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Guestbook entries from 2003

Congratulations, Ms. Whitney, on 100 years of excellence!
Anna B, AK

Hi Ms. Whitney. I use to read your book’s they were so good I got them from the library but can’t find them any more. Your books were the one’s I couldn’t put down, are you still writing books? I love to write but get bored easy.
Sandy O, MD

Dear Phyllis, I love your books...I read them all when I was in my 20’s and now I am re-reading them. You’re just like a dear neighbor I can go visit again and again. If I am not too late happy birthday.
Mary A, Lafayette, IN

I have a fun little story to tell about myself. When I was starting 7th grade, I had a librarian help me find a book to read. Now mind you I had not really been an avid reader before this time. She led me to Phyllis A. Whitney’s books. I chose Snowfire. That choose led me on an endless reading adventure for years. I read every Phyllis A. Whitney adult book in the High School library and starting checking them out from the Elementary library. I still to this day have the list of books that I read in the six years of Jr High and High school. As an adult I have read every new book that was released. I thank Phyllis A Whitney for the many years of reading, and I thank that librarian that took the time to help me find something to read. Our current library still has the copy of the first book that I read. With my name written on the card (they switched to scanners a long time ago, but still have the old cards in them). The date that was stamped, Oct of 1974!
Chris, MN

Ironically very close to the date of Phyllis A. Whitney’s 100th birthday, I was discussing with my librarian friend how much I enjoyed reading Phyllis’s books. I had wondered what had happened to her. I am regretful that I wasn’t able to sign her 100th birthday wish, but I am glad to hear that she is doing fine.
Chris, MN

Dear Mrs. Whitney, Yesterday, I discovered a copy of your first adult novel (reprinted as Red Carnelian) in a used book store. I was delighted. In the thirty years I have been reading your books, I had never read it. I find it to be just as captivating as all your other novels. I cannot put one of them down at the end of the chapter. You always, even in this first one, had a “kicker” to send the reader into the next chapter. I warn my students (I am a Middle School Media Specialist) when they check you out to find a place in the middle so they can stop and get to bed at night.
Deiva M, Moultrie, GA

Thanks so much to Ms. Whitney for enriching my life with her enormous talent.
M. Dawn K, Corona, CA

I began reading Ms. Whitney’s books as a child in the late 1950’s, and began collecting them in adulthood. Today I was working on a list of titles I lack. My collection of adult titles is complete, but I need some of the young adult books and I thought I might be able to find a list on the internet. Fortunately I found this excellent website. I am so sorry that I missed wishing Ms. Whitney a happy 100th birthday. She is one of my favorite authors.
Sherri F, TX

I love your books! They are the only ones I want to read!
Melissa, WY

Congratulations on your 100th birthday! I love your books and have been collecting them for years. I finally tracked down the last one on the internet so now have a complete collection of your adult fiction books. Best wishes for the future.
Catherine R H H, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Hello Mrs. Whitney. I am beginning to read your book Woman Without a Past. I hope it is a good book. I am excited to see if it will hold my interest.

After reading “Listen for the Whisperer” some years ago, I raved about it til my sister read it herself. We both collect your books now for our own reading pleasure. I have 4 daughters ranging in age of 12 to 19 and have introduced each of them to your books. Thank you for a good read! Have a wonderful 100th birthday!!!!
Florence M, Biloxi, MS

Dear Ms. Whitney, Sorry to have missed your birthday. I can see God has blessed you with many years, much talent, and lot’s of love to surround you. Thank you for all the pleasure you have brought to my life with your wonderful books, books that took me to other beautiful places. Once again, Happy Birthday. God Bless.
Janet W, Paso Robles, CA

Dear Phyllis A Whitney, I truly enjoy reading your thrilling books. I have nearly read all of them except for your earlier works. I hope that you continue to write such great books. May God bless you, such an amazing writer you are. Thank you for contributing such wonderful stories to my life and to the lives of others. You inspired me, and it is because of you that I wish to become a novelist. I will reach my goal with the help of the Lord, but I can only wish to be as successful as you are. Thank you.
Marlette B, Brown, AZ

I stopped by while looking for my favorite book Dream of Orchids. I love Phyllis A. Whitney’s books and I love reading!
Kristin L, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I have always loved Phyllis’s books. I started reading them in the fifth grade. I’m seventeen now and I still enjoy them.
Licia M, Tunica, LA

I so enjoy your writing. I have a long list to go, but I’ve been collecting your books so I can eventually have them all. Thanks for being so entertaining.
Evie S, Muskegon, MI

Words cannot express how honored I am to have an opportunity to thank you for all of your wonderful writings! I can read and reread anything that you have written and I can find in print. You truly have a God-given gift. I can only hope that one day I will possess a fraction of the talent that you have shared with me in your work. I am addicted to your writing style, and no one else even comes close!!!!!!!!!
Dawn M L, Port Charlotte, FL

Hey, I love the site. But one thing I’ve been wondering is if Mrs. Whitney is planning to write any more adult suspense novels, which according to me is the best genre she writes. Thank you.
Sara W, Irving, TX

I have enjoyed reading your books for well over 30 years. My mother started my journey into your stories back in the late sixties. I haven’t found any recent writings by you for a few years but really enjoyed the ones I have read.
Betty M, Surrey, British Columbia

You have been my favorite author for many years. I found your site through my local library here in Battle Creek, MI. (Home of Tony the Tiger and Kellogg’s) Thank you for giving me many hours of reading pleasure.
Laura G, Battle Creek, MI

Dear Ms. Whitney, Thank You so much for being one of the writers that inspired me to read as a young child. I couldn’t put your mystery books down. I am now 34 and still love to read, again thank you for sharing your gift of writing. You will always be one of my favorite authors!!
Annie C, Sartell, MN

So far I have read 3 of Phyllis Whitney’s books and they are wonderful. I love mystery stories and when I pick up one of her books I don’t want to put it down until the end.
Brittany W, SC

Thank you for your books. Your books are the most enjoyable books I have ever read Once I begin one of your books I can’t put it down until I’m done. Thank you so much for many enjoyable hours.
Karen C, Beaver County, PA

“Mystery of the Green Cat” was my 1st “serious” novel that I read (cover to cover without enticement), when I was 12 years old, in 1963. That was the moment in which I fell in love w/reading. During that time, a lot of events were occurring all around us. I was attending a segregated public school in the south; Pres. Kennedy had been assassinated; the Vietnam War was in it’s infancy; and, I was approaching puberty. Today I am a Grandmother of 2. A lot has happen in my life since that time. I am amazed that I can still remember the title. I was inspired to go on line just to see if any info. could be retrieved. When the illustration popped up, a flood of memories came back & I remembered how exciting it was as I raced through ea. page - trying to figure out the final outcome. Thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring novel for a pre-teen who fell in love w/reading a book chosen @ random @ my school’s library. My granddaughter of 7 years of age is an avid reader. I plan to give her, as a gift, her 1st novel, it’s no wonder that it will be “Mystery of the Green Cat”.
Debbie R, Baltimore, MD

Hello, I love Spindrift. I am 23 yrs. old and I first read the book when I was in high school. The amazing thing is that it was my mom’s favorite book when she was in high school. I can never get tired of reading this book. I’ve read it so much that the cover is falling off and the pages all have dog ears on them. I just wanted to let you know that I have just ordered this book in hard back so I can enjoy it for years to come and that my daughter will to come to love this excellent book. Thank you.
Jamie M G, Grand Junction, CO

Ms. Whitney, I work in a library and a patron was asking if you had any new books out. I hadn’t seen any in a while and decided I would try to find out if you were still writing. I will happily report to her that you are! I started reading your books when I was in jr. high school. and still love them. Thank you for many years of pleasant reading.
Audrey S, KY

I found the web site on Google. I have been a fan of Phyllis Whitney for years, & have about 50 of her books. My favorite is “The Glass Flame”. Delighted to hear she is writing her auto biography.
Carol S B, Columbia, SC

Phyllis Whitney, is a truly gifted author, someone who can spin mysteries that leave you wondering! She suits her middle name AYAME which means Iris, and continues to write her stories at such a glorious age! Hats off to her!!!
Anuja, India

My sister and I have been reading your books for several years now. I recently have access to a computer at work and wanted to see what I could find on the internet. It was one of your books that I read when I got in the habit of reading regularly. We go to book sales at local libraries to find your books, we have/had most of them except the first seven or so. When we have read them we donate them back to the library for others to enjoy. We have had the opportunity to pass along our interest in your books to others at the booksales. With your books and the other authors we enjoy we had to pass up the last sale - we have no more shelf or closet space to put another book for awhile. We have enough to keep us reading one book a week for four or five years right now. Bless you and thank you for the many hours of enjoyment.
Phyllis S, Dolton, IL

Happy Birthday Ms. Whitney. I have enjoyed your books for 15 years and counting. Now my teenage daughters are reading through my collection. Your writing style captures readers of all ages, you truly are the master. Thank you so much for the many years of curling up with one of your books and diving into an exciting mystery. I am always on the lookout for copies at yard sales and book swaps.
Sandra B, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for your consistently excellent books. Your stories hold one till the end and your descriptive writing paints wonderful picture. I have now introduced my daughter to you. Thank you.
Patricia B, Ontario, Canada

I have loved Phyllis A. Whitney books for years! Ms. Whitney always describes places so well, without overwhelming the reader with description. Her books are just the right mix of suspense, history and romance. I think I have read every novel she has ever written, including her books for youngsters. Thank you Ms. Whitney!
Lisa C, work

I love ALL Phyllis Whitney’s novels. I have been reading them for over 30 years! I will have to print the list on this site so I can check if there are any I have missed!
P C, Walnut, CA

Our family has enjoyed your books tremendously. We always look for the next one! A very, very happy (belated) birthday to you!
Mary Beth L, Helenmae L, Patricia H, Winhall, VT

Phyllis A. Whitney is a wonderful writer. I don't think anyone could ever put action, drama, horror, or romance, etc. into stories like she can.

I've been a fan for close to 50 years. The modern writers can't touch you for a good book. Thanks for many hours of absorbing reading.
Ginger C, Abilene, TX

I have been reading your books since I was 16 yrs. old. I am now 51. My love of reading started with one of your books that I got for a x-mas gift. Thank you for the many years of pleasure that I have received from your books.
Sharon L T, Ashtabula, OH

Phyllis Whitney you are a well-gifted person, about writing novels. And from your picture you look your really nice and sweet. Thank you for making a difference.
Vaniesa M, Anderson, SC

I was born in 1959 started reading your stuff and Victoria Holts in 1969- hers were predictable and I quit reading her stuff after a few years but I have stayed with you and I am the first to get on the waiting list for your new releases at our public library-- its enjoyable to read something that is fun, suspense, and doesn't leave me sick to my stomach- sexually or violence. THANKS AGAIN.
Mary, Vernal, UT

As the Store Manager of The Ridiculous Book Store Inc. (, I am always being asked the question "What Author Do You Recommend?" by our customers. Having read Miss Phyllis A. Whitney's books when I was younger I have added her to our Recommended Reading List. My favorite one is "The Golden Unicorn". I hope you will enjoy her books as much as I have.
Mary, Gulfport, MS

I have enjoyed your books very much. I started reading them in high school and read every one that my public library had.

