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Guestbook entries for 2008

One of my very favorite authors. I miss having new books come along. For two winter seasons I reread all of her books that I read as they were published. That was a wonderful experience for me - a touch with my past in the most enjoyable of times.
Mary, Sussex County, NJ

Have you finished your autobiography. I would like a signed copy. I still have the handwritten personal note you sent a number years ago when I hoped you might use Catalina Island/Avalon CA as a setting for a new mystery. I have all your adult mysteries there which I reread and reread. Thanks for your attention.
Raymond F. Otto, Palm Springs, CA

Dear Ms. Whitney, I have been reading and re-reading your books for many years. They are a comfort food for my soul. I love your writing and how well you draw the reader in to the setting and feeling of the situations in which you place your heroine. I wish you all the best and hope you are well. Best regards,
Susan Denton, Poughkeepsie, NY

I have so loved your books over the years. I grew up an only child, Phyllis Whitney soon became my best friend first with childrens books then as I grew up with adult books. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Helen Wilkerson. Santa Maria, CA

I have loved your books for years. Sea Jade was my first book of yours that I read and I wanted to say I miss new additions. I have read all of your adult fiction and some of your non-fiction on writing. I wish you all the best and thank you for all the great reading and taking me places I've never been. I am a librarian director and simply love books and you are part of the reason. Thanks again, Sincerely,
Alison Holderfield, Director, Dongola Public Library District, IL

My mother turned 92 last November, 2007 and she has macular degeneration. She has lived with me since 2002. She has always been an avid reader and she has been reading at least 14 hours or more per day since losing her eyesight. She loves Phyllis' books and is one of her very favorite author. Her name is Emma Stinnett.
Mary Davis, TN

Ever since I read the first adult suspense novel, I have loved Phyllis Whitney. She will always be my favorite.
Shirley E. Beckman, Lincoln, NE

I have been reading your books my whole life; I am a reader and a re-reader. Your books never fail to captivate me, thank you so much.
Sherry A. Binkley, Shippensburg, PA

Greetings from Staten Island, I just read "The Secret of the Emerald Star" for the first time. Bravo!! Believe it or not I am 46 years old. My husband bought it for me because of my passion for Staten Island history and thought I might get a kick out of a story which takes place on Staten Island. I am a native Staten Islander and my family dates back several generations on Staten Island. In your book you captured the essence of what old Staten Island was like. The mix of cultures, the country-like atmosphere, etc. and yet the melting pot of NYC as your backyard neighbor. What a wonderful writer you are. In your writings you brought me back to the innocence of my youth on Staten Island. I only wish I had found this book when a young girl. Your underlying theme of acceptance of others who are different is such a powerful message in this book and is a timeless lesson we all need to be reminded of. I have just started reading "The Quicksilver Pool" and love the illustration on the cover (Victorian home with the couple in foreground). It reminds me of my husband and my self in front of our Victorian home on Staten Island. What can I say, you have hooked me with your words. With Kindest Regards,
Wendy Ann Coffey, Staten Island, NY

You are my favorite writer. The first book I read was Window On The Square and since then I have read everyone of your books I could get my hands on. I have since had a passion for reading that has not subsided. I read everything I can, not just novels, but biography, history, etc. Thank your for the gift you gave me with your writing and passion you created in me for reading. It has made a difference in my life. Thank You again. Your most passionate reader.
Joyce E. Hite, Riverside, CA

I have always loved Ms. Whitney books. It started with Spindrift for me and I have read many, many more books. I have decided this year to read all her books in order to make sure that I read the books I have missed.
Mary Lynn

I love Phyllis A. Whitney's books and have read a lot of them and plan to read more. I do some writing myself. I am nearly 90 years old and think it's wonderful my favorite author is 104. I hope she will still be writing at 110+! Love,
Mary Jane Treon, Piqua, OH

Thank you for many hours of reading pleasure, I own many of the books and reread them. I learned about the site by looking for information about Phyllis Whitney and her books.
Karen McClung, IN

To one of the BEST writers today. I have read almost all of your books. Very few writers "catch" me in a mystery with a twist at the end I have read MANY mysteries in my time. But Rainbows in the Mist did "catch" me at the end. Even Agatha Christie couldn't stump me. But you did! What a superb writer you are. I hope your books will be published always. Keep up the fantastic work. You are definitely one of my very favorite, top writers.
Debra A. Threatt

I've loved your books for as long as I can remember. Thank you for hours of reading pleasure.
Tina, KY

I just love Phyllis' adult novels. I have a 9 year old that loves to read. Now that I know that Phyllis also wrote Juvenile mysteries and novels for young people, I will look for those for her. I have had troubles in the past finding the adult mysteries. I'm hoping now with the list you have provided, I will be able to acquire most if not all of the ones that I do not have.
Stacey Andrews, Lawrenceville, IL

I have read numerous books Ms. Whitney. I am now 62 years old and was reviewing some of my books to place in storage. I never realized how many books of hers I had collected. I often wondered what happened to her when I didn't see any new books.
Linda Payne, OH

I love her books and read them over and over!
Bev Calgary, AB Canada

I found the site because I wanted to know more about the life and works of Phyllis A Whitney. I am on a mission now to collect all of her books and was very pleased to find the list on this site. Thanks to Ms Whitney and Mr. Tyo for making both possible.
Lynne Strickland Lubbock, TX

I have read Phyllis Whitney books since high school, maybe before. She is one of my favorite authors.
Jean Milam, Morgantown, WV

As a teen in the early 70's, I "found" Phyllis A. Whitney in my school library. I so clearly remember how much I loved her books. What a wonderful contribution she made to my reading experience. I still remember many of the plots and characters of those books I read so long ago.
Marie, KY

I have been reading Ms. Whitney's books since I was a young adult and I am now 45. Her books are the reason I am an avid reader to this day and why I love mysteries. I have most, if not all of her books and whenever I pick one up to read, I am always surprised to find that it is like a fresh read. So thank you for inspiring my reading and to also pass that down to my son, who also loves to read! With my kindest regards,
Lisa Lawrence, Chattanooga, TN

I found this site through Google. I was searching all the titles of your books cause I want to collect them all. I am a big fan of yours and my mom is a fan of yours too. Mom was reading one of your books when I was about 12 or 13 and I picked it up and started to read it and couldn't put it down till I finished it. I have been reading your books ever since and that was 30 years ago. The books are so well written that I feel like I am there and can see all the places you describes in the books. I am currently reading The Mystery of the Gulls I wanted to start with the first one and work my way to the last one but having a hard time finding the first 4 on your list, but couldn't wait to get started on reading them again. Thank You for writing all these wonderful books.
Denise, KY

I am so happy to have come across this website. Phyllis Whitney was and will always be my favorite author. I still cherish a personal letter she wrote me many years ago! Thank you.
Lynn Dempsey, Brunswick, OH

I have read all of your books and wonder if you have any new ones coming out?
Bobbie Childs, KY

I have loved reading all her books. I always looked for her next book in the stores. I am happy she is still alive, and look forward to her autobiography. I have kept all of her books I have read, some of my favorites I read over and over again. All the best to her.
Joy, Daytona Beach, FL

I have read your books for years and have quiet a few of them,they are grate books thanks.
P.F.C., OK

I am so happy to find this web site -- I was thinking about Phyllis Whitney and wished I could write a thank you card and found this site. I've never seen a photo or read about her life -- such a pretty lady. I lived on Phyllis Whitney books when I was in High School -- the adult novels she wrote -- great suspense with the perfect amount of romance. I'm currently living in Japan -- so if you read this Phyllis -- "Honto ni arigato gozaimasu". Someday I will have a book out and I want you to know you were an influence in making me want to become a writer. Thanks.
Stephanie Dyer, Japan

