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The following is the complete list of adult suspense novels written by Phyllis A. Whitney. If you prefer, you can view this list along with images of the book jacket covers.

You can search for a Phyllis A. Whitney book by category (juvenile mysteries, audiobooks, etc.) by following the "Book lists" link at the top of this page.

Adult Suspense Novels


Amethyst Dreams


Daughter of the Stars


Star Flight


The Ebony Swan


Woman Without a Past


The Singing Stones


Rainbow in the Mist


Feather on the Moon




Flaming Tree


Dream of Orchids












The Glass Flame


The Stone Bull


The Golden Unicorn




The Turquoise Mask




Listen for the Whisperer


Lost Island


The Winter People


Hunter's Green






Sea Jade


Black Amber


Seven Tears for Apollo


Window on the Square


Blue Fire


Thunder Heights


The Moonflower


Skye Cameron


The Trembling Hills


The Quicksilver Pool


Red is for Murder*

* Red is for Murder was reissued in paperback in 1965 under the title "The Red Carnelian".

About the author
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