I have so missed reading any new books by you. You are my very favorite author since I first read your book "Window on the Square" when I was in the eighth grade. I am happy to hear that you have just celebrated your 100th birthday. I treasure your books. Thank you so much.
Glenna W, Seymour, IN

I am in awe of you; what an inspiration you are. God Bless you.
Judye B, Conroe, TX

Thank you for all the books you have written. As a senior in high school, I found your books on the shelf as I was looking for something interesting to read. At that time I had never heard of Phyllis A. Whitney. I checked out I believe "The Golden Unicorn". I read and loved the book and returned to check out more of your books. I introduced my sister to your books and so she started reading them as well. Whenever I see someone reading something along the lines of your books. I asked them, Have you read anything by Phyllis A. Whitney?" I last did this about 3 days ago to a woman that never heard of your work. I told her you just got to read one of her books. I just read on your site that your last book took place in North Carolina. I live in North Carolina so I will have to get your latest book. God Bless.
Tim D, NC

HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY! I have been reading your books since I was a teenager(I have read them all) and have introduced them to my daughter who has read many of them too.(I have many of your books, as I enjoy rereading them.) I just want you to know how much joy you have brought to me with your books. You are one of my favorite authors.
Dianne N, Saint George, UT

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have always loved your books! You have brought me so many hours of reading pleasure! I think I have read all of them but if I see one I always check to make sure? They just don't have writers like you anymore! I also read some over when I find them. A very Happy Birthday to you and I was wondering any plans for another book? May God bless you!
Ricky B, Picayune, MS

I love your books so much! I have almost all of them (paperback and hardback) and have read them all several times now. Thank you!!
Krista A, San Antonio, TX

Dear Ms. Whitney, what a wonderful thing to have had your books in my life. When I remember young adulthood I think of you and your books with the warmest of feelings. First there was Nancy Drew and then there was you. This is a belated but heartfelt birthday greeting. As a writer myself, I hold you in the highest regard!! Wishing you good health and lots of love.
Kathy B, Long Island, NY

My boyfriend gave me a gift on our anniversary which is the "star flight". It is such a great story and has something to do with "destiny". Thanks to Phyllis Whitney.
Jasmine, Philippines

Dear Phyllis, I have thoroughly enjoy your books and have reread most of them. I have just finished "The Singing Stones" and, as usual, loved it and have lent some of the books to others to get them hooked. I hope you will continue to write for many years to come. Each book is new and fresh. Thank you so much.
Phyllis S, Chilliwack, BC

I read a number of Ms. Whitney's books years ago and pretty well ran right through every book written. I moved on to other authors but a few weeks ago I happened to find myself in the fiction section "W's" and spotted the huge section holding her books. "Well," I said, "I guess it's time I got caught up on Phyllis's newer books!" And I'm enjoying them more now than ever. Fortunately, age has eaten up some of my memories so now I can go back and read the earlier novels and they'll feel brand new. You are a wonder Ms. Whitney!
Jean L, Penn Yan, NY

I have been reading (and re-reading) Ms. Whitney's books since I discovered her young adult novels when I was in High School in the late sixties. When my children were old enough, I made an effort to find and buy most of them in hard back form so that they would be available to them. They have endured, and I still treasure them to this day.
Philip E, Livermore, CA

Growing up, I adored Phyllis A. Whitney's books. Back then, my favorite was "Mystery of the Green Cat," which I read several times. Later I graduated to her romance/suspense novels like "Black Amber," which my parents found somewhat inappropriate for an 11-year-old boy, but I was captivated by Ms. Whitney's writing style. In fact she inspired me to become a professional writer myself. I have often wondered about Ms. Whitney's own life, so I was happy to find this site. Through the magic of Ebay, I recently tracked down a copy of "Mystery of the Green Cat," the same edition I had enjoyed as a child. I loved it all over again - now as a grown man. Bravo and best wishes to Phyllis A. Whitney.
Raul R, New York, NY

My name is Whitney.. and I'm a 15 year old freshman from Florien, Louisiana, and I have just finished reading "The Ebony Swan." And I just wanted to say it is one of the best novels I have ever read! I hope to read more in the future!
Whitney, LA

I'm 74 years old and I've been reading your books all my life. I have passed them down to my daughter who also loves them. I was wondering when your next book was coming out, and didn't realize that you just celebrated your 100th birthday! That is wonderful! I hope you are in good health, and I am looking forward to reading your Autobiography. God Bless!
Joyce G, Rochester, MN

I have loved Phyllis Whitney's books since I was a teenager. (These days it is a pleasure to read books which have no graphic sexuality.) I just finished another yesterday, and noticed that she is 100 this year. May she write to the age of 150!
Denise H, KS

I think the first of Ms. Whitney's books that I read was Window on the Square when I was in high school. I used to save my milk money to purchase books. I have been in love with her books ever since and have been trying to find and collect all her books. I read them over and over. Thank you, Ms. Whitney, for so many hours of enjoyment.
Kitty B, Johnstown, PA

I have been reading your books since I was in high school. I love them. I even got a best friend hooked. Brava!!!!
Karri, CA

Hello Phyllis, we are doing a report on you for our american lit. class. because we think that you are super cool. Well have a good one. Your forever friends,
Courtney C, Nekoosa, WI

My favorite author of all times is Ms. Phyllis A. Whitney. Every time I find a book of hers that I haven't read before, I feel as if I have found a precious gem. I recently picked up LOST ISLAND at a used book sale and was reading it today. I decided to see if she had a Website - and lo and behold she did. God Bless Phyllis A. Whitney! I'm anxious to read her autobiography -- and I'll even buy the hard back (although I usually only buy paperbacks).
Jocelyn M H, Tampa, FL

I have enjoyed your books. You have helped me become a reader again.
Carol H, GA

Phyllis, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! You have been my favorite author for many years. I have been collecting your books, and I continue to search the Internet for the out-of-print books to complete my collection. Your books have entertained me and given me a great love for reading. I feel as if you are a dear friend. May God bless you and all your family.
Kim C, Louisville, KY

Dear Ms. Whitney: I grew up reading your books and "armchair" traveling the beautiful places you described so well. My mother loves your books and our love of your stories was one of the things we shared and still share. It's odd to write this to you as I feel as if I know you and you are a dear and treasured friend. I have read many of your books many times. Thank you for adding beauty and mystery to my life for the past 30 years.
Kim S, CA

I "searched" for a site that would have something regarding Phyllis Whitney because I enjoy her writing so much. A listing of her work and how to obtain would be very helpful. She is a peach of a writer!
Susanne J, My Creative Studio

Mrs. Whitney wrote timeless stories the kind you can read again and again and still enjoy as much as you did the first time you read them. Thank you
Pauline P, Warsaw, MO

I just wanted to say that I love "the singing stones", I’ve read it 3 times. it's one of the best books I have ever read.
Nicci, Knoxville, TN

I started reading Phyllis Whitney's books in my early adult years. I have recently been rereading all 39 of her adult mysteries and only have 2 or 3 left. She is such an excellent writer. Two of my sisters also think of her as one of their favorite authors.
JoAnn H, Blair, NE

I have been a fan of years since I was 14 or 15. When I grew up, and started writing stories, you were my inspiration. Your books carried me through many boring days during summer when school was out. I would fall in love with your characters, especially the guys, and I'd daydream that my man would turn out to be like the one in the novel I was reading. I have a collection of your paperbacks and three hardbacks - all of them my favorites. You have never written anything that I haven't read at least ten times, and have passed the Phyllis Whitney onto my own daughters. Do you still write, Ms. Whitney? Email me any time with tips and pointers on writing. My first book of poetry called Bittersweet Morsels is being published - due out in January. Two other books in the making - several hundred published credits.
Marcy S, Logansport, LA

Ms. Whitney, I have to tell you that I admire you for your continuous writing. I really thought you'd stopped writing and the last book I have was published in 1997: Amethyst Dreams. It appears that I've lost track of your writing since then! The first book I read of yours was Feather On The Moon with the Deaf characters and this book got me hooked to your other books, so I tried to get all your books in the past and now I'm trying to catch up with you by looking for books that I'd missed out since 1997! Haha. Not only you, but I try to keep up with my other favorite authors who just won't stop writing just like you! I have very high respect for you and I will always treasure what books I have for days and years to come. I'm only 38 and I first read Feather On The Moon when I was 24 or 25 years old. I have a huge collection of books and I suspect I have over a thousand already, some are packed in boxes in Texas and in my storages here in Maryland, but all your books are here in my office/library in my condominium. I hope to read all your books and get caught up. I will try to find all the old ones from 1943 and on. I really don't know how you can do it, but I admire you a great deal! Your faithful reader,
Kathryn H, Laurel, MD

I was diagnosed with dyslexia in 6th grade and stopped reading...Rainsong re-kindled my desire for many things, reading included. I am now a high school biology and chemistry teacher. I spend my summer with your novels and own most in their original hardback cover versions. THANK YOU for the gift and thirst for continued thought.:)
Naomi U, Lansing, MI

I absolutely love all books by Phyllis Whitney as they keep your interest from the very beginning. PLEASE keep writing more.
Carol B, OK

Have enjoyed a great number of Phyllis Whitney's books, with the Golden Unicorn being my favorite book. I also started a collection of paper back books of Whitney, but have since moved on to collecting hard back books. I am looking forward to her autobiography, and hopefully a first edition. Thank You Phyllis Whitney for your years of hard work for our enjoyment.
Diane, WV

Dear Ms. Whitney, my grandmother had introduced me to your books while I was in high school. I have always enjoyed them. They got me to really enjoy reading. It is so wonderful how many readers you have of all ages. It is wonderful that you are 99 and still writing. Thank you for all your wonderful books!
Nikki S, Florence, AL

The first "big" book I read was Phyllis Whitney's Haunted Pool. I fell in love. I've read all she wrote since, some many times. She is absolutely the best.
Beth, SC

Hello. You've got a wonderful site which I just happened upon while surfing the net. I have been a long time fan of Phyllis', ever since I read "The Stone Bull" back in 1979. This book started me reading mysteries and I've been reading them every since. I happened upon "Emerald" at a used book sale and am in the process of re-reading all of Phyllis' books and I'm enjoying reading them with an adult's perspective. Thanks for giving me so many years of reading pleasure, Phyllis.
Barb, WA

Have been a reader of your for awhile and now my mom, asked me for a complete list of your books. Hope she enjoys your reading as I do.
Brenda W, Jackson, MI

Dear Phyllis, I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I truly enjoy your novels! I am 19, and I have been reading them since I was about 9 when my grandmother introduced your wonderful stories to me. To this day, we still read, discuss, and swap your books back and forth! :-) I wish you continued health and can't wait to read another one of your writings!
Angela D, Muncie, IN

Just wanted to know if Amethyst Dreams was the last book. Have not heard of any new ones. Why? Have collected most of them. Now have to give them away. Very Traumatic for me.
Tarry D, Lombard, IL

I have been reading your books for over 30 years and over the last few years I have been collecting and re-reading them all. I am visiting the USA in a months time and found your site as I wanted to update my list so I can look for more titles during my trip. Congratulations on reaching 99 years and I look forward to reading your autobiography.
Janet O, Sheffield, England

I had a copy of "Mystery of the Crimson Ghost" as a child and dearly loved it. Somehow, over the years, my paperback copy of it disappeared. Last summer, I found a copy at a used book sale. I quickly snatched it up and read it again for the first time in many years. As an adult, I found it as wonderful as I did as a child. It's a great story by a great writer. Thanks!
Kim G, Pattonsburg, MS

I have been a fan of Ms. Whitney's since I first stumbled on one of her books in my early teens. Mind you I had only been in the U.S. only 3 short years -- my family had immigrated from the West Indies. I don't know why her books held such a fascination for me, but by my late teens I had progressed to what I call her "damsel in distress" mysteries. The plots were somewhat predictable, if not formulaic...but I always found the settings exotic and interesting. The books certainly expanded my horizons, and I could vicariously travel to places that I may never see in my life. Thank you, Ms. Whitney for giving this once lonely teenager from a very dysfunctional home a place to which to escape while enjoying a thoroughly great read. All the best.
JB, Chicago, IL

Ms. Whitney, you were the first author that totally captivated me with your books and had me on pins and needles til your next book came out. It helped make me a reader, something which I still do today (I'm 58). I love your smile in this picture (the one next to this comment box). It shows a truly happy woman. I see in your face a woman who can still create something wonderful which moves people. You have indeed left a wonderful legacy. Thank you!
Toni B, Clearwater, FL

Dear Phyllis, my name is Jennifer. I live in Surprise, AZ. I am 28. The first and favorite book I read was Domino about 5 years ago, I enjoyed it, but didn't think much more. Know I have a job that I only work 30 hours a week, with Wednesday off. I was looking for a hobby and I decided on reading. You came to mind. I checked out my library and only found a couple of titles. Next thing you know I am on the internet looking for used out of print books. I know only 15 titles. Some copies are pretty old. One of the being "The Highest Dream". I know I will enjoy them all. Thank you for brining such passion to your characters and stories. They may not have christian undertones but they are so well versed, I would recommend them to any of my friends. Any plans for new books? Does your daughter write? Hope you are doing well.
Jennifer L, Surprise, AZ