Mrs. Whitney, It is with the greatest pleasure that I submit this note to you. Paranormal Romance is a passion of mine. I have attempted to weave the beauty of the heart and spirit after such authors as yourself and Ruth Montgomery. Thank you for allowing your biography to be included in this web site. I did not realize 'Mandeville' was part of your heritage. My daughter is Margaret Mandeville Scales Korycinski, from her fathers lineage. Perhaps that explains why I felt such a strong connection to you when I read your book. All my heart,
Barbara A Scales, LaFayette, NY

When I was still a pre teen, my mother introduced me to your novels. For many years I got great pleasure out of reading many of them, both the juvenile and adult books. As I matured, I came to prefer more "masculine" novels, and moved away to other authors. But I'll always remember the joy of reading your books. Now, in my 50's, I decided to do a web search to see what happened to you. I was pleased to see that you are still around! I wish that I had the time to buy and read some of your books again. Thank you for the joy that you bring so many people!
S. Lowe, PA

I purchased the Vermilion by accident from a book club membership years ago. After reading all the other books I received in that order, I finally made myself read the Vermilion. Needless to say...the rest is history. I could not put the book done and once I finished reading it, I began purchasing every Phyllis A. Whitney book I could find and still am to this day. I base every other author I read against her and have found it's pretty hard to find a comparison. She is excellent and is the best writer I have read to date. My collection is far from complete but I hope someday to have every book she has written.
Nancy Reader, NV

I grew up in the 1970's reading Phyllis A. Whitney's books for young people and read them over and over. As a young adult, I searched high and low for all of her adult novels. After finishing each one, I felt like I was losing friends, in her well developed characters. She is still my very favorite fiction writer and I have missed her new books coming out each year. I'm looking forward to reading her autobiography!
Judy Stickler, Everett, WA

I have been reading your books now for a while. I have a number of your books and love them. Thanks you for your wonderful books.
Denise Sharpe

Ms. Whitney's books were among the first I read "on my own" back in the 60's. She is the best. She's always been my favorite!
Beth Penland, Townville, SC

I have had a passion for books ever since I was 9 years. Today at 54 I still have that same passion and am opening a bookstore of my own. The first set of books I purchased were by Phyllis Whitney. She is still a good read today as she was over 40 years ago. Thanks so much for writing such wonderful books.
Janet Ausburn, Benton, AS

So saddened to hear of the passing of Ms. Phyllis A. Whitney. A delightful and wonder author and lady. She left an incredible body of work that shall be enjoyed by many generations to come. What a long and most productive life. May She Rest in Peace...
Jay Payton, Dallas, TX

I saw the article in the NYT this morning about Phyllis Whitney's death at 104. How wonderful that she had such a long and prolific life writing and publishing well into her 90's! She was one of my very favorite authors when I was a young girl, and I still remember checking them out of the library and re-reading them over and over again. I think my favorite was the Mystery of the Green Cat. Thank you for writing it. May you rest in peace knowing how many hours of enjoyment you provided for so many.
Jael Spartanburg, SC

I loved Ms. Whitney's books. Growing up, I think I read them all. My all-time favorite was Hunter's Green, but I loved so many of them. She will be sorely missed. May she rest in peace.
Lisa C. Phoenix, AZ

I have read and reread her novels from a very young teenager to an oldster. I never tire of her stories. Thank you Phyllis A Whitney wherever you are.
Bev, London, Ontario, Canada

Hi.. Just dropping by. I’m sorry to hear about Phyllis Whitney. Still reading her books though.
Len, Philippines

This is not goodbye, only another book-hunting expedition where, I trust, you will find the prospective characters to be satisfactory.
Malcolm Campbell, Atlanta, GA

Philip, Thanks for the website. I loved her mystery stories as a kid, and then as a young (gay) man enjoyed some of the suspense/romance books. I remember being so excited when Spindrift hit the bestseller list in Time magazine. I stopped reading them about 1977 at the age of 15 so haven't read anything of hers since then but just went to South Africa, and remembered reading Blue Fire, and was looking for it on eBay as I remembered her being progressive as far as race was concerned. Then I remembered that my nephew, also gay, who grew up reading my old books, had told me about your website a few years ago. Evidently he also enjoyed her work enough to go Google her, which is a certainly a tribute. He was amazed to know she was still alive, and I always meant to look for your site but just never got around to it until today, ironically two days after she died. Thanks for maintaining the site! I am sorry to hear she died.
John, NC

While I do not remember the names of the books that I read as a child, I well remember the name "Phyllis A Whitney". Just her name brings back wonderful childhood memories of reading mysteries that would "take me away". Those books made me an avid reader with hopes of one day being an author myself. May God bless her family and friends during this time of loss.
Katelyn Richards, San Antonio, TX

Her books started me on the road to reading and I thank her for doing that for me. She will be greatly missed by all of us readers.
Bobbie Middlebrooke, Brea, CA

Sorry to hear that Ms. Whitney has passed. I have enjoyed her books for many years. They are a treasure to read and reread. I will treasure the copies I have. Rest in peace, your stories will live on.
Patti Richardson, Deer Park, WA

The New York obituary on Phyllis A. Whitney omits reference to the dozen years (1975-1988) she made her home in Brookhaven, Long Island. Her impact on a small town, its library and devoted readers was enormous. I quote from an appreciation written in 1993: It was a great day for the Patchogue-Medford Library when Phyllis Whitney walked into the old Carnegie building on Lake St. in 1975. She announced .... that she had just moved into the area and it was essential for her work to have the resources of an excellent library and the assistance of outstanding research librarians. Beginning with "The Stone Bull" (published 1977) followed by a dozen novels, one each year, friendships were cemented, plots were discussed, references combed. The library acquired a devoted benefactor. From the gift of a grand piano and frequent talks to readers, to serving as the inspiration for - and ultimately judge of - a contest in her honor "Writing to Win", she was our own gracious lady of letters.
Sara Courant (retired director, Patchogue-Medford Library), New York, NY

I was deeply saddened by Ms. Whitney's death, yet when I heard the news so many wonderful memories came rushing towards me. I am and always have been an avid reader, and in my early years after getting past the Dr. Seuss and "Dick and Jane" period, I read quite a few fantasy novels, but then I discovered Phyllis A. Whitney and that was it for me. From then on I was a huge fan and waited anxiously for any announcement of a new book from her so that I could be the first to purchase it. She will be greatly missed by those in the world who were blessed to have read something that she wrote and who became huge fans of hers. Goodbye Ms. Whitney, may you continue to write in heaven along with all of the other wonderful writers. I am sure that you are happy there.
Pugsley, San Diego, CA

I read this evening of the passing of the remarkable Phyllis Whitney. I, along with so many others, have enjoyed her books. I am now in the process of rereading all of them as a tribute to and fond remembrance of such a wonderful author. My heart goes out to her family at this time. She will be missed by so many.
Carolyn, TX

I am privileged and honored to sign this wonderful person's guestbook. Although I did not know Phyllis personally, I have immense gratitude for knowing her daughter Georgia. We wish Phyllis the smoothest and blessed transition into her return to Spirit and She will not be forgotten by any of us. Yours sincerely,
Matthew Bucci, VA

My deepest sympathy to Ms Whitney's family. She contributed hours of reading enjoyment to me. She will be missed.
Laura Markey, Vancouver, Canada

I remember meeting Phyllis Whitney at the Smithtown library when I heard she lived in long island. I had read many, many of her books and enjoyed them immensely!
Sandy, Las Vegas, NV

