her books every chance I get and right now I have about 33 books. I have read them at least twice and can't wait to pass them on to my daughter. Thank you for writing so many wonderful books! I love the different settings for the stories. I was so excited reading Emerald because I had been to some of the places that the book described. I have always wanted to write and express my gratitude but never knew how before I remembered to look on the internet. Thank you for books I will treasure forever!
Stephanie H, San Clemente, CA

I've just discovered your wonderful books - Thank you for sharing your gift with everyone!!

I LOVE Phyllis Whitney books! For the last 5 years I have been watching for a new book and have only gotten 2 :~( She is the queen of romantic mysteries. It's nice to read a romance novel that isn't smutty, but makes you tingle! Oh, I asked Jeeves how to get here! :o)
Jackie R, Galesburg IL

I really like phillis whitney's books, but i think it's more of a growup books that she write's,because the frist time i started reading one was when i had to do a book reaport for engilch , and i didn't even read it,i just looked up information, i mean you gotta start the book out with something exciting, not something boring or something the reader dosen't even care about, i mean i have nothing againist phillis whitney, but i wish she would have made her books more exciting thank you. hello I am only 13 and have read two of your wonderful books!! I really enjoy them! you are a great writer!
Whitney R.

I love to read Phyllis Whitney's books. In high school, I read every book our school had of hers. I had a baby and I had less time to read for a while because he took up so much of my time, but now that he is a little older we read children's books together. In a way, reading with him has renewed my interest in reading books for myself. I went to our public library to check out some books and was astonished to see just how many books of hers I hadn't read. In the last week, I have read amethyst dreams and dream of orchids. Both of them were excellent! I couldn't put dream of orchids down, though, once I had begun to read it. I had to know who the killer was and boy was I shocked!! I was particularly drawn to the character of Marcus. I love your work and can't wait to jump into the next book I checked feather on the moon. What is in store for me next?
Danci R, Springville, AL

Hi, My name is Mandy and I just got done reading woman without a past! I loved it!!!! Now I am reading Silverhill I think. I am at he part were she just gets out of the place were all the birds are. I am reading another one but I forgot what it was called but it is cool! By the way I am 13 years old. I cant wait to read the rest of your books!
Mandy K, North ID

Ms. Whitney is my favorite author. I have been collecting her books for years. I would like to some day have everyone she has written.
Bonnie T, Port Richey, FL

I really enjoy your books. Through the years I have read them all, sometimes twice. I'm curious to know if there are going to be any new releases?
Reta T, Lindsay, OK

I have read all of Ms. Whitney's adult novels. I loved everyone of them. I hope she has a new novel soon. Please keep up the good writing!
Tona Wanda Dodson, Lynchburg, VA

I love all Phyllis Whitney's books. Last year I introduced her books to my mother when she visited me and now she is hooked too. I am a single mom with three children and live in Bristol Virginia. I can visualize the places and people in her books by her descriptive writings. I've always had an interest in writing and Phyllis has certainly been an inspiration to me. While my days are very busy with work and three very active children - someday I hope that my dream of writing will be realized. Thank you
Desiree K, Bristol, VA

I was looking to contact Ms. Whitney and tell her that I happened to pick up one of her books in 1970 and really began my reading for fun; I absolutely love your style and read any book which I find that you wrote. My first to read was "Sea Jade", and my so far best liked was "Domino"; I shared books with friends and especially my children. I am still collecting your books, and have several to be read!! Thanks so much for all your dedicated work for us to read. Always, Franklin
Franklin G Jr, Red Lion, PA

I have been a fan of Phyllis Whitney since I was a teenager. I still re-read her novels; finding them at the bargain books racks in my library from time to time. I just finished another two, "Domino" and "The Flaming Tree". I found this Web site by using the engine, "" and then just keep looking until I found this. I have added it to my "favorite places" list!
Suzanne C, Patchogue, Long Island, NY

I found this Web site by typing in Phyllis A Whitney. On my recent trip to the library I found Amethyst Dreams on the shelf. I felt like I had discovered a treasure, for I had been trying to check out this book since it arrived. I was not disappointed. Another masterpiece! I finished it in about four hours. I have been reading Phyllis' books since my sophomore year in high school, 1968. I eagerly await her next story and have read some of them several times. God Bless you with continued good health and many more stories! Fondly, Diane
Diane S, User, PA

I just took a chance that there would be a site about Ms Whitney. Ms. Whitney is my most favorite writer and I have read a great number of her books. She is the only mystery writer that I have read that I have not figured out the ending before the last page. She has always surprised me.
Nona G, Ashford, Alabama

I was searching for my favorite authors. I found your name and just kept reading. I've been reading your books for the last 25 years and have enjoyed every single one of them. I really don't have a favorite since I loved them all. You are one the best authors of all time. Keep it up. And God bless.
Sharon W, Norfolk, VA

I was looking for Phyllis Whitney on the Internet. Any information about her or her books, so I typed her name in under search and found this web site. It was nice to get a list of all of her books and the dates they were published. My daughter enjoys reading Phyllis Whitney's books and would like to collect her books but it is so very hard to find them. If you know of places where her books can be found, please let us know.
David D, Granite City, Illinois

Hi, my name is Linda and I live in Hudson, New Hampshire. I have been an avid reader of Phyllis Whitney books since I first read Domino in the 1970's. I decided to visit this site to inquire when (or if) another novel will be published. I heard it may be soon. You're a wonderful writer, Ms. Whitney. God Bless You.
Linda I, Hudson, NH

I have been a fan of yours since I was a kid. I still remember -- and I'm 44 now and it's many books later -- how sad I was when I finished "The Secret of the Spotted Shell." I loved it so much, I never wanted it to end! I just wanted to let you know, that you have given me endless hours of reading pleasure over the years -- and I hope for many more years to come! How do you find the inspiration to keep writing and to keep your novels fresh after so many? This p.r. writer sure would love a hint or two! Best regards,
Pamela B, Massachusetts

I have all your adult suspense novels, most in hardcover. By far you are my favorite writer. Thank you so much for the many, many enjoyable hours of reading. Now that I have a list of your juvenile mysteries as well as the novels for young people I will try to obtain them and after reading them, pass them on to the grandchildren.
THANX again.
Doris B, Dunnellon, FL

A avid reader of Whitney's books. I have read most of her books, some I can not find (still looking). I would like to thank you for your writing. Hope there are more to come.
Jean S, Florida

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