The first Phyllis Whitney book I read was "Hunter's Green", which was published when I was 15 years old. I fell in love with her stories and looked forward to reading each and every one. Frankly I wanted to know more about one of my favorite authors and clicked on this site. I look forward to reading her autobiography. From reading this site it appears her own life has been as fascinating and eventful as any character she has created in fiction.
Judith B, Tucson, AZ

I have read a number of Mz. Whitney's books, and enjoy her style of writing.
Roy O, South Africa

Phyllis Whitney is the best author ever. Once I begin to read one of her books I can't put it down. I read 1-2 a day. She keeps me in suspense throughout her wonderful novels. She is my favorite author of all times.
Jill K, TX

I grew up reading Phyllis's wonderful stories. They always were suspenseful and thought provoking!! Thanks for being so talented!!!!
Beth K, PA

Hi! I've read so many of Phyllis Whitney's books and also bought quite a few. I am now reading Hunter's Green which I got at the library. Her style of writing is exactly what I like and anytime anyone asks me who my favorite author is I immediately say "Phyllis Whitney". Thanks!
Linda L, Work

It was a fortunate day indeed when I came upon one of Ms. Whitney's novels. I am now on a constant search in any second hand book store that I come upon, to find any of Ms. Whitney's older publications that I have not had the pleasure to read. It is a rare treat to find someone who can captivate a reader so thoroughly. I have acquired quite the collection and never tire picking up one I have already read and enjoy it all over again. Ms. Whitney's books have become a treasured part of my reading collection and I am always happy to introduce someone new to her work. I currently own 37 of Ms. Whitney's books and will not stop looking to add to my library. Thank you for a wonderful gift!
Cathleen B, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

I have so appreciated Ms. Whitney's books because they depict strong women with clear identities who have surmounted personal and family obstacles to manifest themselves in their own right. Her message helped me enormously during the decades when women were not yet respected and acknowledged as having their own persona without the attachment to a man. For this and for those wonderful adventures in all parts of the world, my lifelong thanks.
Isolde B, New York City, NY

What a wonderful and long-awaited site. Miss Whitney is my favorite author and one I have read for many years. Thank you, Miss Whitney, for sharing your lovely talent with us and may God bless you. PS: I found the site through the search engine, Google.
Karen B, Snowflake, VA

I have loved Phyllis Whitney's books since I began reading my first young reader's suspense novel, "Mystery of the Haunted Pool," at age 10! Thirty-plus years later, I continue to enjoy her books because they have always included such a wonderful "view" of the locations she writes about that I feel as if I have also visited the places she has written about. Mrs. Whitney's books have also been honest, exciting, fresh, and engaging from the first few lines. Thank you for providing me with so many hours of reading pleasure through the years!
Robin G, Washington, NJ

I just love your books they take me to places that allow me to get away from my life but it is difficult to find them in Montana I still love them you do the perfect mix of suspense and romance and I can't wait until your next book comes out "woman without a past" was the one that got me hooked I just hope that you continue to put out those wonderful writings.
Carla W, Plains, MT

Dear Ms Whitney, I've read many, many of your books. They are all so suspenseful and thrilling--I cannot stop reading from beginning to end. Thank you for sharing your talents. I continue to look for those that I have not yet read. I wish you continued health and happiness.
Jo Ann P, MD

I have enjoyed your books for many years! Thank you for sharing your great talent.
Angie H, Clinton, NC

We have all of Phyllis Whitney's adult mysteries. We have used her locations as a guide to some of our travels as they are very interesting. On Sept. 3, 1997, we wrote a letter to her suggesting Avalon CA (Catalina Island) as a setting for one of her books. We were surprised and excited to receive a hand written response. Regretfully she said "I'm afraid I've done my California stories for a lifetime! I no longer stray far from Virginia." If I could write, the setting would be Avalon. We reread her stories often and are looking forward to her autobiography. Best Regards,
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O, Avalon CA

Dear Ms Whitney, Someone asked me recently what I would like for my retirement next January. Instantly I said "How about the complete collection of Phyllis A. Whitney books".
Perhaps that is too greedy and I should be grateful for all the wonderful ones I have read and will continue to do so. I maybe a male and perhaps we don not always come off good in your novels, but there is a point to every story! Great, great success as always.
Michel R, England

Thank you for many hours and years of delightful reading. I will cherish the books for a lifetime. I have all but a few and will pass along for younger generations. Thank you
Terry L, Holden, MA

One of the best authors that I have every read
Christine B, Home

I have been reading Phyllis's books as long as I can remember and I have just reread all of them over for the 4th time. Even though I know the endings, I still hang in suspense right up to the last page. I am just checking to be sure I have all of her books and thus sent google on a search for a web site for Phyllis. Thanks for all the hours of reading pleasure!!!!!!!! Heres to another book.
Cindy S, Pennsylvania, PA

Ms. Whitney, I found this wonderful website doing a search on your name for news of you, while browsing the web on my lunch hour. I was born the year The Red Carnelian was published, but I didn't discover you until 20 years ago. I was a voracious reader as a child but got sidetracked for many years until a friend introduced me to Tony Hillerman, because of my love of mysteries, the Southwest and things Native American. I devoured his books; then, someone told me a writer named Phyllis Whitney also had written a mystery set in the Southwest that I must read. In my search for The Turquoise Mask, I found another of your books and was hooked. I kept reading until I had read them all; then, I anticipated each succeeding novel. I read those as I have read and reread the others, curled up in a quiet place, cover-to-cover. I quickly become absorbed in your stories-the characters, the places, the atmosphere, the spellbinding suspense. If I had to pick favorites, they would be Sea Jade and Hunter's Green, but I've relished them all. I cannot put your books down. While vacationing in Upcountry Maui in 1994, I stopped by the library in Makawao to ask where Barbara Lyons lived. I just wanted to drive by for a glimpse of the home you "borrowed" for Silversword. The librarian gave me directions only after she'd called Ms. Lyons, who graciously invited me for a visit, during which she gave me a copy of The Brook. I wish I had read her book before our visit; I would like to have shared my enjoyment of her writing, as well as of yours. My interest in reading renewed, I have gone on to read the mysteries and other stories of many authors, including Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt. Reading has once again become a favorite and enriching pastime, although much of it now is done listening to books on tape to while away a long commute in the privacy of my van. I have listened to those books of yours that I could find on tape and would welcome finding more of them on tape or CD. I am very grateful for this opportunity to express my appreciation of your extraordinary gift for storytelling and the enjoyment it continues to give me. Thank you!
Carole Lynn M, San Jose, CA

Dear Phyllis, I am an aspiring author and your books always give me motivation to keep going for my goals. I could only pray to be as talented as you one day. Hunters Green is one of my all time favorite books. I have read it many times over the years. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us and your obvious love for writing.
Megan E, CA

I have enjoyed your books since I was a teenager!!! I am now 51. Thanks for the wonderful stories.
Pauletta B, AK

I love to read and collect books. I was trying to decide whose collection I wanted and I thought of Phyllis Whitney. I have always enjoyed her books and after looking at the list I realized I have read more of her books than I thought. Ms. Whitney's books are always full of intrigue and detailed information of items or places in the books, I have been reading her books for many years and have enjoyed them at any age.
Marian H, Atchison, KS

I have read almost all of miss Whitney's suspense novels for adults and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. I just wish there were more!!! To me you are the very best!!!!
Virginia B, Leesburg, FL

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! One thousand times thank you for all of those wonderfully written stories that I have had the opportunity to enjoy over the years. I have been writing for many years but never on a serious level. Over the passed few months, I've decided that I would like to write something that might be fit to be published. I decided that I might get some incite from one of my favorite authors. I didn't know what sites might pop up when I entered your name but here I am.
Alice W, Ocean City, MD

Was just checking to see how one of my favorite authors was doing! I began reading your juvenile mysteries and have continued to this day with your adult books. You've given me many hours of pleasure. I hope you're well.
Laurie K, Malone NY

Love her books! Trying to get every one that she has written.
Beth R, Abilene, TX

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books for over twenty years. She is absolutely my favorite author of all times. I've collected most of her books for adults. She is marvelous and I have been hoping a new book would come out for the past several years. To find this site, by chance, I simply typed her name on the search engine of my computer, and there she was! Thanks so much! Sincerely,
Teresa S, Centreville, VA

I love your books! All of them!!! I started reading them in 7th grade and they were so interesting.
Yoana P, North Port, FL

I just moved from TX to FL, and in that move I lost my books. I had several copies of Phyllis Whitney books. Some of them I can not find copies of. Please, if you can, let me know how I can go about rebuilding my collection? Thank you.
Beatrice F, Plant City, FL

I think that Phyllis A. Whitney writes great books. They are the best books that I have ever read in my whole life.
Candis D, McKenzie High School

I was curious how many of Phyllis Whitney's books I was missing from collection so I found this site and was amazed to see that I have missed a lot of this wonderful ladies writing over the years. Now I have another mission to fulfill. I will try to find as many of her earlier books that I can to add to my collection. Thank you
Rae Ann P, Las Vegas, NV

I really enjoy Phyllis A. Whitney's books. She's a great author!
May B, ID

Dear Phyllis, Thanks so much for your wonderful writing!! I love your books, and someday would like to write a book of your quality!!! Hope one day to aquire your complete collection of books!! Thank you again for your wonderful books!!!
Victoria M, NV

Dear Ms. Whitney: You're such an inspiration. I've been writing since I was 50 with 47 books to my credit. This came to a screeching halt recently when I had to take my 92 year-old aunt into my home. We've had some "come to Jesus" meetings but we're about to get things worked out. She now understands that when I wander around looking vacant, I truly am working. Her sight is bad so I'm buying her your books on tape. Keep writing. BelleBooks, Bantam and Harlequin
P.O. Check out and see what we're doing now.
Sandra C, GA

I like your books.
Roger B, AK

I must say that you are my favorite author. My mother first gave me Rainsong to read as a young girl and from then I have scoured bookstores everywhere I go to collect your books. (I now own over 50 of them.) Some of them I have read many times, although my favorites are Women Without A Past and Hunters Green. Thank you for your inspiration.
Mrs Janae G, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hello Phyllis, I have only read 3 of your books but they were most enjoyable! I plan to read more of them! Best regards,
Debbie, IL

Thank you for all of your books. I have read almost all of them. I have a few in my personal library and one, in particular, I have read a number of times - "Daughter of the Stars." I have been to Harper's Ferry and was able to visualize the locations mentioned in the book. A refreshing book. Thank you and God bless you.
Nora V S, Central OH

I started reading Ms. Whitney's books in Junior High and over the years have read most of the titles. While recuperating from surgery earlier this year I re-read 10 of her books and would have read more had they been at my disposal. The only problem I have with her books is that once I start reading I can't put them down. I get so lost that nothing else gets done around the house and my family has to jolt me back into reality. Thank you, Ms. Whitney, for my much needed escapes.
Bonnie G, MN

I am in the 7th grade and I love her books. My favorite so far is Emerald.
Christa H, Osgood, IN

Dear Phyllis, I was looking through some of my most treasured items from childhood recently, and I came across several letters from you. It was a school project in 1980, and I had picked you as my favorite author to write to. In reading them again I was reminded of how much you had inspired me, and I wanted you to know how much your words meant to a little girl with big dreams 23 years ago. I will always keep those letters and someday hope to share them with my children. Thank you so very much,
Laurie D, Chandler, AZ

Phyllis A. Whitney has been my favorite author for over 20 years. I love her style of writing. I think I have read almost all of her books.
Joanne W, Dayton, OH

Love your books. I have been reading them since high school in the fifties. Now I am collecting them from any source. Just received two that I purchased from e-bay. You have given me many hours of pleasure. I found this website by putting Phyllis Whitney in a search engine.
Deldana W, NC

Mrs. Whitney, since I was a young girl, I have read your books. Tonight I was searching for some new books and again, searched to see if there was something new from you. You have been a favorite author of mine for years. It is wonderful to see that many of your books are available. I was interested to learn more about you and was pleased to see that you have a website. Thank You for the wonderful books you have written.
Rena R, Lake in the Hills, IL