I was reading Hunter's Green last night... for the second time since when I'd first read it as a teenager in the sixties. Out of curiosity this morning, I "googled" her to see if she was still alive and discovered that she had just died a week ago! That was a bizarre coincidence for me, considering I hadn't read anything from Phyllis for the last thirty years. I feel very sad about this, but her memory will live on for me from the wonderful books she has created... and for her to have lived to be over a hundred is an amazing story of its own! In her memory, I plan on reading many of her novels again.
Diane Keller-Mitchem, Lima, OH

I truly loved her books. I read them as a young girl. Although I enjoyed her mysteries, my favorite book was the Highest Dream. That book allowed me to escape and to dream. I also learned a lot about the United Nations and still desire to go there because of that book. I only hope that she and her family know just how much pleasure and happiness that her works gave everyone. I plan on introducing these books to my girls when they are old enough. They are only 4 but soon they will be ready to enjoy what I had the pleasure of enjoying so many years ago.
Billie, Nashville, TN

When I read the obituary in The East Valley Tribune this morning, I wanted to know more about this lady whose books I have enjoyed for many years. I appreciate this site and the insight into her life and work. Google helped me find it.
Les LeMay, Tempe, AZ

My daughter e-mailed me that Phyllis A. Whitney had died at the age of 104. I was shocked. I really though she had died some time back because there were no more books. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her mysteries and always looked forward to the next one. I'm grateful for the talent she had that gave me so many wonderful hours of reading. My sincere condolences go to her family.
Jean Larsen, Brookhaven, PA

I began reading Phyllis Whitney books because my mom gave me one and then I was hooked. She is my favorite all time author. I hope her books will be reissued as I would like to collect them all and read them again! God rest you soul Ms Whitney!!
Sue Schober

Mrs. Whitney you will be missed. I loved your novels very much and were some of the first adult novels I ever read.
Marie My MacBook

My deepest condolences to the family of Phyllis Whitney. As a young woman, her books were among my favorites. How remarkable she has been throught her life. She will be much missed. Prayers of sympathy offered.
P. Morse, NC

I just wanted to let Ms. Whitney's family know how much her books meant to me. She introduced me to a world of wonderful stories and now that I'm a published writer myself, I can look back at the impact she made on me and know that she is at least part of the reason that I make my living writing romance.
Maureen Child, CA

So sad to hear of Ms. Whitney's death. What a wonderful life. I remember reading her stories when I was a teenager and in my early 20s. I will miss her stories carrying me into another world, and another life.
Ann Molnar Nutley, NJ

I offer my sympathies to Phyllis Whitney's family and loved ones on her death. Through her wonderful books, she influenced thousands of people, and many who eventually became writers were inspired by her stories. I reached this site by Googling Phyllis Whitney after seeing mention of her death on a Yahoo Groups newslist to which I belong. My compliments to Webmaster Philip Tyo on the excellent job he did in designing this website, which not only contains the information for which fans of Whitney are looking, but also is easy to use and easy to navigate.
Elora Fink, New Orleans, LA

Phyllis Whitney wrote some of the most intriguing books ever & I'm proud to own nearly every suspenseful adult book. I'm so sorry there won't be more.
J, Des Moines, IA

I'm amazed that Ms. Whitney lived to be 104! I could always count on a good read when I discovered a new book on the shelf in the library. She "took" me to places I may never see in real life with her stories and I "met" wonderful characters. I count her among my other greats - Daphne duMaurier, Mary Stewart, Dorothy Eden and I know her work will live on as theirs does.
Anne Groo, DE

It is with sadness that I have heard of Ms. Whitney's passing. My condolences to her family and friends.
Karla Fulker, Sugar Land, TX

I have spent many hours reading your exciting books over the years. I have just about completed Star Flight.
Sarah Swagler, FL

My condolences on the passing of a great author. As a child I lived down the road from the house in "Mystery of the Golden Horn" at the time Phyllis Whitney was researching her book -- so I can vouch for her amazing sensitivity to location. It brought all her stories vividly to life. She'll be truly missed.
C. Hanson, LA

Hi, I had never heard of Phyllis before two weeks ago when I purchased one of her books off the used book shelf at my local library. Since that one story I have read at least eight more of her books almost non-stop, (as if it were my job). What an adventure and then today I visited this website and now have a little more to meditate on...certainly I know I bless her life, her family and friends and will think of her henceforth as a guardian and guiding angel for what I hope can be a writing career of my own, eventually. My best always.
Stephanie Wozniak, Silver Springs, NV

I'm sorry to hear about the death of the wonderful Phyllis Whitney. On my bookshelves right now are many of her books that I've collected over the years. My favorite children's mystery was "The Secret of the Emerald Star," and of course I've read all the adults books as well. When I visited the east coast and saw the harbor in Salem, Massachusetts, the first thing that came to mind where the clipper ships that I learned about in "Sea Jade." As an avid reader whose greatest pleasure is the written word, I must thank Ms. Whitney and her books for fostering a love of reading and adventure that I will always possess. My sympathies to her family.
Lydia Johnson, AZ

I am so sorry to hear that Ms. Whitney died earlier this month. She will always be my favorite author!
Maria Jackman, Nashville, TN

I've been a fan since junior high. I just bought Lost Island to remember better times, feeling like Lacey a little myself. I will miss Phyllis. She was an impact in my life.
Jeff, Burlington, VT

Started reading her books while in high school during the sixties. Her gothics were the best. used to wait every year for her new release. now I enjoy rereading them.
Julie Fac, FL

Sorry to hear of Ms. Whitney's passing. She was a great author, and she will be greatly missed.
Lori, Nashville, TN

Sad to hear Of her passin'.... I have read most of her books .. I been collectin' them over 30 years and now have most of them.
Alania Laughlin, NV

I was just surfing the net for some of my favorite authors. I hadn’t in the past a found Mrs. Whitney. It seems I found this site right after her passing. My sympathies to her family, friends and fans. I fell in love with her books at the age of 11. My first books was Listen for the Whisper. I've read over 40 of her books. She was a huge reason I became such a bookworm. I owe her a lot. REST IN PEACE MY LADY!!
Shirley Mitchell Gaddis, TX

Phyllis, it was because of you and Victoria Holt that I became a writer - now you will be my muse from heaven. xoxox,
Kathleen Bridge Greenstein, Long Island, NY

Phyllis Whitney's books were some of the first "grown-up" books I read. I read Thunder Heights so many times it fell apart! She got me hooked on reading and I've never looked back. Bless her!
Katherine, British Columbia, Canada

I have been a fan of hers for years. I have read all of her books as Victoria Holt, and I am currently on Number 12 in her Phillipa Carr series. I was not an avid reader until I picked up my first book by her. She has given me much enjoyment through her writing.
Deborah Cocoris, Birmingham, AL

I first read one of Phyllis' novels while at the beach on vacation. "The Winter People" was in the collection at the vacation home that year. I was 16. Phyllis' writing was so spellbinding that I search for her books everywhere and have since read all of her publications that I could get my hands on. I have shared my copies with both of my daughters and will do so with my granddaughters. I will sorely miss her.
Rhonda Auman, NC

I first "met" Ms. Whitney when I found a book called The Golden Unicorn in my high school library around 1985. I had never heard of her before, but I liked the cover and title. Once I read the book, I was addicted. Over the years, I have read every book of hers that I could find. I always thought her main characters were so intelligent and elegant. Only a couple of months ago, when my mother showed me some paperbacks, I discovered Amethyst Dreams. Being a mother of 3 children and a Pre-K teacher, I don't read very much, but I set time aside to finish Amethyst Dreams during Christmas break. I am truly amazed over the years how her writing has always had her own unique style and flavor. I hope she had a wonderful life. I am sure she was as beautiful of a person as her wonderful heroines and mysteries. I think she shaped many lives just like mine.