Dear Mrs. Whitney, thank you for writing all of these amazing books. I love reading them. When I start a book I want to find out what is going to happen next, but when I finish it I don't want it to be over. Only then do I start another amazing book. So thank you again for writing all of those wonderful books. Thank you.
Jennifer R, KY

Thank you for all your wonderful books. I read SILVERHILL when I was in the 8th grade. I couldn't put it down. I think your books made me the avid reader I am today. Thank you for the adventures, thrills and romance you introduced me to. I believe I've read every adult fiction you've had published.
Debra G, Hawesville, KY

Greetings Phyllis, Ryanne just came to me all excited about finding your web site. Ryanne has started reading your books she found on my bookshelf and really loves them. She told us you will be celebrating your 100th birthday soon and I said, "yes, September 2nd or close to that day"... Becca started asking questions about you and whether she knew you too. I told her you were one of the very first people I told about my pregnancy and that she used to come to your house when I adjusted you and sit on the floor right beside the adjusting table. The girls are both in alternative schools, Ryanne in 8th grade, attends an Expeditionary Outward Bound school and Becca is in 4th grade in RiverSong Waldorf School... Chris is 25 works very hard painting houses and murals and attends College part time as he can pay for classes... I have a quaint practice, one room, and thanks to the cell phone, I am doing great as a full time Chiropractor and a Single mom... Eric and I divorced in 97... We remain friends, and I love his new spouse... They have 2 daughters, Tess and Skye (I attended and assisted both births).. I am contemplating writing a book on "Good Divorce Relationships"...(not an oxymoron)... I recently received a note from GA with a copy of the flyer I sent you years ago... I don't understand why, I hope you enjoyed having the set of Healing Hands to Go... I hope to hear from you soon... Love to you in light and grace,
Patti H, Fort Collins, CO

I am honored to be reading my first (and not last) Phyllis Whitney novel. I love gothic writers and have just recently discovered this author. I am totally enthralled with the fact that Ms Whitney is still writing at the age of 99 years young. I would love to meet her. Hats off to you Ms Whitney. I am enjoying your novel and am looking forward to reading many more. I am ready Vermillion right now.
Susan G, Phoenix, AZ

I have read every book Ms. Whitney has written and think she is one of the finest authors of our time.
Barbara W, Milton, FL

I would like to reach Phyllis. My mother, Katherine Perine Isaac, was a friend of hers back in Chicago. She wrote for the pulp magazines with Phyllis back in those days. My mother died about 4 years ago, and I have an old photo of Phyllis that I thought she might like to have. I also have a photo of a GA Whitney that appears to be of high school vintage. Please let me know how I might contact Phyllis directly.
John I, Lakewood, CO

Hi, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your books through the years. I began reading your books as a teenager and have read (waited for your new books to be published even) your books all my adult life. (I'm 48---that's a lot of reading) I work as a children's Library assistant and always recommend your books when a patron is looking for a gentle read-that's also suspenseful and exciting. Thanks for all the wonderful reads. Take care.
Beverly D

I have read and loved your books since I started reading them back in the '70's when I was in high school.
Joan S, British Columbia, Canada

Hello, I absolutely adore Phyllis Whitney. Her writing style is like no other and I can't imagine a time when she would not write anymore. I have read every book of hers I could find. I believe there are a few that are out of print I can't get. I love every book she's written, she writes so incredibly descriptive I am taken on a visually imaginative journey with her through her writing. She writes cleanly without foul language or obscene descriptive sex. I can recommend any one of her novels to church women, or to my teenage daughter! I just wish there were movies based on her novels I can envision so many of them on the big screen! Thank you Ms. Whitney, for many years of the best entertainment! I wish you many more,
Sherri H, Fort Hood, TX

Dear Ms. Whitney, I've just discovered your books about a year ago and am eager to get any and all of them that I can. Once I start reading it's hard to stop! Thank you for all the books you have written...I'm well on my way to obtaining and reading them all!
Edie D, Marquette, MN

I enjoy the exotic places you take me in your novels. I feel as if I am living the events. Thanks!
Barbara M, Hilliard, FL

I've read every suspense novel Ms. Whitney has ever written! She is truly a gifted author!
Shawn R, IN

My Mom introduced me to your books when I was in my teens. I am currently trying to collect all your books for her and myself. Thank you for providing your readers with such interesting and pleasurable reading.
Sandy B, VA Beach, VA

I read my first novel at the age of 11, the book was "Hunter's Green"... It will always be very special to me because it introduced me to my love of reading. That was over 30 years ago. Thank you Ms. Whitney!
Lydia B, Portland, OR

Ms. Whitney, I have been reading your books since I was 14. There are a few I have been unable to locate copies of, but I hope to find some .I would love to know when your autobiography will be released. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
Beth, Ferrum, VA

Dear Ms. Whitney, I grew up loving your books. Your heroines were so brave and the plots delightfully terrifying. It was reassuring to know that every year, I could look forward to a new Phyllis A. Whitney suspense novel. Life went on, and I read other authors. In 1985, I sold my first romantic suspense to Harlequin Intrigue. Looking back, I realize you were my first teacher. I have spent the past thirteen years working on a major novel with elements of history, magic and mysticism. What a delight, as I come to the end of this long road, to rediscover you. I'm reading Rainbow in the Mist and learning all over again from my first and favorite storyteller. An even greater delight is to find this website and learn that you are still writing, still inspiring us. I wish you long life, and I thank you for all that you have given. Sincerely,
Elaine S, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Miss Whitney, I have read and re-read your novels. For years, I watched every year for your next novel! Your stories are timeless. My favorites are Lost Island, Step to the Music, Trembling Hills, Skye Cameron, Sea Jade & Quicksilver Pool. I am still another Library Media Specialist. I readily recommend your novels to students as young as 5th graders and to teachers who didn't know your books. I know I don't have to worry about language, sex, or any other material inappropriate for younger readers. It's also refreshing for me to read good, clean novels as well! Thank you for your years of well-written, heart-warming stories.
Charlotte P, Montgomery, AL

Ms. Whitney: I started reading your children's books back in the 1960's and graduated to your novels, I haven't stopped reading them since! I love your books, and admire you very much.
Paula W, Denver, CO

Dear Phyllis, I enjoy your books, those are wonderful. I have written a letter in 1994 to you and I have got your answer in March 1994. Now that letter is near by your book "Star Flight". Best regards,
Eija L, Finland, Europe

Is this space for me?? I got all choked up and teary eyed just as the site pulled up let alone think of something quick to say. I Love this woman. I have read her since 4th grade. What's that more than 20 years? I cried at a memo to her readers at last page of one of the books aprx. 15 years ago pertaining to a sickness or family tragedy. I have read every book that I have known of with Ms. Whitney's name on it. She is responsible for my later favorites such as: John Sandford, Stuart Woods, Mary Higgins Clark, Kathy Riechs, Linda Fairstien, Evan Hunter (a.k.a. Ed McBain) etc. etc. etc. May the Lord always watch over this woman as her talents have always watched over me and my bookreading mind.
Carmen J, Home

Hello I am an avid Phyllis Whitney fan and am collecting her adult mysteries. I have them all in hardback including dust jacket except two: The Moonflower and The Red carnelian. Does any one know how I might find them?
Wendy M, Bakersfield, CA

This information is and was very helpful for me. I have looked at many other websites to find information on her and I thought it was hopeless. Thank you,
Amanda S, MS

I discovered your books in 7th grade. 14 years later I still love reading your books!
Claire M, Germany

I love all of Phyllis A. Whitney's novels and I'm not a person that normally enjoys reading.
Whitney S, NC

Oh, how I miss a book in my hand with that magical name, Phyllis A. Whitney. New and waiting with a promise of hours of delightful escape. However, I do believe I need to reread several this afternoon. What a grand way to spend Easter Sunday! P.S. Can you tell me if The Moonflower was ever printed in hardcover? If not, I will have to have my paperback laminated or something!! LOL
Georgena, LA

I love the books written by Phyllis Whitney. I look every time I go to a book store to see if there are any there that I have not read. They are hard to find in the book stores near me.
Alicia A, Mansfied, GA

I am a big Phyllis Whitney fan! I've read lots of the young adult mysteries, and one of the adult suspense thrillers--Black Amber--which is now my favorite book. Being a CA teen, I'm not the most likely person in the world to come by these books, but I got Secret of the Spotted Shell, and loved it. I've been on an eternal quest for more books by Phyllis Whitney ever since!
Carole H, Santa Cruz, CA

Phyllis Whitney you are the best of the best. Nothing compare to you. Your books do so much for me. I'm a mother of 4 boys, and don't get to travel at all. But when I read your books, it seems that I travel the whole world. I learn so much from your writing it unbelievable. I talk so much about you to people, the places and adventure. I really think that I been there. You are my vacation with out leaving my home. I happen to find one of you books in a yard sale (Feather on a Moon) about 10 years ago, and now it seems I'm on a mission to find all of your books. Once a month I try to take a day and go search for you books in used book store and flea markets and yard sale, to find old books, and some time I get lucky and find a first addition and you would believe how excited I get. Take care Phyllis and May God be with you. Your number one fan.
Laura J, Moreno Valley, CA

Great stories, super writer
Beryl N, Pine Falls, Manitoba, Canada

Hi, I have been a reader for many years. I am getting reacquainted because I am looking for large print books for my elderly mother. Have you ever written a book with a ME setting?
Sharon M, Lovell, ME

When I lived in VA I was like 3 and my mom was Phyllis' Chiropractor. I remember going to her house. I just started reading her books and they are great.
Ryanne B, CO

Phyllis A Whitney is an outstanding author and brings a new chilling meaning to romance and mystery.
Adriana L, Corona, CA

I have several of Mrs. Whitney's & each & every one of them are wonderful books. I was wondering if there was any chance I could receive an autographed picture of Mrs. Whitney. That would be absolutely wonderful...thanks so much.
Sarah, Martinsville, VA

I was happy to find this site and rediscover a favorite from my childhood. Ideas about girls have changed so much since the 50's. Recently, I came across a 1959 children's book called "Sugar and Spice: the ABC's of Being a Girl" and wondered why it wasn't listed on the website. I was also curious about how and why that book came to be written. Thank you for years of pleasurable reading!
Deb T, Wilmette, IL

I love her books. She was a great author. Currently, I'm reading Lost Island.
Barbara W, NY

I think I have read every one of Phyllis Whitney's books. I wish there were new ones still coming out. She is a great author and I have enjoyed everyone of her books.
Laura S, Ladson, SC

She's truly amazing and keeps the reader in suspense til the end. I've read about 3-4 of her books so far and they were all far out. Silverhill was excellent!
Gautam D, MN

Ms. Whitney is my favorite author, and I took a chance she had a website. Thank you for countless hours of enjoyment and all the wonderful adventures you've taken me on.
Susan T, Hemet, CA

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the gift of your stories over the years. The first book I read of yours was the "Golden Unicorn" I like it so much I had to read every book you written and this was all before high school more then 10 years ago, and I'm still one of your fans.
Greg B, Cleveland, O

Have been a fan of hers for years. Surfing the web & found the site.
Lisa T, Leavenworth, KS

Phyllis's books are the only books I enjoy reading. I have red so many but my favorite is Step to the Music, it's the best.
Ashley, Aztec, NM

I have read all of you adult suspense books; every time I would finish one, I'd eagerly await the next. I first learned about Ms Whitney through my mother & I haven't looked back since.......The quality of each of the books that I have read has been consistent and thoroughly enjoyable. Not once have I been insulted by off-color language etc and I truly appreciate that. I have wondered about Ms. Whitney & her health and well-being for such a long time, that this evening (5-4-2003) I decided to use the web as a tool to find out about her. And I am glad that I have. I feel very fortunate to have found this website; I am really not "computer savvy" nor do I search the internet too often. Thank you for having this site available. I will put it among my "favorites". God bless.
Kathy K, MN

In 1965 I read my first Phyllis Whitney book and couldn't wait for the next one to come out. I have read every one of your books. I have two girls now 18 and 20 they have read all your books also. About two years ago my mother-in-law was visiting from Texas and found all your books on the shelf and ask if she could take one. Now she has read them all. You have made three generations of dreams. Thank you.
Norma S, CO

While visiting the library last week, I saw a shelf by the door marked, "All books on this rack $1.00". My hobby is raising orchids, so the book," Dream of Orchids" quickly caught my eye & I bought it. The book was a great, insiders visit to the Florida Keys! "Dream of Orchids" was a story that I couldn't put down! I read that book long into the night! Reading the story of Iris, Fern & Laurel made it easy to imagine the warm, tropical & dangerous wind as it made its way through the island. Today I went back to the library and borrowed "Domino". I can't wait to start this new story! I feel as though I've found "secret treasure" in your books. I don't know what's in the treasure chest yet, but can't wait to start looking! Thank-you, for making reading so much fun!
Robert O, Elmhurst, IL

Phyllis A. Whitney is my favorite author. I fell in love with her books when I was a child and still enjoy reading them all today. In my collection of her books, I am only missing ten that I cannot find. I believe that her way of telling a story has never been mastered by any one else.
Kristina A, PA

I just love Phyllis's writing. I have been reading her since Junior high. (I'm now 30). I have been collecting all of her books when I go to used book sales. I have most of them except the older ones. I won't stop looking until I have them all. My mom loves to read the books too!
DeAnn, IL

I have been a fan since I read her young adult books when I was a child. I found this website because I hadn't heard anything about her in a long time and I wanted to know how she is doing. I went to google and did a search.
Susan, B, MA

My library project back in 1971 was to write a letter to my favorite author, of course Mrs. Whitney, and she was generous enough to write me back! I am now purchasing her mysteries for the children in our family as I first fell in love with books reading her "Mystery on the Isle of Skye". My eleven year old niece will receive the next copy I purchase. Thank you for beginning me on the road to reading. I haven't stopped yet.
S Austin, Outer Banks, NC

Dear Phyllis, I've always loved reading your books but am now hooked on listening to the talking books,(even though I've already read the books) especially when I go walking or in bed. I have to order them through the small local library, and there is only a limited number available, but I keep persevering!!! Many thanks for such colourful and sensitive characters. I always feel I want to visit the settings, they are so vividly described. I can read books more than once and still get the same enjoyment. I have only just been initiated into the wonders of the Web, and am so glad to have found you! You are a wonderful woman, and I wish you well.
Lesley, North Wales, UK

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have only read 4 of your books, (Dream Orchids, Thunder Heights, Woman Without a Past, and Window on the Square), but I found them absolutely intriguing and page-turning. They all convey sadness, angriness, joyfulness, and mixed emotions. I am a freshman in High School in Pennsylvania, United Sates, and I,as well as the rest of the freshman and underclassmen, have to complete our goal of Accelerated Reader points (the points vary from 10-40 points depending on level, the higher the level the more points you need) I personally have to get 40 points, and with your books at 15-25 points each I can read them and have all of my point requirements, thank you so very very much for having so much talent, intelligence, intrigue, and creativity to write such an immense volume of completely and totally AWESOME books! :-D Thanks again!
Elaina L, Pennsylvania, US

Phyllis Whitney's books are what turned me on to the wonderful world of mystery novels. Her characters have so much depth you feel as if you personally know them. I have read every one of her adult works and many of her juvenile mysteries. Through the years I have found that no matter what age level she is writing for she gives one hundred percent. What a talent!
CA Winn, TX

I want you to know that I had never wanted to read books before I read one of yours! I think you should be very proud of your accomplishments and take pride in them! I know that I for one have enjoyed reading so much of your work and love them all, but by far my favorite is still to this day the first book I read of yours, The Golden Unicorn. I own 2 copies of this book and my daughters have them as well. I can't express the enjoyment that you have given all of us and there is no way possible for me to thank you enough! But out of a desperate try let me say that it has been my pleasure to enjoy your work and will continue to do so. Thank you so very much you have gotten me through so many long and hard times. Sincerely,
Debra P, Houston, TX

I just wanted to thank Ms. Whitney for her wonderful books. In the 1960's I was a child finding it difficult to read. I will always recall reading my first book by this author and lost myself in the story. This moment opened to me the joy of reading and relating to the characters. Thanks for opening up new worlds to a young girl back in the 60's.
Ellen P, Myrtle Beach, FL

Thank you for all your great books. I have truly enjoyed reading your wonderful stories. Thanks again.
Jan D, Exeter, NH
I am trying to find a book written by Phyllis Whitney before 1985 that had Adyn as a character. My daughter liked that name so well that she named her daughter that and I would like to buy that book for her.
Gayle S, IL

Dear Ms. Whitney, I am delighted to have discovered this website about your life and your books. You have been one of my favorite authors for the past 42 years and I spent many happy childhood hours reading your mysteries. Through your stories, I could travel to places I will never visit in person. You captured the mood of a culture so well with your vivid descriptions that the images are still with me, years later. Your books weave a magical spell that transcend time. I've read your stories to my son and he enjoyed them as much as I did. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful experiences for your readers---they have truly enriched my life.
Rita, OR

Ms. Whitney has been one of my favorite authors. Now I can share her with my daughter. I am waiting for the time I can share her with my granddaughter. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. What an incredible gift to have.
Becky V, West Branch, MI

Dear Ms. Whitney I have enjoyed your books and have visited your website to keep up latest news of you........Thank you for many wonderful hours of reading and all the visits to other countries that were so real without having left my seat
Michele B, FL

I found this site through the Whitney Research Group. I am a Whitney descendant doing genealogy research, was looking at the list of famous Whitneys and clicked on her name. It is good to know that some of the Whitneys are very talented.
Brenda G, Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your books. Having visited Maui before reading Silversword I must tell you it made for such a great joy in reading it. I felt like I was living the story. After having read the book each time I visit Maui now I want to reread the book. Your writing is fantastic. You deserve the honors received. Thank you for your contributions to literature.
Ellen S, Concord, OH

I have always enjoyed Phyllis Whitney's books immensely. Having lived in Campbell Co. for many years and recently having moved to Lynchburg, I have often traveled through the little village of Nellysford in Nelson County, Virginia, where Phyllis Whitney lives with her daughter. I think I have read every adult book that Mrs. Whitney has written. I especially liked the ones about Nelson County.
Pat R, Lynchburg, VA

I found the website by just taking a guess on her name. I really love her books and have for 30 years. I bought the paperbacks as they came out when I was single and also first married. Later, life got busy and I had no time for reading. Now that I am a senior citizen, I've begun reading and have bought all the suspense paperbacks and a good many of the hardcovers of the same books. I know she is really getting up there in years and hope she is doing okay. Can you let her know her fans care about her?
Geraldine B, TX

Dear Ms. Whitney-I am so thrilled to have found your website and to be able to post this. I have been a huge fan of your books for about 10 years now. My Mom, who also read your books growing up, gave my first Phyllis Whitney book to me when I was 13. It was "The Winter People." I still have the same copy and I continue to read it over and over. I have read all of your books and I own almost all of them. Thank you so much for your great literary contributions! By the way, can we expect another book any time soon?
Sarah, Tuscaloosa, AL

Hello! I've just finished reading my first book by Ms. Whitney, The Winter People. I loved it!
I have started on my second one, Woman Without A Past, and I also got about 6 others at the same time! I know I will enjoy them all. I love the way Ms. Whitney writes. I love suspense and mystery and with her books, you get it all! I know that Ms. Whitney would now be almost 100 yrs old. Can you tell me how she is doing? I hope she is doing well. Thank you for giving me the chance to tell you what she means to me. I wasn't really sure if she would have a website, I just took the chance of typing in her name and here I am! I enjoyed reading about her life on this website and I think she's a great lady! Thank you,
Tina R, Lincolnton, NC

Dear Mrs. Whitney, I read your book mystery of the gulls for an english independent study and as a french student I really embraced your book. I am looking forward to presenting in front of the whole class this book. Thank you so much xoxox
Marcia, Ottawa, Ontario

I have just become involved in reading Amethyst Dreams and am now reading Dream of Orchids. I don't know where I have been all of my 61 years but these two books have touched my heart. Ms. Phyllis is a beautiful writer. I am interested in collecting or reading more of her books. In reading of her age I wondered if she is still in good health. With such a beautiful smile and a loving way to write, she truly is a beautiful person.
Carolyn K, Sand Springs, OK

I have a large collection of novels by Phyllis A. Whitney which I collected and read and enjoyed during my teens, twenties, thirties and early forties. However, after Amethyst Dreams I saw there were no new books so I presumed Ms. Whitney had passed away. I am elated to discover that she is still alive and still writing! She is such an inspiration to me as I hope to start on my own writing career in my fifties! I had given up on finding good romantic mysteries or novels of any sort to read. Most of what is published today is trash full of cuss words and indecency, which I find totally offensive. Thus, I have begun rereading Ms. Whitney's novels. She is a genius and such a good writer. May God bless this talented woman!
Vivian N, Westland, MI

I was looking thru some old books...and saw my collection of Phyllis Whitney books...I wondered about her..and did a search..and here I am. I have about 20 of her adult suspense books; I always eagerly awaited her newest. My collection ends with "amethyst dreams"..which I judge from your list is the latest one she has written. I've always enjoyed her books and wish to thank her for all the many many hours of pleasure I've had reading her wonderful words.
Sandy P, Honolulu, HI

I have been reading Ms. Whitney's books since I discovered her fifteen years ago while still in junior high school. I've read as many of them as I can find, and I am always amazed at how her books continually transport me to another place and introduce me to characters I would love to know. I want to extend my thanks to Ms. Whitney for her continued gifts to her public in the novels she writes. They have certainly entertained and enthralled me for years and I always enjoy introducing friends to your books. Best wishes,
Jathan F, Cincinnati, OH

I started reading Phyllis A. Whitney book when I was younger but I have been collecting her books 5 years ago. Have about 20 and trying to get them all. I love the way she writes and tells everyone I know who loves to read mysteries to try her book. Alot are hooked, like me.
Denise S, Newfoundland, Canada

Thank you for all your wonderful mysteries, I have thoroughly enjoyed them throughout the years and plan on keeping all my books so I can re-read them!!
Jeanie, WY

I have read and enjoyed every one of your books. I started reading them in junior high, and have kept doing so for almost 40 years. Keep writing!
Linda H, MD

Several years ago I was introduced to Phyllis Whitney's books by a librarian in our local library. Since then I have read every book the library had on the shelves and several they ordered from another library. I have enjoyed later visiting many of the sites she used as locales in her books. Sincerely,
Georgiana F, Grove City, OH

I remember reading Phyllis A. Whitney books in high school. Whenever I had to do a book report, I would use one of her books. I graduated in 1981 and really haven't read one of her books since. I wanted to see if she had a website, and I plan to start reading her books again.
Jackie S, Culpeper, VA

Phyllis A Whitney is my absolute favourite author and although I am only 16, I am a big fan of her. I came across this website while looking for information on Phyllis for my English project and essay. I thought she would be a good candidate for my assignments! This website helped me out a great deal and gave me a lot of crucial information. Thanks!
Julie T, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Dear Phyllis Whitney, I have never enjoyed an author as much as I have enjoyed you! I have read all 39 of your adult suspense novels and am very sad that I reached the end of the list. Your books never failed to thoroughly involve my attention. I liked the fact that you used so many different locations. And it is so refreshing to read a good story that is riveting without being trashy. You have a true talent. Thank you for many hours of good reading. Sincerely,
Kathryn M, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Phyllis, Many years ago you were associated with the Children's Literature Correspondence Course and I was one of your students. After all these years of teaching in the upper elementary grades with an emphasis on narrative writing, I am ready to retire and write. I love juvenile fiction and have a wealth of personal experiences with hundreds of kids. How do I begin????? You had great advice for me and I used your valuable insight with my students. I think PLOT is the biggest obstacle for me.
Deborah E, My home in Port Orange, FL