What an inspiring life. I'm just reading PAW's 'A Guide to Fiction Writing' and was intrigued enough to pop in and learn a little more about her life and her work. I'm sad to read that she died recently but am awestruck by a life so well spent and how joyful she looks in her photos.
Jasmine Pahl, Vancouver, BC

I grew up reading Ms. Whitney's books and continued to do so in adulthood as she remained one of my favorite authors. She always provided an interesting stories, smart strong women characters, and good mysteries. "Columbella" remains my favorite, but I enjoyed them all.
Anne Sabalaske, Honolulu, HI

I am deeply saddened at the loss of such a wonderful author. She was absolutely amazing.....THE DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH.....God Bless. Thank you for everything you have done!
Briana, Vancouver WA

Phyllis Whitney's "Mystery of the Green Cat" was recommended to our family by a dear friend and mentor who read this book as a boy. We checked it out of the library and have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book aloud together. My children are very interested in checking out more of Whitney's mysteries.
The Pfeiffers, Romulus, MI

Phyllis, You've brought me endless hours of enjoyment and entertainment, contentment and excitement, and the world will miss you! I will miss you! How wonderful that you had such a long life that touched so many.
Velma Berg, dictating from IN

I have loved reading Phyllis' books since the early 70s. I have been looking for my favorite authors on line and decided to google Ms. Whitney and here I am!! I am looking for a list of her books to see if I have missed reading any of them!
Alice Murrey, Albuquerque, NM

To the Whitney Family, I just learned of Ms. Whitney's passing. My condolences to you and your family. Her passing is very sad for not only me, but also the rest of the literary world. She was a gem with superior talent. Thank you Phyllis Whitney for countless hours of "escape" for me throughout my life! God Bless You!
Vicky, Olmsted Falls, OH (near Cleveland)

I am a member of SCBWI and just read the news of the passing of Phyllis Whitney in my Bulletin. We were in the mountains of News Mexico last week where I found four of her books on sale at a library. I had just found two others which I obtained free at an area library. They are all now among my treasures.
Katherine Kelly, Lubbock, TX

I was surprised that the author just passed away. I've read her books starting in junior high school. I'm old enough that the term junior high was still in use --- and I tried to read all the books in the library with her name. I lived in the inner-city and there was not much choice, but the books took me out of a depressing world.
Viola B. Nathan

Truly enjoyed your photos and information about some of the sites Phyllis used in her books. Most of her descriptive writing just takes you there personally, doesn't it! Thanks for all the work you are doing to enhance her work. I will miss her. An avid reader.
Joyce Schwartz, Centreville, MI

I am eleven years old, and I've been looking for more books to keep me busy. My singing teacher first told me about one of her books, The Glass Flame, and I've been trying to find a copy. I googled her name and found the website. When I realized that she recently passed away, I felt sad even though I hadn't even read one of her books yet! Now that I've read more about her, I can't wait to read her stories.
Samantha, CO

I've enjoyed reading several of Ms. Whitney's books. Every so often I would check into this web site to be sure she was doing well. I was almost sad when I saw she'd passed until I told myself how very lucky we were to have her for so long. God Bless, Phyllis. Heaven could use a few good books.
Marion, Pittston, PA

She has been on my mind and in my heart as of late. Curious to read her autobiography and loose myself in her other books, I decided today to check on her advancement ... sad, I am to read of her passing. She meant so much to me in my advancement of my own learning. Thank you Phyllis A. Whitney for giving me the enjoyment and passion of reading. Godspeed to you and yours.
Brenda Davidson Chancey, Palm Bay, FL

I will miss Phyllis Whitney's writing style. She brought many hours of enjoyment reading her books.
Barbara Padilla, La Puente, CA

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books for many, many years. My mother died in February and I haven't felt like reading since, but I started re-reading Ms. Whitney's books again--they are like old friends and a comfort. I just got a computer and put in "Phyllis Whitney" and was so sad to learn that she had also passed away in February. What a loss to the book world and her many, many fans. Her books have enriched my life and opened my world to many new places and ideas. My sympathy to her family and fans. And to Phyllis Whitney...thanks for the journeys!
Linda, Cincinnati, OH

I have read Phyllis's books since I was a child. I have lost myself in them. They are wonderful. Who could have such talent. She has written dozens of books. She keeps up with the times. I am saddened that she is no longer with us.
Marie Buck, Carrollton, TX

Just to let you know that I read the book,"Red is for Murder",and loved it. Just one question. I have a copy of the book and would like to know how I can tell if it is a first edition? All that it has is the copyright date of 1943 and that it is published by Ziff-Davis?
Randy G, Long Island, NY

I just happened on this site tonite. I'm so sorry to hear that she has passed away. My heart goes out to her family and to those who knew her. One of the first mystery novels I read as a child was given to me by an elementary school teacher. That book, The Secret of the Samurai Sword, began a love affair with reading many, many years ago. The places Phyllis Whitney took this boy from Oklahoma through her books were amazing! She will truly be missed and her books, I will cherish those forever. May God rest her soul.
JC, Oklahoma City, OK

I am very saddened to learn of her death. I had no idea how old she was and was searching on the web for current information on her. When I was a child, about 13 or 14 years old, I wanted to be a writer and wrote her a LONG letter. She actually wrote back to me and said she usually didn't have time to answer letters, but said she wanted to answer mine. I don't know what made it special to her, but it thrilled me to get an answer from her. I still have it in a box somewhere in the house; not sure where, but will have to dig it out and frame it for sure! Her writing was the best and she will be missed!
Gail Hurt, Nashville, TN

Phyllis Whitney became my favorite writer after picking up and reading my first book by her. I still have it today, ("Lost Island)as well as many more of her books. My treasures to pass on when I follow her.
Carolyn (Lynn) Derby, Syracuse, NY

Loved her books, and the last I heard of her was that she was living in Nelson County, Virginia. I have thought often about her and wondered if she was still living and just today discovered she passed this past February 2008. I have a home in Virginia and a friend who lives near Nelson County. I could never come to a conclusion in her books, she always surprised me in the end. There will never be another Phyllis A. Whitney, one of a kind.
Jane HB Henson, SC

I loved reading her books and I still do. I have kept the paperback books that I bought way back when I was in Junior High. I read Sea Jade so many times the book fell apart and I had to get another one.
Teresa, MN

I have been reading Ms. Whitney's books since I was a teenager, some 40 years ago and I was saddened to hear of her death. But what a wonderful and FULL life she led. And what a wonderful legacy of books for young people to read.
Sue S, WI

I have been wondering about Phyllis Whitney for some time as I have loved her books for many, many years (I am now 70) and still read as much as possible. I was saddened to hear she had passed away. I have many of her books and have read them over and over. They never seem to lose their flavor and appeal. She was the best and we will all miss her.
Rosita McGinty, Lompoc, CA

It makes me so sad to know Phyllis has passed away. I've known her books since I was in junior high school fifteen years ago. I loved the transition from young adult mysteries to adult mysteries. She lived a good long life.
Deidre, New Mexico

Phyllis Whitney helped to start me on my writer's journey. I had been reading her novels, then I found the 1982 Guide to Writing. Thank you Phyllis.
Kathleen A. Sackett

You have always been one of my favorites. I was thinking its been such a long time not reading one of your books I went to your web site and was sad to read of your passing. What a wonderful author. Your books were magical. Very sad.
Lynn, Milford, PA