I have been a Phyllis Whitney fan for years and own 40 of her novels. The last one I have is "Amethyst Dreams" published in 1997. I was particularly drawn to this novel because I had moved to a barrier island just south of Topsail in 1996, and this novel really came alive when I visited Topsail for the first time. Have any others been published since this one? If so, may I please have the titles. I have just recently begun rereading her works and find them as exciting as they were the first time around!
Wanna S, Kure Beach, NC

Hi there. I am back to see if there is a post on that autobiography. I am so looking forward to it. I first read one of your books when my Mom gave me a stack of novels to take home when she and Dad sold their home. I loved Silversword and have been hooked ever since. I scour used book stores ands e-bay to find some that I have missed.
I look forward to reading your ultimate novel, your AB. Forever yours,
Bridget F, Wilson, NY

I'm currently reading Ms. Whitney's novels again, and I'm happy to have found a site dedicated to her! I've gotten my mom addicted to Ms. Whitney's novels as well, so we have a lot of fun discussing them. I actually found out about Ms. Whitney's books when I was young, and being a fan of mysteries, I was thrilled to start out on her juvenile mysteries. "The Vanishing Scarecrow" was my favorite book throughout my childhood. I just want to say that Ms. Whitney is one of the best; I've read all of Agatha Christie's books, as well as many of Barbara Michaels'/Elizabeth Peters, and Mary Higgins Clark, since mystery/suspense is my favorite genre, and Phyllis Whitney's novels never cease to surprise and intrigue me with their plot twists. I've been a huge fan since I was a child, and will continue to be so. Thank you, Ms. Whitney, for writing such wonderful books.
Kim H, Chicagoland, IL

Phyllis, you are such a talented author. I have not read books as wonderful or as genuine as yours for quite a while.
Maria W, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I just wanted to let you know that I am a very big fan of yours and that your books are very interesting to read and keep you in suspense until the very end.
Veronica F, Schurz Highschool

Ms. Whitney is such a breath of fresh air! She has such a charming and endearing quality to her writing that makes you feel as though she is an old friend, one that you've known forever, who is telling you a story of some people she once heard of. Ms. Whitney is absolutely one of the best authors that I have ever seen! I just happened to pick up "Amethyst Dreams" one day at a book sale, and after reading it, I had to go out and buy as many of her books as I could find!
Jennifer C, NC

Hello!' I just finished "Domino". A great book! The passage on the last page of chapter 7 is haunting. "How utterly lonely and abandoned... ...-lost history, never to be recovered." My hobby is researching, visiting and photographing old ghost towns & mining camps. The pictures that this book paints are spectacular! I know the general area that "Domino" is in. Is the story based on a specific ghost town? I'd be interested to find out. Regards,
Robert O, Elmhurst, IL

I have enjoyed many of your books starting with Domino which I picked up at random from a table in a library probably right after the first publication. As a writer, I aspire to emulate your romance without sex and children's writing. My articles have been published in many magazines but I have yet to sell a novel. Thanks for hours of pleasurable reading in the last 23 years.
Linda O, Fort Collins, CO

Phyllis, You have made my life happier with your wonderful writing. From the moment I picked up Red is for Murder, at the age of 25, I have been hooked on your books. I have always enjoyed mysteries, but all too often I was able to solve them long before the book ended. However, that was not the case with your books. That is why I love them so! My daughter, age 23, has just started reading from my collection, and it won't be long before she has read them all. There are several books of yours which I do not yet have, but am still searching. The internet certainly makes that job simpler. I really appreciate the book lists on this site, as they are very helpful in completing my collection. I am especially interested in the books on writing, since I dream of being a writer. I eagerly await your autobiography, and have not given up on the hope that one day I might meet you.

I use to read your books all the time and for some reason got away from reading for a while and now that I have time where can I find them. Which book store carries your books these days?
Love your writing and how your mind works. I remember each and every book I read and loved every minute of them. Your books are story telling at it's best.
Karol R, San Diego, CA

I have enjoyed the children's mysteries as well as your wonderful adult books. My husband and I have enjoyed going to the places in your books. We especially enjoyed Chimney Rock NC., Harpers Ferry, WV and New Palz NY. Some day we hope to see some of the other areas in your books. Thank you for sharing your talents in this way. You have made the USA an exciting place to many that might not ever get to these places.
P and H Frasier, Odessa, NY

I am always amazed when I read one of your books --- from the first to the latest -- how much I enjoy it and cannot believe you are still -- writing wonderful stories and I hope you live forever.
Jean S, Memphis, TN

Phyllis, I just love your books and really do enjoy each of them. You have a talent in taking us readers to daring and terrific places. I always look forward to new books and I have tried to collect all of your published books in hard back and paper back. Thanks for giving me the honor to read your writings, what a treat!!! Looking forward to a new adventure.
Debbie M, Owensville, MO

Hello Ms. Whitney, My husband is currently serving in Operation Iraqi freedom and has been gone for many months. Before deploying, we decided We would read the same books at the same time and then have discussions about the books via airmail or email whichever he could access. I've been reading your books for years and have most of them in hard cover, so I ordered paperbacks of my favorites. Right now, we are reading Step to the music which is about war, and even though this one is not a mystery it is so well written and heart-felt my soldier does not mind reading a romantic novel! We already read Silversword and were recently stationed in Hawaii for three years. My husband was so shocked at your perfect descriptions of Maui and Oahu We went to many of the same places! We both felt home in the Islands again! next is Vermillion, I thought he would enjoy this one too! I read other authors as we all do, but no one writes and captures the readers as you do. I don't think there are any of your adult books I have not read. This troubles me I want you to write for 60 more years! I adore you, I really do and I suspect there is a very masculine soldier who will continue to read your books when he gets home! thanks for all the years you have given to your craft, no one is finer! I wonder, which is your favorite of all the books you've written? Thanks,
Sherri H, Fort Hood, TX

I recently just read your book for my english final project. It was so good I couldn't put it down. Keep up the good work.
Katie Schuknecht, Walkerton, Ontario, Canada

I have enjoyed Phyllis Whitney's books for over thirty years. I started with the children's mysteries when I was 11 or 12 and progressed to the adult and youth novels a couple of years later. My grandmother also enjoyed her works and listened to them on tape after she went blind in later life. I have read all of the children's and adult novels and the fact that I didn't get to read some of the youth novels was only because they were out of print. I have always enjoyed good writing and other artistic pursuits- I am a musician! Thanks for many years of great escape!
Elena S, Marshall, MI

Hi Ms. Whitney! I have read all of your books and I have been anxiously awaiting another since 1997. I decided to search the internet and see if I could find out if you were still writing and I just happened upon your website. I was thrilled!!! I just had to drop you a line to tell you that you have touched my life and my imagination with your books. I began to realize a love for reading when I was in my mid teens and I can honestly say that you were and still are my first favorite author. I started reading your books when I was around 14 or 15. I am now 34 and still remember how compelling they were and how much I enjoyed reading them. I remember how I used to read up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and have to get up to go to school the next morning...boy, that was tough but I just couldn't put your books down!! I miss your wonderful are truly gifted and one of a kind. P.S. Do you think you'll write another one? I'm a medical transcriptionist and I'll type it for you for free...PLEASE!!!!
Melissa G, Trinity, NC

I started reading your books in my teen years and always looked forward to the new one coming out. I even got my mother hooked on to them. The books were very hard to put down, and when I finished them quickly I would regret reading them so fast since I would have a long wait for the next one. I till today will get an old book from my home library and read it again. It is always a great joy to read your books, you have a great gift that you have shared with us. Thank you.
Nandini, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney for more than thirty years and recently have started rereading all of my books of hers. She always manages to surprise me with the ending of each book. I thoroughly enjoy her writing. Thank You Ms. Whitney
Linda J, Atchison, KS

I like to read alot so when I saw a new interesting looking book (secret of the samurai sword) I checked it and the mystery of the golden horn out immediately.
Samuel H, Greenville, SC

I am so very excited to locate this web site! I have read every mystery book that she has written, including her book, Guide to Fiction Writing. As most people who respond to your site, I'm sure, writing a novel is something I have tried to write many times. I begin, then I read a book that she has written, or, an Agatha Christie, Mary Stewart, or some other such author, and I realize that the words do not carry the same weight. So, I save what I have written, and shut down my computer. For several years I have tried to find information concerning Ms. Whitney. I'm thrilled to find her celebrating her 99th year of life, and to discover she is working on an autobiography. Is there any way to find out when it will be released? I have admired her writings for over forty years. Her style, her gift for suspense, allowing her readers to momentarily visit a distant place, the ability to develop her characters so well that they truly come alive, these are the qualities that keep Whitney fans, like myself, returning to her books time after time.
Linda J, KS

Have been enjoying your books for many years. Thank you
Anne B, NH

Phyllis Whitney was one of my favorite authors when I was a teenager, and I have continued to read and make note of her books since then. I am very happy to learn that she is still alive and active at this advanced age!
Irene V

I am very happy and joyous to finally be able in this time and age to communicate with you. I have a lot of your books and someday hopefully own all that I can. Your books are a blessing to me. I can see, smell, and taste every sentence and the journeys have entertained as well as calmed me in times of trouble. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the time you shared with the world and though I probably won't ever meet you, I know in my heart as your characters have proved, nothing is always as they seem and wishes do come true. God Bless you,
Wanda, Linden, PA

I have been reading Phyllis A. Whitney books since the 1970s. In fact, tonight I realized I didn't have any "new" fiction to read so I went to my library and picked out one of your books from my collection, "Window on the Square", to read once again. That prompted me to go to the computer and look up this favorite author. I'm glad to know you are still writing. I certainly would love a new mystery from you. Congratulations on keeping young by writing. You are an inspiration to all of us. We, your fans, love you.
Natalie C, Manistee, MI

You are my favorite writer of all time! I started reading your juvenile mysteries as a child and loved them, even more than the Nancy Drew series. I remember checking out "Winter People" from my high school library and being amazed at such a well-crafted, intriguing story. I have read almost every one of your adult mysteries ( I savor them since they are so wonderful), and I have your "Guide to Fiction Writing". I extend a heartfelt Thank You for all of the years of wonderful reading you have given so many fans, this one included. The best to you always!
Karen S, Minneapolis, MN

Hi Phyllis, What an inspiration you are to me! In the early '80's I was introduced to your books by a co-worker when I was joining the Literary Guild and needed to choose my books. I was 19 years old when I received my shipment from the club and read "The Golden Unicorn" and was captured by you. I didn't want the book to end. I am planning on rereading it sometime this year. It was one of my favorite books that I ever read. I have since read all of your books. I wrote to you in the late '80's and still have the correspondence that you sent me. I will be turning 40 next month (July 23) and have been working on some writing myself. You were the inspiration for me that began the curiosity and drive for me to begin writing. I am getting married in October (my second) and my future husband loves the things that I write. Rob is such an encouragement to me and he inspires me to be the best "me" that I possibly can be. I have suggested your books to countless people who want to begin mysteries but aren't sure that they can handle the content. You have done it tastefully! And I thank you for that! Have a wonderful day and enjoy the blessings that it brings. Just as you have and continue to be a blessing to us! Take care.
Andrea M, Boyertown, PA

Ms. Whitney is without a doubt my absolute favorite author! I have read all her books - some several times! No one else compares!
Sally P, Fairfax, VA

Hope you have a wonderful and safe 2003.
Roberta S, Hanson, MA

Dear Ms Whitney, it was with great pleasure that I found your wonderful website while I was beginning my search to complete my collection of your books. I sincerely enjoyed reading the story of your life and was so happy to find out you are still alive and doing well!!! You have been my favorite author for as long as I can remember and your stories have helped me to escape during some of the most difficult times of my life. Your portrayal of strong female characters is very refreshing and the incredible descriptions of locations and presentations of history in your novels really help to transport a reader right into the story. I can never express how much pleasure I have gotten from reading and re-reading each story but I must thank you sincerely for all of your hard work. I cannot wait to read your autobiography. I do sincerely hope you are well and that you had a wonderfully Happy New Year.
Eileen B, Far Hills, NJ