I started reading her books in junior high and I've been hooked ever since. Thank you for opening my eyes to wonders of great books.
Teresa K, Wabs, MO

Dear Family of Ms. Whitney, My eight year old son just interviewed me for a school project. He asked me who was my favorite book character growing up. Instant memories of checking out "Secrets of a Tiger's Eye," over and over again came back to me. It was my favorite book for years. I can't tell you how excited I was at age 12, when Ms. Whitney not only replied to my letter, but spoke all of her responses onto a cassette tape. She was very sweet, and funny. I played it for the entire class. I think this was 1978-1979. I remember it like it was yesterday. I hope all of you are wrapped in equally loving and special memories,
Stephanie Chin, Milwaukee, WI

I have just learned of Ms. Whitney's passing and am very sad. She made an indelible impression on me and her books captivated me. The first book I had read of hers was "The Turquoise Mask" and thought it was fantastic. Then I read "Lost Island" and to this day is one of my favorite reads. I have built an extensive library over the years and have many "favorite" authors, but Phyllis A. Whitney is still by far the most cherished author I have read. Now I will revisit all of her books and I am sure that this will bring back a flood of memories of my growing up and my early adulthood. You will be truly missed.
Scott Roper Norman, OK

A great, noble lady who kept my imagination alive with her suspense stories. Long live Ms. Whitney in her books which I expect people will keep on reading for years! She will be missed.
Cheryl Ferguson, Australia

I have always been an avid reader. Mysteries and romances are my favorites. Phyllis Whitney was one of my favorite authors. I am saddened to hear of her death. Her books will live on and enthrall others for centuries.
Rene Henderson, AL

Always a favorite of mine. Both as a young reader and as an adult. She will be sadly missed.
Peg Stewart, Waldorf, MD

Hi, I just typed in Phyllis Whitney. She is my favorite author, one of the first authors I ever read and the only author I have every adult suspense novel she ever wrote. I read all the books every few years. I love her philosophy, I learned a lot of geography from her books, and the stories always have that catch to it. Best author in the world!!
Martie, McCord, VA

Back in 1980 I discovered this wonderful writer, through The Doubleday Book Club. Over the next decade, I purchased all her titles. If memory serves me right, The Literary Guild along with TDBC offered them as Main Selections. Just thinking about Poinciana, Vermilion, and Emerald. I am transported to an earlier time, when authors like Victoria Holt, Norah Lofts and of course Ms. Whitney took me away from the television for a couple of nights. I would lie with a pillow on the soft carpeting of my grandmother's bedroom and read these works out loud to her. Translating into Spanish, as quickly as I could. Now at forty, I want to go back and rediscover her great work.
Hector M. Barbosa, Pacific Palisades, CA

I love her books and sad to hear that she died... I am doing an english report on her two books "ebony swan" and "feather on the moon" which are the two of my favorite books.

I am sorry for your loss. She was a fantastic lady and writer. I fell in love with her books when my sister gave me the Golden Unicorn. I spent the following summer in the library reading every book she wrote. I went on to collect her works and felt compelled to write her about her first book and location of a copy. She was gracious in answering my letter and I will cherish it always.
Barb Morgan, Brush, CO

Phyllis Whitney was a pillar of inspiration.
Peter J. Kautsky, Boardman, OH

For years I have loved reading Miss Whitney’s books. In fact she is my favorite author of all time. I read all kinds of books by many authors, but she is simply the best.
Kathy Poole, Mt. Airy, NC

I was so very sorry to hear of Phyllis a. Whitney's passing. What a long wonderful life she must have had! I have loved her books since a friend of mine turned me on to her. I own most of them and am going to start with reading vermillion again. I will truly miss her books! Kind regards,
Cathie Klemm

I grew up listening to my Grandma and my Mom talk about the wonderful author by the name of Phyllis Whitney. Thankfully I also have a love of reading and began reading Phyllis Whitney with her book called "Listen for the Whisperer" and I have re-read that book many times over the years. Phyllis has kept very many of us on the edge of our seats for many years and for that I am very grateful that she took up that pen and paper so many years ago and began her writing career. Phyllis will be badly missed by my family of readers and I am sure by thousands of other people as well. Thank you Phyllis for all of your books and all of the hours we were lucky enough to spend reading your work. Rest in Peace,
Judie Dyer, IN

I just discovered her writings and her work is amazing. Compared to the stuff out here nowadays, it seems that her stuff is a lot fresher. I'm glad my library has her books.

I have enjoyed Mrs. Whitney's books so much, over the years. She is one of my very favorite, if not my favorite, writers. Thank you Phyllis for your wonderful stories, God blessed you, and us with your great talent. May you rest in peace.
Nancy Squires, Ennice, NC

I am glad there is a site for Phyllis Whitney! Her books are great! You love Phyllis and other writers of the same- email me at
Kolleen, WI

I started reading Phyllis Whitney's book by chance when my mother bought one of her books at a garage sale and gave it to me. I put it up for a while before even cracking it open. But once I did open it, I couldn't get enough of her books. I have quite a collection, including some of her juvenile and young reader books, but I haven't been able to find any more. I keep looking every where I go. Her books have everything I enjoy in a good book: a mystery, and little romance. Wow! Great author.
Sara Spillers, Tyler, TX

I am just re-reading a book that I had read when I was a child. I found it at my daughter's elementary school's book sale. It is called the mystery of the green cat. I decided to look by Phyllis A Whitney on google and I was dismayed to learn that she passed away on February 14th of this year. I marvel at her long life and the passion, energy and enthusiasm of her writing. I have read a number of her books and I will introduce her children's books to my eight year old daughter.
Susan Wills, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

I have been a great fan of Phyllis Whitney since I was a teenager. I remember reading the Secret of the Stone Face when I was in the 7th grade at my local library, back in 1977. I was so entranced by her mysteries and secret books. I unfortunately never kept up with her. I now have 3 daughters of my own and I have been trying to find my old books to pass on to my daughters. I was having lots of trouble looking up her books until I found this site! I am glad you developed this wonderful site. I have since been buying her used books on Amazon and building up a collection. It would be great to see them reprinted again or at least be put in electronic format, I have a Kindle. Thank you,
Randal Masutani, Wahiawa, HI

I was so sorry to read of her death. I was not a very good reader as a child, but as I grew older, I became much better. I have to say her writing brought me more enjoyment and relazation than I ever thought I would experience. I always shied away from reading but I came to look forward to having the time to pick up a book she had written. I thank the Lord for her.
S. Bradley, FL

I was sorry to learn that such a wonderful writer has passed away, but I will be forever thankful for the many books she has given us. After my mom passed away suddenly from sepsis, I was devastated. I went to the library and from all the books on the shelves, "Singing Stones" caught my attention. I will never forget how that book spoke to me, since my mom's beliefs were very much like the character of Julian. I grew up with an understanding of past lives, the power of rocks and minerals, karma, and protection using the "white light." I found the book very comforting in my time of need and continue to be a fan of Phyllis A. Whitney's books. She was truly a gifted writer that will be deeply missed.
Marsha, Camp Hill, PA

I wrote Phyllis Whitney a letter several years ago and sent her a clipping that was in the paper in Latvia. It was an interview of a pen pal of mine. I had sent this pen pal a number of Whitney's novels that I had read and passed on to her. My pen pal, also myself, thought that she was the greatest mystery writer ever born. My friend said as much in her interview. Miss Whitney answered my letter, in fact, wrote me a couple more. I was so proud of them, I have kept them pasted in her last novel.
Marie Kennedy, Little Rock, Arkansas