Mr. Tyo and Ms. Whitney, I was surfing the web looking for new books by my favorite authors and found your site. I started reading Phyllis Whitney's mysteries when I was in junior high and haven't stopped. I was surprised to read that she/you lived in San Antonio for a time. I'm a native San Antonian. WOW! Small world! I really enjoy her/your writing style, especially how she/you incorporates the cultural and geographical aspects of the setting. Thanks for taking me to many exotic settings and for encouraging me to dream. I found my love for reading through her/your books. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Joan B, San Antonio, TX

Dear Phyllis, my name is Phyllis, also. I read many of your mysteries when I was in high school, and still love your writing. And still love mysteries. I think I was always drawn to your books, first because of your name, and second because they're good. I'm glad to know you are still able to write. I, personally, am a poet. But I love to write short stories, as well. I have a poetry website at I know that your writing has been one of the influences in my own writing, although I have never ventured out to have any of my stories published. Between you, Terri Blackstock, and Nancy Moser, I would say I've had some pretty good writing models. Thanks!
Phyllis, CA

Dear Phyllis: I have and have read every adult mystery that you have written. You were my company during the years when my late army veteran husband was so ill. I continue to read and enjoy your novels. Thank you for being there.
Diane B

I searched for Phyllis Whitney and came to this site. I have been reading her books for over twenty years and have enjoyed every single one. I can't wait for the autobiography. Keep up the good work.
Sharon W, VA

I work in Scunthorpe Central Library, England and although I read Phyllis Whitney books many years ago I find that they are very popular and I was interested to find our more about her. I think probably because I read them in my youth I was interested to see that people of all ages and gender are still reading them. I am delighted with the information from the website. It would be amazing to be able to do a display round about her 100th birthday. Thank you Ms Whitney for hours of enjoyment and long may you reign 'Queen of Fiction'.
Elsa W, Scunthorpe, England UK

I have read Phyllis' books for many years; I started collecting them about 1990. I would like to have the whole collection. Some of the books I have are not in very good condition, however, I'm glad to have them.
Marcy, Nevada, IA

I'm a supervisor in a high school media center/library. I wanted a book to read and we have quite a few written by Phyllis Whitney. I'm half way through my first book, Silverhill, and am thoroughly enjoying it. I'm looking forward to reading more of her work.
LB, Phoenix, AZ

I have enjoyed these books since I was in the fifth grade. I am now a 34 year old and still enjoy reading the books I fell in love with. Phyllis Whitney books were the first adult books I ever read. Although I always enjoyed reading, her books definitely made me hunger for more. Thank you Ms. Whitney for giving us so many wonderful books to fill our lives.
Lisa K, AL

Dear Phyllis Whitney, thank you for so many wonderful stories. You were one of my mother's favorite writers. She continued to read and enjoy your books via tapes from the blind. You brought her so much company. You helped her to travel to places she could not physically travel to. She introduced you to me, and because of your books, I finally began a love to read. I traveled to Ashville with my son John. We drove past Esmerelda Inn on our way to Chimney Rock. It was so exciting to see these places. Most of all, I thank you for the hours of companionship you brought to my mother. Sincerely,
Jane A, Ridgeland, MS

I am so thrilled to find this web site. I stumbled upon it by accident when using to do a metasearch. I have always wished for a website on Phyllis Whitney, but had been unable to find one. I have been a fan of hers since I first picked up one of her books. I had always loved mysteries, but had no idea she existed. I think she is the greatest mystery writer of all time. She most definitely is my favorite author! I haven't had a chance yet to explore the website, but certainly plan on it. One thing I am hoping to discover is a book list of everything Mrs. Whitney has written. I collect her books and want to make sure my collection is complete. Thanks so much for this wonderful website.
Cathey B, Work (I am a high-school librarian)

I just finished reading the biography portion of this site. I was astounded to find out that Phyllis Whitney is still alive and writing at the age of 99! I am so thrilled. Does anyone know if there is an address to send her mail? I have always wanted to tell her how much her books have meant to me. I also read that she was working on her autobiography. Does anyone have a clue as to how soon that will be out?
Cathey B, Axtell, Texas

Hi Ms. Whitney, do you have any genealogical info on the Heege's other than what is written on your web-site. I'm pretty sure I'm related to the Heege's mentioned, but I can't seem to connect them with my family. If Gus Heege's father was Johannes Heege N.Y.C (originally from Germany) than there is surely a connection. Thanks for your time. Been trying to connect Phillip Heege with my family for awhile now. Especially since he was an actor and I have done some acting myself. If you have any answers to this puzzle, I would truly appreciate it. Sincerely,
Thomas H, NYC

Dear Mrs. Whitney, I am looking on this website because I have decided to do a research paper about your life and works. Part of my assignment is to try to get into touch with you or at least make some kind of contact. Since you are like 100 years old (Wow!! I hope I live that long!) I don't expect to actually hear from you but one of the people who made this website would be cool. Anyway, thank you for entertaining me!!!
Samantha, Arley, AL

Hi, I am here quite often. I am so glad to see Mrs. Whitney's books are on cassette now. I am very busy all the time as a lot of people are these days. This way I can still enjoy her stories! I love this! But I do have one question. Please tell us Whitney fans when her autobiography will be out. If not when, at least let us know how it is going. I think I speak for everyone who reads her books when I say we can't wait to read this one. So, please give us some kind of news as we are very anxious to read it. Always a loyal Whitney fan,
April R, Asheville, NC

In 1947, during the 7th grade, I discovered Phyllis Whitney books. It has been so long that the title escapes me. I have recommended her books to my granddaughter who is 14. My daughter started reading Phyllis Whitney's books in Middle School. I hope to be able to read her Autobiography. She is a great writer of mystery & suspense.
LaVaughn N, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I was introduced to Whitney books as a very young girl by my mother, an avid fan. I love her books so much & I think I have them all. Her stories are so much better than much of what is written today. Her work is exciting, the love stories grand & above all they are uplifting. I would recommend them to anyone!!!
Deborah D, Smyrna, GA

I read a book I couldn't put down in the 50's at the bookmobile. All my adult life I wondered what it was. Finally in the Denver Colorado library they asked me what I could remember. "A mystery about a Green Cat" is all I remembered. I didn't know the author or exact title. They found the book and I checked it out from the archives and read it in one sitting! Yep that was it. Phyllis Whitney! I was so excited that I shared with my dental assistant and she bought me a copy from the internet! I've enjoyed reading her books ever since. I still can't put them down! I feel like I'm there when I read. She's the best. I have a dream of writing my own novel some day but would have to go to the Yucatan to research the site! Someday. She inspires me to do it!
Mario M, Upland, CA

I have read nearly every book by Mrs. Whitney. I loved her books as a child and rediscovered them as an adult. I kept watching for a new one and finally after about three years or so of waiting, I checked her out on the internet and I have my answer. She is 99! Wow! Congratulations and thanks for many years of reading enjoyment. I love the intrigue and "safe" nature of her books. I never had to worry about sauciness between the sexes but always enjoyed sweet romance which no doubt is in the heart of every woman. I recently had a non-fiction book published of my own and know the thrill of producing one's own work. I wish I could find some of her earlier books, particularly the juvenile - the library removed them from the youth dept. saying kids don't read them today. Poppykosh! Thanks for the web site and info. I will look for her autobiography. Sincerely,
Dawn K, Barberton, OH

Dear Ms. Whitney: I have just finished reading "Star Flight", "Daughter of the Stars" and "Amethyst Dreams" for the third time!!! Whenever, I feel like I need a break from the hectic schedule of working and being a mother of two young boys, I reach for a Phyllis Whitney novel to relax with. I am forty years old and have been reading your books since I was in high school. I guess I can always depend on your books to take me to some exotic and interesting place that I have never been in my few minutes of spare time that I have available each day! Sometimes I take your novels in the bathroom with me and make believe that I'm doing something in there, but I'm really trying to finish a chapter in one of your books!! My husband and boys haven't caught on yet!!! I really love your descriptions of places that I know I'll probably never get too, but somehow, in my mind, I already feel like I've been there too. I have mostly all of your adult suspense novels and I cherish being able to step into your world from time to time. Thanks for all the hours of reading pleasure you have provided me! I'm really glad that I can finally let you know how much I've enjoyed your novels!!!
Pamela, Honolulu, HI

I purchased new books today and decided to inventory the books that I have. When I realized my collection of Whitney books I took a chance that there might be a site. I have purchased most of her books by finding them at used book stores and do not understand how they end up there. I cherish each book that I find and will soon have a complete collection.
Stephanie E, OH

I just wanted to say Hi and to thank you for giving me many hours of enjoyment with your books. I have been handicapped all my life and activities were limited, so your books gave me an escape. Again thank you, you are loved more than you will ever know.
Patricia A, Home

I remember like it was yesterday that day my 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Thurston Junior High in Springfield gave me a copy of Columbella to read. It was in 1969. I went on to read every one of your books I could find! I read you through high school, college, raising two sons, and even now...when I find one of your books I haven't read yet!! Now, I am an 8th grade Language Arts teacher. As I encourage my students in the love of reading, I cite my experience of reading your books. When I teach about writing, I share your research ideas. You continue to inspire. Thank you.
Kathy T, Hillsboro, OR

I've only just discovered your books. Before this I wasn't a keen reader. Now I can't put your books down and am sorry they end. I want the stories to continue forever. I have exhausted all your books in my local library and they are currently searching for more for me.
Libby S, Quinninup, Western Australia

I have been reading her novels since I was a young teenager and have read and re-read almost all of them!!
Jeanna, Home

My favorite mystery writer! Hope she can write for 80 more years.
Tahlula S, Rogersville, MO

Mrs. Whitney you are great!..Love your books and really enjoyed your web site. Just got my Mom (84yrs young) reading your books. She was thrilled to see your site and read about all or your accomplishments. God Bless You,
Dana B, Pahokee, FL

Dear Ms. Whitney, The first suspense novel I read as a young girl was "Blue Fire" and at age 39, your stories are still my favorites. I have read every one! I think perhaps "Listen for the Whisperer" is my favorite. Thank you for many, many hours of pleasure.
Ellen M, Greensburg, PA

You're my favorite author! I have collected your books for years and have most all of them. Thanks for all the great times you have given me.
Jakolia P, Lansing, NC

I am trying to remember the title of one of my favorite mystery books from childhood. I remember a character named Estrelita and a star-shaped emerald pin, but little else. Could I be thinking of _The Secret of the Emerald Star_? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
MaryAnn L, FL

I love her books. I am totally amazed that she is so active and is still writing - how wonderful!!!
Marlene W, Newport, RI

Dear Ms. Whitney, it was a pleasure to find this website. I came upon it because I simply was wondering how you were doing, it's been awhile since you last book. I'm so delighted to hear your well, and still enjoying writing. You've given me much pleasure in my life, and sometimes a wonderful escape from everyday problems. You always took me on an exploration of new places. I learned much about our beautiful United States from you stories. As a matter of fact, my husband and I are off to VA next fall, and one of the reasons I choose this trip, is because of your book, Daughter of the Stars. Just want to thank you for your wonderful stories, and God bless you.
Janet W, Paso Robles, CA

I have read all your books since 1965. Thank you.
Carolyn B, IL

"The Golden Unicorn" was my first adult book that I ever read. When I about 12 and was bored with the young adult books, the librarians in my town recommended Phyllis A. Whitney. I have read her faithfully ever since. I am only missing about five books to my collection.
Debi, NJ

I first read your book "The Winter People" while I was in school, and loved it!! I have almost all of your books, although I can see by the list I still have a few more to read. I have to say that "Rainbow in the Mist" has been my favorite, so far. Thank you for sharing your talent.
Teresa S, Victoria, BC Canada

I was wondering when Mrs. Whitney plans to have her autobiography finished and if she plans on writing any more fiction? I have read them all and I think my favorites are window on the square and sea jade, but I love them all!
Wendy, Bakersfield, CA

I looked up Phyllis Whitney's name to see if she were still writing. I knew she had to be in her 90s. I have read every single one of her novels. She is my all time favorite author. I am always hoping that she will come out with one more book before she retires. I'm happy to hear that she is writing her autobiography! She is GREAT! I am 53 and have enjoyed her books since I started reading them in 4th grade, 1959.
Kathy S, Traverse City, MI