The first novel I ever read that I wasn't forced to by my English teachers was The Trembling Hills. I was in the 7th grade and I took the book off of my Mother's shelf to read on the school bus. I was hooked instantly. I treasure my collection of Phyllis Whitney novels, which has been handed down through 4 generations of my family. Ms. Whitney was a master storyteller and I'm sorry to hear of her passing. She will live on forever in the pages of her marvelous stories.
Donnette, California

I have read books by Phyllis A. Whitney since I was a teenage girl. And absolutely loved all the ones that I've been able to get my hands on. I love the mystery and the suspense, plus guessing who might be the bad guy or gal. She was a great author and will be missed.
Michelle Severson, Arizona City, Arizona

The first novel I read my Mrs. Whitney was "Star Flight" in the winter of 2006. It became my favorite novel ever read. Since then I have found her novel in my local library and have enjoyed as much as my first, "Amethyst dreams, Daughter of the stars, the golden unicorn, and my most recent is a Feather on the moon". I was so sorry to see that she has passed away. Her writing has touched my heart and I will continue to read her novels until I read them all. God Bless her!
Jenni Anne, Springfield, Massachusetts

Phyllis A. Whitney will live on in her books. I first found this website and posted in 2005. I was so glad to pop in and read how many others enjoyed Mrs. Whitney's work. I am so sorry that Mrs. Whitney has left this earth. She has created countless hours for countless people to enjoy her stories. I send my heart felt prayers and thoughts to her family. I hope she knew that she was truly gifted and special. Her books have and will continue to stand the test of time.
Karol Loader Meginness, Modesto, California

I learned about this web site because I wanted a list of Ms. Whitney's books to know which ones I needed to complete my collection. I love her books because they aren't full of profanity, sex and filth. They are novels a CHRISTIAN can enjoy and recommend to other readers.
Doris Burton, Wynne, Arkansas

I purchased my first Phyllis Whitney book recently at a Library book sale for 25 cents. I absolutely LOVED it. I read it in two sittings. I returned to the Library looking for more. In the last 6 weeks, I've read 8 of her books. A nagging in the back of my mind told me to see if she had a website. I intend to read all of her books that are available to me. She was a wonderful mystery writer. She keeps me wondering throughout the entire book!
Joan, FL

I have been reading and re-reading Ms. Whitney's books for years. She was the first author I feel in love with and still my favorite. I am sad to learn of her death.
Pam Skidmore, Mechanicsville, Virginia

I have read most of the books she wrote over her long career and I miss having new ones to read. I have reread some of them and still enjoy them. Being interested in her life and checking to see if she had anything new on the market I surfed the web and came onto this site a few years ago and saved it to my favorites to view occasionally. I am sad to read of her passing. Thank you Phyllis for many many hours of pleasurable reading.
Lois, Winnebago, Illinois

I was first drawn to Miss Whitney with her book Woman Without a Past, at the time I felt that way about my life. I felt I was someone without a past, since that book I have been a big follower of her writing. I am filled with such grief over her passing, I know it may sound funny but I feel like I've lost a great friend and confidant. Her writing has always "hit" me in many different ways and I'm very sorry that she has passed. My thoughts and Blessings go out to her friends and family.
Dawn Benner, East Greenville, PA

I started reading Phyllis A. Whitney books when I was in High School. I love them so much. I always look for her books. There are some I cannot find. I collect them. By the way I will be turning 65 in Sept. Please give her my Love.
Jerri Channell

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books since I was a teenager. She was my favorite of all authors. Sitting down to read one of her books was more than just a reading experience. It was like being transported to another realm. She had a talent that will never be matched. The literary world has lost a treasure.
Lori Grobelny, Edison, New Jersey

Really enjoy reading and rereading Phyllis Whitney's novels. They give me a since of comfort. I especially like that the books are nonsexual. Anyone can read them and not be offended or embarrassed. I shall miss her and her books.
Joyce, Lou, Kentucky

I grew up reading her books and still today find one that I haven't read.
Sandra DeJong-Jones, Holland, MI

I was curious to know more about an author that I adored as a teenager/young adult. I especially love two books, Sprindrift and Winter People. She had a style of writing that was captivating and I always read her books in one sitting. I owe many reading marathons to her! I was very sorry to read of her recent passing, but, what a life she must have lead!
Christine, Santa Rosa, California

Ms. Whitney entertained me for many hours through the years, and she never failed to hold my interest with her writings. She was a truly remarkable storyteller!
Judi Hudspeth, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I am reading Amethyst Dreams and enjoying the enthralling story and lovely scenery. Thanks for a lifetime of masterful work!
Priscilla, Tucson, Arizona

When I read RAINBOW IN THE MIST, I was enchanted and enthralled. That experience led me to believe I could write my own novel, which subsequently I have done just that. I was led to visit a friend in Virginia and discovered that I was in the very apartment described in RAINBOW IN THE MIST! Pure magic. Then imagine my surprise when I had the opportunity to meet Ms Whitney herself. She was so delightful and helpful. I always hoped that I could get my book published quickly so that I could dedicate to her. That did not happen. I am hoping however, that it will be published one day soon and in that event I am hoping to dedicate the book to her as a way of thanking her for that magical day. I hope that she is watching from wherever she is and that she knows how much I appreciate her kindness and her wonderful books! Rainbows to you Ms Whitney.
Jimelle Suzanne, Apex, North Carolina

I first read books by Phyllis Whitney when I was in High School 25 years ago. I have just recently picked up another book by Phyllis Whitney and enjoyed it just as much. I am looking forward to reading even more of the books that I haven't read in awhile. I am sorry to see that Ms Whitney has passed away, but I sure enjoyed her books and they live on! Thank you Ms Whiteny for the enjoyment you provide me!
Shereen, Savannah, Georgia

I have read her books for so long and was wondering if she was still living. I was thinking about her tonight and the many hours I spent with her books. I have about 95 percent of her books and have reread them many times. She was a favorite!
Suz Davis

I have been a fan of Phyllis Whitney ever since I read her first mystery. I just got Amethyst Dreams out of the library to reread, but my husband wanted something to read and now I think he is hooked, too. How happy I am for him that he has all those wonderful books ahead of him to read whereas I have read them all. But, as I said they are worth rereading now that there are no more.
Joyce Litteer, Sumter, South Carolina

I remember reading some Ms. Whitney's books when I was a senior in high school during our study hall in the library. I was hooked on mysteries and romance novels from that time on. I enjoy reading very much and I often think about those books I read that fostered my love for reading for the sheer pleasure of reading.
Marie, Louisville, Kentucky

I’m sorry to say I've just became a fan of Ms. Whitney's. I got on this site to learn more about this remarkable lady and I'm sadden to learn that she has passed away. I intend to become devoted to reading her books no matter where I have to look to find them.
Anita Bass, Eldorado, Illinois

I grew up reading her children's mysteries and then graduated to her adult ones. She was a great author. I'm sorry to hear that she passed away. We have lost a wonderful storyteller.
D. Newman, New Jersey

I began reading her novels as a teen and have managed over the years to collect all of her adult novels. I loved her books.
Rose Nicholson, Nashville, TN

I read every book that she wrote....I always had a hard time waiting for the latest release! There aren't many these days who are her equal in what she did. What great reading she provided!!! My sympathy to her family- the world lost an incredible person.
Marylin, Texas

Fantastic Writer. Love her; will miss her. Condolences to familia.
Jennie Lynn Worthy, Ohio

A wonderful writer. I started reading her books when I was a young girl. My oldest sister would read a book and give it to me to read, from the library of course. I have read every one that she has written in he adult version and some of the juvenile versions. Thanks to her family and friends for sharing her with us all those years.
Debra Cricco, Longwood, Florida

Ms. Whitney introduced me, at a young age, to mysteries. It's been a love affair every since. I tend to reread all her books (young adult and adult) every couple of years. She will always be my favorite author.
Kiy Shelton, Washington State

Hello to all who knew and loved Phyllis....I have fond memories as child going to the public library and reading in the childrens section. I could not wait till I was able to go to the young adults section and take books home. I always remember reading Phyllis Whitney books. I suppose that is where I became "addicted" to mysteries. Of all the authors I read only Phyllis sticks in my head. I am very sorry to have read of her passing although one can only hope to have lived as productive and as fruitful a life as hers and to have made a difference in the lives of so many. God bless...
Andrea Tedford, Boston, Massachusetts

I read my very first "big" book at the age of 9, it was "The Secret Of the Samurai Sword" by Phyllis Whitney. It turned me into an avid reader. I credit Ms. Whitney with giving me the love of books that I have today. I have now been reading her books for 31 years! I am saddened by her passing and give my condolences to her family and friends. She was a remarkable author and I will continue reading and re-reading her books. Thank you for the opportunity to express my respect and love of this incredible woman.
Tammy Darveau, Jacksonville, Florida

I have been reading Phyllis A. Whitney books now for a good 40 years. My daughter started reading them 30 years ago. She has entertained and kept me in suspense with her wonderful writing. She will be greatly missed, and I give my condolences to her family. I hope that I can read and re-read her books for another 40+years! Thank you for the wonderful books Ms. Whitney, you will be greatly missed!
Bernice S. Starling, Jacksonville, Florida

She is one of the best-loved writers that I read all the time. I can never get rid of her books, because by the time I am thru reading thru my set. I can go back and read them all over again. Thank you Mrs. Whitney for all those wonderful years of writing. You will be missed by lots.
Rita Weng, Edmond, Oklahoma

I love your website and the opportunity you give us to read the jackets. I recently purchased a couple of the books from a thrift store and had no idea of what the stories were about. I look forward to being introduced to Mrs. Whitney and don't think I will be disappointed. Thanks for again for a top of the line website!
Dianne Shuping, Sumter, SC

Around 30 years ago, Phyllis A. Whitney had a talk at the Waynesboro Public Library and my young daughter and I attended. I have the article from the Waynesboro News-Virginian but it does not have the date on it. I brought 2 books that I had of hers which was a paperback copy of A Long Time Coming & also a hardback book The Glass Flame which Ms. Whitney was kind enough to sign for me. A short time later, I bought her hardback book Amethyst Dreams. I was in an antique store yesterday and saw her hardback book Daughter of the Stars there and purchased it. I was wondering if she was still living so this evening I got out her book to start reading and decided I would look on-line to see if she was. I was unhappy to discover she passed away Feb. 8, 2008. She is one of my favorite writers and the world will surely miss her. I am glad she lived to the age of 104 which very few of us will be able to do. I will be looking for more of her books to purchase in the future.
Susie Henderson, Waynesboro, VA

Phyllis Whitney is by far the best suspense author of all time. I’m sorry that I didn't find this web sit before she passed away. I hope they do not stop printing her books . Future generations need to read real mystery.
Janet Hall, Delanson, NY

I found this site at Google. I was looking for a listing of books written by Phyllis Whitney. I recently discovered her and am trying to read all of her mysteries. My 23 yr. old granddaughter is also quite taken by her writing. Our local library had been able to obtain all the Title's for us so far. Ms. Whitney's books really are so well written and full of suspense. They really hold one's interest until the end. They are not to be put down until finished. The first one I read I need to admit was "borrowed" from my doctor's office. Normally all he had there is old sports and fishing magazines. I need to believe that someone enjoyed it so well they left it for me. The title was "Dreams of Orchids" Now I'm hooked.
Dolores Eskew, Cleveland, OH

Oh, how I loved her books ! I couldn't name a favorite, because I loved everyone I read. I am a children's librarian in an elementary school and we have several of her books for young people. Thank you, Phyllis for all you've given to all of us.
Sister Catherine Davis SND, Belmont, CA

I’m a young woman and the list of novel were excellent!!!!
Tiffany, Georgia

Phyllis Whitney has been my favorite author for as long as I can remember. I have read most of her books, both for adults, and for young readers. I used to keep checking in at my local bookstore, waiting for her next book to come out, and have reread them many times. I was so sorry when I read that she died, but think that it's wonderful that she lived to be 104. She traveled to a lot of places and must have met a lot of interesting people that inspired her writing. She lived a long time and experienced life to the fullest, and I think that is about as good as it gets!!!
Trish Formalarie, MA

I just finished Rainsong, which was the first book I read of hers, I was so impressed I picked up 2 more of her books, right now I am reading Poinciana, and next I will read Daughter of the Stars.
Rebecca, NV

I have been reading Phyllis Whitney's books for many years, over 40 and I was curious about her and if she was still alive, she and Victoria Holt were my favorite writers. I have many of her paperbacks and some hard backs I am rereading and giving them away in hopes someone else will enjoy her works as much as I have. So sorry she is gone, if anyone could live forever it should be her!
Peni Andrews, TX

I have read just about every book Phyllis Whitney has wrote. I just love her books. She will be greatly missed.
Linda Howard, Florence, SC

I have read and loved all of Phyllis Whitney's novels! Her stories brought me so much happiness at various times in my life. She was a brilliant story teller that was so vividly descriptive I always felt like I was right there! We were blessed to have had her in our lives and may God bless her soul as she watches us from heaven... reading and re-reading her stories.
Christine Hutchens, La Habra, CA

I came upon this site by accident after reading 'A Long Time Coming' as I was trying to find out where the town of Leola was - the setting for the book? It was certainly different from her many mystery novels! Has any ever been filmed for TV or the movies? With so many bestsellers, I would have thought that ideal. When I feel sad, down and depressed I read Phyllis A Whitney and it cheers me up no end. She will be greatly missed.
Michel, UK

When doing genealogy research a few years ago I found out I was related to this famous author of books. So I have been reading some of her books and they are quite enjoyable. I have read her first three and several of her newer books. Her style is still evident after fifty years from one novel to the next. I was sorry to hear that she has passed on. She has left quite a legacy.
Brenda B. Gallaher, UT

I am very saddened to hear of her death at this late date. We lived near her in Nelson County and my late husband installed a satellite system for her television many years ago and it was such a pleasure to visit her on those trips of his. My great niece Morgan Harris was also fortunate to be her housecleaner during her summer breaks from high school and college. My mother is 93 and talks about her often and is looking for the last book written by Phyllis. Please let me know the name of this book. Again, I'm sorry for the loss to her family and to the world.
Nancy Carver, Charlottesville, VA

I had been reading Ms Whitney's books for many years and loving every moment. I am certainly sad to hear of her death for sometimes tho one lives a long life it still is not enough.
Ruth Breul, Long Island, NY

I haven't checked the website in some time and was saddened to learn of Ms. Whitney's death. She was a wonderful writer who spans the generations. She will be sorely missed.
Cathey Bennett, TX

Hi, my name is Jeremiah and I used google to find this site. I came across Seven Tears for Apollo looking for older books to read. I am 31 years old and was never much of a reader, but as I get older I like it better with every book I finish. Seven Tears for Apollo has given me a glimpse of Rhodes and a little inspiration to someday visit the island. Thanks for a wonderful book!
J Jeremiah, Minnesota

Phyllis A. Whitney was one of the best mystery writers. I think I read most of her books. Last week I found one I never saw. What a treat.
Sheila Fairweather, Fredericton, NB