I would like to know what publishers Mrs. Whitney recommends to send prospective books to, and are there any agents she could recommend. I love all of her books and have all of them. They are to be donated to our school library in the event of my death, with the exception of a few that I will leave to my son. They are my greatest treasures. I love to reread them and escape this "earthbound" life and travel to another time and space. Her writing does that for me.
Tara, Terry, MS

In 1950 (I was 12) I wrote you a letter telling you how much I enjoyed Mystery of the Gulls. You responded with a lovely letter along with an autographed brochure indicating that you had won the Reynal & Hitchcock Award Book honor. I saved your letter and just came across it recently in my files. I was so pleased to learn that you had celebrated your 99th Birthday. Thank you for all the pleasure you have given us with your books.
Bette B, CA

Hi Phyllis! I'm Katie from MN and had to read a book for english and then do a synopsis. I choose "Window on the Square" and I am stilling reading it. So far it is really good! Thanks for writing a good book!
Katie B, Ogilvie, MN

I read "The Silver Inkwell" in 1945 when I was 12 years old and always remember it as one of my favorite. It also was the inspiration to write and have been writing poetry ever since. My daughter is now a published author and I think she has some of my created genes. So thanks Phyllis for "The Silver Inkwell" you started it all.
Yvonne S

Nicely done site!! I have been reading Ms Whitney's books for about 16 years. The first when we were living in Japan!! By the info on the website I found out she had lived there all most all of her teen years. How interesting. After reading the first book I haunted the base library and had copies of her books sent to me from the states. I think I have read all her adult books and will start looking for her others soon. My best to Ms. Whitney! and Thank you for all the exciting lives I have lived through your books!!
Linda J, Poulsbo, WA

I've been reading Phyllis Whitney books since I was introduced to them in high school in the late 60's. I've read and reread most of Ms Whitney's books and have many in my own personal library. My favorite and most read book is "Lost Island".
JoAnne S, Charleston, South Carolina

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney books for years. I have collected her books and plan on passing them on to my daughter. Her stories keep you from beginning to end.
Mary H, Sumter, SC

Ms. Whitney, you are one of my favorite mystery writers! I have enjoyed reading every one of the books you wrote that I could put my hands on and hunger for more. I wish you great health and happiness and can't wait to ready your autobiography!
Vicki P, Alexandria, VA

What a wonderful gift you have. I've read most of your books...several times. I enjoy the fact that my daughter now reads them.
Becky V, West Branch, MI

Thank you for all the hours of reading pleasure I've had reading your books over the years. Your books are among my most treasured, and many have been read several times over.
Elizabeth P, GA

I have read many of your books. Having a military based upbringing, I have also lived in many of the places in which your books are based. This adds to my interest in the stories, as I can relate somewhat.
Billie Jo H, Moncks Corner, SC

Dear Phyllis, I have been a fan and avid reader of yours from the first book I bought of yours called: The Mystery of the Gulls. 1960 It was a Scholastic book with a Yellow cover and sea gulls floating over Mackinaw Island MI. I live in Canton Mi now. I wish you well and thanks for the many suspenseful hours.
Ignatius G, Canton, MI

I am a reader of your books, I can't get through with a book of yours without wondering when your next one comes out. I have been able to find any new ones since the last one you wrote feather on the moon. Do you have any since then? Again I just live reading your books, I can't put them down until I finish them. Let me know about any of your new ones, thanks,
Vicki P, Montgomery, AL

Love your books!
June T, Work

I am 12 years old and already hooked on your books! They are my total favorite!! Well the 1st one I've read is "The Turquoise Mask" oh my gosh it was great I cant wait to read the next book I just checked out called "vermilion" Another Author I like is Caroline B. Cooney, just because I like mysteries thanks for your GREAT novels
Jacy, FL

Hey I am a big fan of your work and I especially liked the SECRET OF THE SAMURAI SWORD book. I'm 13 and I hope you keep on writing such exciting books.
Michael L, School

I have been a fan for years and have been looking for new books by Phyllis A. Whitney and thought I would see if there was a web site. And sure enough. Thank you so much.
Barbara R, Wolfeboro, NH

Dear Ms. Whitney: I recently finish reading your "Star Flight". I enjoyed it very much. I would like to send the cover to you in hopes that you may autograph it for me. Please let me know. Thanks for all the wonderful books which let me escape.
Kathleen C, Tecumseh, OK

You are one of my favorite authors! My grandma and I love to read your books. She has read all of them in the Adult suspense and I have almost read all of them. I want to be a writer when I grow up and you are a good example of the kind of writer I would like to become. Thank you.
Jessica, ID

Dear Phyllis, I have read your books for many decades. I appreciate the suspense and mystery of your novels yet leaving much to the readers imagination. I have started re-reading your novels because I love to escape to places I have never visited but feel like I have after reading your novels. You are the best there is. Thank you
Sandy C, Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Ms. Whitney, I began reading your books as a child, and have never stopped. You are, indeed, a master storyteller, and it was your novels which first made me think about writing my own. Like you, my entire career has been spent around words and writing--newspaper reporting after college and, for the last twenty years, working in the local library. From you, I learned how to salt a scene with facts, making the setting come alive for readers. I am thrilled to have published three novels of romantic suspense and hope to publish many more in the future, always using your example of excellence as my goal. I like to read my way through your novels, in chronological order, and when I've finished, start all over again. You have given me hours of reading pleasure throughout my lifetime and for that I will be forever grateful. My best wishes to you, always.
Jill G, Cudahy, WI

I stopped by! I searched for this site. I have been waiting for your new book to come out!!!!! I have all your books. I have been reading your books for almost 30 years now. I've read some of your childrens' books and hope to collect all of them too. If anyone has any pointers as to where to find them, I am open to suggestions. Way to go. God Bless You and keep up the great work.
Brenda B, TN

Thank you Phyllis for writing such marvelous intriguing books! My favorite book is "Hunter's Green". I have been reading your books since I was fifteen years old, and you are still my favorite author (I am 39).
Jodi M, Franklin, TN

Dear Ms Whitney, I discovered your books when I was a teenager in the mid 60's. I have been an avid reader of yours ever since. Thank you so much for the hours of pleasure your books have given me. Especially as I have re-read them numerous times! I look forward to your autobiography.
Debi, Fond du Lac, WI

You are my favorite writer. I have read all your books. Some more than once! You caught us in your book story-the first page or the second page. SO GOOD. I just wanted to say thanks very much for all the good reading and enjoyment. In God's love,
Mrs. Pat K, IL

Hi Phyllis, I was flipping through the books downstairs and I saw yours entitled "The Golden Unicorn". This is the first book of yours I've read, but I'm sure I will read more. The Golden Unicorn will be a story I never forget. The amazing story line kept me tightly drawn into the entrancing life of Courtney Marsh. I found even when I wasn't reading the book I was still thinking about it and trying to figure out the plot. I've been looking through all the titles of your books and I really can't decide what to read next, I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions on some of your favorites. I want to be a writer too, I've started a couple stories of my own. Thank you very much.
Jillian H, Calgary, Alberta

I work at a place where we can listen to headphones while we type. Some others listen to music yet the vast majority of us keep the library very busy with audio books. I must say that I go first to this wonderful womans section before any other. I have read nearly all of her novels and they are wonderful works that help make a monotonous job fly by!
Lisa Marie P, West VA

I have several favorite writers, but Phyllis is on the top of the list. Her writing entertains me very much. I have not found all of her books, but did not discover her until the late 60's. I really like the hardback books the best, they last longer, and I read them over and over.
Lois C, OK

Hi, I just happen to need something to read while I was visiting my mother in the early 70's. She told me I might like Snowfire. That got me hooked. It was the best I had read in a long time. Since then I have read and bought every book I could find that you have wrote. I look at estate sales and book stores. I do find a few, not many. I collect your books now. I have a lot of your first editions. Total to date is 38. Still looking. God bless you.
Alania W, KY

A great prolific writer....She holds me spellbound for hours on end!! I thoroughly enjoy Phyllis Whitney's novels!
Suzanne W, Houston, TX

Phyllis Whitney is still the best her books are so good that I find myself rereading them with just as much enthusiasm as I did the first time I read them. Thank you so very much for writing such interesting books
Pauline P, MO

Desperately seeking a copy of THE SILVER INKWELL (a book for young adults). Willing to pay $100.00 for a book in readable condition. Cover, creases, notations, tears - all are acceptable.
Diane H, Thorndike, ME

Dear Ms. Whitney - you have always been my Hero! I was thrilled to find this website just now because I've been looking for a way to reach you for 5 years. Tonight I typed "Phyllis A. Whitney" as a "search" and up you popped - finally! May the Lord bless you as you near your 100th birthday - my own great-aunt made it to 110! You are a strong, vital woman and I so very greatly admire you! I have been wanting an opportunity to thank you for all your work and let you know what an impact you have made on my life regarding reading and writing. I started reading your books as a girl in the early 70's, and I could never get enough. My very favorites would have to be "Mystery On the Isle of Skye", and "Columbella", both of which I read over and over - I'll have to start my own collection. Thank you so much for many, many hours of reading pleasure, travel to far away places, education on many topics, introducing me to Skye and keeping me awake nights shivering in suspense with "Columbella" (no matter how many times I read it!). You are such a treasure and have touched so many lives. Thank you, thank you. With warmest regards and admiration
Gann C, Elgin, IL

I just "rediscovered" you, having read your books as a teenager in the 1960's. I'm a teacher now and saw "Star Flight" on the shelves in the Media Center. What a delight to find that it is set in one of my favorite spots - Lake Lure, North Carolina. I can see all of the places that you describe, so it is just like being there. Thank you for all of your wonderful books over the years.
Bobbi R, Columbus, OH

I have been reading Phyllis A. Whitney since I was a child and think she is the best mystery writer. I admire all of her works.
Susan S, CT

Dear Ms. Whitney: I was so tickled to find your website and know that you will celebrate your 100th birthday this year! Congratulations, and thanks so much for your years of wonderful writing. I've been reading your books since I was a girl in the '60's. I'm delighted to know you're working on an auto-biography.
Laura C, Fort Worth, TX

I started reading your books when I was 12 years old, I think they were the first "adult" books that I read. I am now 39 and still enjoy them. I love the different locations you pick for each story. I find myself wanting to visit the different places you have written about. I found this sight while looking for a list of all your books to see if I have missed any. Thank you so much for the many hours you have helped me get away from it all by becoming lost in one of your stories.
Lynette K, Midvale, OH

Phyllis, I have enjoyed your books for years. I really did not know you wrote the juvenile and young people novels until a few years ago. I have all but four (4) of your adult mysteries and I am working on getting them. I have started collecting and reading the juvenile and young people books since I found out about them. I will let my grandchildren read them, that is after I have read them!! Thank you for hours of wonderful reading.
Judy C, Holden, LA

Dear Ms. Whitney: I am so glad to come upon your website and find out that you are doing well. I have enjoyed uncountable hours reading your books and can honestly say that I would become so engrossed that the characters would almost become my friends and as much as I wanted to finish the book I could not help but be a little sad when it was over. However, because of your hard work, I would immediately begin another one and make new friends all over again. I would just like to thank you for years of enjoyable reading.
Debbie G, LA

Phyllis, I wanted to know more about you as a person as I have read your books ever since I was a child of ten, in CA, I don't believe there is a writer today that equals you. You never write two stories the same, they always keep you guessing and you always learn some interesting facts about the area and history of the place you are wring about. Plus you never go for sensationalism by putting in gratuitous sex and bad language into you books! Thank you for all the great work!
Nancy D, VA

Phyllis A. Whitney is my all time favorite author. I used to say she couldn't write her books fast enough for me. I am now 71, will be 72 on April 2nd of this year. I have diabetes which has caused a problem with my eyesight and can't read much now but I get the talking books from the Library. I requested books by Phyllis but there is a problem getting them. They are much too much in demand. I did get THE EBONY SWAN yesterday and just finished listening to it today. I don't know when I will get another one but will check my mail box every day looking for more. I was an avid reader and read everything I could get my hands on. I really miss being able to read. I really admire Miss. Whitney, her books are exciting but without bad language, which is something I like. I WISH HER THE BEST OF EVERYTHING.
Myrtle C, Amite, LA

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