I came to Mrs. Whitney's site to day to tell her how much I appreciate her and the books she has written. To my sorrow I found she has passed away. She has given me many, many pleasant hours of contentment, excitement, and pure joy. I love her books. My condolences to her family. We have all lost a great lady!
Kay Phillips, Lebanon, VA

I am happy to own all of Phyllis Whitney's adult suspense novels. She is one of my very favorite writers.
Sharon Walker, Denver, CO

I recently was in a used book store and found a copy of a Phyllis A. Whitney book and started to think about her. When my daughter was younger in the early nineties this author was the first "adult" author she was allowed to read, since I had enjoyed many of her books. They were so well written and interesting without the sex and violence that is so prevelant in many books. I did not realize that she had such a long successful career. Thank you Phyllis and my you rest in peace.
Florence Fitzmorris, Gorham, New Hampshire

I am only 32 years old, however, I believe Mrs. Whitney's novels are timeless in their appeal. Her characters are so real in their hopes and dreams and vulnerabilities that I believe they speak to the young lady in all of us. Her novels are intriguing and rich in romance, suspense, action, and drama. I have enjoyed every novel I have read written by her. She has inspired me to become a writer in my own style and ability.
Jennifer Moore, Florida

She was one of my favorite authors and her books are the ones I enjoyed and tried to collect all I could, I am writing a book myself (my first) and she was an inspiration to me I am glad she loved a full life she will be missed by me alot I read her books over and over they are the best.. I am almost 61 and hope her family knows how much she was appreciated. I got on this site to see if she was still around and if there is any new books out of hers. Love and prayers to you all. God Bless you.
Edith J Reese, Carlsbad, New Mexico

I found a copy of "Rainbow in the Mist" and read it, I loved it. I'm now looking for her other books so I can read them. I'm a big fan of books on the supernatural.

I have read many of Phyllis A. Whitney's books and want to read more of them. She is my favorite author. Did she get to finish her memoir? I hope so and would love to read it. Thank you.
Mary Jane Treon, Piqua, Ohio

Today I heard the sad news that Phyllis Whitney died. She had been one of my favorite authors for years. I would like her family to know that she was loved and appreciated. She brought me many happy hours of reading joy. I learned of her death from fantastic fiction and then researched to find this site. It is never easy to lose a parent, regardless of the ages of either parent or child.
Jane Scussel, Houston, Texas

I write this with tears in my eyes. Yes, I am saddened to hear of Ms. Whitney's death, but also comforted she lived such a long life. I confess I haven't read much of her fiction lately. But I am a writer. The first book I ever found that 'taught' me how to do this crazy thing I wanted to do in my most secret of teenage hearts was Ms. Whitney's Guide to Writing Fiction. I read it so many times I could quote it, 'read' it without actually holding it in my hands. When I feared my parents or friends telling me I couldn't --there was Ms. Whitney (hidden beneath my mattress!) telling me I could. Now, with several novels under my belt, I just reread this book again this week. I hadn't read it in a long time, and her kind and helpful words on the work of writing a novel made more sense than ever, and energized me all over again. Her charm and graciousness come through in every line. What a gift to the community of readers and writers she has been! Thank you Philip for creating this website. Happy travels to you!
Lisa N, New Jersey

As a pre-teen my grandmother shared a Phyllis A. Whitney young adult mystery with me. She enjoyed Ms. Whitney's books very much. I lost my grandmother to cancer just a few short years after my introduction to Ms. Whitney's books. Between then and now, I have made it a point to read as many of them as I have been able to locate. Many I have reread over the years. I have found it interesting that growing up in California, and now living in San Antonio Texas, local availability in libraries differs. I was very sorry to hear of Ms. Whitney's passing. I was inspired by her through her books (and through the memories of my grandmother) in the direction that my education took. I am a historian and educator, (as well as an equestrian which is of my own doing.) Every time I think of writing, I think of the wonderful way of story telling Ms. Whitney shared with her readers time and time again. That in its self is truly inspirational.
Denise L. Moore, San Antonio, Texas

Phyllis Whitney has been my favorite author for 50 years. What a long and adventurous life she led and what joy she has given so many with her books.
Sharon Breckerbaumer, Atlantic, Iowa

Hello ~ I started reading Phyllis Whitney's books as a young teenager and still remember some of the mansions and heroines to this day (30 + years later). So I was prompted to look up my first and favorite author while at my parents house, after looking through boxes and boxes of the books we had grown up with. Now I'm wondering about finding copies of all her books! Thanks for the keeping up the site and for the memories!
Teri Bender Ehr, Clarkston, Washington

My mom introduced me to Whitney's writing when I was nine years old. She was my first "adult" book I was allowed to read. Whitney's books kept me trembling with suspense and created a love for reading which, at 38, I am still a reader, lover of books. I am saddened to hear she pasted away, but fascinated that she was over 100 years old. I hope her life was happy with many great memories. Thank you Phyllis A. Whitney for the memories.
April King, Oregon

I was very sorry to hear of her passing. She was my favorite author during my growing up years and I still reread her books from time to time. She had a very full life and we are all better for having read her words.
Rhonda Williams, Dickson, Tennessee

I have loved Phyllis A. Whitney's style of writing since I was a teenager. I have so many fond memories of cuddling up with one of her books and reading it nonstop. She has left us a legacy of great stories and I am going to make sure that my grand daughter also gets the opportunity to read her books also.
Diane F. Thomas, Alameda, California

Phyllis A Whitney is my all time most favorite author. I have read every book she has written. She will be missed by all.
Jan Parks Woodruff, SC

Ms. Whitney, I have been reading your books for over 20 years and cherished every one. I received my first in a care package from home when I was a military wife stationed overseas. Rainbow in the Mist was the first book I read and I soon requested more. Thank you for many hours of relaxation, excitement, exposure to many locations (my favorite part)and enjoyment.
Alicia Caiola Caldwell, ID

Phyllis A. Whitney is my favorite author. Her books offer everything , suspense, action, mystery, fantasy, romance, treasured friendships and family and a chance to imagine the most exciting places in the world. Her dedication to details makes you feel like your apart of the story. I will continue to enjoy her work over and over again. What a true treasure she has left the world. May God bless her and may she rest in peace.
Georgene Zakery, Decatur, Illinois

Hello, my name is Beverly Raynor. I only wish I could have told Ms. Whitney, how much joy she brought into my life, these last40+ yrs. I believe I have read all of her adult novels at least once and have already started to read them the second time. I have also read and enjoyed several of the young adult novels. She was certainly a great, great author. I'm glad I lived during her era. Thank you, Phyllis Whitney.
Beverly Raynor, Wellsville, NY

I started reading Ms Whitney's books as a young reader in the 1970's. My mother was (is) an avid reader and introduced me to her. My mother is now 86. I have read every book she wrote. I fully intend to reread her books just for the pure enjoyment! I enjoyed reading about her life on this site. I never thought to follow up on her on a website. What a wonderful author she was! I did not know she passed away last year and it brought tears to me eyes, because I felt as though I had lost a dear friend of our family.....she will always be one of my favorite authors.
Lore', Waverly, Iowa

I am most probably related to Phyllis and have read many of her books. My mother was an avid reader of Phyllis' books. I am a 9th generation grandson of John Whitney who came from England in 1635. His son richard is the 8th generation.
Arvy L. Whitney, Saratoga Springs, Utah

Amazing writer. I first picked up one of her novels when I was in High School and read them for several years. I have been thinking about reading her books again and of course I will do so.
Deena O'Reilly, New York

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